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Maya Hills is The Runaway Brat

Studio: Other » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 12/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

There's just something about Maya Hills that I dig. She has a particular presence and aura surrounding her that makes her one of the more attractive porn stars I've been able to watch, and she's a very infectious beauty. She's one of the better discoveries I've personally made while reviewing porno, and "Maya Hills is Runaway Brat" is a Hills led take on a barely legal formula that takes runaway hotties and turns them on good looking men who so happen to come across them while they flee their respective homes and situations. I love the DVD case which has the entire specs on the back of a Milk Carton also with a basic concept breakdown. Five runaways, five older men, lots 'o fucking. So, the Maya Hills fans are asking: Is it worth my money or should I rent it? Let's find out.

Runaway One: Maya Hills
"Runaway Brat" is pretty much like the "Barely Legal" movies, and whether that's a good thing or bad thing depends on the preference of the viewer. The set up for this one is kind of goofy as Hills leads the charge with a pretty interesting opening segment. Hills looks great in just a heavy winter coat and plain clothes, and that's saying a lot. Being stalled in a gas station thanks to her konked out car, Hills is scolded by a mechanic who deduces engine trouble. Only a little under a hundred bucks to pay him for repairs, the mechanic wants something else in return, and Maya strips down revealing her gorgeous body. The mechanic is liking what he sees, and surely enough she strips him down and begins sucking his cock furiously. Intent on pleasing him, Maya opens her mouth wide sans the lips and sucks him off letting his cock reach the back of her throat the entire time, truly a talented girl. She jerks him off haggling the price of the repairs surely enough, and Mr. mechanic plants Hills on a toolbox widespread and eats her pussy out as she screams and moans.

He tongue fucks her as she jiggles and writhes anxiously, and he fingerpops her with two digits hard. Thrusting it quick and hard he screams for her to cum, shouting and growling at her, and surely enough she cums on his hand with a heavy scream. Impatient, he lays her on the floor binding her legs in the air and fucks her hard, pounding her into the ground as she screams clutching the floor. He then leans over dominating her and shoots his cock in a speedy pace in and out of her pussy as she cries out. He plants her legs over her head and basically fucks her upside down, standing up and pounding her pussy as she screams grasping to the floor with her lower body flung over her head. He then brings his cock down to her face and face fucks her. He leans her over pounding her ass like jackhammer, tosses machinery off a counter and lays Hills down pounding her again, leading to a heavy finisher for Hills. No bill paying for this runaway.

Runaway Two: Kaci Starr
Why was Hills considered a runaway again? I don't know, really. She had a car, money, and equipment. As for Kaci Starr, she more fits the bill for a runaway. Starr is hitchhiking trying to find a way to get off and get someone to pick her up and drive her, and is stopped by a biker who insists the road is his. Starr is intent on getting to where she wants to, and explains that she's a runaway begging the biker not to call the cops. The biker though wants to play it to his favor, and invites her over to his house to talk and "help her out." Starr is one of the few porn stars I've seen that looks like an actual woman. She's a bit chunky, has a natural bit of curving and is pretty damn hot. Seeking safety in the biker's house, he volunteers to be her friend, and it's a funny set-up with inadvertently comedic performances. But who cares? The biker makes a move kissing Starr and sitting her down on his lap, and Starr slips off her shirt revealing her gorgeous tits the biker fondles and then makes out with her. Biker leans over to kiss and suck on her nipples, and stands her up slipping off her short shorts and leans her on his lap kissing her bubble butt and spanking her softly. He takes off her panties and sucks her cheeks slowly resting his head on it, and caressing her.

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She sits on his lap kissing him as he fondles her pussy, and then lays her on his lawn chair eating out her pussy as she moans, and she leans over sucking his cock looking up at him and lapping his head, licking up and down his shaft, spitting on it and sucking slowly. She leans over to suck his cock as Biker eats out her pussy and clutches her ass cheeks forming a sixty nine, and she mounts him riding his cock backwards. She starts off slowly and then rides him hard and fast showing off her curvy body as it jiggles. She crouches over and lets his shaft ride in and out of her pussy and turns to ride him revealing her big ass to the camera. She lays on her side as Biker fucks her from behind, and stands as she sucks on his cock deep throating and noticeably gags. Unable to take anymore, he bends her over and ass fucks her pounding her slowly as her large ass sends Starr moaning loudly. Starr looks great in this segment, and holds her own against Biker man.

Runaway Three: Tera Wray
Tera Wray has a secret admirer/stalker who is crouching down behind the trees taking pictures of her in her house. She's not a runaway. She has a house, and looks well clothed and damn good. Make good on promises, directors. Either way, she grabs the photographer and grills him as he defends himself with "Freedom of the Press" arguments that really make no sense. Violation of Privacy anyone? I'm such a nitpicker. Either way, the photographer admits he's catching her thanks to her fame after the Runaway porn, and she demands compensation from the pictures. He asks to be let go, but she has something else in mind he can repay her with. She begins fondling her tits lifting her pink hood, and he leans over kissing her and caressing her tits much to her delight. He strips her down and leans her over spanking her and rubbing her ass. She unclothes him and kneels down to suck his cock as he continues clicking pictures.

He lays her on the couch and begins eating her pussy and fingering her, and taps at her pussy. Wasting no time he enters and pounds her with her legs high in the air. She lifts herself up and fucks him, and he leans over pounding her harder and harder as she begs for more. She mounts him and props herself on his laps riding him backwards and fast screaming about her oncoming orgasm, and crouches riding his long cock. He lifts her up placing her against the wall and fucks her standing up. Wray lies on the floor raising her legs high in the air, and he pounds her standing up. He lifts her up and she rides his cock first in her pussy and then in her bubble ass, and fucks her from behind, and leads to a finisher. The resolve of the pictures situation is pretty funny.

