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No Experience Necessary

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005-2007

Director:Sebastian Bonnet

Cast:Luke Hamill, Justin Boyd, Rick Fontana, Keith Johansson, Tim Hamilton, Noah Aniston, Elijah Keilor, Brandon Manilow, Phil Sardou, Sascha Chaykin, Kurt Diesel, Ethan Clarke, Etienne Pauliac, Marc Vidal, Andreas Mouskouri, Niall Dawson, Davy Paxton, Jan Gabriel, Thierry Aulin, Leon Boisen, Rafael Bianchi, Manuel Rios

Body Types:young European guys, guys with minimal body hair


Things to see:amateurs paired with trainers, oral cumshots, facials, threesomes, orgies, acrobatic sex, dildo play, fun with food, shaving

Plot:16 candidates and 8 trainers are paired in these sexy segments.  

The Movie:

Compiled from segments shot for Bel Ami online, this movie features 12 scenes of "inexperienced" actors being paired with some of the staple Bel Ami stars.  While this description might sound similar to the 'personal trainer' series, the scenes are actually much better than those found in the aforementioned series.  Instead of silly build ups, these actors jump right into the sex.  There were a few scenes that featured an introductory shower or shave, yet the action quickly progressed from that point on.  In fact, there was one hot scene where some of the action took place before the main scene was set to occur.  In this delightfully erotic segment, the actor gets ready for his scene but soon starts to tease the director (Sebastian Bonnet) by pulling out his penis and sucking on it.  In this unexpected moment, Sebastian decides to put down the camera (fortunately there were two camera men) and stroke off his penis onto the guy.  I loved the spontaneity of moments like this, which ultimately makes for hotter scenes than an entire film full of scripted and predictable sex. 

Speaking of predictable sex, the film does feature some scenes that could be classified as very good, but just not very exciting.  Especially for a film that has 12 scenes in it, there is bound to be some predictability in some of the sex acts.  Fortunately, there is a sprinkling of variety that is spread out throughout the film.  Two of the scenes involve Bel Ami models performing acrobatic sex in front of the camera (you won't find these moves at the circus!).  There is also some dildo play, fun with whipped cream, and a few orgies.  One orgy in particular (the last scene) was one of the hottest group scenes that I have laid my eyes on in a while.  This scene features a voracious bottom (Manuel Rios) who loves to be fucked and get creamed with cum even more.

Overall, this title has much to love, including a sparkling transfer, hot models, and some spectacular sex.  Therefore, you might want to check this title out.  After all, as the title says, there's no experience necessary.

Scene one:Luke Hamill instructs Justin Boyd

Luke, a sleepy looking brunette, makes out with the beautiful blond Justin.  Luke sucks on Justin's pink pecker and then Justin returns the favor.  Next, the guys 69 and Justin's hole is fingered.  Once Justin's hole is properly rimmed and loosened, Luke shoves his cock into Justin.  Luke fucks him from behind (use the force Luke).  Justin is also jackhammered on his side, making him moan a ton.  Finally, Justin spurts out a delicious white creamy mess, followed by Luke cumming as well. 

Luke looked tired in this scene, but Justin looked fresh and cute.  The sex was good, including Justin's sticky mess at the end.

Scene two:Rick Fontana instructs Keith Johansson

Keith, a blond muscular young buck, shaves and showers for his shaggy brunette trainer (Rick).  Before the action begins, he unexpectedly starts to give Sebastian a blowjob before his actual scene.  Sebastian is so turned on that he easily shoots his load onto Keith's chest.  Keith then heads over to the bed to give Rick a blowjob.  Rick also sucks on Keith's dick, showing much enthusiasm.  After that, Keith has his hole lubed up an penetrated from behind.  Keith also straddle fucks Rick's cock and then is fucked on his back.  Keith shoots out his load while being screwed and then Rick shoots onto his chest. 

I loved the unexpected blowjob for Sebastian.  It looked like Keith propositioned Sebastian, which quickly led to this incident.  The rest of the sex is good and juicy!  

Scene three:Tim Hamilton instructs Noah Aniston and Elijah Keilor

Tim is paired with two other young blonds.  The guys take turns licking on Tim's penis, until they all form a sucking chain-gang.  Tim then bends over both guys and fucks Noah first.  While being screwed, Noah sucks on Elijah's cock and rims his hole.  Tim then screws Elijah while he lays on top of Noah's back.  Tim alternates between fucking each of the holes.  Finally, Tim fucks away until he rips off his condom and shoots his load equally into each of his new recruit's eager mouths.  He also lets each guy suck on his spent cock as well.

