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Breast Seller

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 12/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Compilation

Director: Varies per scene

Cast: Lanny Barby, Eva Angelina, Anastazie, Jada Fire, Angel Dark, Jasmine Tame, Monica
Lion, Rita Faltoyano, Brandy Talore, Darina, Dasha, Jane Darling, Vanessa
Michaels, Candy Manson, Austin Kincaid, Alexis
Silver, Brooke Haven, Lisa Ann, Shy Love, Jenaveve Jolie, Tory Lane, Stacy
Silver, Carly Parker, Dawn Kelly, and Gianna.

Length: 2 hrs. 22 mins

Production Date:  03/25/2004 10/19/2006

Condoms: Nope

Extras: Ironically there is a bonus scene featured here with Lisa
Rose. What's funny about it is that while this release is severely edited, this
extra content is actually a full scene.


With a smattering of scenes from different series released at different
times the presentation quality here varies greatly. Each scene is presented
with a full frame aspect ratio and there is a bit of grain and compression that
pops up from time to time. Some of these scenes are also very soft and look
dated compared to the rest of the material. Contrast is decent and lighting is
mostly sufficient which works well but the choppiness of the content doesn't
help matters. In similar fashion the audio is fairly straightforward with no
real flaw per say but it's not going to astound you with quality either. Some
bits are muffled and it's not uncommon for the volume to be all over the map.

Body of Review:

Third Degree has assembled 25 girls with some fantastic racks for Breast
Seller. Packed tightly onto one disc these 25 scenes have been cut drastically
in length and really just run at about five minutes a piece. Full scenes would
have been the way to go here but Breast Seller's presentation really makes this
release feel like a sampler rather than a feature. The scenes are far too brief
to get a real impression from and in many ways they only appear to be sexy
previews for their appropriate releases.

Scene 1:

Breast Seller gets started with the amazing Lanny Barby in a scene from Ass
Cream Pie. This first bit begins with Lanny getting squeezed and prodded by the
camera man and cuts over to her taking on two dicks at the same time. While
she's sucking one of the guys off the other is pounding her ass doggy style.
This same action continues as the scene transitions to a reverse cowgirl
position. After a few minutes the scene switches to Lanny propping herself up
and gaping her ass for the two guys to jerk their loads onto her. The cum pools
onto her anus and she blows a couple of cum bubbles.

Scene 2:

Angel Dark is featured in the second scene which comes from Black in Me. Like the
Lanny scene, Angel's is cut short and starts with her rubbing herself and
teasing the camera. Things transition to she and her black lover already doing
the nasty. The sex begins with them standing up and after a couple of minutes
they change over to playing on and around the sofa. Soon enough the scene cuts
to Angel getting a load dropped on her ass much like Lanny did.

Scene 3:

My personal favorite Eva Angelina is up next in a scene from Camel Hoes 4. Eva
does a nice little tease that doesn't last for long because the scene
transitions quickly to her getting fucked on a red chair. She takes it hard and
they swap positions a couple of times with Eva doing a little pussy to mouth
action in between. A couple more minutes in and Eva is getting her face coated
with cum. While it lasted the sex here had some great intensity but the choppy
editing work takes away from it, as it does with every scene here.

Scene 4:

Double Her Pleasure lends a scene featuring Jada Fire which features the ebony queen
taking on two white guys. At first they keep it simple with one guy in her
pussy and the other in her mouth but after a minute or so the scene cuts to
Jada taking a double penetration. She takes them both like a pro and after
another minute or so the scene ends with her taking both loads on the face.

Scene 5:

Anastazie from Real Racks 2 is next up and this scene doesn't even bother with the
teasing bit. Anastazie cuts straight to the sex and like Jada she's taking on
two guys at the same time. She starts by sucking them both and moves over to
the sofa where she takes on in the pussy and the other in the mouth. Anastazie
trades off between the two guys and eventually gives up the double penetration
which is actually done quite rough. She is practically torn apart by the two
dicks but after a couple of minutes the scene transitions out of the sex and
features a cum shot on her tits.

