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Motel Sex 2

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2007

Directed By:

Dirk Yates

The Movie:

“When two hot ex Marine buddies open their dream motel, they discover that their over-sexed guests expect a different type of room service. Check in and check out the horny military men behind each door!”


Jude Collin, Calvin Kelly, Mario, Derek, Skyler Wells, Kayden Pierce, Dean Campbell, Scott Cove, Shane, David Daniels.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 12 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Motel Sex 2” offers up ten hot dudes most of ‘em being military types. There’s a mix of short and longer hair; average, slender, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes; and uncut ‘n cut cocks.

Room 107:

Marine Derek (good-looking with dark brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body) has a six back of beer and some lovin’ on his mind when he checks into a cheap motel for the weekend. He picks up Calvin Kelly (very cute with shaggy brown hair, chin hair, slender/toned/ smooth body) to help him party. Well, Calvin passes out from too many beers and Derek has to call maintenance to fix a broken TV. Sexy Dean Campbell (brown hair, li’l goatee, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) quickly arrives with more than a fucked up television on his work order. Derek is now down to his briefs giving Dean full rein to rub that bulging crotch and slide his mouth up ‘n down Derek’s hard cut cock giving excellent head. Both dudes are very into the action and each other as Dean goes to town on that rigid pole jacking the shaft, sucking like a pro, and licking those plump nuts.

Calvin wakes up and watches the action from the next bed while jacking his huge ‘n fat cut member. Derek blows Dean’s stiff clipped dick working his mouth up ‘n down and twisting the shaft giving a tasty blowjob. I love Dean’s hangy nuts and obviously Derek does too as he gives ‘em a loving tongue bath. Dean fucks Derek’s tight shaved bunghole in the missionary position while Derek pulls his rigid pork. There are excellent penetration camera shots from behind of Dean’s hard cock sliding in ‘n out of Derek’s hole. We also get a hot look at Dean’s nuts and hairy butt crack ‘n gooch. Calvin is still on the other bed and yanks his shorts off revealing his tight shaved touchhole and continues to jack that big hog working the large purple knob and deep piss slit. To finish up, all three dudes frantically pull their pork with Derek dumping a small thick load on his fist and stomach, Calvin shooting a large wet load of jizz on his stomach, and Dean squirting a big thick load that flies everywhere hitting his fist, hands, thigh, and stomach. Hot!

Room 236:

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Military dudes David Daniels (cute with short hair, slender/smooth body), Kayden Pierce (cute with brown buzz cut and toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body), and Skyler Wells (good-looking with brown buzz cut, toned/smooth/tattooed body) have spent the weekend going to bars and strip clubs. The guys are now in the mood to “get a little crazy” with each other. When Skyler walks in from taking a shower showing off his sunburned bum, he is soon chowing down Kayden’s hard clipped dick sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down while stroking the stalk giving excellent head as Kayden blows David’s rigid cut cock. All three dudes are totally into each other and the action filling the room with moans, heavy breathing, and sucking with plenty of nice close-ups. Kayden sucks Skyler’s big clipped tool working his gob up ‘n down when David joins in giving Skyler’s plump hangy nuts a good going-over and then sinking his mouth down on that dick. These dudes love to suck cock!

Skyler lifts Kayden’s legs in the air exposing his tight shaved butt hole and munches down licking the pink pucker in hot close-up. Skyler digs eating that ass as much as Kayden loves having it done. Skyler rubs that hole and begins a hot finger fucking session with his middle digit. He soon replaces his finger with that hard cock sliding it up Kayden’s insatiable chute in the missionary position using long ‘n full strokes. Skyler soon picks up speed fucking fast ‘n smooth and switches to pounding his buddy from behind with plenty of excellent penetration shots. Skyler is really rockin’ and rollin’ when he slams David’s tight bunghole doggy-style fast ‘n smooth with more very cool penetration shots from behind as Kayden watches and jacks off. The dudes work themselves into a sexual frenzy and bustin’ nuts is the only way to calm down. Fists fly up ‘n down hard lubed meat as the dudes watch each other in anticipation. David shoots a thick load of spooge on Skyler’s brown pubes, arm, and chest. Kayden dumps a large thick load on the floor with a cool head-on camera shot, and Skyler cuts loose with thick spunk on his fist, balls, and pubes. Hot dudes!

