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Wassup Bro

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
None Credited
1 Hour 57 Minutes
CAST: Hamid, Salem, Mike, Boris, Nasser, Francois, Salem2, Nadir, Niko
PRODUCTION DATES:10-05-04, 10-10-04, 10-23-04, 11-17-04, 12-05-04

The Good Stuff

Hot, French, Arab street punks is all I have to
say about Wassup Bro. Take a look at Francois Sagats debut in porn.


Scene 1
Hamid is smoking a ciggy and talking dirty to the camera. I got a big dick just wait and see. He starts fully clothed and pokes his fat cock out of his briefs and fondles it. He has a toned body with minimal body hair. His promise of a big cock is fulfilled when his third leg finally makes an appearance and he begins stroking it. He really shows off his big piece of meat all the while keeping up a dirty, sexy dialog. He flails away ambidextrously in various positions before shooting a thick while load on his abs.

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Scene 2 Everyone wonders what goes on in the ghetto basements in France. Salem's M.O. Is to wait in the tunnels and meet up with guys that want some of his Arab dick. Tonights lucky guy is Mike a white guy with muscular toned body and nice uncut cock. Salem has a slim body and large uncut cock of his own. Mike gets on his knees to wrap his hot lips around Salems big rod and suck it like he means it really getting it wet and deep in his throat. Mike continues to suck off Salems rod in various positions in the tunnels before Salem takes a turn with Mikes cock giving his knob a good tongue bath. Salem moves from Mikes cock to his ass and rims his hole getting it primed for fucking. Mikes round white ass gets pummeled from behind before the guys are kneeling in front of each other and they take turns coating each others abs in man goo.

Scene 3
Boris a tall muscular street punk with beautiful blue eyes is selling stolen goods from his apartment. Nasser a big muscular tan guy with an almost Latin feel to him is interested in more than the regular goods that Boris has. After a cursory inspection of the electronics Boris tells him to test out his other goods. Thats all the invitation Nasser needs as he wastes no time in hoovering down Boris turtlenecked meat. After fucking Nassers tonsils for a bit Boris wraps his own lips around Nasser cut dong to work him into a frenzy. They 69 for a bit before Boris dives nose deep into Nassers hairy hole slobbering all over it. Boris slides his uncut hog up Boris' spit slicked bubble butt and fucks him doggie style followed by missionary and ending up with Nasser on his back for some hard missionary fucking. The guys jack side by side spooging on their abs. They end the scene telling the cameraman that they need some alone time.

Scene 4
Francois and Boris have just pulled off a heist and they rush back to Boris apartment. These two are hot for each other and hope that if they are ever caught they get put in the same cell so they can still fuck each others brains out. They get out of their clothes while making out and reveal Francois gym perfect body. His muscles are big and ripped, his ass is perfectly round and muscular and his cock is thick and big. Francois sucks down Boris uncut cock before Boris repays him by giving his asshole a through tongue bath. Boris loves eating ass and it shows. These two guys are hot for each other and they do some serious making out in between each position change. Francois gets on all fours on the bed and offers up his saliva coated hole to Boris uncut meat. Francois has his hole worked over in doggie and then missionary before the guys jack off and shoot on their abs. They are going to sell all the stuff they stole and go to the Caribbean to enjoy each others body on the sand.

Scene 5
I don't really understand the premise of the next scene it is called Arabian Sex Idol. Huh? It begins with Nadir a tall possibly muscular toned guy playing with nun chucks in the hallway. I say possibly because he is in a ski mask and some vest thing and the only clothing he removes for the scene are his pants. Salem number two of the film is in his apartment when Nadir sees him from the hallway and forcefully asks if he wants to suck his dick. Salem is a cock whore so he gladly drops and swallows Nadirs large uncut pole. Salem is tall, slim and toned with a goattee and a gorgeous face. Nadir beats his face with his cock in between fucking his throat and making Salem gag on it. Nadir orders Salem who has striped down to a jockstrap onto the stairs and fingers and rims and slaps Salems asshole. Salem gets fucked in doggie on the stairs and over a weight bench. At one point in the scene Nadir is holding Salem in the air and fucking him. The scene ends with Nadir jacking out a juicy load on Nadirs face.

Scene 6
Boris and Nadir need to empty their balls after a long day of being thugs. They get to Nikos house who just so happens to be hanging out with Salem number two from the last scene. Niko is a muscular white guy with a smooth body and nice uncut cock. Boris and Nadir come in and Niko and his his cock hungry friend Salem dive right onto the thugs cocks swallowing them to the hilt. Boris and Nadir make Salem rim Niko while Niko gets a face full of Nadirs cock. Niko gets his hole invaded first with Nadirs marauding cock. They two captives of the house then get fucked doggie side by side. Boris can't resist his friend Nadirs cock either so he swallows it for a while. Niko is on his back being fucked by Boris while making out with Nadir and jacking his own tasty pole. He sprays his abs with spunk followed by Nadir and then Boris making his body a giant cum receptacle. But wait Boris and Nadir aren't spent yet. They both jack out an additional creamy load each onto the side of Salem number twos sexy neck. I don't know why they all shoot on his neck...maybe it is a cum magnet.



The full frame transfer on this Dvd was very clear with no dirt or skipping. The actual filming appears to be done by hand held camcorder and so in certain scenes it does get a little shaky. The lighting is done by spotlight as well so the action is always in bright light with the surrounding lit by whatever ambient light there is. The Dolby digital 2.0 audio was clear as well all the sexy French dialog was easily heard. In some scenes the sound did break up a bit when the camera got in close to the action.


The only extra is an additional scene. Tear.

Trailers: Matos de Blackoss, Gay Arab Club, Ali Et Ses Potes

Bonus Scene: An additional full 16 minute scene between Salem the arab guy from scene 2 and an additional white guy.


At the End of the Night

Wassup bro is the first flick ever done by the now porn god Francois Sagat. According to his site it is also one of his favorite scenes he has ever done because it was him, the guy he was having sex with and the guy with the camcorder. This gives you a glimpse of Sagat before he became well known and is still “fresh faced”. French men and Arabic men just plain do it for me in a big way. This film combines the two making my ultimate porn nirvana. The men talk dirty in French throughout the film...too bad I don't speak the language but thankfully some lines have been subtitled. My favorite line being,” It's slipping like butter....come on disintegrate my ass!” My ultimate wet dream of Francois Sagat in actuality plays a minor role being in only one of the six scenes. The rest being filled with sexy Frenchmen fucking their brains out. The film does have an amateur feel to it as you can tell it was shot with a camcorder but that only added to the raw feel of the film. No real extras are given besides a additional scene, there were some missing popshots but the action and guys were hot. I give it a rating of “Recommended”

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