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Jenna Loves Justin Again

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenna's lovely ass is one of the best known on Earth.

Jenna Loves Justin Again

Club Jenna

Genre: Compilation

Unlike in a movie, this home footage shows Jenna really wanting the facial!

Director: Justin Sterling

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Jim Enright, Nikita Denise, Randy Spears, Lela Star, J-Mac, Justin Sterling, Brea Bennett, Marcus London, Belladonna, Roxy Jezel, Tommy Gunn, Katie Morgan, McKenzie Lee, Nick Manning, Sophia Rossi, John Val John, Krystal Steal, Rita Faltoyano, Ashton Moore, Manuel Ferrara, Eric Masterson, Vincent Vega, Chanel St. James, Erik Everhard, Jesse Capelli, Marlie Moore

Curvy Jenna Jameson; Yum!

Length: 267:24 minutes

Date of Production: 10/10/2007 (compilation itself)

Jenna's bedroom eyes in one of her solo scenes

Extras: The only extras were the photogallery, a list of websites, and some trailers to upcoming titles from the company. The fold open box was pretty spiffy though.

Condoms: None

Jenna Jameson with less make up looks better to me.

Audio/Video Quality: Jenna Loves Justin Again was presented in a letterboxed, non-anamorphic widescreen with a ratio of about 1.78:1 as presented by credited director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna. Many of the scenes were originally shot in full frame and after comparing a few, I didn’t see a lot missing though there were a few peculiarities for the nit picky types out there. In all though, the scenes used all the special effects that were present in some of them, the straight forward eroticism in others, and a wealth of different styles that went beyond the simple director differences (several of them were trying new things for some scenes). If you’ve never seen any of the movies released by the company, you may be pleased to know that they rarely use warehouse style lighting (often called Wal-Mart lighting) that is flat and strong. Instead, they prefer to use smoke, lighting gels, and a wide array of camera angles that are typically presented as the kind that couples like the most. I know a lot of single guys that like it too and couples that abhor it but they remain consistent in the general niche they shoot for even with the variety mentioned. The bitrate varied considerably with a lot of 3 Mbps material observed (lower and higher too) and some compression artifacts, grain, and minor video noise were also noticed. Still, the overall visual elements were accurate to the original releases for the most part so fans will be pleased. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate; the separation largely held to the music (which varied a LOT, some of it quite good) rather than the vocals. There was not a wide dynamic range here but the moans, groans, and other noises of sexual conduct were handled as nicely as usual for those that want to know.

Who could rock Jenna's world better than Jenna herself?

Body of Review: Jenna Jameson is the name of the porn world’s leading lady for so many years that it is sometimes difficult to accept her retirement from performing for her legion of fans but her outside interests had long been neglected and it was time for her to explore all the things she had missed out on so regardless of whatever changes she went through in the past year, many of us still remember her at the face of porn and always will. Unlike many gals that gained attention by doing circus act sex or catering to ever smaller niches, Jenna had not only the “look” but the personality to succeed in a field dominated by men, many of whom clearly consider women disposable assets to use up and discard. Well, out of the picture or not, the company still has archives of unreleased material of Jenna and the latest DVD to share some of it with the world is Jenna Loves Justin Again, the sequel to Jenna Loves Justin that came out a year ago. The first volume in the series was a modest success so it was decided to let loose the juice and really pack the sequel tight with stroke material, a total of twenty scenes comprising the release. A number of the scenes had Jenna in all her glory doing solo scenes that haven’t been made available to the public on DVD and truth be told, they were what I was most anxious to see. Thankfully, I was not disappointed too (so I added pictures of those scenes). Clocking in at about four and a half hours, there were also scenes starring the ever changing pool of contract performers from the company, some of them having left the field, so consider this as more than just a tribute to Jenna but also as a time capsule of sorts for her entire company. Here's what the back cover said: "Her beauty is timeless and her sensuality is legendary. She is the first and last word in what's hot and what's not, and she's forever raising the bar in the adult industry. Now, Jenna Jameson writhes through an array of erotic experiences, demanding uninhibited, dirty sex with some of the hottest porn stars alive. Wielding her buxom body and unrestrained appetite like weapons, Jenna tears through each scene with abandon. Featuring the raciest performances ever by Jenna and all the sexy Club Jenna contract stars, this slippery flick will show you why Jenna loves Justin - and everyone loves Jenna." If you’re still interested, here is a look at the scenes by cast and action:

A leaner Jenna but still appetizing!

