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Hittin' It Again

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

2006, 2007

Directed By:

Doug and Jay

The Movie:

Doug and Jay have pulled together another hot group of straight dudes who are willing to go “gay for pay”.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 35 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Hittin’ It Again” offers up ten appealing dudes with a mix of muscular and toned bodies, plenty of tattoos, lightly hairy and smooth chests, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and hard cut cocks.

Axe and Paul:

Axe (good-looking with spiked brown hair, goatee, and toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) and his horny new buddy Paul (cute with short dark curly hair, cool facial hair, and toned/smooth body) sit very close together in Doug’s (director) backyard. Paul pulls his hard cut cock from the fly of his blue jeans and Axe immediately grabs on and strokes leading to some very hot head as his wet mouth slides up ‘n down the shaft. Both dudes are very into the action and each other filling the air with heavy breathing, moans, and the slurping sounds of dick suckin’. Axe digs blowing that stiff member and Paul definitely loves the head. “Suck it! Suck that dick!” Paul has dark pubes and rubs his hangy nuts while Axe goes down. Wanting a taste too, Paul crams Axe’s stiff clipped prick down his throat working up ‘n down giving some very talented oral pleasure. Axe has shaved pubes and totally enjoys the action. “It feels so good in your mouth!” “Oh wow! That’s some good stuff!”

There are plenty of cool cock sucking close-ups and then the dudes switch gears as Axe sinks his tight shaved bunghole down on Paul’s dork riding up ‘n down while pulling his pud. Paul switches to fucking Axe fast ‘n hard doggy style cramming that hole full of rigid man meat. The dudes love it with continued moaning and heavy breathing. There are no good close-ups of the penetration but the guys’ enthusiasm kind of makes up for it. Paul pulls out and shoots a large thick load on Axe’s bum and tattooed back and licks it up. Axe beats off shooting a large thick load of jizz on the side of Paul’s face and neck. The two hot dudes kiss.

Brick and Peter:

Brick is a very cute nineteen year old from Kansas with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body. He lies back in bed watching straight porn rubbing the bulge in his blue jeans when he finally yanks ‘em off showing his Spiderman boxers! Soon the boxers are history and Brick reveals his shaved pubes, hangy nuts, and clipped dick. Jay (director) sucks that cock to full erection while pinching Brick’s hard nipples and making him breathe heavily. There’s a quick shot of Brick’s tight shaved bunghole before Jay buries his face between those butt cheeks and munches down. Sadly, there are no close-ups of the ass eating but Brick sure does enjoy having his hole tongued. Peter (cute with short very light brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body with homemade tattoos) arrives and begins jacking his hard cut pole that’s sticking out from the fly of his blue jeans.

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Peter yanks his jeans off revealing his full pubes and fucks Brick’s touchhole doggy style fast ‘n smooth. Both guys are into the action moaning, groaning, and filling the room with heavy breathing. There are some very hot close-ups of the penetration and at one point, we can see Peter’s tight shaved hole as he bangs Brick. Brick digs being fucked by a real dick for the first time and it’s definitely better than when his girlfriend straps on a dildo to give his hole a workout. Peter continues plowing that ass asking Brick if he likes it. Of course, he does! Brick reaches back and rubs Peter’s plump balls as Peter fills that chute with his love prong. Peter beats his meat and shoots a large wet load of spooge on Brick’s butt and back. Brick accidentally shoots off without warning so all we see is his wet load all over the bedspread and his sheepish grin. Hot dudes!

Bryan and Guzzo:

Bryan is a very cute dude with sort dark hair and toned/lightly hairy body. He’s lying on a hotel room bed with Guzzo (cute with brown buzz cut, toned/smooth/tattooed body) watching straight porn and rubbing his basket. The dudes strip down with Bryan revealing his dark trimmed pubes, plump hangy nuts, and hard cut cock as Guzzo shows off his trimmed brown pubes, plump nuts, and clipped dick. Guzzo slides his mouth up ‘n down Bryan’s tool giving an excellent blowjob and making Bryan breathe heavily. Bryan rubs his own nuts while Guzzo continues to chow down. There are plenty of cool cock sucking close-ups. Bryan fucks Guzzo’s tight hairy hole in the missionary position using long ‘n smooth strokes while Guzzo jerks his meat. Switching to doggy-style, Bryan bangs that bum fast ‘n hard and Guzzo fucking loves it! “You like that?” “Hell Yeah! Fuckin’ big-ass dick! Am I gonna make you cum?” Bryan shoots a thick load of spunk on Guzzo’s butt. Guzzo beats off cutting loose with a large thick load of juice on the sheets. Hot!