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This was a great threesome.  All of the actors were eager to please each other.  However, the best part was the double oral cumshot/facial for Noah and Elijah.  Tim miraculously shot out equal loads into each of their mouths.  I guess it pays to be equal!

Scene four:Brandon Manilow instructs Phil Sardou

Brandon is paired with a spiky haired young brunette.  Brandon starts to play with Phil's penis, which quickly escalates to some dick sucking.  Phil then returns the oral favors and spends some time licking Brandon's balls.  After that, Phil has his hole fingered and lubed up for some action.  Phil bends over and takes it up the ass.  The guys then form a highly acrobatic position with Phil's legs up in the air and Brandon fucking him in the opposite direction.  Brandon then switches around and fucks Phil as if he were doing push ups.  Brandon fucks him until he pulls off his condom and aims his dick towards Phil's face.  Phil gets a ton of cum onto his chin and into his mouth.  Brandon jacks off Phil onto his chest. 

This was another great scene due to the variety of acrobatic sex positions.   I'm amazed that Brandon wasn't tired after pumping away in the push ups position.


Scene five:Sascha Chaykin instructs Kurt Diesel

Sascha, a blond 19 year old gets to screw Kurt, a handsome brunette.  First, Kurt sucks on Sascha's beautiful thick cock.  While Sascha enjoys his oral attention, he pulls out the camera man's cock from his pants and starts to give him head.  The camera man quickly joins in the action and starts to suck on the guys as well.  Kurt is then fucked by the camera man while he sucks on Sascha.  The camera man then pulls out and shoots his load onto Kurt's chest.  Sascha then screws Kurt some more in a straddle position and from behind.  While the boys are screwing, the bed actually breaks, so they have to take a short break before they start up again.  The cameraman then comes back for more and offers up his hole for screwing.  Sascha screws the camera man and eventually shoots it all over him.  Kurt then receives some help while he jacks off his cock. 

This scene was pretty good.  I'm now starting to believe that the "spontaneity" of the camera men joining might be more of a gimmick than an actual spur of the moment thing.  However, the sex was good and Sascha's penis looks delicious since it's very thick; so much so that the condom looks like it barely fits on his thick dick. 

Scene six:Ethan Clarke instructs Etienne Pauliac

Etienne, a spiky haired blond with a nice smile is paired with Ethan Clarke, whose hairstyle can best be described as "mullet chic"?  Ethan peeks into Etienne's underwear and then starts to suck on his plump pecker.  Soon enough, Etienne sucks on Ethan's manhood as well.  The boys continue to alternate between sucking on each other's cocks, in a variety of positions until Etienne shoves his ass into Ethan's face for some licking.  Etienne is then straddle fucked on the ground, from behind and on his side.  Ethan fucks him until he blasts off his cock onto Etienne.  The scene ends with Ethan jacking off Etienne.

This was good, although not quite as hot as the previous scenes.  The editing for Etienne's cumshot featured an awkward jump cut, leaving me to believe that he wasn't ready to cum until much later. 

Scene seven:Marc Vidal instructs Andreas Mouskouri

Andreas, a young brunette makes up the bed with Marc.  The boys undress and start to suck on each other.  Sure enough, that horny camera man decides to interact with the actors again, where he sucks on both of the actor's cocks and plays with Marc's balls and hole.   Andreas sucks on Marc before both actors form a 69 position.  Sebastian then brings out a black bag with dildos to compare their meat to the artificial ones, although the boys don't use them. Marc then screws Andreas gently in a variety of positions.  Finally, both guys spurt off their cocks onto Andreas's chest.  

Marc Vidal is one of my favorite Bel Ami actors due to his good looks and his ability to make actors feel calm.  He consistently aims to be more romantic in his scenes, resulting in (generally) gentle and romantic sex.  Here, he works over Andreas (and his big dick) without a hitch.  Overall, this was a good scene.

Scene eight:Rick Fontana, Ethan Clarke and Luke Hammill instruct Niall Dawson, Davy Paxton and Jan Gabriel

Three new recruits get to have sex with some Bel Ami pros.  Two of the new guys are brunettes, while one is a twinky blond with a Sandy Ducan 1970's haircut (Yuch!).  The guys start giving each other multiple blowjobs and they have fun with some whipped cream.  Two of the recruits are then bent over and probed with a dildo.  Eventually, all of the new recruits are screwed on couches.  During parts of the scene, the Bel Ami tops switch so that they alternate who fucks who.  Finally, Ethan screws his recruit until he cums into the guy's mouth.  Luke and Rick shoot their loads all over the recruit's backsides. 

