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All Teens #2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

All Teens 2
A Digital Sin Release Directed by Mark Ashley
Starring: Micah Moore & Maya Hills, Barbi Love, Rachel Milan, Kissy Kapri, & Mackenzee Pierce.
Length: 2hr 20min
Condoms?: None!

Brief Synopsis: 
Mark Ashley takes on another batch of teen-dreamed ladies, all ripe and ready for the plucking!  Thankfully, no feathers were harmed in the making of this review.

Scene One:  Micah Moore & Maya Hills (with Mark Ashley)

We begin with the tag team of Micah Moore & Maya Hills, who begin by teasing the camera, but soon are locking lips and whipping their tongues between the other's legs.  Teeny bikinis on the ground, the girls service Mark upon his entrance, who piles into Micah, missionary style, on the floor, to follow.  Maya does a bit of face-sitting as Micah takes in Mark's sausage, tasting her co-star's juices after a spirited amount of penetration.  She bends over for doggy, with the girls tugging on Mark's shaft afterward.  Micah takes to the couch for a second round of missionary, squirting and screaming as Mark continues his saber slinging.  In reverse cowgirl, Micah & Mark continue, with Maya egging the two along with her tongue and fingers.  She switches places with Micah, allowing her to engage in reverse cowgirl, and Micah supports from beside and below with her open mouth.  After a bit of kneeling, dual hand-wringing, Mark dispels his thickened brew upon Micah's awaiting face and mouth, which she shares with a delighted Maya.  With girls as teen-fueled as this, I shudder to think of a complaint among their three-way action, with all the sideline masturbation, licking, sticking and face-sitting.  Though Micah earns the lion's share of action, Maya is no slouch, either, ably attending to her co-stars, swaying her bubble of a butt with a devil-doll grin from ear to ear. 

Scene Two:  Barbi Love (with Marcos Banderas)

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Barbi, clad in pink off-setting her rose complexion, begins the scene by rubbing and smacking her lips, eager-wolf style, at a shirtless and smoking Marcos sitting outside.  Pulling her tits out, she rubs a few ice cubes across her pierced nipples, working her way south toward her pulled-back panties.  Shuttling her heels across the tiled floor, she wanders to a now leering Marcos and kneels face to face to his denim-covered crotch.  After a little cock tease against her studded tongue, Barbi leads him indoors, and he takes to her now-reclined, open legged center.  He teases her ripened clit with his cock, moving into missionary and onto cowgirl.  Before switching to doggy, Barbi tastes Marcos' shaft, her little fade of tan lines now visible as she arches over, head-first.  After a bit of reverse cowgirl and spooning, Barbi blows Marcos one final time, his seed curling out and around her open mouth, which she toys with her fingers.  While Barbi's looks definitely give the scene legs, her performance is a little underwhelming, with too many direct glances into the camera, and less focus drawn upon the needs of her partner.  A little distracting, sure, but not enough to toss the scene out, straightaway.  And blondes have more fun, right?

Scene Three:  Rachel Milan (with Mark Ashley)

Movin' on up, we find Rachel outdoors, camera hovering around her as she sheds her teensy terrycloth bikini, rubbing and caressing her special areas until Mark arrives, at her service.  After tasting her, he guides her to her knees for a blowjob, which continues indoors.  In missionary, the somewhat reserved Rachel becomes a full-blown animal as Mark aims his long cursor deep inside her pussy, dismounting to click his jutting fingers into her snatch, a geyser of squirt erupting as a thank you and goodnight!  This cycle of missionary and finger banging repeats twice (just like at Sea World!), with Rachel reeling from the combined aftermath, whites of her eyes pulling up to her open lids.   After a bit of doggy, the duo stands and fucks, leading to even more squirting, their combined sweat/squirt rendering the camera soaked.  Reverse cowgirl and standard flavor cowgirl follow (with Rachel's cherry of an ass finally on full display), with spooning and floor-bound doggy causing Mark to shoot his own squirt into Rachel's open mouth, which oozes out of her mouth and down her chest.   While the beginning of the scene seemed to promise nothing more than an automaton-esque performance, Rachel was a dynamo after the first thrust, and didn't let go until the very end.  With her chocolate kissed nips and a cherry bomb of an ass, Rachel delivered the goods, emptied the truck, and came back with another shipment!  Way to go, Rachel!