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Scene 6:

The brief sex continues with Jasmine Tame from Ready, Wet, Go 2. Jasmine looks
amazing while teasing the camera with some lathering of baby oil but like the
other sex here it doesn't feel complete as she transitions to fucking almost
immediately. The performers look great getting into it and Jasmine really
screeches, especially when she takes it in the ass. I do have to say that the
baby oil made the scars from her implants stand out even more and it didn't
look that great when she rimmed the guy's ass. She does get a dose of pounding
anal sex though and after a couple of minutes the scene cuts out with her
getting a facial.

Scene 7:

Monica Lion stars in the seventh scene from Real Racks 2. Like some of the other girls
her scene begins with the camera man prodding and poking at her and quickly
transitions to Monica getting sexed up on a sofa. They trade off a little bit
going from pussy action to titty fucking and eventually Monica gives up the A
as she takes a dick in the ass the hard way. The scene cuts away too short just
like the others and features a load of cum getting popped into her mouth.

Scene 8:

The original Real Racks release lines a scene with Rita Faltoyano who gets things
started with a nice little camera tease. Like the other inclusions on Breast
Seller the scene cuts to Rita getting fucked after a minute or so. She looks
great straddling the cock and eventually she bends over to take it in the ass
like some of the previous girls. It's kind of awkward because she's upside down
while taking the anal and as she talks she sounds like a cartoon character.
Even so the scene ends with some ass to mouth as Rita takes a facial.

Scene 9:

I'm starting to sense a trend here! Real Racks 2 is back again with a scene
featuring Brandy Talore. She starts by licking her own nipples and the scene
cuts to a nice little titty fuck. After less than a minute or so, things
transition to a sofa where Brandy takes a dick nice and slow. The speed starts
to pick up after a while and I must say that Brandy looked particularly great
riding his cock from the top. Her breasts flop all over the place with great
style but unfortunately the sex doesn't last long as the scene cuts to a cum
shot on her tits.

Scene 10:

Darina from another Real Racks scene is up next and she walks onto the scene wearing a
cowboy hat. In typical fashion she is squeezed by the camera man and then
things transition to the sofa where she gets pounded reverse cowgirl style. The
sex switches over to some doggy style and a brief stint where the performers
stand up but I have to say that there was almost no energy in this scene at
all. Darina did nothing to spruce it up though I suppose the quickly cut bits
weren't helping matters.

Scene 11:

Finally another scene that's not from Real Racks! Fuck, Suck, Swallow loans a Dasha
scene to Breast Seller and it starts out with our starlet playing with herself.
After a few seconds the scene cuts right into the sex with Dasha already
screaming and getting into it. The two of them go crazy and it really made me
wish that the rest of the scene was available here. After a minute or so the
scene transitions to Dasha taking it deep in the ass and there's a bit of
gaping going on. I liked this one a lot but like everything else on Breast
Seller it feels like a five minute preview that was chopped from a twenty
minute scene.

Scene 12:

And here we are back to borrowing from Real Racks with Jane Darling sexing it up. Like every other Real Racks scene, things start off with the camera man groping to his heart's content and quickly jumps right into the sex. At first I didn't think that Jane brought anything to the camera since the fucking was fairly tame. Luckily she gives up the A and both performers really do it hard. The sex ends with the guy jerking onto her chest
and Jane sucking the rest out.
Scene 13:

Vanessa Michaels from Tits Ahoy 2 lathers up with baby oil for the thirteenth scene here. I'm sure you're not going to be too surprised when you find out that the oil is for a titty fuck. Vanessa climbs on top for a bit and then takes it on her back. Overall this choppy
scene was kind of boring to be honest.
Scene 14:

From the original Tits Ahoy, Candy Manson makes things a little wet with some sex in the shower. There's a brief tease which transitions to some screwing in various positions. Each of these offerings is cut too short but at least the performers seem to get into it well enough to make things interesting.

