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Throb POV 3 (Shay Jordan)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Alexis Texas dominated the BTS (click for trailer)!

Throb POV 3

Digital Playground/Handheld Pictures

Genre: POV

Everything is bigger in Texas, Alexis Texas that is!

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Alexis Texas, Scott Nails, Micah Moore, Shay Jordan, Whitney Stevens, Misti Love

Micah Moore was a cutie.

Length: 179:36 minutes

Date of Production: 7/14/2007

Shay Jordan packed much back!

Extras: I really enjoyed the 19:17 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Jamal Johnson (with hotty Alexis Texas; you could get lost in those wonderful ass cheeks forever!). What was particularly interesting is that the humor elements (the pop up videos, rude comments, and special effects) were dropped and only Alexis was featured. I like Alexis enough that this was acceptable for me but I did wish some of the other ladies were given the spotlight a little too (though Alexis’ ass was great!) and I’ve long appreciated the comedy stuff. The rest of the extras included trailers to Throb POV 2, Hard Candy 3, and Control 6; a photogallery, a pop shot recap, a slide show, and a biography for lovely Shay Jordan.

Shay Jordan was also hot from the front.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Throb POV 3 was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground (under their Handheld Pictures label). The lighting was decent as always, never getting as bright as I tend to prefer but enhancing the look of the ladies without blinding them all the same and the scenes were all shot in the point of view (POV) method (with bits using more traditional angles) some of you are really into (I’ve become sort of a fan of the style thanks in large part to this series). Nick “The Wiz” P. assisted Robby on editing this time to make this another sublime fuck flick (editing is underrated by the causal fan but having experienced far too many weaker efforts of late, maybe Nick should give classes). Robby has been on a roll for a long time with his continuing evolution of gonzo style; the POV projects showing the most improvement but all of the gonzo shot for the company appealing better for replay value than the generic product some of his industry peers seem content to shoot these days (offering a relatively high bitrate of mid 6 Mbps in the process). The fleshtones were accurate, the amount of distracting video noise or other elements appeared to be negligible, and the POV (point of view) camera angle was employed in every scene to allow the viewer the opportunity to fantasize about themselves in the place of the male performers. The audio was presented in the usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround (in 384 Kbps) but outside of the introductory commercial for the process, there appeared to be a little separation in the vocal tracks and the music wasn’t a big issue here so you won’t be showcasing your new home theatre with this one but it gave me the idea that someone touched it up a bit too.

Whitney Stevens had a big rack!

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Body of Review: Robby D. has recently been getting credit for trying to expand the gonzo dynamic with his work for Digital Playground as the “Johnny come lately” types have come around to see what the fuss was all about. Just as his work for the company started getting even more heated, he branched out with his work at Handheld Pictures to go even further in this line of thought than ever before. Whether it takes the others another few years to realize his latest improvements or not, the one sure bet is that the kind of value he provides under this label is almost completely due to his own twisted imagination as he handled almost all aspects of production so as to provide the “pure gold” he talks about to all within earshot. His latest title in the line comes out on Christmas Eve this year, just a few weeks away, with Throb POV 3, the sequel to Throb POV 2 that garnered so much positive press. Robby sets up a bunch scenarios where attractive ladies practically jump his bones, the venerable Scott Nails acting as his proverbial stunt cock to sample their sexual skills. With names like Shay Jordan, Alexis Texas, and Whitney Stevens, I knew that this point of view (POV) venture would be special, the casting always extremely crucial in this type of endeavor. That said, here’s a glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all this time, the standard these days at the company:

Misti Love was a lot of fun too!

Scene One: Alexis Texas, one of the major new players in booty flicks these days, was up first as she teased the camera in white pants that reminded me of the saying: “she tried to put $3 worth of meat in a 50 cent sack”. She’s physically attractive and her Texan charm always elevates the heat of a scene so her near future prospects of moving up the ladder of success is all but assured. She playfully followed Robby’s lead as they shot the footage outside, the glimpses of nudity adding a lot to the scene over so many that just jump right into the nudity. The oiling up also made it better but I’m a devoted fan of titles that show gals getting oiled up so your mileage may vary. Robby pawed her a little and they went inside, stunt cock Scott Nails doing the sexual stand in as the point of view kept Alexis acting like she was doing the director (the verbal banter was fun). She slowly slobbed his knob while looking directly into the camera, taking her time to seductively work him over. Her lips wrapped around the rod and he kept making her laugh; Alexis giving him the ultimate choice of whether he wanted her to laugh or to suck his dick (he largely shut up after that one). The gal then turned around to provide some booty tease and she sat down on his cock, the vaginal action always quite active as she bounced ever faster to meet his thrusts. Scott’s large dick was lost between those healthy cheeks but I could see her labia hold onto the shaft as if milking him, her ass shaking nicely until she turned around to face him (after some PTM of course). The pussy farting aside, he took her doggy style against the couch and soon rubbed out a load of population pudding to her mouth and face; coating her to end the excellent scene (that lasted about 37 minutes). Whew!