Room 117:

Scott Cove is a cute dude with short dark hair, slender/smooth body, and a gigantic uncut cock with long foreskin. He’s in the middle of a motel room photo session with his white briefs pulled down to his knees as he yanks that unclipped pork, pulling the plentiful overhang, and workin’ it back ‘n forth over his moist purple knob with long/deep piss slit. Hot! There are some very tasty close-ups of Scott’s foreskin and knob. Mouth-watering! Scott is laying on the bed with his briefs back up watching porn on TV when Marine Shane (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) moseys on in. He just happens to be at the same motel visiting his family who are in town from Alabama. He joins Scott in bed and is soon stroking that big uncut cock working the foreskin as Scott lifts Shane’s shirt revealing a toned/smooth chest and starts sucking his hard pink nipples. Shane lies back on the bed and Scott pulls is blue jeans and briefs down revealing closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes, plump nuts, and a fat clipped cock. He crams that dong into his mouth sliding up ‘n down while stroking the stalk giving one heck of a blowjob.

The dudes get into a side sixty-nine and Shane takes Scott’s large knob into his mouth stroking the shaft and really nursing that thang as Scott is busy sucking as if his life depends on it. Both guys gorge on that hard meat slobbering up ‘n down and breathing heavily. Scott rides Shane’s rigid meat pole fast ‘n hard slamming his tight shaved hole up ‘n down while rubbing his own big nuts and beating that beautiful dong. The dudes are very into the action and each other filling the room with heavy breathing, moans, and grunts of pleasure. Shane wildly humps upward to fuck that hole fast ‘n smooth. Scott continues to pull his cock and shoots a thick load on his fist. Hot cum-filled foreskin! Shane beats his tool and shoots a large thick load on Scott’s chest. Hot!

Motel Office:

Overzealous police officer Mario (good-looking with short black hair, average/hairy body) barges into the motel office just as Manager Jude Collin (handsome cover dude with short dark curly hair, toned/lightly hairy body) and maintenance guy Dean Campbell (scene one) are about to get down to some lovin’. Mario wants business permits and other documents when the dudes get him into one of the rooms and push him down on the bed. Dean slings his work belt on the floor as he and Jude join the curious officer in bed for a sexual clinch. The dudes undress and Dean grabs Mario’s hard uncut cock jacking the foreskin back ‘n forth over the moist knob and chows down giving excellent head as Jude sucks Mario’s hard nipples. Dean sucks ‘n licks Mario’s plump balls and rubs Mario’s tight shaved bunghole while Jude fucks Mario’s face with his large cut cock. Mario is soon switching back ‘n forth sucking both cocks as Jude and Dean kiss with wet tongues and Dean continues to rub Mario’s hole. Jude chows down on Mario’s cock while Mario is busy sucking Dean’s rigid clipped member. All three dudes are very into the action and each other.

Dean fucks Mario doggy-style slow ‘n smooth as Jude humps up to fuck Mario’s mouth. Dude is getting plowed from both ends and loves every fucking inch of it. There are some hot penetration shots from below of Dean’s hard cock sliding in ‘n out of that tight shaved bunghole. Suddenly, Dean gets a maintenance call and has to leave but his two horny pals continue with their red-hot session of lust. Jude humps Mario fast ‘n hard from behind with some hot penetration shots of Jude’s tight hairy asshole and plump nuts as he pounds the officer. Mario switches up and rides Jude’s big dong fast ‘n hard while beating off shooting a large thick load on his arm and Jude’s hairy legs. Jude jerks off with his legs raised over his head and shoots a large thick load all over his face and hair. He then licks his own purple knob. Hot!



“Motel Sex 2” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Rafael and Hue Wild is strong providing plenty of excellent close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clean with a cool instrumental techno score. The dudes can easily be heard as they slurp on those cocks and moan ‘n groan while getting sucked ‘n fucked.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, PopShot-On-Demand, and the cool safe sex PSA “Wrap It Up” starring Chi Chi LaRue.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Hold what you got! I love me some military dudes and “Motel Sex 2” provides plenty of ‘em. These guys are fucking hot with their buzz cuts, toned bodies, and tattoos. The direction by Dirk Yates is strong along with tight editing by Josh Elliot, and cool videography that provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups. The dudes give energetic performances and are clearly into each other and the action. I found each dude to be hot in his own way so it’s hard for me to pick my personal favorites but here goes: Dean Campbell, Jude Dillon, Derek, and Shane. If you are into real military guys with hard cocks and tattoos, then “Motel Sex 2” is definitely for you. I Highly Recommend this one!

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