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College Wild Parties 10

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/27/07

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Scene One brunette about to get some oral loving.

College Wild Parties #10

Pink Visual

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Uncredited

Scene two brought forth a more active gal to the mix.

Cast: Harmony, Leah Luv, Seth Dickens, Jack Venice, Donny Long, most performers uncredited

Length: 142:51 minutes

Date of Production: 9/15/2007

Scene three had a gal dripping to get laid!

Extras: The best extra for many of you will be the unrelated bonus scene from Teens For Cash 10 starring Phoebe, Rod Fontana, and Dick Nasty for 17:53 minutes. The general idea is that the crew drove around looking for girls and found her selling music CD's to promote her brother's band. The men said they'd buy them all if she went with them, resulting in her having sex with the two on camera. She was a warm little gal having fun, making it a decent extra even if I prefer extras related to the movie itself. The 6:32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature had a lot of rough spots and featured Michelle Lay barking orders at Rico (from another production too). I just wish that all the ladies from this title were caught in action. There was then a nod to striptease with a 3:58 minute dance section by a lean blond named Barbie in the living room. There were a bunch of trailers and a double sided DVD cover too for those who care.

Condoms: None

Jack about to do two wannabe porn stars on the couch.

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Audio/Video Quality: College Wild Parties #10 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by an unknown director for release by Pink Visual. To sum up the look of the scenes, they all appeared to be shot with a home camera but a guy with minimal experience in using a videocamera. There was grain, video noise, poor composition of camera angles, and a host of other visual defects but the flip side was that the action didn't look to be a generic assembly line made porno either. If you're looking for something way out of the ordinary, this type of show might actually work better for you than something that looked polished and professional. I saw no compression artifacts and the video bitrate seemed to hover around the lower 4 Mbps mark; the handheld light used to illuminate the series dreadfully underpowered for capturing the action in the poorly lit room. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate for audio but there was no real separation between the channels and the dynamic range was limited. The wealth of background noise and roar of the crowd (especially the drunk pricks screaming out like losers such as the cameraman) did a number on the sonic portions of the show but I still managed to like the production.

Harmony was my favorite gal of the entire movie.

Body of Review: Pink Visual has received a lot of accolades from the reviewing staff here at Xcritic over the last few years, most of the team recognizing the spontaneous nature of the varied productions the company distributes. Not all of their works are winners but they are different so much of the time that I find them worth watching anytime I donít want to see the same old faces doing the same old stuff in the same old positions. Such was the case with College Wild Parties #10, a series I first saw awhile back when it started with College Wild Parties 1. The idea is similar to the College Invasion releases by Shaneís World with a cameraman going around capturing what is presented as sex that simply happens as a result of the drunken revelry going on at a party. How staged it is and the poor technical qualities aside, the illusion here is pretty strong thanks to the way the camera often catches glimpses of other action that is not followed up on. That said, here is a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and none of the cast was identified:

Fucked up blonds were common in the show.

Scene One: Spicy Puta: The scene started off right in the middle of a party full of folks in their twenties with no discernable leads to speak off until Seth Dickens removed the panties from a girl next door brunette that Iíd nail (except that she was drunk). She was frisky and willing, Seth going down on her until she started blowing him with her friend joining in. The fingering and vaginal screwing were nothing special but in defense of the show; at least the ladies appeared to be having a good time and not mechanically going through the paces. The cute blond disappeared into the shadows and other gals joined in; the cameraman also drunk from the appearances of the footage displayed. Iíve seen the blond before a few times (Iím sure of it) but like the rest of the cast, she was not credited and only a minor player here. The brunette pictured did the work and took the load of population pudding to her mouth, sort of swallowing some of it but the camera fading away after she told the guy how much she loved the series.

Scene Two: Skank You Very Much: Another brunette was up next as Donny Long applied his macdaddy lines on her; eventually getting her lips wrapped around his cock after some pawing of her ass. The screwing was active and her tiny pussy seemed to barely able to handle the cock he possessed as she gave an over the top performance; a homely gal joining in to suck her titties. A second brunette joined the cock sucking contest but the drunken cameraman fucked it all up by yelling all the time. The main gal took a big load to end the scene.

Scene Three: House Party Ho-Bags: The third scene was like the others in that it was a veritable sausage fest with the men outnumbering the ladies about 25 to I until a couple of frisky gals started doing lesbian tricks on the couch; soon joined by Jack Venice. I know Jack has had some troubles lately but he seemed in his element as he gave some fine head too; the ladies responding well to his tongue action and blowing him before a moderately active vaginal ride. Both gals took turns and ate each other out in the interim, some face sitting enhancing the mood of the moment until the facial (one gal even choking the other to give her an extra thrill).

Scene Four: Afterparty Orgy: Next up was a whole different party where the cameraman walked around and tried getting some action before it cut away to Harmony blowing two guys. They then started pounding her and she was hot to trot as a slot on the make. Leah Luv stood by on the sidelines until invited into the fold. Harmony was drenched in sweat and easily the best rider of the movie, her puffy pussy never ceasing to amaze me at how much she could take from the mopes hammering away at her. Harmony was the key player and took the facials from the unseen guys, ending a pretty decent scene where the cameraman left his ego in check (unlike the previous scenes).

Scene Five: Night-Time Nasty: Last up was a blond and her guy by the pool, slowly stripping each other while high as could be. She protested the camera but the obnoxious cameraman wouldnít leave them alone, the gal showing an aptitude for sword swallowing during this ďlove 101Ē lesson during a party. She was a good rider of cock, even the ladies around them yelling out shit at them (though they seemed oblivious to the running commentary). Another gal started licking his ass cheek as they went at it, joining in to do some PTM and cunnilingus as part of the scene too. The second gal then bent over on her knees and presented herself for the guy to nail, the blond getting him last for some vaginal and the facial.

Summary: College Wild Parties #10 by Pink Visual advertised on the back cover: ďAll real! All wild! College Wild Parties shoots the action as it happens at all the wildest college parties! Catch the action as it unfolds at the wildest frat parties, backyard parties, dance parties, and clubs! Watch the hottest young college chicks turn the wildest tricks for the whole party to see! Lesbian action, facials, and more hardcore party fucking & sucking than you can shake a dick at!Ē While I know the likelihood of the marketing hype being a bit lame, there was a fair amount of Pro-Am action that many of you will like more than I did; my personal tastes being for better production values and women that arenít so drunk they probably didnít know what was going on. The generic extras (the bonus scene has been used before, the BTS & tease were from other productions) did not help matters any but I did find enough to merit a rating of Rent It or better if you like this kind of spontaneous fun going on. In short, College Wild Parties #10, like College Wild Parties 1 before it, had some sparks flying that I enjoyed but the cameraman yelling at the top of his lungs weakened it enough to make me want to mute the sound so your mileage may vary considerably.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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