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Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

What a cast of ladies (click picture for trailer).

Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo

Hustler Video/X-Play

Jamie Elle with Seth Dickens and Donny Long.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Will Ryder

Hillary Scott, Benjamin Brat, and Veronique Vega on the couch!

Cast: Jamie Elle, Seth Dickens, Donny Long, Hillary Scott, Veronique Vega, Benjamin Bratt, Kissy Kapri, Sativa Rose, Chris Charming, Sascha, Jessica Sweet, Serena Marcus, Brett Rockman, Daisy Marie, Kurt Lockwood
Non-sex roles: Jeff Mullen, James Bartholet, Luke Ford, Dominic Acerra, Scott David, Tina Tina (narrator), others not credited

Length: 148:02 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/25/2004, 12/21/2006, 2/22/2007, 10/29/2007

Kissy Kapri masturbated as if on fire.

Extras: For most people, the bonus scenes between Jasmine Byrne and Marco Banderas from Britney Rears 3 (19:58 minutes long; see below) and an 18:04 minute long scene from Barely Legal School Girls 3 starring Veronique Vega, will be the best extras. Additional sex is always welcome in a porno and while I preferred the scene from Britney #3, Veronique was a hotty hampered only by weak male talent. There were also trailers to Not The Bradys XXX, Britney Rears 1, Britney Rears 2, and Britney Rears 3; a slide show, a feature to replay the DVD menu’s intro section, and a 10:22 minute long interview between Will Ryder and Scott David (describing how the movie was even more hardcore than their previous movies as well as a lot more details helpful to viewers; including Jessica’s message about not wanting to be Britney any more; the possibility that Hillary won’t be back for #5, etc.). I liked the above extras a lot but I also enjoyed the two part Behind the Scenes by Will Ryder, Scott David, and Big Richard Black; the first part lasting 29:51 minutes and beginning with Hillary interviewed by Playboy (and making funny comments about her greatness). Will was actually funnier than the rest of the people involved (DVD Talk mentioned among other websites regarding how popular Hillary has been, mentioning the script was 3 pages long and heavy on sex rather than the opposite as #3 was last year). Tony Batman interviewed Kissy Kapri, some slip ups with equipment, Luke Ford grinning from ear to ear as he ogled Sativa Rose during her interview, and Will pawing her. The second part of the Behind the Scenes feature lasted 28:56 minutes, also included some photogallery material and Hillary mugging for the camera, clips from the movie being made such as Will demanding “glistening cocks”, and more footage from Jamie’s scene, Sativa’s scene, and one of Hillary’s scenes; ending with a big “Yay” when Hillary was leaving by Scott(?). In all then, this was a great bunch of extras for a single disc feature parody; probably among the best of the year along with Not The Bradys XXX.

Sativa Rose about to get some loving from Chris Charming.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Britney Rears 4 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Will Ryder for distribution by Hustler Video. As with the entire series, Will made sure that everything was well lit to reduce problems with grain, video noise, and other issues; a big problem with many features these days. Unlike the last volume in the series, this time the sex was dominant all the way with a minimal script holding together the varied gonzo scenes; a fact many of you raincoaters will find pleasing to say the least. The composition of the shots tended to enhance the ladies nicely in most cases, some of the physical quirks each had left in to humanize them (Kissy’s tits, various stretch marks, etc.) but I know others out there prefer that the fantasy elements be played up more so your mileage may vary considerably. The flesh tones were accurate and the amount of aliasing limited, the bitrate hovering around the mid 2 Mbps and some compression artifacts present but not many. The standard definition offering would probably benefit a lot from true high definition resolution (or would if it had been shot in 1080p) but it was better than fancy features in many ways; certainly surpassing the rest of the series in terms of the sexual activity if not the feature parts many skip these days. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps and while the music provided some separation and dynamic range beyond generic porn, the vocals were decidedly average this time. The whispers, the background noises, and other aspects of a gonzo shoot were all present too, lending an air of authenticity to the title for the nitpicky folks out there as well.

Hillary looked rough by the end of this wild scene.

