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Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana

Studio: Julie Simone Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/3/07

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Julie resting after a hard day beating brats like Dana DeArmond.

Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana DeArmond

Julie Simone Productions

Genre: BDSM

Director: Julie Simone

Cast: Dana DeArmond, Julie Simone, Aiden Starr

Julie smoking and turning Dana's cheeks red.

Length: 65:08 minutes

Date of Production: 9/26/2006

Extras: There was a very short photogallery and some trailers on the front menu page. Then there was an 8:09 minute long interview by director Julie Simone where she explained some of how the movie got made, how she met Dana, and other aspects of the production. Having discussed the movie briefly back in January with her myself, I felt she was completely forthright in the comments here. There was then a 7:09 minute long interview with Aiden Starr, Julie taking up the camera from Mike to pose questions of the cute blond as she sat on a bed. Aiden gave specific anecdotes to some of the scenes whereas Julie seemed more into providing broader commentary. There was also a short clip of bloopers lasting 2:53 minutes for those who care.

Lovely Aiden Starr gets a shot at improving Dana's attitude.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana DeArmond was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Julie Simone for release by Julie Simone Productions. Julie edited it, handled lighting and produced it with some minimal help by Mike Mayonnaise (assistant cameraman) and Aiden Starr (co-producer) but this was clearly a product of her kinky, twisted mind and her bondage sensibilities permeated the entire production as a result. The darker dungeon scenes had more grain than I really care for but compared to some of the bigger “names” in porn, her BDSM efforts proved to look substantially more realistic. She apparently took the time to do things right rather than churn out a generic product; one of the benefits of owning your own studio and caring that your name is on the product. The mood of the visuals was stronger than average and while the composition of the shots was not exactly the most flattering to Dana and her mistresses (Julie and Aiden), I would by lying if I said that the impact wasn’t stronger as a result. The bitrate occasionally hovered around the mid 6 Mbps mark and I detected no aliasing, video noise, or other major flaws that could impact the strengths of the visuals here; though the low budget did show up on the screen from time to time and the bitrate was typically much lower (about half that rate). I’d prefer more lighting and less red tint but I’m familiar with the lame looking titles Bizarre puts out so this at least looked better than those. The audio was presented in a 2.0 English LPCM offering of 1536 Kbps rather than the more generally used Dolby Digital. The audio lacked much separation and dynamic range though the music by Jillian Ann and Failed Utopia was kind of weird to listen to during the production (reminding me of old Lydia Lunch records).

Julie Simone is quite flexible at smoking cigarettes with her feet.

Body of Review: Dana DeArmond is a very interesting gal in her late 20’s that enjoys all sorts of hardcore sex; her legion of fans sometimes finding her spoiled nature endearing compared to her peers that are either syrupy sweet or standoffish. I have seen a number of her performances that I really liked so as I walked around the rows of the 2007 AEE Show, I noticed a couple of appealing ladies across from the Evil Angel booth; both wearing fetish attire that caused the familiar stir in my loins with a few titles starring Dana on their table. The ladies were Julie Simone and Aiden Starr with their small booth a joint venture between the couple. We spoke briefly a few times over the course of the show and I expressed my interest in some of their BDSM titles, including Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana DeArmond. Well, many months later, a copy arrived on the screener list so here we are with me finally getting to see if the title, one where Dana gets her just deserts for being such a brat, was as good as the cover looked. The title itself is a short (barely over an hour) BDSM title where Julie and Aiden torment Dana in a number of ways, pushing her limits as they engage in kinky lesbian sex. The back cover said it like this: “Bratty bottom Dana DeArmond is sorely in need of discipline! Vicious Vixens Julie Simone and Aiden Starr deal out a heavy dose of girl on girl fem domme action as Dana moans and groans for mercy. Sensual smoking, OTK spanking, paddling, asshole caning, flogging, whipping with a single tail, thigh hi boots and heavy rubber are only some of the fetish features of this film. Many lashes and orgasms later, Dana finds herself under both of these busty dommes in a hot 3-way latex finale!” If that sounds appealing to you, here’s a quick look at the action you can expect from the movie, noting that there were no condoms or population pudding splooging around due to the nature of the production some retailers are afraid to keep in stock:

Scene One: Dana DeArmond, a slave in a mosquito tent set under a red light, was up first as Aiden Starr worked her over using her mouth and fingers; both gals wearing plenty of latex and Dana in a mask. They moved into a 69 and the horrid music continued, thankfully at a lower rate as the gals became more familiar with each other.

Scene Two: Julie Simone, lounging back in her chair and using Dana DeArmond as a footstool (ass in the air too), was up next as she had a leisurely smoke. Dana licked her heel and sucked it like a small cock, the slave forced to sit in Julie’s lap to get the spanking she so deserved. Her ass cheeks reddened nicely and the rippling flesh was fun to watch, I just thought Julie should have smacked her harder as she cried out in various yelps. The use of a couple paddles enhanced the moment, Julie pointing out that it was going to hurt as Dana counted (and yelled the occasional obscenity). This was followed by light anal caning, the sensation too much for Dana to take without a short break.

Scene Three: Dana DeArmond was then seen with her hands tied above her head, the helpless gal at the mercy of Aiden Starr who walked in to flog her ass. Telling Dana to be still, she made it clear who was in charge and who was the punk bitch in need of an attitude adjustment; Aiden slightly bored at the lack of endurance Dana was displaying (so she flogged Dana’s back until it was bright red). This led to the wayward woman getting some action from the single tail, wincing ever more before her front side was worked with some rope bondage. Aiden applied an industrial strength vibrator to force some orgasms, the sweaty Dana looking spent as she endured the pleasure much less well than the pain before it ended.

Scene Four: Julie Simone was then up as she tried on a latex mask of her own in front of the mirror, sparking up a cigarette yet again to pollute her lungs seductively for the camera and masturbate in the bathtub with a concentration of foot fetish as she inhaled (the cigarette held between her toes). I’m not into feet or smoking so I was happy that the scene reverted to Dana getting what she deserved again.

Scene Five: Dana DeArmond was then up for a strap on dildo scene where Julie Simone pounded her pussy after some oral by the slave. Aiden Starr joined in at the very end to sit on Dana’s face but the scene faded away before I felt they were through.

Summary: Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana DeArmond by director Julie Simone was definitely kinky enough to serve the BDSM crowd and provide a largely vanilla guy like myself with some food for thought regarding pushing my own limits in viewing habits. I’m sure I liked it as much due to Dana getting the discipline she truly needed after a recent forum outburst but limitations aside, I thought the best rating for the general audience was a firm Rent It. In short, Vicious Vixens 3: Disciplining Dana DeArmond may be just what you’ve been looking for to stoke the fires of your interest so take a gander at the show when you Check Out The Trailer on Julie’s website and see if it might be right up your alley.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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