Scene Four:  Kissy Kapri (with Jordan Ash)

Ah, Kissy.  Meshed in red, she teases and plays with herself, red heels arched up, long legs bent and centered.   After greeting Jordan with a blowjob, she readily sticks her ass in the air, prompting doggy, to which Jordan readily complies.  Sampling his spear, Kissy turns around for some reverse cowgirl, gruff squeal funneling out of her throat, pitching high at its sweetest, sharpest points.  Jordan plays flippy floppy with her breasts as she lays down for missionary, her nipples pierced with barbells, jiggly and free-flowing as she's pounded by his dick.  On her side for spoon, she offers up her asshole for mashing, and the anal continues back into missionary, cowgirl and its reverse, her feet planted on Jordan's thighs as he takes to her ass.  A few gapes later, the anal-riffage continues, cycling back into doggy, plenty of ass to mouth in between.  Following a few glides into Kissy's pussy, Jordan pulls out, she blows his dirty dick until he pops over her open mouth, covering her face with throw.  Kissy's enthusiasm doesn't let down here, though I think during the marathon of anal I might have blacked out at some point from bliss, or maybe too much stimulation (like looking staring into the sun).  Kissy herself looks a bit dazed from time to time, but a yelp or shout will follow soon after, prompting excitement and enticement throughout.  Her luxurious height is truly the cherry on top, as Kissy has no problem whipping cream out of her co-star, and hopefully you, too.

Scene Five:  Mackenzee Pierce (with Mark Ashley)

Dangling her sandaled feet from the arm's edge of her seat, Mackenzee peers behind her, seeing Mark, shirtless, too busy with paperwork to pay attention to her.  At first slipping out of her yellow & white trimmed top, she then masturbates and teases the camera with her supple & lightly tanned skin.  Crawling to meet Mark, she serves up a steady blowjob, her thin lips guiding over his prick, his attention now diverted from his work.  He reciprocates by pushing his face into her crotch on the couch, and they begin their penetrative positions with a half-spoon, into missionary.  Driving his unit into Mackenzee, Mark shows little mercy as she huffs and puffs in excitement and joy. Body draped over the edge of the sofa, she's pumped doggy style, turning around to riddle Mark's cock with her expertly guided hands, furiously, with a lick or two to spare.  In cowgirl, they continue in slow, extended glides, meld into spoon and a final expanse of reverse cowgirl, Mark rubbing on Mackenzee's clit as he fucks from below.  She kneels and opens her lips, slurping up every last drop of her partner's silverly frost before spitting the contents out, coating her chest in a pearly glaze.  "I think that was a good scene!" she exclaims right before fade-out, a spot-on indictment of the preceding, if ever there was one.  Mackenzee is a cheerleader-worthy type, eager in her efforts to bring both herself and partner to a suitable, worthy conclusion to the disc.  Though perhaps a smidge stuck on peering into the camera, I found her presence to be quite soothing, her bubbly nature enviable, and a breath of fresh air.  Hooray, Mackenzee!

Bonus Materials
A Behind the Scenes featurette (25 min.) featuring all the involved parties discussing their trajectory into porn, and so on.  Nicely padded and slightly illuminating, it serves as a nice prequel to the feature, in that the girls get to briefly speak their peace on their careers.  A bonus scene (from What An Ass #4, starring Carmen Kinsley) is also included, and is quite a doozy.  A selectable menu, by position, is also included, along with a few trailers, a photo gallery and requisite company information.  A great way to warm up for the meat of the disc, like a warm serving of fingerling potatoes drenched in olive oil.  Alas, I could have used a few more grains of salt, but I'm happy nonetheless.

Audio/Visual Quality
As can be seen in the screencaps, the feature is presented in 1.78.1 aspect ratio, and projects an even, clean image, true to life, natural-looking, and incredibly easy on the eyes; rich colors abound!  Even as the camera tends to migrate from out to indoors, the overall exposure remains constant, completely unfettered by flaws, blow-outs, or unruly shadows of any kind.  No significant audio drops to speak of, though the introduction/tease/montage music is sometimes a touch louder than the action that follows.  Other than that, a splendid presentation of the girls and their every minor pipe of effort, grunt, and squeal throughout.

Final Thoughts
For those who seek quality in their near-amateur/up & coming porn, All Teens #2 may be your saving grace, as it's filled with experienced girls who still have that fresh glow cast around their every move, and are well-suited for their extensive sexual tasks.  It's a genuine thrill to see these girls strut their wares, and even though I felt only one scene may have dipped in quality only in the slightest (Barbi, who is still a wonder to watch), I have no qualms about recommending this one quite highly.  Maya and Micah tear at each other in tag-team with Mark in tow, Rachel shivers and spouts like a fountain, Kissy offers her ass up like an addict, and Mackenzee closes with a wink and a smile.  And isn't that what we all want from porn?  I'm already foaming at the mouth for more!

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