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Mating Season

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/16/07

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Date of Production:2007

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Troy Allen, Joey Amis, Renato Amoroso, Thierry Aulin, Benjamin Bloom, Justin Boyd, Ruslan Brodovich, Josh Elliot, Henri Gaudin, Luke Hamill, Steve Jennings, Hans Kaas, Hans Klee, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Colin Reeves, Manuel Rios, Eli Rogers, Johnny Surabaya, Alexei Zagorin

Body Types:young European guys, guys with minimal body hair, uncut cocks


Things to see:outdoor sex, threesomes, oral and facial cumshots

Plot:It's Springtime in the rustic country and these boys seems to be afflicted with the mating season.  

The Movie:

If you ask me, there is something in the air that makes you horny when you go camping.  In addition to an unbridled desire for makingsmores by the campfire, something happens in your body that makes you want to have sex while you are camping.  Whether in the tent, behind some rocks, or next to a tree, you suddenly want to experience new sexual adventures in ways that you normally wouldn't  even consider in your own back yard.   Perhaps thehorniness comes from primitive man's desire to procreate in nature, or perhaps the sense of being alone amidst nature makes us want to be closer to someone.  Regardless, if you plan on going camping anytime soon, remember to bring two things with you: chocolate forsmores and condoms and lube for sex.  Happy camping!

Bel Ami is well aware of this animalistic sexual urge that occurs during man's adventures with the outdoors.  Thus they have created this film about a group of guys bike riding out into nature and finding a bit more than they planned for.  The last sentence could easily describe some low budget horror film, where the group finds mutant zombies living among the rocks, or a gloomy town full of psychos.  Fortunately, the thrills that you will get from this film occur in the sex department, and boy oh boy, there are some thrilling scenes! 

The group of bike riders ride to an abandoned building, where they quickly break apart to have sex.  Meanwhile, another (smaller) group of bike riders discover the secret "service" being offered at a local outdoor bar.  Eventually, and I hope it won't ruin the surprise for you, the two groups of bikers meet up for an orgy of dicks, lube, and hay.  Along the way, we get to watch local farm boys making out with each other, in between their plowing and sowing of their seeds.  That in itself is the "story" which doesn't leave much room for growth.  Fortunately, your penis will grow and stay rock hard throughout the entire film. 

The film's sex makes up for any lack of a cohesive story.  Spread throughout six scenes, you will find one threesome, several couplings, one orgy, and one incredibly hot marathon suck off taking place in a bathroom.  While some of the scenes are very good, nothing truly captured my amazement and made my jaw drop as much as the bathroom suck off.  In this scene JoeyAmis waits in the makeshift outdoor bathroom for guys to come his way.  Once the guys leave, however, they literally have "come" his way.   Throughout the course of the scene, guy after guy heads into the bathroom to be sucked off by Joey.  Not only does Joey give each guy the proper oral attention, and with a smile, but he also gulps down each of their loads as if that were his only source of daily protein.  Towards the end of the ordeal, Joey even allows the bartender to screw him and give him one last protein martini for the night.  This scene alone is worth your money and will have you "cumming" back for more. 

Mating Season has so much quality sex and hot guys that you will surely want to add it to your collection.  Of course, watching this film also might make you long for your own outdoor excursion to discover the sights and sounds of nature.  However, good luck finding these hot guys in your local woods though!

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Scene one:Hans Klee and Bolek Polanski

In an abandoned barn, two lovers (Hans Klee and Bolek) make out amidst the heaps of straw.  The couple begins by erotically kissing each other and disrobing, while they are propped against a ladder.  Soon enough, both of the actors shareblowjobs.  During Bolek's scene, a cute puppy comes over to distract the pair.  Bolek tosses the dog into the hay (playfully, not in a mean way) so that the guys can get back to business.  After that, Hans is screwed all over the barn, or to steal a quote from the film 'Young Frankenstein,' they have a roll in the hay.  The scene ends with a sticky mess on Han's ass, followed by Hans jacking off his own dick. 

This scene was terrific because the camera catches how irresistible the guys look naked.  Both actors have beautiful thick cocks that will undoubtedly make you drool.  The sex itself is quite good and well staged. 

Scene two:Luke Hamill, Troy Allen, Josh Elliot

A group of bike riders stop at an abandoned building in the country. The guys break off into different groups, leaving three guys to make out in the staircase.  Luke and Josh bump and grind Troy from both ends, as well as undress him and lick all over his body.  The licking eventually leads to some sucking on Troy's cock.  Troy then heads south so that he can suck on both of the guys at the same time.  After that, the guys head upstairs for more fucking on an old mattress.  Josh finger probes Troy, and then fucks him.  Both of the guys tag team Troy, leaving him little chance to breath.  Luke also fucks Troy on his back, until he shoots off his dick onto Troy.  Josh cums onto Troy's shoulder. 

While the actors were cute, the sex simply wasn't as hot as the former scene.  I'm not saying that this scene was bad, there was just some chemistry missing from the actors, who appeared to be acting as opposed to enjoying each other. 