Scene Two: Micah Moore, a very lean brunette with a cute face, was up next as she gave Robby a show while trying to borrow his car to get to work. Her black crop top, pink skirt, and neon pink fishnet stockings looked good on her all natural physique as he messed with her; playing “hot and cold” for her to find the keys. He pawed her and she was resistant to his demands, her tight body looking good as he helped her strip (a car seat belt?!?). Once she finally gave in, the clothing started coming off faster, allowing stunt cock Scott Nails to take over after she used a pink toy to warm up with. The frisky gal came around nicely once the cock was inches from her mouth and her oral skills were extremely refined; always focusing her mouth, hand, and eyes on the task at hand. She then proved to be an active vaginal cock rider in several positions, the camera tossed to the side for something other than POV at one point but only temporarily. Her girlish frame was not as appealing to me as the curves offered by Alexis but she gave a solid performance as Scott nailed her, the smallish load hitting her face before she decided that she wasn’t going back to work “any time soon”.

Scene Three: Shay Jordan, the exotic hotty featured on the front DVD cover, was up next as Robby put his best scam moves on her in the living room; acting like he owned her. Her see through top and tight jeans looked good on her (as would a burlap sack) but she took some time posing and stripping them off to enhance the effect of the sexual tension too. Her little patch of pubic hair beckoned as dental floss to me but once naked she was led around on a leash, immediately after he gave her a studded collar to wear. Scott Nails took over pawing her in Robby’s name, the lack of freckles and the tribal tattoos being the usual giveaway. Shay wanted “a huge cock” so it was good that Scott was around instead of just Robby (or me) and she started calling him “daddy” as she played with it. This was another case of Shay playfully easing into the oral, slowly building up the heat as she concentrated on his dick in her mouth. It was best when she also cradled it between her breasts as she sucked but the trick with her hair worked for me as well. She then turned away from him and impaled herself on the cock as she has never done before; rapidly bouncing on the dick as she got off (seemingly for real too). I like gals that actively ride and get into the action so this was what amounts to a breakthrough scene for Shay and I hope a sign of things to come. Not all positions fared as well but this marked change in her behavior was quite welcome, placing her scenes much higher up my “must watch” list beside the other contract performers at the company. After a few laughs, Scott jerked off his wad to her face, a much larger load this time that led to her providing some enthusiastic post coital sucking. Yes!

Scene Four: Whitney Stevens, a gal with some extra weight on her frame that does more than just provide her with larger breasts and a hot ass, was up next as she getting ready to go swimming. Robby had something else in mind as she checked her out; spending considerable time playing with her feet before coaxing her into flashing his camera. He pawed her as usual and flattered her to get her in the mood; leading to her stripping off her mall ware to put on a blue bikini that reminded me of scene one in terms of stuffing a lot into a small piece of clothing. Her girl next door appeal led her to spending considerable tease time on the bed; Scott Nails once again providing the stunt cock that she sucked with glee. The sense of abandon she showed with his cock in her mouth was very sexy, the energy levels climbing as the temperature between them followed suit. She had more to titty fuck with and gave it a good show in that alone but as much as she enjoyed it, she still wanted him inside of her biscuit. I was surprised that she took an early facial but kept him going, riding his cock urgently while adding in some dirty talk. That she got sweaty during the vaginal ride showed that she was doing most of the work, stopping only to suck him off some more with PTM action. The second facial was smaller but earned honestly; Whitney walking off to go swimming and display some underwater footage courtesy of the security cameras. Sweet!

Scene Five: Misti Love, a curvy black gal with powerful legs and kinky hair, was up last as a stripper insecure about how Robby felt about her career path in the bedroom. He reassured her in a manner that elevated her confidence in their relationship, Misti putting on an impromptu show for him consisting of heated tease moves she’d use at the club. She had a lot to work with and Robby reminded her that there were no club rules or managers to interfere with their fun. I haven’t seen a lot of her in action but she was a very appealing way to add some casting diversity and a friendly sort of demeanor to the show combined with a solid set of sexual skills, soon leading to her blowing stunt dick Scott Nails in bed. She licked it like she was rolling a joint for the Doobie Brothers, then nibbling the tip and inhaling it while looking right at the camera (this being a fine example of POV work on both sides of the camera). The noises added to the effect on my home theater (via computer since this was a check disc) and her vaginal screwing was just as solid; her oral skills including some ball sucking and rimming from the angle of the dangle. She did various cowgirl variations, some missionary, and titty fucking to die for; the end result being a big load gracing her face and post coital sucking. Whoa!

Summary: Throb POV 3 by director Robby D. and Digital Playground for their Handheld Pictures label had one of their very best BTS features to date (though I missed the comedy aspects), some fine POV camerawork, and a very good cast having a great time doing what they do best so I rated this one as Highly Recommended. Four of the five scenes were top notch and the fifth was still a lot of fun so the levels of replay and strokability provided the kind of fuck for the buck that may keep you going during the holiday season if you buy it when it is released soon. In short, Throb POV 3 was much like Throb POV 2 in terms of the quality of content so give it a look when you can. Oh, and on a side note, Shay Jordan gave her best performance to date here so I give her a nod for making it happen to seal the deal with a squeal.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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