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Erotic Aftershock

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Roxy Jezel and the mighty Evan Stone.

Erotic Aftershock

Club Jenna

Genre: Feature

Director: DCypher

Brea Bennett and Eric Masterson in bed.

Cast: Roxy Jezel, Evan Stone, Brea Bennett, Eric Masterson, Jesse Capelli, Celeste Star, Jamie Elle, Riley Shy, Steven St. Croix, Nick Manning
Non-sex roles: DCypher, Dimenico, Nando, Chaz, Darren Dever, Dic Tracy, Ace Burbank, Wizzard, Isis Ray, Anthony Ledesma, Rudolph Villagrana, Americus Abesamis, Black Tiger, Kiara Marie, Jim Enright, Jaspher Night, Marc Meadow, Robert Olding, Jack Darrin, Roland Pichie, Pat Gould

Length: 130:23 minutes

Jesse Capelli and Celeste Star talking to Evan.

Date of Production: 12/5/2006 (the credits getting it wrong)

Extras: The best extra was the short, 7:32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Dic Tracy. There was additional nudity and a few minutes of interviews (the primary focus of the BTS was the interviews) for fans to enjoy but otherwise, it was fairly tame. I also liked the 5:03 minutes of Bloopers, led primarily by the mighty Evan Stone but also some of the others getting in on the action too. There were a few trailers, a photogallery, and some spam but the BTS and the Bloopers were the only "real" extras worth mentioning.

Jamie Elle and Riley Shy working on Stephen at the strip club.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Erotic Aftershock was presented in a non-anamorphic, letterboxed widescreen with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as shot by director DCypher for Club Jenna. I still hope future efforts apply anamorphic widescreen HD to them but I know that the industry is in transition at this writing so we'll have to see what happens. The colors looked very accurate, the lighting was a mixture of various techniques that sometimes worked better than others, the level of grain typically minimal (nonexistent), and the composition of the shots about the same as his better works having in terms of making the performers look better than usual much of the time. There were no compression artifacts (the bitrate was modest this time, often in the 5+ Mbps range), no video noise, and while I liked the more straightforward approach to the scenes, the movie seemed truncated to me as though stopped in mid production and made on the cheap. The only choice for audio was the basic 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track (in 192 Kbps), this time using vocals mixed in with the loud music to enhance the heat and energy for me. Someone familiar (but uncredited) handled the music and while my personal tastes run in a different direction, the thumping soundtrack worked for the scenarios fairly well (better than most porn music by a long shot). In terms of the vocals, there wasn't a lot of separation between the channels and the dynamic range lacked a bit but I didn't get the sense that the audio was blown off here at all, helping to elevate the quality of the production a bit; the music handled better in most respects from what I heard, the same being true for the sound effects.

Roxy Jezel, Jesse Capelli, and Brea Bennett on stage.

Body of Review: DCypher has been a fixture in porn for such a long time now that his presence is felt all over, not just at Club Jenna where he has been a contract director in recent times. While the feature market might be declining in importance to many, a lot of folks still find them to be appealing when done right, and this guy has written more of the better ones than perhaps anyone else still in the jizz biz. His latest title to make it my way was Erotic Aftershock, an action thriller with enough potential thanks to hotties like Roxy Jezel and others for the sexual antics balanced by the acting chops of some of the best male talent in the business that I knew right away I wanted to see it. The back cover said it like this: “In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a corrupt cop and a drug lord rule the seedy underworld from the hottest strip club in the city, Aftershock, until an investigative journalist and a disgraced cop team up to take them down, once and for all. Drop dead gorgeous Club Jenna contract starlets Jesse Capelli, Brea Bennett, and Roxy Jezel light up the screen in this fast-paced action-thriller that will take your breath away. For every dark desire of the heart, there is a price to be paid.” If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, you’ll want to keep reading the review as there was a lot worth getting into here. That said, here’s a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were observed:

Roxy tearful at the thought of someone "dropping loads" on her.

Scene One: Roxy Jezel, the brunette in red on the left hand side of the front cover, was up first as she took care of the mighty Evan Stone on the couch as they played with a blindfold. Roxy initially started blowing him aggressively after her clothing came off, keeping eye contact with him as she wrapped her lips around his shaft tightly and power sucked him (and jerked him off). Roxy is a first class cocksucker so this came as no surprise, Evan reciprocating by drilling her as hard as she liked (vaginally). She was far more aggressive when she was on top of him, pumping her ass up and down on his dick, her titties heaving as he hammered away in a driven manner. It finished up with him rubbing out a load of population pudding on her abdomen, returning to the story before the next scene began.

