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System D Version 1.0

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/24/07

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Gay Adult Movie
None Credited
1 Hour 28 Minutes
CAST: Uncredited dudes
PRODUCTION DATES:10/15 – 10/26/01

The Good Stuff

I really don't know what to say about System D Version 1.0. Since it is foreign maybe the translation of the title is a little off because I have no clue as to what the hell System D refers to. They guys in the film are not credited so I use their physical descriptions to designate them.


Scene 1
For our first scene we have a young white twink and a gorgeous Latin appearing man with green eyes and dark caramel complexion on a bed. They remove their clothes mechanically with no passion or excitement and surprise the twink starts servicing green eyes uncut tool. Green eyes has a toned body with minimal body hair but with super hairy legs. Green eyes closes his eyes as he is being sucked off to try and fake that he is having a good time, to me it looks like he is falling asleep. While sucking off green eyes you get to see twinks tight shaved hole which gets fucked bareback by green eyes in various positions. Green eyes loses his hard on for a bit before you see him straddling twinks body and jacking his pole. He busts his nut all over twinks chest. Did you like that cum shot?...good because you'll get to see it two more times from different angles.

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Scene 2 Is a cute guy with dark hair rubbing his crotch. He takes off his clothes revealing his dark natural pubes and slim toned body with tattoo on his shoulder. He strokes his fat cock for the camera then shows us his super hairy asshole while he dry humps the bed. A man could lose his penis in that dark thatched hole and never find it again. He finishes off with a decent fountain of baby batter.n.

Scene 3
In this brief scene we have two cute youngish looking guys it what appears to be a tent or something. They are on a bed and again strip out of their clothes like scene 1 with no enthusiasm. One guy has curly hair and a longer leaner body and the other guy more of a straight short hair and a gym toned guy next door look to him. Both guys sporting nice sized cut meat. Curly sucks off straight hairs uncut hole trying to get it hard before the scene switches right to curly riding away on straight hairs cock with his own turtlenecked meat hard and flopping around. Curly gets fucked in spoon and doggie position. Straight hair is really working up a sweat as his body is glistening in the light as he pounds way in doggie finally pulling out and spraying his load all over curlys back. Now for one of the hottest things in the film you get to see curly balancing on his shoulder jacking his meat down towards his mouth eventually shooting a large load of spunk down his own throat. Tasty!

Scene 4
This scene starts with a white guy and an Arabic guy chatting in a garden. They go inside and get to the bed and take off their clothes and look a bit confused as to what happens next before the white guy figures out he should suck of the Arab. Both guys have well toned bodies, the Arabic guy with trimmed body hair and the white guy with a smooth body. The white guy sucks the mushroom headed warrior before getting his mouth fucked and ending up with a thick white load of cum splattered on his face. No shot for whitey.

Scene 5
We have our curly haired friend from scene three and a new guy for him to play with. This guys is super muscular and sexy with a real manly lookng face and great muscular ass. Curly sucks on muscles lnog uncut cock to get him hard then take that dick for a ride in his chute. Curly gets worked over in spoon before taking control and getting some cowboy action. While riding that bronco cock he jacks his meat and cums on his abs. Muscles is quite done with his tight hole yet as he fucks curly in missionary and doggie before finally pulling out and shooting over curlys ass. There are some great shots of muscles perfect ass. You get another chance to see curly jack into his mouth as it is the same scene from scene 3 but from a different angle of him jacking his cock into his own mouth.

Scene 6
Now its Green Eyes from scene one to get a new playmate. This time his white companion is older more of a man than his twink from the first scene. This white guy has a compact muscular frame and hairless body. Green eyes actually appears to be a little more turned on this time as once they remove their clothes and the white guy starts sucking him off his cock is actually hard. Green eyes fucks the white guys mouth for a bit before whitey jacks out some spunk from Green eyes and uses his dick to smear it on his lips.



The full frame transfer on this DVD was a little grainy or pixelated as it appears to be a transfer from a VHS. There is also some minor distortion at the bottom of the screen. The Dolby digital 2.0 audio was clear for what minimal sound there was. There was very little dialog and no background music besides on the opening menu.


No Real Extras...look no further.

Photo gallery: 30 somewhat grainy stills from the film.

Trailers: Previews for Young & Uuncut #17, Capoeira 25, Football Goal Ordering Info: Contact info for French Connection


At the End of the Night

System D Version 1.0 is an okay bareback flick. It is a transfer from VHS so the picture quality is not all it could be. The action is lackluster and there is no real passion or heat between the guys interacting. They just go in take off their clothes and get to business. I don't think anyone really had a good time in the film even though most of the guys did bust a nut. Curly and muscle guy was probably the best scene from the film as Curly got his hole worked over by that studly guy. There were no extras either so I I'll say “Rent It” because Green eyes is an attractive guy and curly jacking into his own mouth are worth seeing.

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