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Bel Ami XL Files Pt. 3

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Movie:

Welcome to Bel Ami’s casting couch! Watch the screen tests of twenty cute Central European dudes who are “outrageously over-qualified in the dick department”.


Twenty-one year old Brett is cute with brown hair that’s shorter on the sides than on top. He hails from Havirov, works as a computer programmer for an accounting firm, plays sports, and likes “quick, down, and dirty” rough sex in cars! Brett undresses revealing a smooth muscular body, nice hard nipples, dark trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and a long uncut cock. Legs spread nice ‘n wide, he uses his right hand to stroke that fat dong working the purple knob until he shoots a spotty load on his stomach.


Jakub is a nice-looking fella with medium length auburn hair and toned/smooth body. He strips down showing off that sexy bod, shaved pubes, and long uncut tool with foreskin covering the knob. Jakub spreads his legs wide and uses his thumb and forefinger to work that moist medium-sized knob. He bends over providing a nice shot from behind of his plump hangy balls as he pleasures himself. Reaching the point of no return, Jakub shoots a thick load on his stomach.


Twenty-one year old Michal is good-looking with brown slicked-back hair who has worked as a waiter for three years and has never tried anal sex. He undresses revealing a toned ‘n lightly hairy body with closely trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and an unclipped pole with foreskin that completely cloaks the purple head. Using his thumb and forefinger, Michal strokes off making his balls bounce and cuts loose with thick jizz on his stomach.


Honza is a cute twenty-two year old with short black hair who works in construction and also goes to school for hotel management. He’s a bit nervous but soon pulls off his black jeans, white tee shirt, and black briefs showing off a nice lightly hairy/toned body, dark pubes, hot uncut cock with foreskin the covers the knob, and plump hangy nuts. Honza gladly flexes and poses for the camera and then gets down to business as he jerks off using his right hand to slide his tasty foreskin up ‘n over that moist purple knob. Legs spread nice ‘n wide so we can see those beautiful nuts, Honza shoots a large thick load on his fist and stomach. Hot dude!


Twenty-one year old Martin is cute guy with short punky bleached hair from Ostrava who works as a barman and waiter. He likes sex and does “almost everything….just not anything extreme like S&M.” Admitting to jerking off at least three times a day, this horny dude strips down showing off his slender/smooth body, shaved pubes, plump hangy balls, and unclipped prick with foreskin that covers his purple tip. Stroking with his right fist, Martin works that mouth-watering foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob with legs spread wide shooting a thick load on his stomach.


Adam is a good-looking twenty-year-old dude with short dark brown hair who owns his own business “buying and selling stuff.” Hmmm. I wonder what exactly that “stuff” is. Adam digs boxing and has been doing it for four years. He strips down showing off his tight ‘n slender body, very hairy chest, dark bush, long hangy nuts (some of the longest I’ve ever seen!), and big unclipped dick with the overhang covering that purple knob. This hot dude spreads his legs wide and works that prepuce back ‘n forth over the helmet. I love those balls! Adam is so turned on that his eraser tip nipples are hard as rocks. Cutting loose, he shoots a large thick load of spooge on his stomach.


Attila is cute with short dark hair wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He soon yanks ‘em off revealing a slender/tight/smooth body, dark pubes, plump nuts, and unclipped cock with a knob that peeks out of his foreskin. Attila pulls his pud jacking the foreskin up ‘n over the head first using his right hand and then the left. He slides his fist up and down the hard shaft and dumps a thick load of love juice on his bush.


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Twenty-year-old Dusan is handsome with longish brown hair parted in the middle, is currently unemployed, and digs “foreplay and everything that goes with it.” He and a pal once videotaped each other naked on the balcony as shocked neighbors looked on. Dusan is a busy dude having both a boyfriend and a girlfriend and isn’t very modest about it. “I can have everything.” Undressing, he shows off his slender/toned/smooth body, closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes, plump hangy nuts, and unclipped pork with a foreskin that doesn’t cover the knob. Dusan has a hot bum with very hairy butt crack that he shows off and then works himself into a sexual lather switching back ‘n forth between his left and right hands. Reaching climax, Dusan shoots a thick load of man milk near his trimmed bush.


Another dude named Honza and he’s cute with short brown hair with blond highlights. He likes to swim, go for long walks with his dog, ride bikes, and goes to school. Honza strips out of his shirt that has the number “9” on it, blue jeans, and gray boxer briefs revealing trimmed brown pubes, hangy plump nuts, and long unclipped tool with a foreskin that covers the knob. He has a very big cock and switches back ‘n forth between hands working the foreskin over his medium-sized knob. Honza dumps a small thick load of jizz on his stomach. Nice cum-filled foreskin!


Jaroslav is a very cute guy with black hair that admits he’s never been to a swinger’s party when asked about sexual fantasies. Still dressed in his black jeans and white tee shirt, he hauls his fat uncut cock and plump nuts out and goes to town. He undresses all the way showing off a toned/tight/smooth body, full dark pubes, and hard little nipples. Jaroslav strokes using his right fist with legs spread showing off those tasty plump balls. Quickly working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the moist knob, he squirts spunk on his stomach. Hot!


Libor is a cute dude with a short brown buzz cut who like soccer, jogging, and swimming. He’s wearing a blue tee shirt with “Tropical Cyclone” written on it and faded blue jeans. Libor works as a chef and when it comes to sex: “I like when I can be dominant.” “That I am the master.” “I like hard fucking”. Obviously Libor likes to show who is in charge during playtime. He strips down revealing a toned/smooth body, plump uncut cock with foreskin that covers the knob, closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes, and plump nuts. Now hard, he works the moist foreskin up ‘n over his red knob while rubbing his nuts with his left hand. Hot! With his legs spread, we can see that Libor has a very hairy butt crack. He works the overhang pinching his foreskin over the knob. Hot! With a nice shot from behind, Libor shows off his tight hairy bunghole in nice close-up and ends up squirting a large wet load on his pubic area. Hot cum-filled foreskin!


