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Pay or Play

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/9/07

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Kimberly Kane on the bed with Nick Manning ready to "drop loads".

Pay Or Play

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Jason Sinclair

Sunrise Adams stuck with "Sweat" Lockwood in scene two.

Cast: Kimberly Kane, Nick Manning, Sunrise Adams, Kurt Lockwood, Sindee Jennings, Mark Davis, Ashley Blue, Lanny Barby, John Strong, Mike Striker

Length: 123:09 minutes

Date of Production: 5/29/2007

Sindee Jennings and Mark Davis had some diner fun.

Extras: Most of you will appreciate the five unrelated bonus scenes the most and they include works from $2 Bill, Adore, Kayden’s First Time, Sex Addict, and Wrong Girl; some of which are described below in detail with the scenes totaling up to 84:43 minutes. There was also a text biography for Sunrise Adams, a photogallery, spam (such as at the beginning of the DVD), and trailers to movies like My Big Fake Wedding and Pipe Dreams. My favorite extra (since I have most of the movies from the bonus scenes) would be the 12:03 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Moxie Maddox. The funny comments regarding how tight Sunrises’ pussy was made me laugh, Moxie’s very credible commentary regarding how attractive Lanny Barby was even before make up was applied completely truthful, and Ashley’s disregard for the strap on dildo she was made to use also quite amusing (with the director’s goofy demeanor worth watching a few times itself; with some cameos too).

Ashley Blue about to get her rent from Sunrise Adams the old fashioned way.

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: Pay Or Play was presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio offering as shot by director Jason Sinclair for Vivid Entertainment. This one was shot in HD, though presented in the SD format (in 1080i to provide a lot of resolution supporting some of the romantic or “special” effects). The lighting was reasonably well handled (with minor exceptions in a few of the scenes that had less lighting or conversely, too much lighting), limiting the grain, video noise, and other distracting flaws seen all too often in porn these days; appearing to be shot largely in a sepia tone that added some visual appeal and texture but was far from my favorite style of presentation. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were not always optimal this time, but the editing seemed to clean up a lot of mistakes that weren’t related to the shaky camera, shots not held long enough, or over use of extreme close ups. The fleshtones were not accurate this time and the DVD mastering was not as well done as other company projects, making it look on the low end in terms of visual quality (though perhaps the compression ratio was set too high as the bitrate was averaging in the mid 3 Mbps area). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital offering (at 192 Kbps) with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent thanks to Miles Long. For some reason, the levels were mixed lower than usual but aside from the added background noise from doing so; the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal tracks nonexistent.

Lanny Barby is always welcome in a porno!

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Body of Review: Jason Sinclair is an amBIdextrous male performer in porn these days, my previous comment about him being that he looks like the spitting image of James Bullock's character Monroe Ficus from Too Close For Comfort (back when it originally aired). Nowadays, he has convinced some of the production staff at Vivid Entertainment to give him a shot directing porn and his directorial debut is Pay Or Play; a series of vignettes with lovely Sunrise Adams getting to lead in three of the six scenes. The theme of the scenarios presented was about paying for sex, something we all do to one extent or another, and it looked like a winner given the casting. The back cover said it like this: “Sunrise Adams fucks to pay the rent. Or to get attention from her broke boyfriend. Mike Striker pays Sunrise for sex. Because she's also a hooker. Mark Davis pays for it with Sindee Jennings, and it's ends in a squirt...at the local bar. And Lanny Barby pays too, behind bars in a Russian Jail. Sinclair presents five vignettes about paying for it, with two of the hottest Vivid Girls ever: Sunrise Adams and Lanny Barby. Now it’s your turn to Pay. And it’s your turn to Play.” If that sounds appealing to you, here’s a quick glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that only one condom was used (courtesy of Kurt Lockwood; can you blame her?):

Sunrise Adams surprised Mike Striker by offering to pay him for sex.

