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Boy Watch Part 5

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/16/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Joey, Chip, Sergei, Vinnie, Charlie, Nikolai, Freddie, Tony, Jeremy, Eddie, Attila, Attila, Adam, Ferenc, Krisztian, Laszlo, Janos, Tibor, Irto, Gabor, Tibor, Attila, Geza, Krisztian, Gergo, Alexandr, Peter, Roland, Szabo, Kristof 

Body Types:guys 22 and under, European guys


Things to see:cute guys masturbating, autofellatio

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

What an interesting reality TV show this would make; Bel Ami studios offers a tryout competition for men who want to be porn stars.  The rules are that thirty guys must masturbate in front of the camera for the chance of becoming a real Bel Ami model.  However, only ten of the thirty hunks will make the cut, and those winners will personally be chosen by George Duroy himself.  The lucky winners will then be invited back for an additional photo shoot and signed on as a Bel Ami Model. 

Given the outlandish nature of some of the "reality" shows out on television, I wouldn't put it past producers trying to create a naughtier version of reality TV.  Alas American audiences  would be hard pressed to find a bare ass on TV, let alone honest to goodness nudity.  As a result, the likelihood of seeing anything Bel Ami related on TV will be slim.  However, you can watch this exciting DVD in the pleasure of your home, which is almost like watching one of those reality TV shows, only it features much more nudity and lots of semen.

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Once the film's DVD menu loads up, you have the option to select between the categories of the "top ten" and the "other twenty."  The top ten guys are (obviously) those lucky lads who were chosen to be the up and coming Bel Ami models.  While all of the thirty models have numerous redeeming features (hot bodies and nice dicks), you begin to understand why George Duroy chose the models that he did.  One commonality of the models is that they have a good on-screen presence, with looking into the camera as if the cameraman was their lustful lover.  Additionally, the "ten" models have distinct, handsome looks that clearly set them above the rest of the models.  There were a few of the "lesser" models who I personally thought would have made a good choice, but then again, I'm not a rich porn director/producer, just an unpaid porn reviewer.  Regardless, choosing to only watch the top ten models would be a foolish mistake since there are way too many hot guys to pass up in the other section. 

Of those lucky models hand picked by George Duroy, we are treated to a breezy professional photo shoot.  Amidst bright lights and decorated cottages, we get to watch the models pose, smile a lot while holding their erection, and eventually shoot their load.  This segment is quite brief and probably won't send your rocket blasting into orbit.  Fortunately, each of these photo shoots precedes the model's original solo scene.  Thee solo scenes are set up in a similar manner, with the director asking questions about the model's sex life and then quickly leading into the model disrobing and jacking off to a nice finale.  The masturbation portion of each scene is rather nice due to lots of closeups of the model's face and their plump dicks. 

The models themselves are cute and have that distinctive European look to them.  Because the models supposedly come from Budapest, you won't find too many Scandinavian blond lads.  Instead, you will find lots of hunky brunettes with chiseled abs and well veined cocks.  All of the guys have shaved or trimmed chests, well groomed hair, and nice dicks.  Some have darker tans, and some are rather pale.  Fortunately, there is such a huge assortment of different types of guys that you might feel (at times) like you were browsing through a large Sears catalog in search of a dreamy underwear model.  

Overall, your decision to purchase this DVD should rest on your preferences for the types of models.  What you will find here is plenty (more than plenty, actually) of attractive guys disrobing and masturbating in front of the camera for you.  The guys range from cute to the sort of model type that you would typically find in a Bel Ami porno shoot.  I didn't encounter any guys who I didn't think were attractive, and certainly not one case of the crack whore type who is doing this only for money to fill their dependency.  Of course these models are doing this shoot for the money, but they are also doing it because of the quality porn that they will be involved in.  Bel Ami has always been about quality, and this porn demonstrates how far they go to bring the best models in the world to their studio. 

The DVD:


This DVD is presented in fullscreen.  The image was consistently sharp, colorful and well lit.  As with all Bel Ami titles, this is to be expected


The sound was good, although I found the music to be rather cheesy; similar to the music you find at your dentist office.  The music wasn't all too distracting, but it might make you illicit a giggle or two.


Extras include scene selection (you can choose either the "top ten" or "other twenty").  Additionally, there are two trailers for Bel Ami products. 

Final thoughts:

Boy Watch 5 is a great solo DVD.  Several of the guys were extremely hot, with huge pecks, abs, and giant cocks.  The solo scenes are also pretty solid and consistently erotic.  Therefore, I highly recommend that you consider this title for your collection if you are looking for a quality solo DVD.

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