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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Serenity’s Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina

Serenity’s Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The following is a retro-review look at a toy tested awhile back, slightly modified but still very accurate and now with the benefit of time as well. We sent him out these toys hoping he’d keep the social contacts to a minimum (and keep reviewing tons of porn):

Las Vegas Novelties is the company formed by former Wicked Pictures contract star Serenity in order to provide better sex toys than currently existed on the market at the time. She devoted lots of hours to making her dream come true and eventually sold the company to another excellent manufacturer, Pipedreams, last year. The summation of this corporate merger was the literal best of both worlds, since each provided toys the other didn't have, with Pipedreams upgrading their newly acquired product in the process. Today's review is of one of the simpler toys from the Serenity line, the Serenity’s Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina.

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My limited experience with fake pussies has shown me that they can be helpful at relieving the kinds of day to day stress you acquire when your girlfriend, wife, or bed buddy is unavailable. Most products fall into two categories; the very cheap and the very expensive with little middle ground to speak of. In this case, the Serenity’s Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina is on the lower end of the economic scale, with no vibrators included or claims that the device was molded from the hallowed halls of Serenity'scrotch but it looked worth a shot and I liked the packaging as it provided enough pictures of the lovely contract hotty to inspire a fan like me into action. My first impression of the device itself was markedly different than that of the Lexi UR3 Pocket Pussy, in that this one was far more compact and shaped to look like a real pussy. The device advertised that it was Latex Free and contained none of the nasty, potentially cancer causing Pthalates, though not divulging the trade secret ingredients behind the material used to make the toy called Fanta-Flesh.

Those in the know probably remember that Serenity never did anal and was rumored to be exceptionally tight when it came to that desirable pussy of hers so it should come as no surprise that her Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina was very tight on my modest member. It included a virtual hymen in the shape of a thin membrane that you pop upon first drilling it and the free sample of lube came in handy as I started working my way into the device. Like most such devices, there were rubber nubs along the edges of the inside to further stimulate your cock and it wasn't long before I rubbed out my first load. While it wasn't much like a live pussy, I was once again pleased to announce that no buying of dinners, flowers, or candy as well as putting up with the myriad of other headaches was required to dump my load satisfactorily.

Wanting a complete review, I played with the device a few times afterwards over the last couple of weeks. The Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina came through several times and my only caveat was to make sure you use good lube, not the cheap stuff. Once the ultra slick stuff that came with the device ran out, I used some bargain basement lube and in the process, tore my now beloved toy to the point where it was rendered all but ineffectual in my eyes (or should I say hands?). I had done the same thing with the larger Lexi UR3 Pocket Pussy but again maintain that I'm only of average length and perhaps a little big on the width side of life. Still, the feeling was fine while it lasted and while it wasn't truly built to last, we had our fun before I moved on to the next toy. In summation, the Serenity’s Sensual Feel Pocket Vagina was good for a few cheap laughs and was more portable than other toys, though I'd be hesitant to carry one around in my pocket with me.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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