Scene One: Jenna Loves Briana: Jenna Jameson, Jim Enright: This scene features Jenna times two, as her "naughty nurse" persona blows her doctor, while the patient plays with herself. Jenna gives a tremendous blowjob, while her other self puts on quite a show, playing with her tits and pussy. The advanced age of her cocksman (Jim Enright) might be distracting to some, but watching Jenna swallow down a dick has a way of making other concerns disappear. If that doesn't do the trick, the other Jenna fucks herself with a big clear dildo. This scene is free of the special effect camera work, probably because the whole scene is one big camera trick. This scene is a big Jenna showcase, that, though limited in scope, is tremendously hot. (review by Chris Knight)

Scene Two: I Dream of Jenna 1: Nikita Denise, Jim Enright, Randy Spears (unseen cock stunt double): In a bit of warm-up wantonness, Nikita blows boner with a great deal of passion. Enright acts up a storm, which is all the more appropriate when we learn that he did not provide the peter for this scene. Spears plays stunt stump, as this brief bit of oral activity gets us going (sorry, no money shot) for the next bit of boning. (review by Disco Dirge; scene was way short)

-- sponsored by --

Scene Three: Le Femme Chanel: Lela Star, J-Mac: Lela does a slow tease for the camera as she make her way over to the stage coach and gets right to work on Jmac's wood. He does Lela missionary and she gives him a cowgirl ride of his life, back to doggie and ending it with a facial. (review by Ravyn)

Scene Four: I Dream of Jenna 1: Jenna Jameson, Justin Sterling: Jenna, wearing a harem outfit, was edited into a dream sequence styled montage with her then hubby Justin; the guy wearing a turban. Despite what came later in their relationship, there was a lot of chemistry and energy here as she followed his orders to masturbate and called her pussy his. He ate her out and the two screwed in heated fashion or as my pal Disco put it: Finally, after eight previous scenes, lots of sexual heat, and a fair amount of tantalizing tease, Jenna does dong (thanks to a partnering with real life hubby Sterling) to prove, conclusively, why she's the Queen of Porn. One would expect that working with your significant other would be either a boon for the poon or a hardcore hindrance, but Jenna and Justin are fabulous together, combining their personal preferences into one very passionate exchange. The double dose of dicking here (two pops for the price of one) shows you how comfortable and complete these two feel together. And as usual, Jenna gives a sweltering performance, making this easily the most erotic scene of the set. In a movie filled with great fuck and suck, no one does it better than the star.

Scene Five: Crowning Glory: Brea Bennett, Marcus London: Holy mother of pearl. Brea Bennett is hot. If she looks good on the cover of this DVD, she looks 100 times better on the DVD itself. She's a hot little blonde, with small breasts and perfect looking ass and pussy. She's wearing the cutest of outfits that make her look even more sexy with her hot little pants and those glorious ass cheeks hanging out the back. She's introduced to her mate and wastes no time sucking his cock well, using all of her lips to work every inch of it. Brea also knows how to fuck, and watching that perfect pussy get split on her first male contact on screen is worth the price of this DVD alone. Brea takes pussy to mouth and even throws a little dirty talk to spice things up. Love her perfectly bald beaver. The scene ends with a cumshot on her electronic belt with Brea licking it up. Solid start! (review by Colonel Mustard)

Scene Six: Jenna Loves Bella: Jenna Jameson, Belladonna: the hottest thing this side of the sun, and Belladonna, the nastiest female performer in porn today, finally meet up for a scene. They were in a dark room on a table, doing one another orally and fingering one another, with Belladonna going totally crazy. For all the artistic effects Justin used here, the two seemed to have a "balls to the wall" time with one another. The gals got down and dirty, something most fans, myself included, don't expect of Jenna. Aside from the rimming action, Jenna had four fingers inside Bella at one point, making me wonder if there was a European cut floating around.

