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Boy Watch Part 6

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005

Director:George Duroy

Cast:Dave, Jakub, Jan, Frantisek, Ben, Jan, Dean, Petr, Pavel, Martin, Tomas, David, Jakub, David, Jakub, Martin, Martin, Lukas, Jarda, Tomas, Petr, Frantisek, Jan, Dalibor, Marek, Michal, Pavel, Hugo, Jiri, Anton

Body Types:Young European guys, muscular types and guys with a "swimmers physique," guys with tattoos


Things to see:guys stroking it for stardom

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

I will probably say this on my death bed; it never grows old to see a guy strip naked in front of you!  I guess it goes along with being gay, but there is just something so wonderful about being able to watch a guy undress in front of your very eyes; to notice how low his balls hang or how large his penis head is, etc.  Most porn, unfortunately, doesn't feature much of an enticing buildup where we get to slowly see more of the model's body until all of his clothes are removed.  Instead, many pornos would rather have the guys jump right into the action, with their penises hard and all of their clothing removed.  Through showing restraint in how fast the nudity is presented, porn can be much more exciting and erotic. 

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Bel Ami shows such directorial restraint in their latest addition to the Boy Watch series.  We first get to watch the models show a little skin before the interview and the concluding solo session.  This technique essentially gives us an opportunity to savor the beauty of the model before we virtually jump into bed with him.  Once the models start their stroking, it's then only a matter of time until we watch them shoot off their loads, and perhaps shoot off our own guns. 

There are so many handsome and cute models in this film so you will undoubtedly be able to watch this film in small doses and still be able to get off.  In fact, I would guess that multiple viewings is the best approach for a lengthy title like this; taking steps to explore new scenes each time until you eventually settle on your favorites.  Speaking of which, there were way too many hot guys for me to easily chose any favorites.  All of the guys are beautiful, cute, and handsome, further making the decision making process difficult for people like George Duroy.  While all of the guys are cute, it should also be noted that the models are also rather young.  Many of the guys are just eighteen years old, while others are barely pushing twenty one.  Basically, if you like your chicken young, then this is one overflowing bucket of fresh meat.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Boywatch series, the premise involves potential Bel Ami models shooting their loads on camera with the hope of being chosen as a Bel Ami model for future hardcore work.  Out of the thirty models, the Bel Ami producer/director George Duroy hand picks ten of the models to become a real Bel Ami model.  The "chosen few" return on another date for nude posing, and (sometimes) another jack off session in front of the camera.  The others who didn't make the cut, however, end up in this film, as well as online in the form of Internet videos. 

Given the level of hotness for some of the guys who weren't chosen, I really hope that those models are given multiple opportunities for other Bel Ami films.  Perhaps it is similar to how society tends to root for the underdog, but I think that some of the other guys had just as much attractiveness and on-screen charisma as those models who were chosen.  In fact, I would love to see a Bel Ami online voting poll where fans vote for their favorite lads (ala American Idol).  The winners would have to prove their worth by fucking and sucking their way to the top!

Overall, Boy Watch 6 is a wonderful solo DVD.  The guys are hot, their loads are explosive, and there is enough solo footage to last you for a long time!  Regardless of the "contest" atmosphere that this DVD presents, you will undoubtedly find much to enjoy in this solo DVD.  I know I certainly did!

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is brightly lit, colorful and sharp.  I have reviewed several Bel Ami titles as of lately and I am always impressed by the amount of effort that they take with making their films look good.


The sound is good and all of the action can be heard.  Music plays throughout scenes and (generally) it isn't too distracting.  Subtitles are provided during the interviews.


Extras include animated scene selection, and two trailers for Bel Ami products.

Final thoughts:

Boy Watch 6 is a wonderful solo DVD.  The film's use of the word "boy" shouldn't be taken lightly because there are some young eighteen year old guys in this DVD!  If you enjoy watching hunky fresh meat and college age studs, then this is absolutely your title.  Therefore, this title is awarded a highly recommended rating for all of its creamy goodness. 

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