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Ass For Days 5

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Rachel Starr was a cutie!

Ass For Days 5


Genre: Gonzo

Tia Sweets had a fleshy ass on the bar stool.

Director: Gregg Alan

Cast: Rachel Starr, John Strong, Tia Sweets, Jenner, Mark Davis, Kristina Rose, James Deen, Tricia Oaks, Fayth Deluca, Jenny Hendrix, Talon, Maya Hills

Kristina Rose was genetically gifted!

Length: 137:40 minutes

Date of Production: 9/26/2007 to 10/19/2007

Jenny Hendrix had the ripest rump of the cast!

Extras: The best extra was the 12:06 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by “Da Bootyhunta” that included a fair amount of nudity during almost completely photoshoot material. There was also a photogallery, a pop shot compilation, and a slipcover for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Fayth Deluca and Tricia Oaks were ball drainers!

Audio/Video Quality: Ass For Days 5 was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Gregg Alan for Diabolic (the show still looked like it was shot by Sid Knox though). The lighting was almost always decent after the opening scene; optimal on the bodies as it limited the grain, video noise, and shadows other productions seem unable to get rid of far too often; but the visuals were not perfect either. The composition of the shots weren't always completely flattering to the ladies but at least there was rarely any doubt about what was going on and where it was going; given the quality of the cast, this made it more enjoyable too. The fleshtones were generally accurate and the bitrate hovered in the mid 4 Mbps area so it looked very appealing in most ways to my jaded porn hound eyes. There were no compression artifacts and the visuals were generally handled pretty well here too for those that care about the nitty gritty details. The audio was presented in a 1.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate. The music was generic but the vocals; while plain as could be, could be heard in almost all cases; only slightly hollow at times when the ladies were making it clear their limits were being pushed. There was no separation here given that it was a monaural track and the dynamic range was limited too but I had no issues with the audio this time.

Maya is an exotic cutie with a small booty.

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Body of Review: Gregg Alan is the directing name for one of the capable hands over at Diabolic these days; the suggestion being that he decided to take matters into his own hands after seeing some mediocre work by hired gun directors weaken the company reputation. Be that as it may, Gregg is no stranger to porn and what consumers want so I was glad he picked up the latest volume of a popular series I’ve enjoyed with Ass For Days 5. The last volume I reviewed was Ass For Days 3 and that was awhile ago, rumors floating around that #4 was substandard despite the fine cast. The idea of the series is to showcase ladies with fetching rumps as they teased and had hot sex with a variety of men, sexy lingerie a given as well. Unlike some similar series at competing companies, this one does not generally provide fat women with a lot of cellulite and junk in the trunk so much as cuties with healthy booties about to do some sexy duty to inspire the masses to drain their balls dry. The gal on the cover, Jenny Hendrix, has been in a number of popular titles of late so I was especially interested in this one, the cover good enough that it was featured on Xcritic in a recent Blue Room Column as well as the increasingly popular Covers We Crave series. If you’re still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

I really liked this menu page as it labeled and clearly showed the ladies.

Scene One: Rachel Starr, a very sexy gal with a pliant ass and dark hair, was up first as she teased in a skimpy black negligee in the living room of a house. While leaner than I prefer my women, as long as she bent over, her ass was particularly appealing; the gal rubbing it on the blue jeans of studly John Strong; working him up to the point where he started eating her out from behind as she purred in delight. He then replaced his face with his cock by drilling her cookie with Rachel slobbing his juice soaked cock after that in an aggressive fashion; asking him to fuck her face as he teased her with the rod. The wonderful oral aside, they went back to boning after a kiss, Rachel impaling herself on the dick as her ass cheeks rippled (and she loudly approved). Her flexible body allowed him to prop her leg up on his shoulder during some standing penetration, several more positions leading to him rubbing out a load of population pudding on her lower abdomen; even Rachel was commenting on how much spew she milked out of the guy. It was a solid start to the movie. Yum!

Scene Two: Tia Sweets, a light skinned black gal with a bulbous butt, sat on a bar stool to exaggerate the shape and size of her sweet ass while Jenner and Mark Davis watched in an approving fashion. They didn’t wait long before walking over to tackle her wares front and back; Jenner getting a blowjob while Mark fingered her bent over body. She made too much silly noise during the hummer but the streamers showed her lack of concern for the looks of the situation, even presenting herself to Jenner while swapping cocks to blow Mark. It took quite a while for her to actively ride the dicks in front of her, and even then it wasn’t a common event for her, but she did allow them to DP her (with some taste testing) if that makes up for it according to any of you. I find her all natural body attractive but would have preferred at least some of the vaginal ride to look like she was having fun before they coated her face with semen.