Scene Seven: Jenna Loves Jenna: Jenna Jameson: Jenna was on a house by the sea wearing a sparkling top and red tasseled skirt as she felt herself up on the balcony. She was at her peak weight and looked hot despite the tons of make up she wore, the slow motion making it a chore to watch at times but at least she was having some fun. She also sported her nipple rings for those keeping track.

Scene Eight: Rockin’ Roxy: Roxy Jezel, Tommy Gunn: Roxy Jezel, the fine looking honey on the front cover, was up first in a scene with stud of the year Tommy Gunn, on a pimped out motorcycle in front of a graffiti covered wall. The colors were saturated and the thumpy music was a chore but the bottom line was that she proved to be extremely aggressive as she slobbed his knob; making it a nice opener of a scene to start the show. The scene was partially shot in a semi-POV manner so she continually eyed the camera, her oral turning into him boning her on the bike as she moaned out loud. They screwed in several positions, amazingly maintaining their balance on the bike while doing so, ending the scene by dropping a load on her face. It wasn't her best scene of late but it did serve as a nice warm up.

Scene Nine: I Dream of Jenna: Jenna Jameson, Justin Sterling: This was a short blowjob sequence that looked to be deleted footage from one of Jenna’s genie movies; complete with the crew talking in the background. Still, Jenna’s lips wrapped around any cock, especially one she cared about, is a good thing even if I have issues with this being sold as an actual scene here.

Scene Ten: McKenzie Made: Katie Morgan, a beautiful blond wearing some sexy lingerie, was up next as she masturbated during a tease sequence from the movie. I would have combined it with the following scene except that they left this one uncredited until then. Yum!

Scene 10.1: McKenzie Made: McKenzie Lee, Katie Morgan, Nick Manning: Katie Morgan, playing a dark cloaked hotty in black & red lingerie, then took on McKenzie Lee and Nick Manning. The gals went for each other, sucking face to the point that their lipstick smeared all over the place, with Nick jumping in to get a taste of pussy too. He was wearing his short hair and the anecdotes about how much Nick liked his own looks were funny on the commentary track I want to be nice to the guy. The gals were all over him orally and the vaginal action was sweet too but the scene was shorter than it could've been thanks in large part to Nick being overwhelmed by the quality of the ladies in the scene. It was interesting to me that he wasn't in his typical Nick Manning mode (dirty talk, grunting, and virtual turrets syndrome act) and the scene came off as one of the best of the show, even though some of you will hate that he came on McKenzie's abdomen.

Scene Eleven: Jenna Loves Justin: Jenna Jameson, Justin Sterling: This appeared to be a home movie of Jenna blowing Justin in POV fashion in a luxurious bed. She was wearing almost no make up and I thought she looked very fetching as a result; the oral skills displayed a lot better than in most of her movies. Yum!

Scene Twelve: Sophia Syndrome: Sophia Rossi, John Val John: Sophia Rossi, wearing a stripper version of a bridal outfit, teased as a tuxedo attired Jean Val Jean sat back and enjoyed. She played to the camera nicely and while the rapid editing was a bit much, she continued the revolving platform angle nicely and was soon showing herself off in her first male/female scene on camera. It was interesting to note that his cock didn't look too long compared to her curvy figure (most gals in porn are so small that even a tiny cock looks large onscreen) but she described it as a wonderful blowjob that she enjoyed giving very much. The chemistry between them showed and that gave it great replay value too but the penetrative sex is the defining point of a new performer so how did she do in that you ask? Well, she bounced up and down actively as though she was into the vaginal boning too. This was a nice surprise compared to far too many gals starting out that are too passive or look like deer caught in headlights at night, with her even taking the pop shot to the mouth without fear and providing some post coital sucking.