The sex was pretty good but this scene felt a quite brief.  It would have been nicer to see more of the action since the scene literally flies bye.

Scene nine:Marc Vidal instructs Thierry Aulin

Marc returns for this scene to have sex with Thierry, a cute and always smiling blond.  Thierry shaves his hole in he bathroom, and Marc trims his pubes.  After that, Marc sucks on Thierry's cock, balls, and rims his (now) hairless hole.  Marc then gets his turn to be sucked and rimmed.  Next, Thierry has a dildo shoved up his ass to get him ready for Marc.  Marc then fucks him from behind and in two acrobatic positions where Marc fucks him in the opposite direction as well as a sideways/underneath fuck that I can freely admit that I have never seen in porn before.  Finally, each actor releases a nice load.

This was a great scene because both actors were responsive to each other's pleasure and they looked like they had a good time.  Thierry is also a really hot young actor; one that I hope to see more of.  

Scene ten:Ethan Clarke instructs Leon Boisen

Leon, a sexy brunette fitness trainer, gets ready for the shoot by having his ass and public hair trimmed.  Once he is "trim and proper," Ethan begins to suck on Leon's uncut member.  Ethan also has his own dick sucked on before he rims and lubes up Leon's hole.  The guys fuck on their sides, from behind and in a straddle position.  At one point, the camera man unzips his pants so that Leon can suck on his dick while the fucking continues.  Ethan also sucks on the guy's dick, while still assuming his role as the top.  Ethan fucks Leon until he cums, followed by Ethan dousing Leon's chest with spunk.

This was another pretty good scene.  The director's participation was an added bonus and was actually quite hot.

Scene eleven: Brandon Manilow instructs Rafael Bianchi

Rafael, a sexy young and buff brunette starts the scene by making out with Brandon.   He sucks on Brandon's dick and then Brandon returns the favor.  The guys also 69.  After much foreplay, Brandon fingers Rafael's hole, which quickly leads into some dildo play.  While the dildo shoves in and out, Brandon sucks on Rafael's hard cock.  Soon enough, Brandon fucks him for real this time.  Brandon fucks him on his side, and in a straddle position, and on his back which ultimately results in Rafael cumming.  Brandon then screws him some more with his legs up in the air and from behind.  Brandon shoots onto Rafael's dick and then Rafael cums again!

Yet again, another great scene.  Rafael's double cumshots were a huge plus. 

Scene twelve: Marc Vidal, Ethan Clarke and Rick Fontana instruct Manuel Rios

Manuel, a young brunette with a fat curved dick, gets to be the lucky main attraction in this orgy.  He shows much passion throughout the scene, like some wild dog in heat.  He starts out by sucking on Brandon's dick, while the other two take care of his lower regions.  Next, Manuel has his hairy hole fingered and stretched.  After that, the camera man brings over a ton of condoms for all three of the tops.  The guys screw Manuel in the following order: first Rick, then Ethan, followed by Marc, and then ending with Rick again.  Once the guys can't take any more dick teasing, all three of the tops jack off their loads onto Manuel.  The cum lands all over his chest, face, and into his mouth.  Manuel doesn't cum, but he looks like he was having a good time.

This was an excellent scene to end this movie!  Manuel is such a horny devil who delights in being gang banged and then tasting some cum for dessert. 


The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is bright, colorful and expertly lit.  Most Bel Ami titles seem to display the same beautiful images, and this one isn't any different.  There was only one minor problem that occurred in one scene.  Basically, there was some sort of digital pixelation that seemed to last for only a few seconds.  However, this was hardly noticeable and it quickly disappeared. 


Overall the sound was good.  All of the action could be heard without a hitch.  One minor complaint was that Bel Ami chose to not provide any subtitles, so I was left clueless about what was being said on-screen. 


Extras include animated menus, scene selection and a trailer for Bel Ami Online.  The scene selection feature was easy to navigate, plus there is an extra "oral, anal, orgasm" option that takes you to the particular sex act of each scene.

Final thoughts:

This DVD is packed full of quality sex scenes with beautiful models!  Some scenes were simply good, while others (the final orgy for example) were excellent.   While this title might qualify as "amateur," the segments are of high quality in the audio visual department as well as in the sex itself.  Therefore, 'No Experience Necessary' is awarded a highly recommended rating.  

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