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All Internal Volume 6

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/5/07

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Britney and Angel Spice had fine fannies!

All Internal 6

Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media

Genre: Creampies

Sandra had a nice ass too.

Director: Chris “Raul Cristian” Rolie

Cast: Britney, Angel Spice, Mugur, Nick Lang, Sandra, Anthony Hardwood, Audrie, Frank Gun, Natalie, Lauro Giotto, Csoky Ice, Emily, Cynthia

Length: 181:59 minutes

Audrie looked best from this angle.

Date of Production: 7/5/2007

Extras: The only extras were a photogallery, some trailers (4), and a popshot compilation from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Natalie could have used a little help with make up and style.

Audio/Video Quality: All Internal 6 was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color it was shot in by director Chris “Raul Cristian” Rolie for release by Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media. The lighting of this gonzo production was slightly on the low side, leaving some shadows, grain, and minor video noise as a result. The composition of the shots was as good as Chris’s previous work that I’ve come across, combining the usual raw energy and some decent technical values; albeit with a shaky camera at times. The tease footage looked really good though and shaky or not, I found it good looking most of the time. The video bitrate hovered in the lower numbers though, dipping into the 2 Mbps area plenty, and while there were few compression artifacts, I always got the impression it should have looked better. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded English (with a bitrate of 192 Kbps) but even listening through headphones or playing through my 5.1 home theater system, I simply could not hear anything substantially different than what must have been picked up by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were usually hollow and whatever language the gals typically speak, it was not English so there was a lack of dirty talk too but the director provided too many of these vocals for my taste, an area he needs to work on a whole lot.

Emily was also very lean.

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Body of Review: Chris “Raul Cristian” Rolie has made some hardcore porn distributed by Jules Jordan Video under his Cruel Media label over the last year or so, finding ways to stand out from the pack in terms of showing circus act sex or bleeding edge nastiness so it came as no surprise to me that he made another creampie title of late, All Internal 6, the sequel to All Internal 5, following the formula with a new batch of ladies; many of them impressively skilled or good looking. There are so many creampie titles on the market these days that Chris tends to go overboard on the rough sex so if that isn’t your thing, you might want to look elsewhere or at least adjust the rating a bit but you can’t say that his works are ever a surprise given his consistent dynamic towards pushing the limits of his cast. That said, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were employed here:

Cynthia never lived up to her potential.

Scene One: Britney and Angel Spice, a couple of physically appealing blondes, were up first as they allowed the director to paw them before some lesbian antics on the stairs. I’m partial to blonds and both of these looked to be my types, especially the way they tore each other’s clothing off. There was a fair amount of rimming and other anal play as they used a large red vibrator to get off with (anally and vaginally) with limited dialogue. Once the scene was well underway, the gals were joined by the foreign branch of the mope squad; this time consisting of Mugur and Nick Lang. The gals were moderately active cock riders and there was a lot of taste testing between positions (and holes) as the men tore into them from all angles. While I didn’t get a sense of chemistry from them, the levels of energy were quite high so if you can accept the mechanical pounding the ladies were taking, complete with the choking and other rough stuff, you may like the scene more than I did. It wasn’t a bad scene, just limited in the way a lot of foreign titles seem to be these days; the toy brought back in when the men were having some issues. The scene ended with two anal creampies that were shat out into the mouth of the other gal who rimmed her hot pal a lot more before they kissed passionately (well, maybe that’s the wrong word).

Scene Two: Sandra, a Slovakian babe with beautiful eyes and dark brown hair, was up next with muscular Anthony Hardwood after the director abused her a little bit in the living room. The rough sex and choking were expected but her playful nature wasn’t so I was glad to see the lady knew how to elevate the heat of a scene for a viewer at home. The scene went over the top when the director whipped out a megaphone and started barking at them both; Anthony fingering her before throatfucking the lady with an increasing tempo. Like the previous scene, the male half of the equation was getting rougher than I prefer to watch but unlike that scene, she seemed to be getting off on this attitude; encouraging it somewhat as she drew him near to continue his pushing her limits. The blowjob was particularly evident at showing this, Sandra even slapping him a few times as he fucked her pussy immediately afterwards (she was fingering her own ass too). He tried to choke her out but was satisfied at pounding her cookie and never going to the backdoor. She did a lot of taste testing and he actually rubbed out a vaginal creampie of population pudding into her that she pushed out (and was made to finger into her ass or eat).

