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2 Too Many Boys

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/16/07

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Date of Production:2004-2007

Director:Marty Stevens and Lukas Ridgeston

Cast:Justin Boys, Jaques Briere, Kurt Diesel, Josh Elliot, Rick Fontana, Henri Gaudin, Steve Jennings, Keith Johansson, Jason Knightly, Brandon Manilow, Niall Phoenix, Jeremy Reynolds, Todd Rosset, Oleg Tarkowski, Paul Valery, Mark Vernon, Mark Zebro

Body Types:European twinks with uncut penises, muscular guys


Things to see:rimming, face fucking, oral and facial cumshots, urination, pool sex

Plot:At the party, everyone's having sex!

The Movie:
Having reviewed the first 'too many boys,' it is a pleasure to watch a sequel that surpasses it's predecessor in terms of quality and re-playability.  In the first film, an interviewer chatted with couples at at a party before they headed off to another room to have sex.  This interview format remains the same, although the interviewing process is improved thanks to the use of a better interview technique as well as variety in terms of where the interviewees are questioned (one couple is interviewed in a spa, already rubbing their cocks).  The sex takes place at a different home this time, featuring several couples making use of the beautiful indoor pool and spa.  The use of of a different house and surroundings enables the sex to have greater variety, as opposed to most (if not all) of the couples having sex in the bedroom in the first film.  In this sequel, the couples have the freedom to test out the new water, so to say, and the sex is therefore much better.

Encompassing nine action scenes, the sex is really great.  As with most porn, there are a few scenes that were very good, but not quite reaching excellence.  However, one tends to overlook these flaws when there are several other outstanding scenes that are hot, well staged, and passionate. The Jacques Briere and Rick Fontana scene comes to mind when I speak of excellence.  The scene starts out with some naughty voyeurism involving Jacques spying on Rick while he pees.  Soon enough, the action gets hot and heavy in the bathroom.  This scene works so well because both actors are so passionate and turned on by the other, in fact Jacques gets off twice.  Another standout in the film was the Kurt Diesel and Oleg Tarkowski pool scene.  Yet again, both actors are very passionate as they have sex with each other in and out of the pool.  However, my favorite part of this film was the Keith Johansson and Trevor Yates spa scene.  Both of the attractive actors is blessed with large cocks, yet seeing Trevor's cock out of the water makes you realize how big he really is!  When you realize that Trevor is going to attempt to screw Keith with that monster, then you almost feel sympathy for him.  However, Keith manages to take the dick without a problem, and remain turned on and passionate towards his partner.  At the end, Trevor senses that Keith is so turned on that he might want something extra.  As a result, he asks Keith (while he is still screwing) if he wants to take his load.  Keith nods and so Trevor rips off his condom and shoots a gigantic load into Keith's mouth.  Trevor, being such a gentlemen, then takes Keith's load into his own mouth.   I think you would be hard pressed to find a better assortment of such hot scenes in one porno title, let alone nine quality scenes all together. 

Overall, this film has a wonderful assortment of sex scenes.  The guys are cute (no surprises given the Bel Ami label), the sex is hot, and the DVD features a quality presentation.  Therefore, I suggest you check out the following scenes to see if this great film will strike your fancy:

Scene one:Kurt Diesel and Oleg Tarkowski

The blond and spiky haired Kurt and the brunette Oleg, make out on a white couch, next to an indoor pool.  At first, the boys passionately kiss and grope.  However, Kurt soon pulls out Oleg's thick cock and goes to town.  Kurt spends a long time sucking on Oleg's dick, but he eventually receives some oral attention on his own uncut member.  After that, Kurt fucks Oleg with his legs up in the air and screws him from behind.  After the ass action, Kurt shoots out onto Oleg's backside and Oleg shoots out a powerful cumshot that lands onto his chest and face. 

This scene had a lot going for it.  The oral action was wonderful, both actors shared lots of passion, and Oleg's explosive cumshot (thanks to Kurt licking his balls) made this scene a winner.  

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Scene two:Mark Zebro and Niall Phoenix

Mark and Niall form a very attractive duo of hunky brunette twinks.  After a game of hide a seek, they decide to play the old fashioned game of "hide the wiener."  Niall sucks on Mark first and allows Mark to face fuck him while he grabs Mark's sumptuous ass.  After that Niall face fucks Mark and the boys form a 69 position, although Mark rims Niall's hole instead.  The boys carry on sucking for a while longer until Niall is bent over and Mark aggressively holds onto Niall's hair from behind.  Mark then shoves in his big cock and pumps away.  The couple fucks from behind and then on Niall's back.  Eventually, Niall positions himself on the couch so that his ass is high in the air.  Mark fucks Niall deep while Niall strokes on his dick.  Within seconds, Niall shoots his load all over his chest and onto his own face.  Mark seals the deal by squirting his load into Nial's hole.

This was a very hot scene!  Both actors did a great job at being passionate towards each other and their sex was spectacular.  I think you will come back to this scene again and again.

Scene three:Josh Elliot and Henri Gaudin

The boys mock fuck each other in their jeans before they take off their pants.  Henri sucks on Josh's erection first and then Josh takes on Henri's big and thick cock.  Josh tries his best to deepthroat Henri's large shaft, but he can only go so far down.  After that, Josh fucks Henri on his back and on all fours.  Finally, in a delicious moment, Josh shoots his load all over Henri's face and into his mouth.  Henri jacks off a decent load onto his own chest.  

This was a pretty good scene.  Both actors were cute and the sex was good.  However, Henri looking like a glazed doughnut was priceless.

