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Storm Squirters 3: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Tianna Lynn was a very attractive performer!

Storm Squirters 3: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Squirting

Director: Joey Silvera

Jada Fire and Chelsie Rae could not have been more different.

Cast: Chelsie Rae, Jada Fire, Marco Banderas, Kylie Wilde, Emilianna, Sophie Dee, Sindee Jennings, Jay Lassiter, Sara Faye, Lexi Love, Britney Stevens, Tone Capone, Vin Deacon; Tianna Lynn, Mark Ashley & Kohl Mynah in the bonus scene only)

Length: 205:53 minutes

Date of Production: 10/1/2007

Emilianna and Kylie Wilde were both ready to let loose.

Extras: For most people, the bonus scene between Tianna Lynn, Kohl Mynah, and Mark Ashley lasting 27:06 minutes long from Service Animals 14 will be the best extra. I liked it more than I did years ago when first reviewing it but Tianna is a hotty that grows on you over time; much like the whole “squirting phenomenon. There was also a helpful cast list, a pop shot compilation and squirt shot compilation from the scenes, a lengthy photogallery, some filmographies, and nine trailers to movies like Strap Attack 6, Face Fucked, Storm Squirters, Strap Attack 7, Service Animals 21, Service Animals 20, Service Animals 19, Service Animals 18, Strap Attack 3, Hellcats 8, Hellcats 9, Hellcats 11, and Hellcats 12.

Sindee Jennings and Sophie Dee about to make Jay's day better.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Storm Squirters 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Joey Silvera for distribution by Evil Angel. Thanks in large part to decent lighting and a relatively limited amount of moving around with the camera, there was little grain or video noise in the movie, few compression artifacts to be seen (the bitrate hovering around 2 Mbps but going even lower; explaining some of the picture problems) and even some of the fleshtones looked slightly off here. The composition of the shots was usually flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were moderately solid. Like many of the director's at Evil Angel, Joey seems to prefer concentrating on capturing the raw energy over giving the viewer Wal-Mart lighting (harsh, flat, and plentiful) most of the time but he apparently made an exception this time to give some of us what we prefer. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio (at 192 Kbps) was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.

Lexi Love and Britney Stevens were looking hot here.

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Body of Review: Joey Silvera is one of the toughest directors in porn to pigeonhole into a specific style outside of the largely generic gonzo, as proven by his many years of admittedly diverse efforts distributed by Evil Angel. Straight, tranny, race related or whatever your flavor, Joey directs plenty of cutting edge themes, including the controversial “squirt” titles that most of us recognize as gals that piss in a politically correct manner (the common belief is that stores are less likely to be prosecuted if a urination video is labeled “squirting”). That was the theme of his latest release making it my way in Storm Squirters 3: Special Extended Set, a series I reviewed awhile back with Storm Squirters 1. As expected, there were a lot of ladies letting loose with the juice, some intriguing role playing taking place as well, making it better than a straight forward squirt title, especially given the cast of hotties listed on the cover of this double disc set. Each scene had the aforementioned sex act as a dominant feature though and fans of the genre will not be disappointed by the sheer volume of female urine blasting its way around the set. Whether you’re a believer or not then, there was a lot to appreciate in the movie. That said, here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn, though more traditional raincoats might have been a good idea given the fluids spraying all around each set:

Sara Faye was kind of masculine for my tastes.

Scene One: Chelsie Rae, the skinny blond on the upper left hand corner of the cover, and busty Jada Fire (beside her), were up first in the locker room after showering up. It is tough to go wrong starting with some shower tease and these two polar opposites made an interesting match up to work with studly Marco Banderas. The initial opening was followed up by the gals double teaming his rod savagely; Jada the more experienced cock hound but Chelsie adding some playful fun too. Joey’s camera work was invasive and somewhat shakier than usual but the lighting was better too so it was a fair tradeoff for the heated action after all was said and done. Jada took the first leak when blowing Marco; coating Chelsie’s face almost as much as the camera lens as the gal went down on the ebony babe. Marco then went to pounding Chelsie in a doggy as the gal ate Jada out, switching with Jada for more water works to take place. To her credit, Chelsie then opened her cheeks to do some anal with the guy as Jada masturbated on the floor; showing an active ride that got even better with time, the gal doing ATM to lick him clean of her ass juices before she was held tight to swallow more of Jada’s piss. Jada then rode the cock some more vaginally for Marco to unload on Chelsie’s face; Jada licking her clean before Chelsie did some post coital sucking.

Sindee Jennings was good enough for a second scene!

Scene Two: Kylie Wilde and Emilianna, a couple of curvy blonds, were up next in a lesbian scene that had Kylie dominating her curvier pal. They masturbated on the couch and then played a game of fetch with a dog toy; Kylie enjoying some oral time on her new pet as a result of the pairing up. Emilianna gave head as well as received it too; Kylie using an industrial strength vibrator as her friend fingered her heatedly. They engaged in some 69 action too but as wet as Emilianna got from the playful antics they did, it was Kylie that served up the shower of fluids during a masturbation sequence that had Emilianna spreading herself open to receive. They continued playing with each other too though and Kylie eventually pulled out a vibrator to anally pound Emilianna with; the dirty talk warming things up even more for me. The scene ended with some ATM and faded a bit too quickly for my tastes but it was still fun.

