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We Fuck 'Em Young 2

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

We Fuck ‘Em Young 2
A Red Light District Release Directed by Juan Cuba
Starring:  Naomi Cruise, Kayden Faye, Summer Page, Alexis Love & Sindee Jennings
With: Mark Wood, John Strong & Mr. Pete
Length: 2hrs 40min (feature)
Condoms?:  None!

Scene One:
  Naomi Cruise & Mark Wood

In turquoise panties and a torn white top, Naomi allows Mark to jiggle her assets as Juan, the cameraman and director, talks his way through the introduction.  Juan becomes part of the scene, requesting Naomi’s every move, all of which she gleefully complies.  The director’s presence through the rest of the scene may seem a little too hands-on for some, especially during the heat of the moment.  Naomi deep throats Mark’s cock, and the two continue with doggy off the edge of a couch.  Naomi’s dewy pink and white skin is a wonder to see, with top of her tall form with a crop of brown hair, and a tuft of hair above her clit.  After doggy, she and Mark twist into 69, into reverse cowgirl, and back to doggy, continuing with Naomi leaning against a nearby wall.  After a final bout of standard cowgirl, he rubs out a load onto Naomi’s chin, an act which pleases Juan.  Her performance here is a little stammered by the director’s constant cheering and so on, which is foreseeable from the beginning.  How could anyone let themselves get lost in sex when someone is constantly interrupting them?  I know that’s what happens on most porn sets, but for new performers, the difference is deafening, and here’s the proof.  As luscious as she possibly could be, Naomi seems to be faulted by her director, unfortunately, but I did revel in taking her in as much as I possibly could.

Scene Two:  Kayden Faye & John Strong

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Sitting on a bench, Juan hopes that Kayden won’t corrupt his daughter with her tainted wiles (she’s hiding a cigarette butt underneath her pink tennis shoes, after all).  After a bit of convincing, she meets Juan’s friend John, who she retreats with indoors for a blowjob.  Kayden’s chestnut tanned skin (with a few upper back tattoos), along with her simplified black haircut and barbell-pierced nipples, whistles from underneath her tattered clothes, which are pulled off during her service upon John (the shoes stay on, however).  When I saw that John was her partner, I feared a little for Kayden, as he’s a little rough sometimes, but she more than pulled through.  He slaps and chokes her as he’s being blown, flipping her over for a brief session of pussy eating.  Into spooning and on-the-floor reverse cowgirl, John picks her up for some doggy, at which time he orders her to suck on his toes.  Before going back on the couch cushions for standard cowgirl, Juan pauses to see how she’s doing.  “I fuckin' like your fucking friend,” Kayden says, and she certainly seems to enjoy John’s jackhammering throughout.  After a little more doggy, she kneels on the floor to receive his load straight into her mouth, which she plays with and swallows.  Kayden’s enthusiasm never wanes here, and seeing her bout and wrestle with John’s rough style is quite enjoyable.  Director Juan doesn’t manage to get many words in this time; my guess: he was as awestruck as me! Here's a few more, just because I can't help myself:

Scene Three:
  Summer Page & Mark Wood

Covergirl Summer is found playing at the side of a pool, her tiny frame and equally small features shimmering in the sunlight.  Mark and Juan descend upon her, plying her ass and pussy open with their fingers (well, Mark’s, at least).  She gives Mark a little soft head, and back into the house they go.  Slipping out of her barely-there bikini, Summer mounts Mark in cowgirl, missionary and doggy, breaking for another blowjob taste before spooning.  In reverse cowgirl and missionary, Mark tries his best to produce more than low-grade moans from Summer, but she doesn’t seem to be willing to have too much fun.  He shoots a dose of seed into her open mouth to end the scene, but it all feels so half-baked, nonetheless.  While she’s a cute girl, Summer’s under-performance is disheartening, even as Juan peppers the scene with his pervy questions and suggestions.  In fact, I was hoping that his third-party presence would lighten the mood, shift a giggle or two out, but I was denied.  Still, if you’re a sucker for her looks, that alone may be enough to bring you through it all, but for me, I remain unfazed!