Scene Three: Audrie, a lean gal with piled on make up and a pink plaid outfit, was up next as she claimed to be 21 years old during the tease outside by the pillar of the house. She let her outfit ride up her ass crack and the director continued his usual spiel of talking while she was posing for him. This led to an anal plug and more tease; the gal eventually taking on Frank Gun, Mugur, and Nick Lang in her three holes. They stuffed her holes easily and she seemed to enjoy at least some of the rough sex, the weakest link of the scene being the men who had varying problems maintaining their erections at all times. They eventually made her air tight (a dick in her pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time) and while I loved watching her ass cheeks ripple, she was largely a puppet getting stuffed rather than an active participant most of the time. The scene ended with a series of anal creampies that she shat out and tasted; her shapely derriere fingered until a gross mix of shit and semen came out (killing the scene for me altogether. Ewwww!

Scene Four: Natalie, a brunette with bangs that made her look a lot like a man from the shoulders up, was the next candidate for the show; her ass and powerful legs making up for the two bagger nature of the lady as she teased outside on the sunny day. They went inside where she engaged sexually with Lauro Giotto and Csoky Ice; the men putting her through her paces fairly well as she kept up with them to the fullest extent of her abilities. The tease led to her crawling towards the men; each of whom jammed as much of their cocks into her mouth as possible before taking turns screwing her. She savored the taste of cock though, not letting up to take the easy route as she actively sucked them off. She was a passive screw for the most part, taking their cocks vaginally in several positions with the other cock in her mouth the whole time. The end result was another authentic looking vaginal creampie that she pushed out; the scene ending when she dove into the little pond (followed by Lauro).

Scene Five: Emily, the Romanian gal featured on the front cover, had a shapely body with a firm ass to appreciate as she teased the camera in her corset. Sure, she needed some dental work but she was otherwise a fetching fuck of a gal with an all natural body. She crawled as part of the tease and was soon getting the attention of Anthony Hardwood and Lauro Giotto after the director fingered her (and otherwise sampled the goods that day). There was a goofy milk douche applied to her on the black leather couch; a circus act if ever I saw one. That led to the partners teaming up to see how her oral skills were, finding them satisfactory as they jammed dick in her mouth. She rimmed the men too but the best part of the scene was how actively she rode the cock; Anthony giving her some oral too. They screwed until she took the vaginal creampies, the director coaxing her to push them out as she propped up against the easy chair.

Scene Six: Cynthia, an extremely skinny gal with very pretty eyes, was up last and to say she followed the general formula would be as accurate an assessment as I could provide you as she tried to keep up with Csoky Ice and Anthony Hardwood. Chris again got personally involved in the scene (to the detriment of the camera work) and she stripped off her neon pink and black outfit to reveal a body built for speed over comfort. Anthony poked her throat with his pecker first, Csoky joining in after the gal was warmed up on the taste of cock. She was no stranger to a cock in her mouth and she aggressively tore into them as if on the bonus plan. She was willing but her vaginal riding was another case of passive female performer so your mileage may vary but she was definitely a gal you would hire for a hummer over a poke. She cleaned them up towards the end too and the rippling of her fleshy ass was hot but not enough to save the scene from relative obscurity (despite the messy blowjob, she lacked any staying power). The two vaginal creampies sealed the deal with a squeal and the trio played with it before she tasted it and the camera faded away.

Summary: All Internal 6 by director Chris “Raul Cristian” Rolie for release by Jules Jordan Video under the Cruel Media label had a shaky camera, an over active director that wanted so very badly to participate more with the ladies, and a cast of mixed characters that at least provided different forms of hardcore sex until the authentic creampies. I thought it was worth a low end Rent It given the totality of the circumstances but I’m not exactly infatuated with creampies to begin with so your mileage may indeed vary. In short, All Internal 6 lacked the replay and strokability of All Internal 5 but if this is your thing, by all means give it a look to see if it might be for you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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