Body of Review: Will Ryder is one of the most colorful characters in porn these days, reminding me of PT Barnum in terms of his showmanship and ability to give the fans what they want. Considering how many titles are available on shelves and how most of it is generically churned out in mass quantity, guys like Ryder help lead the way for others that are stuck in the pack mentality, his creativity compensating for the heaps of cash other parody makers deploy with his style proving money isn’t everything. In keeping with tradition, his latest release is distributed by Hustler Video, home of his many titles focusing on really young ladies, a feature fuck flick called Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo. Previous volumes in the series were script heavy and sex light to an extent and having listened to the masses, Ryder went in another direction this time; eschewing lengthy dialogue often referred to as fast forward fodder in order to provide more sex, harder sex, and a cast of cuties including hotty Sativa Rose, Veronique Vega, Jamie Elle, and of course Hillary Scott. The basic premise of the story was a candy called Britney Pops that people sucked on to find themselves getting horny; lowered inhibitions abounding in the many scenes of the show. Will the franchise survive this change in dynamic? Interestingly, it does quite well and whoever plays the lead role in future volumes, this will be a tough act to follow. As the rear cover said: “Dirty fucking, messy blowjobs and nasty 3-ways break out on the set of Britney's television show as one lick of a 'Britney Pop' turns gorgeous babes into gonzo sex freaks! America's tabloid princess looses her mind, rips off her clothes and gets fucked in the ass and when Britney's little sister discovers a 'Britney Pop', she fucks the crew and Britney Goes Gonzo!” If you’re still interested in knowing the particulars, here’s a quick glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Serena Marcus, Jessica Sweet, and Brett Rockman provided a blast from the past.

Scene One: Jamie Elle, a lean babe with a seductive look, was up first as she sucked on her Britney Pop to find herself attracted to Seth Dickens and Donny Long; the men playing crew members whose members were in need of sharing. She blew Donny while Seth went down on her, the aggressive oral continuing as she swallowed his cock like she wanted it badly. Jamie went from cock to cock orally as the men would take turns fucking her face and pussy; the clean little biscuit rubbed raw in the process. Jamie was always active though and the nod to some POV camera work added to the strokability of the scene at least as much as her dirty talk did; the sweaty trio showing all the glistening cocks and pussy that the director demanded in the BTS. The scene ended when the men rubbed out healthy loads of population pudding to her face, a very solid opening scene in terms of energy and heat.

Daisy Marie was cute even if her partner was looking rough.

Scene Two: Hillary Scott, playing the lead of the movie as seen on the middle of the front cover, was up next with sexy little Veronique Vega (the gal seen on the right hand side of the cover with too much make up on), and Benjamin Bratt on the colorful couch of the studio. The gals had been sucking on Britney Pops and as the story showed, they caused irresistible urges in the performers. Hillary has long been known as a cock sucking whore of epic proportions, sometimes referred to as an anal princess by yours truly, and a gal of few limits. What came to light was how well Veronique handled the action herself; her oral ministrations top notch as she sucked him off with a drive newcomers simply aren’t known for. She even started tossing his salad (rimming his ass) as Hillary slobbed his knob, the tag team oral leading to some severe pounding action as Benjamin went from throat fucking to vaginal action (and PTM) to Hillary’s anal as Veronique ate her out. Each gal had her own style and did their own thing but ultimately it was the level of passion displayed that made this another solid scene to enjoy before they cumswapped the facial.

The humorous touches made the movie better than regular gonzo.

Scene Three: Kissy Kapri, sucking a Britney Pop and diddling herself with a large vibrator, took off her neon pink top and black panties tossed aside as she had a masturbation scene. Her titties were best left clothed but her rump with plump and fans of juicy cooch will love the way she was dripping wet from the spent bottle of lube beside her while getting off. I would have liked to see her do more and engage in more tease beforehand but it was far from a filler scene as some solo scenes tend to be.

Various industry leaders were given some nods in the credits.

Scene Four: Sativa Rose, one of my very favorite Latina hotties, was up next as she played Britney’s assistant and mentioned how addictive the confectionary treats were. She nearly jumped every man in sight but wound up on the couch with well hung Chris Charming; his cock about as big as her wrist. She couldn’t help but start spending some quality time sucking him off between licks of her blow pop (the trade name for a Britney Pop); Sativa impressing me with how much of his rod she inhaled while aggressively going down on him. There was a slight nod to titty fucking and some POV footage that I wanted even more of, but she was on fire during the oral alone so I knew from past experience how good she’d be jumping on his cock. He rubbed her perfect pucker and she bounced on the dick, her dirty talk minimal but still music to my ears and enhanced by her moans of pleasure as she essentially fucked him by the way she met his thrusts. He boned her like he owned her and she did a lot of PTM but her lithe young frame looked perfect as her ass cheeks rippled and her breasts swayed; a sexual highlight of the movie for me albeit not as hardcore as some of the nastier scenes. She smiled as he jerked out a wad of semen to her face, Sativa providing some post coital sucking before some silly dialogue.

