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Diary of A Nanny 3

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/8/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Diary of a Nanny 3

A Naughty America Release

Starring:  Gia Marley & Gia Ferrera, Franchezca Valentina, Gianna Michaels, Jasmine Tame, Eve Laurence & Harmony

Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis: 

A third installment in Naughty America’s nanny-themed series, once again showcasing a healthy bevy of talented girls doing what they do best!  Let’s jump right in…

Scene One:  Gia Marley & Gia Ferrera


Having arrived for dinner with her employers, young nanny Gia Ferrera has a friendly chat with Gia Marley, the female half of her two bosses.  Already pawing suggestively as two people seated at a dinner table only could, in walks Marley’s counterpart, a ragged and short-fused husband, who is having none of their fooling around.  The two tease him by pouring water over their thin t-shirts, pulling them off to kneel at his feet to share his wealth of crotch bounty.  The girls slowly convince him to unwind sans a home cooked meal (later, perhaps), optioning a dual-sucked cock by way of their mouths, instead.  Marley’s fiery glow radiates from the top of her head to her lightly freckled shoulders, and down her enhanced bust and heeled feet. Ferrera, like a landlocked surfer girl, wears her flat mane over darkened roots, her trim features softly squinting out a bit of breasts along her sun-soaked skin, with a small crest of shoulders holding it all together.  As they both take spirited turns in missionary and doggy (with the other accepting generous helpings of mid-stroke mini-blowjobs and masturbating from above the others), and reverse and standard cowgirl, the action is more or less parsed out evenly, though Marley’s enthusiasm more than outweighs Ferrera’s in the long run.  Kneeling side by side, the ladies wait for hubby’s to unload, and he deposits the bulk into Marley’s mouth, who in turn spits the whole into Ferrera’s halo-curved lips.  A nice play by both Gia’s, though Ms. Marley handled most of the heavy lifting, with Ms. Ferrera being more than a supporting character throughout.  Quite pleasing, though not as heated as it probably could have been, I still had fun! 

Scene Two:  Franchezca Valentina

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Finding a scrawl of “We need to talk!” in her opened diary, Franchezca decides to cut off her dalliances with her boss, who seems to regret nothing.  “She won’t be home for hours, at least,” he says as he pets and grabs at the otherwise concerned Franchezca, “just one last time?”  She agrees, pulling her blue dress over her head, slipping off her black capri pants, and reveals her laced panties.  Her boss pushes these to the side as he sucks on her clit, licking up and down her rectangle of groomed fur until she begins to twitch.  She kneels down to blow him, setting bossman up for some reverse cowgirl.  Into doggy and spoon positions, they go at it at length, guiding into a missionary-styled piledriver, in which Franchezca sticks a single finger into her asshole for the duration.  She massages her clit with her other hand as her boss pumps his cock inside of her, and he dismounts to shoot a wad onto her face and mouth.  Though her sweep of black hair and glossed pink lips and eyeshadow certainly bids well for Franchezca’s looks, the scene really doesn’t hold too much steam (save the last position, which seems like a last gasp). I do adore other work featuring Ms. Valentina, and feel that it’s not to be missed.  But this one was purely medium-level work, though it’s certainly nothing to laugh at.  Not bad, but not great! 


Scene Three:   Gianna Michaels


Journaling while seated, wearing only red sneakers, Gianna recalls the story of her boss, a husband who just received a “Dear John” letter. “She took the dog, but left the kids,” he says, forlorn and downtrodden, as Gianna attempts to lift his spirits. “Don’t worry.  You’ve got me,” she intones.  “Life goes on.”  They lock in a silent gaze, and he lunges in to kiss her.  They both back away, somewhat embarrassed at their brief indiscretion, but soon leap back into each other’s arms.  Giggling excitedly, Gianna strips off her white cotton shirt, teasing and rubbing her boss’ unit through his pants, popping his dick out for an oral massage, eyes locked into his.  She pushes his unit between her massive, natural breasts, gliding them along his shaft and back into her mouth.  Lifting herself up for some reverse cowgirl (and shedding her tiny red shorts, as well), we witness her seemingly endless form, and she continues with slamming and grinding into her sweetest spot.  Into standard cowgirl and missionary, Gianna whispers a rushed stream of near-inaudible encouragement to her partner, interjecting with short bursts of loud screams as the occasion fits.  Tasting his knob, she leans into doggy and piledriver-style missionary, with her gentleman stopping for an extended taste of her finest south-bound wares.  Lying upside-down on the floor, the two go in for more missionary, and he dislodges his cock in time to drop his load onto her upper chest.  As Gianna kisses and sucks the remaining beads of seed, her hair and shoulders soaked in sweat, she smiles, coated in glory, and she giggles just a little more. A truly awesome scene, as both partners here are actually quite believable as their passion for one another twists and turns, elevating the scene into near-dizziness! 