Scene 15:

Going back to Tits Ahoy 2 is a scene with Austin Kincaid but her dry performance takes away from the sex. She doesn't really get into it at all and just kind of grunts and says "Oh my god!" repeatedly without showing much in the way of energy.

Scene 16:
Alexis Silver comes in from Tits Ahoy 3 and appeals to the fetish lovers out there with some black leather gear, high heels, and fishnet stockings. She and her partner change positions numerous times while on a tiny sofa but for the most part Alexis takes the bottom. The
scene ends with a load being dropped onto her breasts.

Scene 17:
Tits Ahoy 2 comes back with a scene featuring Brooke Haven. She kind of has a deer in headlights look as she rubs oil onto her tits but thankfully she's no slouch when it comes to the sex. She and her partner get into it and the scene actually maintained a good energy level but like some of the other better ones it's over too quickly thanks to the poorly
edited bits.

Scene 18:

Shy Love from Tits Ahoy 2 is lounging by the poolside looking all great and stuff,
then we jump right into her servicing two guys. In typical MMF fashion Shy
takes one in the pussy while she sucks at the other, and of course you know
that the DP is coming during the next cut. After much grunting and screaming
she takes both loads in her mouth and spits them out onto her tits to rub them

Scene 19:
Another Tits Ahoy 3 scene has been ripped into Breast Seller. This one features Lisa Ann teasing in the shower and transitions right into the sex which is already in progress. There's nothing sensational here or noteworthy really. The sex was pretty boring.

Scene 20:
Tory Lane from The Wetter the Better 2 is up next and it's safe to say that Tory is an
animal. She gets right into it and stays nasty throughout this scene with some
hard fucking, anal, and boatloads of screams. It's fairly obvious that she's in
agony while taking the dick but she keeps up the act like a trooper.

Scene 21:
Once again Tits Ahoy 3 gives us one of their girls and this time it's Jenaveve Jolie. This exotic beauty does the whole lathering up with baby oil thing before the scene jumps right into the sex. The sex was fairly straightforward but there was a lot of force behind the fucking which gave it some life. It's too bad that the rest of this scene wasn't
included because it actually had something going for it.

Scene 22:
Another Wetter the Better 2 scene comes to Breast Seller with Stacy Silver appearing as the starlet. She looks great during her tease and as the scene transitions to her playing with two guys it only gets better. In the first segment they stand together but in the next the DP comes and they give Stacy no quarter. The final moments before they pop
their loads in her mouth is a hot looking standing DP. This chick got right
into it and I'd love to see more of her.

Scene 23:
Carly Parker from Tita Ahoy (yes, they made a typo on their own title. It's supposed to be Tits) gives a nice little tease before jumping inside to take a dicking. Once again the sex is kind of bland but Carly makes some funny faces during it all and toys with her partner a bit (by kissing him then wiping her mouth or pulling away). It's kind of goofy and doesn't add to the scene but at least it was mildly entertaining.

Scene 24:

Dawn Kelly from the original Wetter the Better is working it at the car wash and
wow, does she look great doing it! This goes on for about a minute then we jump
right into the sex which is already taking place on a cheesy purple sofa. At
first Dawn is pinned down and then she takes it doggy style which eventually
leads to her climbing on top.

Scene 25:
Saving the best for last, Gianna appears with a scene from Big Love. She looks great
as always and knows how to work the camera which she proves as she plays with
her tits. I was hoping since she was the cover girl that maybe her scene would
have been full but alas it wasn't.


I was frustrated with Breast Seller. Rather than provide a solid compilation release 3rd Degree went ahead and made this DVD into a preview disc of sorts. I suppose if you don't mind the choppiness of sex scenes and just want to see point A and point B; not how we got there, then this may appeal to you. Even so some of the sex is very bland and only a handful of the scenes stand out. Annoyingly enough each scene is only about 5 minutes in length which gives just enough time for a tease, couple bits of sex, and cum shot. It's a
lazy release that shouldn't be bothered with unless you have a hard time paying

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