Scene Four:
  Alexis Love & Mr. Pete

In a soft-lensed intro, we meet the lovely, lithe Alexis, strutting and bending in only heels and a pair of yellow shorts.  Pete finds her soon enough, sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy, he dives face-first into her crotch, and she blows him in return.  Indoors, they continue with reverse cowgirl (still wearing heels), spooning, as Alexis’ long hair dangles from above as she rides and gets rode.  Ass up, she gets serviced doggy-style, and they travel to a set of stairs for more standard cowgirl, continued standing up.  Pete takes liberal swings of Alexis’ juices in between, onward into missionary and spooning, again.  Pulsing member in his hand, Pete unloads onto her chest, a little dabbed onto her chin.  Alexis’ delectably gangly form is beautiful to see as she becomes Pete’s plaything, getting nibbled and stroked into a frenzy, one which she’s not afraid to enjoy.  Pete truly twists and turns her every which way, and all the while, Alexis is a great sport.  A nice, lengthy scene with two great performers: I dare you not to enjoy this!

Scene Five:
  Sindee Jennings & John Strong

Posing outdoors in a pink bikini and white heels, Sindee has a short interview with Juan, showing off her soft features to the camera, teasing throughout.  Indoors, she takes John’s staff in her mouth, her strawberry blonde ringlets dangling along his crotch, a green lower-back tattoo on display above her ass.  Cowgirl follows, and she’s somewhat gooey, or is that remnants of a tiny squirt?  No question about that, soon enough, and her crotch erupts, and she screams, piling herself onto John’s prick.  The camera gets splashed with her spray, and the two veer into doggy, with Sindee’s cute moonface taking a taste of herself from John’s cock.  In missionary, she lets forth another heavy squirt, tickled with wailing, onto spooning and reverse cowgirl.  By the time doggy rolls around again, Sindee’s speaker-blown shouting and wet blasts are everywhere!  After a brief blowjob, John feeds Sindee’s wide open mouth, and she smiles and swallows, face flushed, sweaty, and satisfied.  Amid all the controlled chaos, John and Juan seem speechless, hardly finding the words to describe the gush originating from a sweet and innocent looking Sindee.  Messy, frenzied, and out-of-nowhere, this scene is nothing if not top notch!  Way to go, everybody!

Bonus Features

A quick Behind-the-Scenes segment (15min.), focusing on Juan directing the action (a camera filming the camera filming the scenes) and the girls in their respective photo shoots.  Not bad, but the overlap into actual footage from the main feature becomes a little tedious, as the feature itself has quite a bit of pseudo-interview already (i.e. Juan’s interjections, etc.), and the BTS offers little more than fluff.  A photo gallery, a cum-shot recap, and the usual web/company information round out the section.  Additionally, my copy came housed in a figure-eight double-wide case, which had another Red Light feature inside ( Cum Stained Casting Couch 3, a title from their back catalog), which was a great extra, especially as a bonus!

Audio/Visual Quality
The audio track is clean and relatively even, given the outdoor/indoor situations, with the relation to the ever-shifting camera and each girl changing the audio at any given moment.  Still, it’s a nice presentation which is easy on the ears, throughout.  The picture is moderate, with outdoor scenes a little hazy and blown out, and the indoor scenes mostly evenly lit (unless, as in Summer’s scene, the outdoor light bleeds indoors and washes out most normal colors).  Naomi & Kayden’s scenes are the most evenly lit, but still suffer a bit of haziness.  I would have liked a few more chapter stops, but that’s just me being picky.  Overall: a sufficient presentation.

Overall Thoughts
While Juan Cuba’s direction may irk some to the point of turning the disc off at times, this second entry into the (hopefully ongoing) series showcases some winning talent (Naomi & Kayden) in sometimes surprising performances (Sindee), as well as one from an already-established teen-dream queen (Alexis), and just one clunker (Summer).  In the ratio of good to great porn, this more than likely serves the better of the two.  And even as I didn’t prefer the direction, the stronger performances nearly obliterate that qualm, and any overt pushiness and perversion remained where they should be – on the hands and in the mind of the viewer (me!).  And you, too!  Plus, the entire extra feature as a bonus was a fantastic extra, a great 2-for-1 deal which I hope Red Light continues with their new titles.  If not, they certainly have a knack for reeling in some great talent, and I look forward to the future!  I really do.

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