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System D Version 2.0

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/25/07

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Gay Adult Movie
None Credited
1 Hour 38 Minutes
CAST: Uncredited Guys
PRODUCTION DATES:10/15 – 10/26/01

The Good Stuff

After watching System D Version 2.0 I still have no clue as to what System D stands for. Maybe since it is a trilogy they finally let you know what it means in the third one. Once again the guys in the film are not credited so I use their physical descriptions to designate them.


Scene 1
In between each scene we have Green Eyes and Curly from System D Version 1.0 chatting on a cliff. I figured out later on after scene 3 or so that they must be talking about their sexual conquests and comparing notes and that is how each scene comes about. The first scene has Green eyes with his dark complexion, slight body hair and long uncut cock and a new white guy for him to mess around with. The white guy has a nice smooth muscular body and pouty lips. They undress unenthusiastically and Pouty lips sucks his cock for a bit before climbing on for a ride. Pouty lips looks like he wants to be anywhere but there, more like he is thinking of anything and everything but what he is doing. He gets fucked in spoon and missionary like a dead fish before Green eyes straddles his chest and busts his nut on Pouty lips chest.

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Scene 2 For this quick scene we have Curly from System D Version 1.0 and a new cute muscular European guy with dark hair and nice muscular arms. They take off their clothes and Curly knoshes on Muscles big cut cock. Before getting his mouth fucked. You really get to see Muscles toned ass and six pack abs while he is fucking Curly. Muscles straddles Curly chest and spooges a decent load on his chest.

Scene 3
Since the last scene Curly has gotten a haircut and now has a shaved head which makes him infinitely more sexy at least in my eyes. He is now with a different olive skinned European guy with a sexy unibrow. Curly now Shaved Head sucks off his friend before being fucked doggie, cowboy and missionary. While being fucked in missionary Unibrow has Shaved Heads legs on his shoulders so much so that Shaved Heads cock is in line with his mouth so he can do his favorite thing of beating off into his own mouth which he does. Unibrow then pulls out and cums over Shaved Heads asshole and balls.

Scene 4
For this scene we have an angry looking muscular guy with a crew cut head and weird little patch of hair at the front. He plays with his package while still dressed then undresses and plays with his short fat hog for a bit looking bored and shoots a white load on his leg. Practically as soon as he shoots he literally whistles to let the camera man know that he is done. He must have been told to hump the bed which he does looking totally bored and hating life.

Scene 5
This scene is another brief oral scene with two dark haired young guys on a bed chatting. They take off their clothes and the guy with the Straight hair sucks off his friends large uncut cock and gets his mouth fucked for a bit before having a juicy load shot on his chin and neck.

Scene 6
Finally Green eyes and Curly now Shaved head get a scene to them selves. They undress and after Green Eyes takes a look at his cock and sees something he doesn't like Shaved head moves in for some cock sucking. After getting blown Green Eyes fucks Shaved Head wearing a condom...the only one in the film in missionary, Doggie, Cowboy and Spoon. At one point Green Eyes loses his erection so Shaved Head stuffs a few fingers up his own hole and fingers himself. While Shaved Head is laying on his stomach on the bed trying to look all turned on Green Eyes is down by his feet and jacks a load onto Shaved Heads calf. Now for the best shot of the film Shaved Head is balancing on his shoulder and jacks out a nice load right down his own gullet.



The full frame transfer on this DVD was a little fuzzy as it appears to be a transfer from a VHS. As you can see in the captures I took there transfer was off a little as there was a black bar on the left side of the screen for the whole film. The Dolby digital 2.0 audio was clear for what minimal sound there was. There was very little dialog and no background music besides on the opening menu.


No Real Extras...look no further.

Photo gallery: 22 fuzzy captures from the film.

Trailers: Previews for Young & Uuncut #17, Capoeira 25, Football Goal Ordering Info: Contact info for French Connection


At the End of the Night

System D Version 2.0 gives you a different group of guys than System D Version 1.0 but with the same unenthusiastic performances. These guys don't really want to be here, they stare off into space or are watching porn just to keep their wood on. Our curly haired friend from Version 1.0 gets a haircut which ups his sexiness factor ten fold and he is in half of the scenes and that is the only good thing about this film. He has a sexiness about him and actually looks like he wants to be there for the most part. He gives us another solo jack into his own mouth again which is Hot Hot Hot. System D Version 2.0 shows little to no improvement from it predecessor so I give it a rating of “Rent It”

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