We have another Jakub here who’s cute with short auburn hair and toned/lightly hairy body. He’s already fully naked when the scene starts and beats his hard unclipped meat with legs spread showing off his plump nuts while working his foreskin using a nice tempo. Jakub pulls his pork switching back ‘n forth between fists squirting a large thick load on his stomach and dark pubes. Hot!


Filip is very cute with short black hair wearing a black tee shirt with “VAGA BOND” written across and faded blue jeans. He undresses yanking off his clothing and red briefs showing off his slender/toned/smooth body, black pubes, and uncut cock with knob fully exposed. Now stiff as a board, Filip slowly jacks off using his right fist concentrating all the action near that tasty purple knob shooting a small load on his stomach.


Brona’s a cute dude with short brown hair but almost has a unibrow going on. Oh well. He’s still very cute. “I like to have sex in places where someone can catch me in the act.” Hmmm. Perhaps he needs to head to Nashville and give me a show on my breezeway! Brona has a fantasies about fucking in the changing room of a clothing store and admits that he is turned on by having someone put ice cream on his body and licking it off. He prefers girls but guys are okay too. After letting the audience know that he digs break dancing, he strips down revealing his tall/toned/smooth body with suckable pink nipples, closely trimmed pubes, hangy nuts, and unclipped tool with a foreskin that completely covers his knob. Jacking that fat cock and playing his nuts, Bona puts on a hot li’l show using his thumb and fingers to work that foreskin. Reaching his plateau, he shoots a nice jizz-load on his shaft ‘n knob.


Lukas is a cute dude from Litomeric with short brown hair who goes to a “specialty school for salesmen” and wants to get into electronics. He claims that sex is his favorite thing to do. Undressing, Lukas reveals his smooth ‘n slender body, full brown pubes, plump hangy nuts, and unclipped prick with foreskin that covers the knob. Lukas spreads his legs so that we can see that he has a very hairy butt crack and then plays with himself using his right hand to slides his foreskin back ‘n forth over the moist purple knob until he shoots a small load on his pubes. Cute dude!


Nineteen-year-old Petr is cute guy with dark hair who goes to school and works unloading cargo from trucks. He likes anal sex but has only had it once because he’s too shy to ask. Yanking off his clothes, Petr reveals his toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, plump ‘n hangy nuts, and unclipped weenie with overhang that completely covers his knob. He strokes that big dick nice ‘n slow using his right hand to work the foreskin and then shows off his hot hairy butt crack from behind. Petr chokes his chicken until he shoots a large thick load on his fist, shaft, and inside thigh. Hot dude!


Martin is cute with a brown buzz cut, is twenty-one years old, from Eastern Slovakia, and enjoys volleyball and soccer. He undresses and shows us his tall/slender/tight/ smooth body, full brown bush, hangy plump nuts, and hot unclipped wang with foreskin that covers the head. With legs spread wide, Martin strokes his hard dick working the foreskin over the large purple knob until he shoots a large thick load of cock snot on his stomach. Hot cum-filled foreskin!


Cute with dark hair and cool sideburns, Pavel like to listen to music, work out, ride his bike, and swim. He pulls off his clothing showing off that toned/tight/lightly hairy body, dark pubes, plump balls, and uncut cock. He spanks his untamed monkey sliding his foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob and shoots a thick load hitting his chest and pubes.


Roderick is a cute guy with light brown spiked hair from Pilsen. He works as a regional manager for a company that provides various ecological products and equipment. He played handball professionally for two years and now enjoys soccer for fun. Undressing, Roderick reveals his tall/toned/smooth/tanned body, trimmed brown pubes, unclipped cock, and plump nuts. Starting off nice ‘n slow, Roderick kicks up the speed jerking off fast ‘n hard until he shoots a thick was just above his bush.


Mariusz is a hot ‘n handsome dude with short dark hair and cool sideburns. He shucks off his clothes revealing a toned/smooth body, closely trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and unclipped cock with foreskin that covers the head. He has a big ol’ dong and works the foreskin back ‘n forth while pleasuring himself and shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach and fist. Hot guy!



The auditions in “Bel Ami XL Files Part 3” are shot with high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography by Marty Stevens, Sebastian Bonnet, and Hudson Grant is excellent providing plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes who are interviewed (not all of them are) with English subtitles provided. Natural sound is out during the wanking and replaced with snazzy instrumental tunes.


The disc includes an interactive menu, model selection, and previews for “All About Bel Ami”, “Alpine Adventures”, the “Boywatch” series, the “Personal Trainer” series, “Enchanted Forest”, “Lucky Lukas”, and “Too Many Boys”. Overall, a very nice selection of previews. There is also website and Bel Ami products information.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! That’s a lot of big uncut cock! “Bel Ami XL Files Part 3” is a huge turn-on! All twenty guys are cute ‘n sexy so I don’t have any favorites this time. I love ‘em all! Solo jack off movies can sometimes be a bit dull after a while but this isn’t the case here. Each scene is fairly short with plenty of excellent extreme close-ups of those knobs and balls as the dudes pull their pork to climax. I Highly Recommend for fans of young (all age 18+) dudes with big uncut cocks. You will love the mouth-watering close-ups!

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