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19 Year Old Cuties POV 2

Studio: Pleasure Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

19 Year Old POV Cuties.com 2:  ďSweet Talking TeensĒ

Directed by Rex Holmes

Starring:  Thea Marie, Gia Giovanna, Priscilla Milan, Tara Wray & Cayton Caley.

With:  Mark Wood, Jenner, Talon, Mark Ashley & Chris Charming

Condoms?:  None!

Length:  2hrs 05min


Very Brief Synopsis:  I know, I know, the title is slightly confusing.  But donít let that sway you from ignoring a nice collection of near-POV scenes featuring an all-Latina cast!  Still confused?  Read on!

Scene One:  Thea Marie

A toothy grin emerging from her sharp angled mouth, Thea begins by teasing the camera, masturbating for a few moments, the camera taking in her ribbed cotton top and red-striped socks, extending up to her middle thighs.  She blows her arrival of man meat, lifting her legs for a missionary exercise.  Pulling off the shirt barely covering her barely-visible breasts, Thea tastes her manís wand, kneeling on all fours for doggy, grinding her fire engine, stumped heels into the carpet.  Itís a fine opportunity to take in Theaís wealth of ass in an extended glance, and she props herself up for some reverse cowgirl action. Bouncing and falling down onto the dick below, she is in control, driving the action full-on, flipping for some reverse cowgirl, billowy hair flipping about in the air.  Legs up, her man piles into her from above, continuing in a similar position on the couch, leading to a load blown onto her face and tongue.  As she took the initiative to control the middle of the scene and onward, Theaís dedication to the act was apparent, and great fun to watch.  Her battle cries are a little screechy, but I tended to focus on her engagement throughout, light shrillness be damned.  A fine scene!


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Scene Two:  Gia Giovanna

With a slightly chewy figure and little droplets of tits, Gia starts off with a little dirty talk, soon blowing her cohortís dick. Her thin mane of hair obscures her silver hoop earrings, a matching lip and tongue stud also part of the package. In cowgirl, she greases up her manís invading saber,  switching to a reverse play, a finger in her ass.  Tasting between positions, she lifts her ass up for doggy, into missionary, and a full-on piledriver version of the latter.  Rubbing and jacking his staffís head onto her tongue, her man unloads all over her open mouth and face.  While perhaps not the greatest of the lot, Gia turns in a still-quite worthwhile scene, her soft rounded brownness almost reaching a tanned, dark orange (see below for more re: lighting) at times.  Her build may not be for all, but she certainly hit enough right notes for my tastes.

Scene Three:  Priscilla Milan

Cover girl Priscilla introduces herself as a ďdirty bitchĒ, parting her blue polka dotted bikini to reveal her somewhat droopy breasts. Her feet are covered in ankle-frilled white, with thickened heels to match.  Beginning with an oral session on her cameramanís unit, they go into missionary straight ahead, Priscilla grabbing at her tits, calling out a standard level of vocalizations.  In cowgirl, its reverse, and on-the-floor doggy, her interest in the scene seems feigned, strained, and overplayed, even as she smacks her own ass.  Back in steady missionary, her partner pumps into her, shooting onto her stomach and shaved crotch.  While I think Priscilla is a beautiful girl (her pale, somewhat beiged skin and long torso are quite magnetic, as well as her stunning face), her beleaguered attitude really kills any heat she manages to drum up.  Cover girl or not, I was quite disappointed.

Scene Four:  Tara Wray

Tara, with a souped up chest and a black skull-patterned bikini and legwarmers, begins by playing with herself, teasing toward the camera.  Her browned edges of her body let forth a natural olive tone to her skin, while her eyelids are painted blue and silver.  After a blowjob, she and her partner continue in missionary, that bikini parted to each respective side of her breasts.  Into cowgirl, its reverse, doggy, and piledriving missionary, with requisite tastes of her manís prick in between, Tara takes his splooge onto her face, gliding the results along her lips and fingers. Her mischievous grin echoes her performance: a solid, heated session of fucking, Tara enjoying every minute of it.  While this may not be a classic scene, Iím sure Tara, with the right partner, could easily pull one off, as evidenced here. Worthwhile, indeed!

Scene Five:  Cayton Caley

Beginning with a long gaze into her supple ass, Cayton, in a soon-to-disappear camouflage bikini with satin blue piping, stretches out and teases her slit with her fingers.  The length of her form is apparent as she flips around, legs spread, heels capping at the ends of her feet.  While blowing her partner, the silkiness of her ebony, flattened out mane come to light, and soon after, the two begin in missionary.  Most of the penetration continues with Cayton on her side, sometimes with both legs buckled together by her suitorís hands.  In cowgirl, she works his joint with dynamism, escalating to a slight grind, followed by an ass-tastic reversed position.  Back into regular flavored cowgirl, she continues to slam and bounce, tasting her now paired results.   Straddling the edge of the bed, Caytonís partner pounds into her, doggy style, with an oral suck bringing him to climax onto her mouth, opened, and down her face and neck.   While I really wasnít expecting such a high quality scene to end the disc, Cayton blew away the rest of the girls, truly showing them how itís done! Her slightly darkened, exotic qualities only add to the wealth, and truly, this is the type of porn that dreams are made of!

Bonus Features 

A Pop Shot feature is a nice little feature, embedding a clickable (press the ďenterĒ key) icon in the lower right hand corner during each scene.  Hitting it will take you to each girlís facial, and is very handy, indeed!  A subdivided menu for each performer is also included (choose from Intro, Oral, Fuck, and Cumshot), along with 11 trailers for affiliated studiosí work (though none seem to be on par with the material on this disc, oddly), a photo gallery and internet & phone sex ads. 

Audio/Video Quality

As the camera hovers and encircles the action, the colors tend to vary slightly from position to position.  While not incredibly frustrating, it may make some a little seasick, but is forgivable, given the quality of the performances and talent.  The picture was presented in full frame, and showed now artifacts or damage.  The audio is punchy without being too loud, staying even and clear.

Overall Thoughts

While not exactly textbook POV, this disc still brings in a nice selection of ladies to work with, the camera taking in their every move with ease.  Though the intent seems a little tilted, all the girls are quite youthful, with mostly small chest sizes, and somewhat lengthened features.  Still, if a word or two about the Latin-tinged quality of all the girls was inherent in the title, Iím sure more would be able to revel in Caytonís home-run of a scene, as well as Thea & Taraís respective forays into near-greatness.  Despite one true low point (Priscilla), Iíll recommend you seek this one out!


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