Scene One: Love Or Money: Kimberly Kane, one of the leading ladies of alternative porn, was up first as a hooker in the back of a limousine with Nick “I don’t pay for sex” Manning playing himself. They negotiated a price and he agreed to it, the couple consummating the deal in a motel room of sorts. She aggressively slobbed his knob with streamers flying everywhere; the bed serving as her platform of lust as Nick gave up some dirty talk (like always). While the artistic style of the debut scene left me wanting something more traditional, the performers did their job reasonably well even as Nick gave her some oral pleasuring. He did most of the work during the vaginally penetrative sex, pumping away into her cookie as she choked herself with a studded belt (later easing up to use the device to tie her hands up for his bondage fantasy). It ended when he gave his characteristic battle cry while rubbing out a load of population pudding to her mouth; Kimberly providing some post coital sucking but not looking as messed up as he claimed she would in the end.

Scene Two: Broke Boyfriend: Sunrise Adams, the busty babe featured on the front DVD cover, was up next wearing a crop top and tight pants as she expected something in return for the guitar she bought Kurt Lockwood. He was a lazy slug and their musical lesson did not last long before he tried to ply her nature with sex. I wasn’t keen on her implants but her face and ass were top notch; their sticking point being when she expected him to “do all the work” sexually. He ate her out without the benefit of a C-light so the heavy shadows interfered with the visual appeal of the scene at times but even a third tier guy like Kurt was good enough to satiate her oral needs. The camera work was choppy and shaky during the blowjob portion of the scene but Sunrise was dedicated to the task at hand so she provided a solid hummer before actively riding his condom clad cock. Given his extra curricular activities, it’s not surprising that she wanted him to engage in protected sex so I don’t blame her but the colors got really saturated at this point too, even the C-light that finally came not helping matters much. I was thankful that she did not hold him to doing all the work as she was a fine participant when active but he didn’t last long that way, jerking off to her chest a modest load (and she tried to get more but it wasn’t forthcoming).

Scene Three: Wet Bar: Sindee Jennings, a cute young lady with an all natural body and buoyant attitude, was up next in what looked like a local café but was thematically called a strip club (during the day) so she could prove her skills to aging Mark Davis. Her slinky black dress enhanced the moment as she stripped on top of the table, Mark wanting her to call him “boss” as he pawed her lithe frame. She reciprocated with a very enthusiastic blowjob and started impaling herself on his cock like she was possessed by the spirit of Erik Everhard. She was loud and in the mood to urinate with some squirting as he drilled away at her, some face sitting occurring during the break as she slobbed his knob again. This continued until he bust a nut on her face and she swallowed it; their impromptu dialogue about as wooden as his penis before the pop shot.

Scene Four: Paying the Rent: Sunrise Adams, playing a horny blond, was up next on the couch as grumpy landlord Ashley Blue nearly beat down the door before entering illegally to scream at the contract performer. Ashley wanted her rent money and came to terms with an idea that Sunrise donned her strap on dildo to work it off with some nasty anal sex. Ashley attacked the toy with her mouth initially, showing some of the other ladies in the cast that she had a lot of loving left inside of her as she aggressively sucked and rode the cock in her mouth and ass. Ashley also sucked Sunrises’ feet and used toys on the gal, both ladies appearing to enjoy lesbian sex as much as anything else they do while the generic music played in the background. It was a pretty solid scene on the merits of the sexual action but sort of ended too abruptly; leaving me hanging as it were.

Scene Five: To Russia With Love: Lanny Barby, playing the sexiest Russian interrogator that ever existed, was up next as she tried to get muscular John Strong to talk. If I were him, I’d be singing a mighty popular tune with her myself given the nature of her offer to go ahead with the deal. They spoke in foreign tongue during the dialogue (with almost amusing subtitles in English) before she started inhaling his cock through the cell bars as if trying to suck the information out of his other head; the beauty proving to have excellent oral skills yet again. He paid some minor oral tribute to her too but it was the driving penetrative sex that was his focal point of lust, even though he took some breaks to go back down on the lovely young lady. He did most of the work though and as hot as she looked, it wasn’t one of her best scenes because of this fact; the gal can ride like a bitch in heat when allowed to from my extensive experience watching her. The scene ended when he tossed off a large load to her face and chest, her eyes entrancing as she finished him off orally.