Scene Two: Brea Bennett, the extremely cute blonde seen on the far right side of the front cover, was up next as a captive rescued by Eric Masterson in bed. He took off her ball gag and she felt the need to reward him, providing an extended kiss before he was going down on her perfect cookie. Her fake moaning did little for me but at least she showed she could be somewhat active at riding a cock when she climbed on top of him, pushing the blowjob off until later in the scene. She’s one of those gals that looks great but is less filling in terms of her sexual skills on camera, taking the minimal pop shot to her mouth before the scene cut away to prevent the audience from seeing much else (though the resulting plot point was interesting).

Scene Three: Jesse Capelli, the curvy cutie seen on the middle of the front cover in the revealing blue outfit, was up next in a lesbian scene with hotty Celeste Star. I know some of you are probably upset that the lead contract star of the cover was wasted this way but the action was actually pretty heated since the gals showed more chemistry together than the previous pairings provided. They spent almost the entire time licking and pawing each other, savoring every nook and cranny as the sweaty coupling proceeded. That they showed an affinity for such action was a given but as much as I liked the first scene and wished this one lasted longer, the gals had it going on as far as I was concerned. Yum!

Scene Four: Jamie Elle, a sexy little gal I have found to combine the concepts of “naughty” & “nice” really well, was up next with redhead babe Riley Shy, and aging lothario Steven St. Croix on the couch of a strip club (ala the subtext advertised as “An Action Movie with Hot Strippers”). Jamie was working the metal pole while Riley was working Steven’s pole on the couch; the cutie joining the duo to make it a trio in no time. There was a lot of sharing during the blowjob portion of the scene, Jamie providing some nice deepthroat work as Riley sucked his balls clean; the gals getting drilled vaginally until they had puffy pussies. The multitude of positions was okay to watch and the manner in which the editing tried to do so much with what amounted to a basic scene was interesting; the pop shot blasting all over the ladies’ upper torsos and faces.

Scene Five: Roxy Jezel, Jesse Capelli, and Brea Bennett, were then up in an extended lesbian scene on the main stage of the strip club as a bunch of mopes and cast members watched with anxious eyes. Like the previous lesbian scene, there were no toys used here as the gals licked, rubbed, kissed, and fingered one another. The realistic club setting of the location helped elevate the heat of scene (what strip club patron doesn’t like seeing gals truly going at it on the stage of a club?) for me but the ladies were the main draw and thanks in large part to their seemingly giving it their all was what made it special for me.

Scene Six: Roxy Jezel, the main thematic female lead of the movie, was up next in the office of the nefarious Nick “dropping fucking loads” Manning; a crime boss who was responsible for the majority of evil in the flick. She wore a yellow plaid stripper outfit and gave him a nice little lap dance before turning around to slob his knob as aggressively as possible. In return, he ate her out (one of the few such attempts in the movie for a guy to spend some quality time orally pleasing a gal; in marked contrast to his character’s role by the way) and she seemed to more realistically appreciate his skills. That led to a relatively short vaginal fuck, complete with hair pulling, where she provided a mixed ride; held back by positions and his attempts to dominate the scene. He ended the scene by jerking off to her mouth, multiple angles used to make it look like a more plentiful load that she didn’t swallow. In all, it wasn’t a bad scene at all thanks to the oral provided but she is capable of a lot more.

Summary: Erotic Aftershock by director DCypher for Club Jenna looked a lot starker than his usual movies but I took it to be done on purpose, the look of the movie adding to the thematic elements of the plot. In general, the sex was decent for the couples market and the acting was decent for most of the cast (with notable exceptions that were simply terrible) so I rated it as Recommended. The movie was not the best showcase vehicle for the contract gals in my opinion but compared to some of the recent features I’ve been privy to see, Erotic Aftershock reminded me that director Cypher still has the kind of writing talent that few companies are willing to really promote, and a directing talent in need of just a bit more hardcore action than I’m used to seeing at Club Jenna. In short, this was a good movie for fans of sexy action dramas and the eye candy quotient was better than expected.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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