Scene Three: Sophie Dee, this time a curvy brunette, featured cover gal Sindee Jennings, and Jay Lassiter, were up next as the ladies teamed up to give him pleasure. The scene started off with Sindee greedily keeping him all to herself but Sophie joined in to show her some moves; Sindee acting like it was the last cock she’d ever get according to the comments made. There was some lesbian licking too but Jay went to work on Sophie to get her squirting as Sindee took the full brunt of the fluid in her face. The gals kissed and Sindee was soon getting pounded by Jay’s cock (vaginally), upon which she unleashed a full stream onto Sophie’s face (and the camera). It was an active ride with Sophie taking a turn next, a variety of other fluid dynamic tricks following along with plenty more oral and penetrative acts. The breathlessness of the trio throughout the scene gave it a kind of urgency; eventually slowed down by Sophie’s slow anal that lasted well into “Round 4” as captioned on the screen. Sindee’s vaginal ride was far more active and Sophie spanked her ass cheeks until they glowed red but the emphasis from that point on was Sindee screwing and both gals pissing up the proverbial storm. Fans of foot fetish action will be pleased to know Sindee took a break to jerk Jay off with her feet and there was some minor choking but the scene closed up with him busting a nut of population pudding on her crotch for Sophie to lick clean before they saluted the camera. Whew!

Scene Four: Sara Faye, a masculine looking redhead with a lean body wearing army camos, was up next as a trainee for Jay Lassiter. He put her through her paces and offered her his dick for sucking; the gal showing she was no stranger to having a cock in her mouth as she blew him with a modicum of expertise (in a very messy manner). Given his attention to her huge clitoris (it looked like a small cock), I wondered if the hairy gal might look better trimming her bush and letting the hair on her head grow out longer but I could hardly fault the fresh pink of her biscuit as being anything less than fine. Jay then started diddling her hard until she pissed all over the place; not as strong a stream as most of the previous gals but enough to make a big mess all the same. She was not a very active rider of cock but I’ll be the first to admit that her oral skills were well developed; fans of the water works will appreciate her ability to piss on queue too. The scene continued with a mixture of vaginal screwing, oral antics, and squirting; Jay rubbing out a facial that she licked up with a sense of desire.

Scene Five: Lexi Love, a lean and established gal in the genre, curvy Britney Stevens, and Tone Capone, were up next as the first scene from the second disc opened up. The gals teased and spanked each other, doing some minor lesbian tricks outside in the pure sunlight before taking the show indoors where Tone applied dog training techniques to Britney as Lexi roughed the gal up a bit. Britney was the first to suck him off but Lexi jumped in to assist as well, the messy hummer leaving him all wet with saliva. Britney deepthroated him and then masturbated to the first water show of the disc; the gals moving back to orally satisfy him in no time as Lexi rimming him while Britney took the cock. Lexi rubbed out a load herself for Britney to clean up; the brunette getting the first dibs on his cock tearing into her pussy as a result (Lexi satisfied to piss on her friend from above as she applied a glass dildo). There was more oral and straight sex before Lexi allowed him into her ass; the less active ride a result of her backdoor needing to be warmed up. She was a lot more aggressive when riding on top of him, Britney taking over by doing anal after getting some ATM off his cock. The scene eventually ended when he busted a nut on their faces for them to play with; the ladies liking his seed a lot and Britney even swallowing it.

Scene Six: Sindee Jennings, the very cute blonde featured on the center of the front cover, was up last as she totally dominated wimpy Vin Deacon (the guy a veteran of the Strap Attack series too). She made him crawl on the sidewalk in public while wearing a business suit and suck her feet in the living room; the guy eating her clam before she called him “slave boy” and sucked him off. He then ate her while she pissed on his face, moving to a vaginal romp before she did PTM and actively rode him even better than before. Her puffy pussy readily accommodated his modest member, the lips wrapping around it sweetly, leading to more of the same and her paddling him. They did more oral and screwing before she pissed in the dog dish for him to drink up completely after she jerked him off and took the facial (as “moisturizer”).

Bonus Scene: Service Animals 14: Tiana Lynn, the blonde in the upper right hand corner of the DVD case, Kohl Mynah, and Mark Ashley had a scene after she teased the camera a bit with her fleshy ass. I thought her little workout on the stairmaster in the thong was kind of hot but her oral skills were good too. There was some fake looking squirting going on but the oral and straight sex were the real deal. Heat? Some heat but mechanical in most ways with a lot of goo on her face when they were through.

Summary: Storm Squirters 3 by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel was one of those where fans of the theme will like it a whole lot more than the rest of us but it still merited a rating of Recommended thanks to the strokability, replay value, and amounts of fuck for the buck with a solid cast and decent technical values. I may never become a believer that squirting is anything different than urination but whatever your belief on the topic may be, it is tough to argue that the rest of the sex was anything substantially less than appealing. In short, Storm Squirters 3: Special Extended Set might not have been quite as good as Storm Squirters 1 but it was a worthwhile project thanks in large part to the plethora of pussy involved in the show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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