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Long Dong Black Kong

Studio: Bad Seed » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 12/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre:  Interracial

Director: Will Ryder

CastEmily Evermore, Bree Olson, Leah Luv, Kiss Kapri, Veronique Vega, Byron Long, John E. Depth, Justin Long, and Jon Jon.

Length: 2 hrs. 17 mins

Production Date:  07/09/2007



Surprisingly there is actually some bonus material available on the disc that's worth checking out. First up is a 37 minute behind the scenes feature with additional footage and interview segments. I particularly got a kick out of Leah's interview post cum shot as she cries for a paper towel and the camera man states how she's the only one who bitches about having cum on their face. There is also a "raw" version of the feature but it's not very different. An additional scene is included here but it doesn't keep up with the Black Kong theme. The quality of the scene is relatively low all around and in the end the only other inclusions on this release are a gallery of still shots and some trailers.


Presented with a full frame aspect ratio, Long Dong Black Kong features decent video quality but it's nothing to write home about in the end. The picture is sharp enough with fine detail but some soft edges and grain keep the release grounded in average looking territory. With the innocent look of the film there is a nice contrast between performers but in the end it doesn't improve picture quality. The audio rings through loud and clear with a 2.0 Dolby Digital presentation. Despite the fact that the sound is free of most flaws I did have to fiddle with the volume due to the abundance of screaming and bad music that comes into play here.

Body of Review:

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If you have a hankering for watching cute white girls get railed by huge black dicks them Long Dong Black Kong may just be your Holy Grail. Featuring the likes of Bree Olson, Emily Evermore, Leah Luv, Kissy Kapri, and Veronique Vega the girls are definitely no slouches when it comes to sexing it up on camera. I must say though that while it's always nice to see little women take big dicks these monsters turn out to be a little more than they can handle. The girls scream and contort their faces from the pain and in the end I feel that detracts from the sex. There is almost no energy here and none of the girls finds any enjoyment with what's going on. Letís just say that you have to like watching a little pussy torn open by a twelve inch monster in order to get into the action here.

Scene 1:

The first scene of Long Dong Black Kong features Veronique Vega. Things begin with her being interviewed about why she wants to take a large black cock and she states that she's heard they're great! This segment was a little cheesy but I suppose it was merely a prelude to the actual sex itself. Things transition over to Veronique wearing a Daddy's Girl t-shirt and trying to look sweet and innocent. Cheesy music plays over the scene while she teases and eventually as her "hung like a horse" partner comes along the tunes thankfully die down.

As the sexing begins Veronique gets her pussy licked allover and eventually starts sucking on his massive cock. She attempts in vain to get the whole thing in her mouth and you just know that sucker is going to fill her up in a few minutes. The scene transitions over to her with the dick already in her pussy. She's on her side and she's not necessarily looking like she's enjoying it because she's just lying there. Things get a little better when she climbs on for a cowgirl position and he picks her up while fucking her and holding her at the same time. She scene ends with Veronique getting a load popped into her mouth but overall I have to admit that the sex was kind of tame without a lot of energy.

Scene 2:

Once again we get the innocent young girl whose daddy would kill her if she knew she was about to take a black cock. Kissy portrays the cute blonde girl and sets things up with tacky music and a little rubbing action before the sex really starts. Things begin similarly to Veronique's scene with Kissy getting her pussy licked prior to sucking on the huge dick. She talks a lot during the sex and as she's getting railed you'll often hear her go on about how big the cock is and whatnot. I found it a little distracting but the sex definitely had more energy in this scene. For example Kissy reallytakes it hard when she climbs on for the cowgirl and both performers get into it. Still, her constant talking during the sex was very distracting and I found myself wanting to press mute. It's safe to say that this scene would have been better if she was a little quieter.

Scene 3:

The little cute daddy's girl theme continues yet again as the amazing Bree teases us with some bubblegum carnival music playing in the background. It doesnít take took long before her partner shows up and the sex begins. The trend of pussy licking and cock sucking continues before Bree takes this long and very fat dick in her sweet spot. Seriously, it's about the size of her forearm! At any rate Bree talks a lot but not nearly as much as Krissy did though I must say that most of what comes out of her mouth are whimpers and screams of pain. She takes it as well as can be expected though I must say that it's impressive when she gets the whole thing inside of her. The two get into it but throughout it all Bree can't really act around the fact that she's practically getting torn in half. She looks great as always but I get the impression that huge cock monster isn't really her thing.  

Scene 4:

Emily's turn for a large black dick is up next and things start out like the rest of these scenes with terrible music and tacky discussions about innocence and such. I didn't think it was possible but this guy's cock looks bigger than the others and needless to say Emily's in for a world of pain. The expression is written on her face as she starts taking it from behind while screaming "Oh fuck!" and "God Damn!" as she feebly tries to push back at him. Holy cow does Emily screech during this scene and there are times where it appears as though she's going to pass out from agony. Sorry, I like Emily and all but I think this cock was a little too much for her and because of that the scene suffered.

Scene 5:

Going into the fifth scene I began to wonder if Leah would be able to turn things around and actually enjoy what she was taking. She looks good in pigtails and braces if you appreciate that sort of thing. It's safe to say that Leah puts forth the effort to appear as though she's having a good time and she even takes it balls deep. Like Veronique from the first scene though she just kind of lays there and takes it while moaning and screeching the whole time.


If you can't tell by now Long Dong Black Kong wasn't quite my cup of tea. I've watched interracial releases aplenty and I like seeing little girls take big dicks as much as the next guy but not to the point where they appear to be in pain. Each of these girls looks great and they are strong performers but I'm not entirely sure they were cut out for this kind of sex. None of them enjoys it, each of them squeals from the pain, and the innocent girl/tacky music atmosphere didn't help matters. I suppose if you like watching women torn in half by large cocks them you'll appreciate what's going on here because in the end it's safe to say that these girls can't quite handle the man meat they are taking.

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