Scene Three: Kristina Rose, a cute gal with seductive bedroom eyes, was up next as she followed the formula and teased the camera in the living room with her ripe rump. She still had some of her babyfat on her frame and the effect was to provide a slightly loose caboose that appealed to diminutive James Deen as much as it did for me; the gal sitting on his face in no time as he serviced her needs orally. He then started rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks before drilling her pussy, Kristina yelling out as though it felt good in the process during the doggy styled sex. She then blew him (PTM) as he fingered her, really bouncing on his cock once she was on top (as though scratching a deep seated itch). It was interesting that she left a lot of pubic hair (it doesn’t turn me on or bother me much) and continued to wear her dress (though hiked up) but I did think they had some chemistry beyond the “plow for pay” porn dynamic. The scene ended when he bust a nut to her lovely face and she kept sucking him well after he was drained of all semen.

Scene Four: Tricia Oaks and Fayth Deluca, both sexy gals with nice curvature and lean bodies enhanced by thongs and lingerie, were up next as they briefly teased John Strong. I would have liked to see more tease before they started wrapping their lips around his rod but they did seem to embrace the idea of “sharing is caring” as much as showing some solid oral skills. The combination of sucking and hand to gland combat added to the fun a lot with each gal servicing him in a slightly different manner; the streamers flying about as the messy deepthroating took place. The ladies played with each other a bit too but that was not the main attraction of the scene as they started taking the guy vaginally (with PTOGM); not riding him actively in each position but at least trying to do so regularly before he rubbed out a moderate load on their ass cheeks.

Scene Five: Jenny Hendrix, the adorable blond featured on the front DVD cover, was up next and while she made some crazy eyes at the camera, that wealth of flesh known as her ass looked very inviting as she sprawled out across the bed. Unlike the other ladies, she left her panties on at this point, my preference for a thong discarded thanks to the sheer size of her heart shaped bottom. Talon walked in on her to kiss and fondle her ass and other body parts too; warming her up suitably for some heated antics as she submitted to his will. His oral attentions led to her performing a blowjob on him (the term “performing” chosen because she kept looking at the camera) but it was her oft active screwing that worked best for me. He really tore into her cookie and she bounced back on him, even in doggy, though her vocals were not caught very well in favor of his panting (what a bad choice!). With a little bit of extra energy and enthusiasm, she could become quite a popular lady in porn but this wasn’t the most consistently heated pairing I’ve seen (and it lacked chemistry as best I could tell). Still, it is tough to deny that she had a great ass and most men would be lucky to unzip before losing their loads, Talon proving to be more professional than most even when he launched onto her ass cheeks.

Scene Six: Maya Hills, the leanest gal of the movie and always a treat for her exotic looks, was up last in a blue fishnet top and tiny silver thong as she teased Jenner before beckoning him to join her. They walked to the couch feeling each other up, her panties removed before he really got deep into her holes with his fingers. I immediately sensed that she wasn’t fond of him but he did his best to overcome the attitude by orally working her over as best he could. That seemed to melt the edge off whatever was going on and she playfully blew him in return. Maya has long been a gracious oral slut and aside from her weird looking new hair style/color, she did a fine job on his dick as she sucked away with abandon; doing his balls as well as his shaft before deepthroating him. Still, I was surprised at the passive nature of her ride here, from the doggy and missionary to the anal, she simply barely moved at all (very rare for her). The scene ended when he jerked off to her face but even then it was clear that something was going on between them that wasn’t favorable so it was a weaker than expected ending after some very appealing scenes.

Summary: Ass For Days 5 by director Gregg Alan for Diabolic had the burden of being the latest in a preferred series that has won a lot of positive attention by fans and critics alike so perhaps my expectations were too high but it was simply not as consistently good as it should have been. Some of this was due to the pairings and some due to the ladies but some of the ladies (Rachel and Maya in particular) had asses that did not live up to the title and many people would consider the rarity of anal action in a gonzo by Diabolic focusing on ass to be strange. The sex was good enough to merit a rating of Recommended but as a flagship series for the company, I greedily expected even more so forgive my personal expectations from interfering in the review but this is one of the companies that set the standard. In short, Ass For Days 5 was a lot of fun and much like Ass For Days 3, most of you will derive a lot of pleasure from it even with the limitations discussed.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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