Scene Four:  Jasmine Tame


Somewhat awkwardly, Jasmine tells of her lack of compatibility with most of her suitors, which led her to filling out an online personal via a social networking site.  To her surprise, the most suited match turned out to be her employer, a workaholic husband, who spent his few free hours a day in search of new, mostly unattached partners.  Entering frame, he chats Jasmine up, eyeing her dipped pink v-neck shirt and plaid-flecked turquoise skirt.  Soon after, making out ensues, and she guides his wang into and around her mouth.  He positions himself below her, and into reverse cowgirl they go, as Jasmine’s sandy bottle-borne hair shakes against her small shoulders, her petite, light-brown pallor lifting up and down her bosses’ cock. Her banshee’s wail is assuaged momentarily as she pauses to taste his staff in between positions, and they continue into missionary and an even faster paced standard cowgirl.  The fury continues as Jasmine inserts a free finger into her asshole, the other hand occupied with rubbing her clit as if it were two sticks looking for a spark.  In doggy, boss pulls her hair as she screams for more, and he finishes by jerking off onto her mouth and chin.  At times a bit scary for my tastes, Jasmine turns in quite a performance, but I still felt, despite the screaming, that she was more focused on the camera than her partner.  Still, not bad at all, even if I was given the shivers, just a little bit!


Scene Five:  Eve Laurence & Harmony


Stark naked on a grey couch, we see Eve writing about her previous encounter with her babysitter, Harmony.  Turns out Eve’s regular nanny is sick, and a hiring service sent Harmony as a replacement.  As she sets out the rules and working of her house, Harmony couldn’t seem to care the least, telling Eve of her boyfriend waiting outside.  “What?  Why is he here?” Eve says.  Fetching him from his car, Harmony presents her boy, and Eve is nonplussed at his “wannabe gangster”-isms.  Still, he’s eager and brash, caressing Eve’s legs and working his way upward, fondling at her olive green dress.  Somewhat aghast, she allows it all to happen, and soon enough, the three are taking turns with one another on that very same white couch.  The ladies begin by blowing his wand, their clothes slowly peeled away and onto the ground.  In cowgirl, Eve is first up, her planet-sized breasts bouncing and bobbing as she screams in loud shrieks.  Harmony sits beside, masturbating, until her turn at doggy, wherein she buries her lips into Eve’s crotch.  Eve continues onto missionary and reverse cowgirl (thereby gaining the most penetrative action, overall), and Harmony lands in the latter.  Briefly blowing him simultaneously, the girls kneel on the ground for their dose of cream.  Eve takes the lion’s share into her open mouth, rising up to deposit the load into Harmony’s mouth (she lets it fall onto her neck).  The double-blondeness of the pairing of both girls is a sight to see, though Eve keeps the heat going at triple-boil, and Harmony at medium bubble. It’s Eve’s scene, overall, and a pretty good one, at that.


Bonus Features 

A Photo Gallery, along with a selectable menu by act per scene, is the only bonus features to speak of.  As the focus of the disc is on the scenes themselves, as with other Naughty America releases, this isn’t quite a surprise.  Even a trailer or two would have been nice! 


Audio/Video Quality

The overall video is steady, establishing an evenly lit mid-level studio quality to the images.  It’s appealing without being too flashy, and never lost in the darkness of too many shadows.  As for the audio, the voiceovers beginning each scene aren’t quite leveled off in the mix (a few are boomy and loud, Eve’s was barely audible, but she more than made up for that!), which may result in chasing the volume knob from one segment to another.  A comfortable time was had throughout, despite those few quibbles.


Overall Thoughts

A worthwhile disc, overall, with Gianna turning in a highly noteworthy scene which burns through the disc, Eve and Harmony’s blonde on blonde tag teaming another highlight, and Gia & Gia’s dual action play worth noting.  And though Franchezca has been in better scenes, her work here is nothing to pass up for her fans, and fresh eyes would do good to check out Jasmine’s scene for more goodness.  As the bonus features will always be a bit of a letdown on Naughty America’s discs, the presentation is better than most, and should certainly satisfy those who enjoy a little set-up flavoring with their sex.  Nanny-lovers, take note!

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