Scene four:Paul Valery and Todd Rosset

Two brunettes (Paul and Todd) head into the bedroom.  Paul tosses Todd onto the bed where he quickly begins to ravish his body.  Todd fights back by showing equal excitement with Paul's smooth body.  Todd then gives Paul's cock a yank before he puts it into his mouth.  After that, Paul sucks on Todd's cock and even tolerates some face fucking.  The guys also 69 and continue to share more oral sex.  Eventually, Todd offers up his hole and tells Paul to "slide it right in."  Paul fucks him on all fours and on his side where he pile drives him deeply.  The boys finish off the scene masturbating, side by side and watching each other.  Both lads spurt off some nice cumshots.

Yet again, another nice scene.  The masturbating ending was a wonderful way to mix up the typical cumshot climax that accompanies most porno scenes.  It was almost like watching best friends masturbate next to each other for the first time.


Scene five:Brandon Manilow and Mark Vernon

Back at the indoor pool area, the boys passionately kiss and lick each other's nipples.  Brandon quickly pulls off Mark's pants so that he can get properly acquainted with Mark's cock.  Next, Brandon receives a wet blow job and proper ball licking in the pool.  Once the boys are horny enough, Brandon fucks Mark on the side of the pool.  The pair fucks until Brandon cums on Mark's backside.  Mark cums on his chest while Brandon watches.

Mark made this scene work; Mark not so much.  Mark wasn't bad, but then again he wasn't able to maintain an erection and Brandon acted like he was having so much more fun. 

Scene six:Steve Jennings and Jerome Reynolds

On a bed, Steve pulls out Jerome's cock to give it a proper oral greeting.  Steve does a great job at making Jerome's penis feel welcome so Jerome tries to do the same for Steve.  Steve then eats out Jerome's ass and licks away like a madman.  Steve also fingers Jerome's hole before he shoves in his thick cock.  Steve fucks him doggy style and with his legs up in the air.  Finally, both guys jack off  their loads onto Jerome's chest.  

This was good because the sex was fun to watch and the actors were passionate towards each other. 

Scene seven:Keith Johansson and Trevor Yates

I love blond and brunette pairings!  Trevor is a svelte brunette with a huge dick and Keith is the cute blond who gets to have fun with it.  The boys start out in a sauna pool, their dicks rising above the surface.  The boys start to "test the waters" by stroking.  Keith then receives some personalized attention, both through Trevor's hands and mouth.  Trevor then stands out of the water so that he can show off his big dick.  Fortunately, Keith sucks away on that veined monster and gives it the attention it deserves.  Keith then bends over to receive Trevor's huge cock.  As he thrusts in and out, Trevor really can't go too far in without Keith wincing (I wonder why!).  Trevor then fucks Keith, holding his legs up in the air.  When Trevor is close to cumming, he asks Keith if he "wants it."  Keith nods and lets that big dick squirt into his mouth.  Trevor also allows Keith to squirt his load onto his tongue.  Yummy!

What a wonderful scene!  Both guys have huge dicks, both of them fuck passionately and both of them take each other's loads.  I can't stress it enough, this was one very hot scene!

Scene eight:Jacques Briere and Rick Fontana

Jacques opens the bathroom door to find Rick peeing.  He stands there watching Rick's big dick but then apologizes when he realizes that Rick knows he is peeking.  However, Rick invites him into the bathroom to let him play with his cock.  The guys suck on each other's cocks passionately.  Jacques then lies down so that Rick can rim his ass.  While his hole is being rimmed, he spurts out a load onto his chest.  Now in the bedroom, Jacques gets on all fours so that Rick can fuck him.  Jacques then points his ass up into the air so that Rick can fuck him from above.  Rick fucks him until he pulls out and shoots off his load.  He covers Jacques's chest with cum.  After that, Rick sucks on Jacques's cock some more and jacks him off to a nice completion.

This was a very nice scene.  The sex was great and there were plenty of cumshots.  On a final note, Rick reminds me of Rob Lowe in the 80's so he made my retro fantasies come true!

Scene nine:Justin Boyd and Jason Knightley

In a shoe closet, the boys make out on a couch.  Justin pulls out Jason's cock and starts to go to town.  Jason then sucks on Justin's perky pecker as well.  Justin then bends over and asks for Jason to get his ass ready.  Jason obliges by gently rimming Justin's hole and stroking on his cock.  Once the hole is ready, Jason fucks him from behind and on his side.  Finally Jason cums on Justin's backside, and then Justin jacks himself off.

This was a good scene, although not nearly as hot as some of the hotter scenes.  Both actors were cute, especially the tiny (in stature) Justin who is paired with the hunky and well muscled Jason.   

The DVD:


Shot in anamorphic widescreen, the image is bright and colorful.  The interview footage uses an over-saturated green color scheme, in an attempt to make it stand out from the regular sex scenes.  Fortunately, the sex scenes themselves are detailed and colorful.  Some of the scenes felt slightly underlit, but that may be my own bias.



The sound was good, enabling all of the action to be heard.


Extras include scene selection with the option for watching the oral/anal/cumshot portion of each scene, and a trailer for 'the Private Life of Brandon Manilow.' 


Final thoughts:

Just as Spiderman 2 bests Spiderman 1, '2 too many boys' far surpasses its predecessor.  The film's amazing nine sex scenes are well staged, well lit, and very hot.  Additionally, the models are cute and there is a great variety of men. The DVD boasts an anamorphic widescreen transfer, which is a wonderful direction for Bel Ami titles to be headed.  Therefore, this title easily comes awarded with the XCritic Pick rating.  I would argue that, in this case, there is never a situation where there are too many boys!  

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