Scene three:Benjamin Bloom and Davy Paxton

The other pair, from the biker group, find a quiet spot in the building.  Benjamin starts to kiss Davy and remove his black biking spandex.  Both guys shareblowjobs before they start to fuck.  Benjamin is fucked with his legs up in the air and from behind.  Davy ultimately cums on Benjamin's backside and Benjamin jacks himself off. 

This was a pretty good scene.  Both actors smiled a lot and appear to be passionate towards each other, even if it becomes clear that they are acting.  One other minor complaint was that Benjamin isn't hard throughout most of the fucking.  

Scene four:Roman, Manuel, Colin, Eli, Ruslan, Alexei, Hans (Kaas), Johnny, Henri, Joey, Steve

At an outdoor bar, a bunch of guys share drinks.  However, in a a nearby outdoor restroom, things are about to get hot.  In the bathroom, Joey sits on a toilet (thankfully not using it) and waits around for horny lads to stop by for a blow job.  One of the guys from the group heads over to use the restroom, but gets distracted by Joey's accommodating mouth.  Joey sucks off the stud and even lets him cum into his mouth.  Feeling like a stud, the guy heads back to the table to boast and brag about his sexual exploits.  His friends, however, decide that they too want to getblowjob from this oral expert.  One by one, each of the lads head over to the bathroom for some oral action.  One by one, each stud gets to squirt their load into Joey's semen hungry gullet!  Eventually, every guy (all nine of them!) gets off, leaving only the bartender who comes over at the end.  The bartender (Steve) lets Joey suck on his cock, but decides that he needs to fuck him good before he lets him taste his man juice.  The bartender fucks Joey in the cramped bathroom.  Finally, Steve squirts a creamy load into Joey's mouth and all over his chin.  The grand totalcumshots for Joey in this scene: 10 guys!

Wow!  What a crazy scene!  Oral cumshot fiends will go gaga over this scene.  All of the actors were cute and handsome, especially the constantly smiling Joey.  It's no wonder that Joey has such perfect white teeth since he's always getting cum squirted into his mouth!  This is one of those scenes that you will probably never forget because your dick will be so sore afterwards.

Scene five:Renato Amoroso, Theirry Aulin

Out in some crop fields, two country boys travel via a rusty old tractor.  Renato, wearing only overalls, begins to shovel some of the hay out of the tractor.  The hay shoveling, or perhaps Renato's penis giggling around, enticesTheirry to come over and rub Renato's cock.  Soon enough, the boys pull out their "plowing equipment" and start to share blowjobs.  Eventually Thierry is fucked on all fours, on top of the tractor.  The boys also screw on their side before Renato shoots his load onto Theirry's crotch.  Theirry jacks off a delicious creamy load.

This was a wonderful scene!  Both actors were cute, appeared to be attracted to each other, and were hot as hell to watch having sex together.  Theblowjobs were spectacular with Renato using lots of eye contact and Theirry looks fantastic as he sucks on Renato's thick penis.  In addition to the hot sex, the scene itself was beautifully lit amidst the outdoor sun. 

Scene six:Luke Hamill, Troy Allen, Josh Elliot, Benjamin Bloom and Davy Paxton, Johnny Surabaya

The original group of five bikers cross paths with two more bikers.  All of the guys head off towards the abandoned barn from the first scene.  Apparently the bike riding and scent of hay made the guys horny because they all start to have sex.  The guys break off into two groups of couples and one threesome.  The boys share lots of dick sucking at first and alternate between each other.  After all of the dick play, the group decides to start fucking.  Two couples fuck, while the threesome involves some nice tag teaming.  After all of the fucking,cumshots fly around with most of the jizz landing on the bottoms' asses. 

It's too bad that the scene didn't end with some sort of juicy bukake finale, but this scene still has a lot going for it.  I liked how one actor from one group would gently massage another actor from the other group.  This made it seem like all of the couples were connected in some sort of fucking friendship circle.

The DVD:


The video is presented in beautiful fullscreen transfer.  The image is bright, colorful and nicely lit, although there were a few moments of over-saturation.  One quirky aspect of this DVD is that the image partially cut off the credits (on the left and right of the screen).  To check into this problem, I played the DVD on my computer, where the image registered as awidescreen transfer.  Therefore, I assume that this title plays on anamorphic widscreen televisions, yet fullscreen users will suffer from some of the image being cut off from each side of the screen.  Keep in mind that all of the action can be seen; only part of the side is missing.   

The sound was great. All of the sounds of nature and the passionate grunting from lads making love can be heard.



Extras include scene selection with the option for watching the oral/anal/cumshot portion of each scene, and two trailers for Bel Ami products. 

Final thoughts:

Mating Season is a hot movie that I invite you to add to your collection.  The sex is great, the guys are cute, and the scenery is beautiful.  Therefore I wholeheartedly award this title with the XCritic Pick.  

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