Kai and Landon:

Kai is one of my all-time favorite dudes from Amateur Straight Guys. He’s fucking hot with a buzz cut and muscular/lightly hairy/heavily tattooed body. Personal Trainer Landon (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is no slouch himself and is on-hand for an erotic workout. If you have an exercise fetish, you will love this scene. The dudes take their time actually working out and end up naked on a black mat passing a medicine ball back ‘n forth! Kai has trimmed light brown pubes with a plump cut cock and plump nuts. Landon has dark pubes, nice nuts, and a fat large clipped dick. The dudes’ cocks begin to grow hard while exercising and soon Kai is behind Landon rubbing up against him leading Landon to grind back. Hot!

Landon deep throats Kai’s hard cock sliding his talented mouth up ‘n down the shaft leading Kai to hold onto Landon’s head and fuck his face. Tasty! Both dudes are very into the action and fill the room with heavy breathing and moans. “Do you want me to stick this cock in that ass?” Kai fucks Landon fast ‘n hard doggy-style and Landon loves it making all sorts of lusty growling and groaning noises as his tight shaved hole is plugged by an ever-eager Kai. “Fuck me harder!” Landon pulls his pork and shoots a large thick load of jizz on the mat while being plugged. Kai pulls out and dumps a thick load on Landon’s bum. Hot dudes!

Markus and Nate:

Nate is a good-looking dude with short dark hair and smooth muscular body. He’s on a hotel room bed totally naked stroking his rigid clipped tool while Markus (cute with short dark hair and husky/tattooed/smooth body) lays face down getting ready to be porked for the very fist time. I’m assuming Markus has had some practice with dildos since director Doug claims, “This ass has never been fucked by any live organ of any kind.” Ha! Nate lubes Markus’s virgin hole, slaps on a rubber, and slides that big mother in from behind. Starting off with long ‘n slow strokes, Nate soon kicks it up a notch and fucks fast ‘n hard switching to the missionary position. Both dudes are very into the action as Markus moans and pulls his hard cut cock while having his hole crammed full of tube steak. Hot dudes! Nate mentions how tight that hole is making Markus laugh and say it should be since this is his first time. Nate shoots a large thick load of goo on Markus’s inside thigh. “Fuck yeah! Wipe it all over me!” Markus is completely turned on beating his meat, as Nate lustily demand, “Make yourself fuckin’ cum! Squeeze that fuckin’ dick!” Markus shoots a thick load all over his own stomach. Hot!



“Hittin’ It Again” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Doug and Jay is cool providing full coverage of all the action with close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex. There are some nice close-ups of the tight bungholes but no good shots of the actual ass eating which is a disappointment. The picture quality is sharp and clean but has some minor pixel problems from time to time.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear these randy dudes as they talk, joke around, and get down to business. All the slurping, sucking, moaning, groaning, and lubed fucking can be heard.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and website information, and a very nice ‘n plentiful gallery of digital photographs featuring solos of Kai, Nate, Markus, and photos from Paul & Axe and Bryan & Guzzo.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Amateur Straight Guy’s “Hittin’ It Again” is a big ol’ turn on! There’s plenty of non-stop all-male action here as these horny straight dudes cut loose and get down with one another. The guys give energetic performances and look to be enjoying the action. I found all ten dudes to be damn sexy but my personal favorites here are Kai, Markus, Brick, Axe, and Peter. The handheld videography by Doug and Jay is fine providing coverage of all the action with close-ups of the cock sucking, butt sex, and tight bungholes. There are a couple of problems here like no close-ups of the butt munching and no penetration shots during “Axe & Paul” that will lower my final grade to Recommend rather than highly recommended. If you are into straight guys getting off with each other, you will love “Hittin’ It Again”. I sure did.

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