Scene Six: Hooker Pays For Sex: Sunrise Adams, looking very fit in her cover outfit, was up last as she walked up to Mike Striker and asked him how much he would charge her for sex. Confused, he tried to clarify the issue since she was the street walker, not him, but they engaged each other all the same as he ate her tight clam like a man starving for affection. She gave as well as she got and was soon riding him actively; their sweaty bodies banging together before she relaxed to let him earn his pay. The camera work and editing again came into play for weakening the heat of the action but the sex seemed pretty heated, Mike getting his balls drained by Sunrise, who “loved being a whore” as she licked her fingers clean of his spew.

Bonus Scene: $2 Bill: Lanny Barby, the hotty on the front DVD cover and well known Canadian beauty, was up first as she provided a private dance for the mighty Evan Stone inside a strip club's VIP room. Her teasing gyrations on the metal pool, the way she gave him those sultry looks and the generally seductive manner she employed all enhanced the preliminaries here before she orally attacked his penis with her loving mouth on the purple velour couch. That led him to snacking on her as she moaned in pleasure, eventually leading to her actively riding his shaft on top of him. If there's anything better than a beautiful gal bouncing on your cock as though it's the only thing in the world of importance, I'm unaware of it but once again Lanny showed the world that Vivid is a company changing with the times as this former gonzo gal displayed lots of passion in her scene. For those of you into anal, she was just as aggressive at taking him inside her ass though he sure couldn't last long when she did, blowing his load like nobody's business. She tried to save what could be salvaged in terms of doing a facial but it was a chemistry filled, heated scene nonetheless.

Bonus Scene: Adore: Ashley Blue, a cute brunette that was probably the youngest performer of the movie, began by snuggling with Chris Cannon in bed and then blowing him. She took off her panties and rode him with some energy for a while in a couple positions. He popped on her stomach when he was done and it was a pretty decent scene. Frankly, it was the best scene of that movie and I'm very partial to Cherokee and Savanna so that says something.

Bonus Scene: Kayden’s First Time: Kimberly Kane, hanging in a metal cage in Kylie's dungeon, was up next as she hovered near beautiful Kayden Kross that was overly made up and on the plastic sheets below with Manuel Ferrara. He was eating out an appreciative Kayden before she gave a passing attempt at oral and a handjob; leading to another passive ride on her part. Her cookie looked red and inflamed, the real action beginning when Kimberly joined them. The lesbian face sitting and active riding by the formerly caged princess of alt-porn certainly livened things up, with Kayden getting a little more action before he let loose with his man juice on Kimberly's crotch. It was a large load and Kayden licked at it a bit, the scene ending the movie for the credits to roll.

Bonus Scene: Sex Addict: Lisa Daniels, a busty gal with a bad attitude towards men, was up next in a lesbian scene with lovely Sunrise Adams as the two engaged in some floral work. After a minimal setup that included a few peek shots, the gals showed a propensity to appreciate the tulip more than any other flower, my hope that they spent some time on rosebuds increasing as the scene progressed. Sunrise went down on Lisa first, the role playing showing the seductive nymphomaniac a capable actress before the rest of their clothing came off and a large toy came out for them to work with. The red double headed dildo was inserted into both of them at the same time, the fake porn screaming weakening the scene with Lisa not showing nearly as much aptitude for girly love as Sunrise, who donned a strap on dildo (two scenes too late from the looks of it) to continue pounding her new pal. With minimal dialog between scenes, the pacing continued to show each scene getting nearly a half hour for those who care.

Summary: Pay Or Play by director Jason Sinclair for Vivid Entertainment was largely hampered by the technical matters of the scenes more than the performances themselves. The cast was full of proven talent of both genders and this was a title that should almost be marketed as an “Alt” title given how the scenes looked so if that is what you want, disregard my rating of Rent It in favor of something higher. There were a number of amateur mistakes here but in fairness, there was enough spark and promise to suggest that the debut of this director might be better suited for smaller projects with hungry newcomers than wasted on such established stars. In short, Pay Or Play was an okay walk through stroker’s lane but the replay value was hardly as good as some of the other titles coming out from Vivid in recent months so buyer beware.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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