Scene Thirteen: Krystal Therapy: Krystal Steal, Rita Faltoyano, Ashton Moore, Manuel Ferrara, Eric Masterson, Vincent Vega: This lesbian scene had the gals getting frisky on a stage while onlookers gawked and paid a lot of attention. Seeing guys in the audience like Jack Venice and Vincent Vega and numerous others was interesting but the ladies licked, sucked and otherwise had a great time together even if the lighting was not conducive to showcasing them all that well. The scene then went to full male mode with the guys jumping up to assist the fun; elevating the scene a lot but not enough to save it. The special effects, use of TV monitors, and limited strap on dildo stuff could have been handled better, no wonder we never got a review copy in…

Scene Fourteen: Jenna Loves Jenna: Jenna Jameson: Jenna, in a white bikini with a flower pattern on it, was up next as she diddled herself on a boat rocking away romantically. She again had very little make up on and looked very appealing as she spread her legs and rubbed herself to the light music.

Scene Fifteen: Chanel No. 1: Chanel St. James, Erik Everhard: Chanel St. James, up last as a modern day scientist type, wore more of her stylish clothing while inspecting a prone monster by the name of Erik Everhard. He was the subject of her experiment, and bringing him back to life required no lighting storm or arc from a telsa coil, just some good old fashioned tease and cocksucking on her part. Of course it worked like a charm and the way she slapped his cock around, it was no surprise that she had him erect in record time. Her dirty talk alone made this a killer scene for me, allowing me to ignore the overly stylish noise (err, music) and lighting effects. The scene reverted to a more video (from film) style when she started impaling her pussy with his dick, her alternating between riding and oral before she rubbed out his load to her chest with a titty fuck. The scene closed with a rapid paced montage.

Scene Sixteen: Untitled Solo Scene: Jenna Jameson: Jenna, in some booty shorts and a flimsy white top, was up again in a solo scene that was more about tease than anything else. The lack of make up and her nicely curved body had a lot of replay value for me as she felt herself up in a small bedroom.

Scene Seventeen: Jockin’ Jesse: Jesse Capelli, Marlie Moore: Jesse Capelli, the beautiful young lady featured on the right half of the front cover, was up first in a lesbian scene with another appealing gal by the name of Marlie Moore; using what appeared to be a set designed to invoke a rooftop at night. The vocals were loud and mechanical as the gals went down on each other; little build up marring the scene for me as Jesse demonstrated her oral skills too early. Marlie's implants were too fake looking as well but I've come to associate the company with implants so without being obnoxiously obvious, if you get one of their movies you can expect to see a lot of fake tits. Jesse was better at oral than Marlie with the gals pulling out the toys to penetrate each other on a large black leather chair (with some minimal spanking). I was surprised that Jesse ended up skipping out on receiving her share of fake dick, the scene ending prematurely as though the director figured out it was a waste of time.

Scene Eighteen: Jenna Jameson Solo: Jenna Jameson: Jenna, with her hair up and wearing a red top, was up again in a solo scene where she removed her clothing slowly, seductively, and caressed her own curves; spending a fair amount of time on her nipple rings. Her lipstick and minimal eye shadow enhanced rather than covered her looks but it ended too soon.

Scene Nineteen: Jenna Jameson Solo: Jenna Jameson: Jenna, wearing more make up and all her piercings intact, was on the tiled floor of her balcony as she masturbated and licked her own juices out of her cookie.

Scene Twenty: Jenna Jameson Solo: Jenna Jameson: Jenna, in a silvery top and matching pants, looked like she had lost a lot of weight from the previous solo efforts and wore a moderate amount of make up as she performed the final solo scene of the movie outside on an overcast day by the pool. It was probably the longest solo scene of the entire movie and showed her transition to her current “look” for those who care to see it as much as I did.

Summary: Jenna Loves Justin Again by director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna was most notable for the 8 scenes starring Jenna Jameson that were unreleased on DVD until now. I would have appreciated better credits for the cast and movies the scenes came from but the compilation was awash in population pudding of one sort or another so you really can’t complain too loudly. For me then, the movie earned a rating of at least Recommended though die hard Jenna fans should immediately place this one on their Christmas list as a “must have”, even Santa Clause probably wants one to confirm that half his yearly “naughty” list is engaged in carnal activity on this wealth of scenes from the company vaults. In short, Jenna Loves Justin Again caters to the very large group of fans that want to remember Jenna Jameson in her prime, the celebrity sex tape style of some of the unreleased footage far better than anything by gals named Amy, Kim, Pam, and the like.

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Jenna Loves Justin Again


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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