Scene Five: Hillary Scott, up again on a green throw rug on a couch, had a revealing outfit on as she played with Sascha in what was pegged as an internet celebrity sex tape. He felt her up and had his hand attached to her tight pussy as they kissed, the scene mostly displaying mechanical energy instead of chemistry or enthusiasm but a good performance makes up for the nuances mentioned; this being the case here. She toyed with his cock before tearing into it during the blowjob, streamers flying everywhere as her make up smeared like crazy. Hillary gave him a lot of handjob action during this scene but obviously wanted to ride his penis as hardcore as she could; rocking on it with an increasing tempo as the scene progressed. Her dirty talk was among the most plentiful of the show and I could not fault her for the aggressive manner in which she took him in her “wet cunt” as she put it. They moved into doing anal and she initially slowed down but showed how she made a name for herself in the jizz biz long before this series was established. Her face looked terrible with the running mascara (think: Tammy Faye Baker!) but she performed ATM and the background crew encouraged her to get even crazier as she deepthroated his ass soaked penis in her mouth. Sascha finished her up with a vaginal romp and nut to the face; capping her sweaty body in a manner that was befitting her status as performer of the year by swallowing the load.

Scene Six: Jessica Sweet, the original “Britney Rears”, was up next with curvy Serena Marcus, and muscular Brett Rockman as part of an insider joke about Hillary’s character being imitated in Britney Rears 1. It was acute nod and way to toss in some footage of the cute Jessica, the producer saying it was her last performance before leaving the industry. To be sure, she looked more like the pop singer than Hillary but her sexual skill was always lacking as far as I was concerned; surprising me at how actively she worked Brett’s cock here with the help of Serena. The ladies took turns sitting on his face and blowing him, the scene probably originally shot before Jessica bailed on the series to move onto having a lot of free time on her hands. To her credit, Jessica gave what looked to be her best performance ever as she rode the cock, Serena no slouch herself as she assisted with some taste testing and ass rubbing but not getting as much dick as Jessica by a long shot. Serena took the majority of the facial here and cumswapped it but it looked like there were a lot of rough edges to it.

Scene Seven: Daisy Marie, the cute Latina displayed on the left hand side of the front cover, was up last as a scene between her and aging lothario Kurt Lockwood was already underway as he ate her. Whatever happened that day, he looked like shit (not so much the receding hairline or abrasions on his face but they were part of it) and she was showing little chemistry with the guy but by the same token, her dirty talk and ability to actively blow him was as passionate as if she was doing a guy she didn’t despise. Her neon pink outfit was tossed aside as she yelled out between positions. She had issues getting much of his rod in her mouth most of the time (perhaps it was the way he smelled) but the 69 they engaged in showed her as a net given to his relatively passive performance. She was often active and the funniest line of the movie was when she asked him: “what the fuck are you doing?” Daisy’s dirty talk was a nice touch and the mouth pop was spit at the camera (actually a glass plate in front of it) before the credits rolled.

Bonus Scene One: Britney Rears 3: Jasmine Byrne, wearing a large red afro on her gorgeous head, was up next as she sucked off Marco Duato/Banderas in the colorful living room setting. His wig looked pretty hilarious and as much as I'd lick Hillary all over at her request, Jasmine would be my choice of hotty from the entire cast thanks in large part to her combination of sexual skill, energetic performances, and sheer enthusiasm as shown here on the florescent pink couch as she worked his cock over orally. Jasmine almost had the spin off role of "J-Ho" (a Jennifer Lopez spoof) but she made choices that killed that idea when it came time to plan the movie. The manner in which she rode his cock here was the best of the show thanks to the chemistry between them as much as her skillful way with a cock. Jasmine on top for the majority of the scene was a great idea and Will should be congratulated for the foresight shown in this regard, though the later accentuation of her ass as she bent over to take him was pretty wild too. The coating of sweat the two had came by them naturally as they appeared lost in the moment, making this the most replayable scene of the movie.

Summary: Britney Rears 4 by director Will Ryder for Hustler Video was a marked change from the plot heavy earlier volumes in the series but raincoaters demanding more sex and less talk will be jumping for joy that their demands were met. The sex itself was often very hardcore, more so than any of the previous releases, and the cute little gimmick used to thread the scenes together was enough to make it all seem more than a vignette or true gonzo release but never at the expense of the action. I prefer the feature style used before but the strokability, the replay value, and the amount of great extras all made Britney Rears 4: Britney Goes Gonzo worthy of being Recommended. Will Ryder caps off another successful year here, proving he can truly make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear; begetting the question of what will he do next to turn the porn world on its ear. Good job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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