Runaway Four: Kimberly Wood
This set-up is just stupid, I'm sorry. I know this is porn and all, and I'm just supposed to buy this or ignore it as fantasy, but a young girl going to a coroner for a check-up on her eyes because she can't afford to pay a doctor and doesn't have the patience to wait? I mean, that's just brain dead, I'm sorry. A doctor would have worked much better because of the tables and desks available. And again, she isn't specifically a runaway, just a moron who is too cheap to pay for medical bills, but alas, the coroner argues for a bit and then agrees after she insists she'll do "anything" to be seen by him... surely enough he bends Wood over rubbing her body, and strips down. He kisses her tits and takes her bra off, and leans her over fondling her bubble butt. He begins kissing her all over and clutches her tits from behind, kissing her on the neck and she takes his pants off. The two kiss and embrace, and licks her tits petting her pussy slowly. Wood mounts the table and spreads as coroner leans down to eat her pussy out rubbing her tight body.

Per the routine, coroner fingers Wood as she lifts her long beautiful legs in the air, and speeds up as she heatens up; The Coroner sits along the table and Wood goes down on him first savoring his cock and then performing the same technique Hills did letting his cock hit the bottom of her throat. She holds it in her hand and licks the shaft, and sucks him off slowly, then strokes him. She stands strolling over to the table, and the coroner moistens her pussy up and penetrates her slowly and steadily. He speeds up a bit fucking her, and then pounds her hard holding her legs to his chest. He takes Kimberly and leans her over on the table fucking her ass, and Kimberly begins riding the coroner hard, crouching over to let his cock slide in and out of her great ass. She turns rubbing his cock and rides him backwards looking almost scared to fall off the table. The coroner finally finishes her off ready to take a look at her eye.

Runaway Five: Onna Starr
Onna is a runaway! And she's hitchhiking, to boot. What a concept for this flick. Looking a bit tired and bored, Starr is flagged down and offered a ride from a trucker who agrees to drive her to her destination. The driver stops to show Starr the back of his car which houses a bed, and begins hitting on her, kissing and caressing her they begin making out on the side of the road. He takes her top off revealing her gorgeous tits and rubs on them as she strips him down, and Starr leans the driver back kissing him and begins to suck his cock anxiously, mounting along the back of the van. She quickly mounts him putting his cock in her ass, and steadily begins riding him first slowly and then lets him pound her. In spite of my fear that Starr would go into this half cocked, she really does tear into her mate, riding him like a champion and clutching the walls of the van.

After a heavy fucking, she leans over sucking his cock and jerking him off. He leans her over and spanks her ass, and fucks her ass and then turns to her pussy fucking her with her leg high in the air. She finally leans over sucking him off again, lapping at his shaft, and is spread out as he moistens her pussy fingering her and fucks her again, this time with Onna propped along the doorway and riding his big cock. She gets tired and the driver takes over fucking her from beneath as her tits flop like window shades. He fucks her from the side holding on to her tit, and oddly the director shoots a wide shot showing the van. I didn't get it. He leans her over fucking her ass, and then fully dominates her, bringing her down to the floor and riding her ass almost standing up. She finally leans over and sucks his cock, leading to a thick creamy finisher, and I ain't talking Cream of Wheat.

This was obviously a bit of an amateurish porno from the creator of "Barely Legal" as you can pick up basically every sound in segments filled out doors. During Starr's segment, cars can be heard in the distance, planes can be heard in the sky drowning out the voices, and someone can be heard working in their yard only feet away. When we do zero in on a close-up, the male performers voices sound muffled in the microphone and I can barely make out what they say. Beyond those caveats though, the sound is great. The picture is damn near perfect with a full screen presentation and the colors are a bit dull but tolerable. The video is sharp and crisp and makes for good quality viewing.

There are some great little extras and nuggets in this DVD, and I was anxious to see what they would have for us. "Behind the Scenes" is a six minute featurette mostly showing Maya Hills during a photo shoot and canoodling with the director. This special focuses on the first segment in which Hills is setting up the mechanic opener, and jokes with the male co-star. We also zero in on Starr trying to fuck and focus, and Onna Starr being choreographed and filmed. It's a basic but kind of dull extra. There are "Interviews," a twenty four minute segment featuring one on one interviews with Maya Hills who talks about her past in Russia and her childhood. Hills has a great globe trotting life and the interview is absolutely fascinating. There are also interviews with Kaci Starr talks about her start as a porn star thanks to MySpace, and Tera Wray fucks herself on the way to the airport. It's better than sing alongs. And she's going to get implants, which sucks because she's pretty perfect the way she is. It's tough not to enjoy the interview with Wood who looks absolutely hot just sitting down and smiling. There's a photo gallery featuring screenshots and modeling shots from the stars of the movie, and There's also "Pop Shots" which has an icon that pops up that allows you to go straight to the cum shot during the segments, and there are also trailers to future releases, and ads for the website. My favorite extra though is the nine minute bonus scene featuring the absolutely gorgeous Hills fondling herself and fingering herself for the camera. This is definitely a great scene.

After Thought:
It just all feels like "Barely Legal Runaways" in the end with Maya Hills leading the charge with a segment that doesn't hold a candle to the rest in this compilation, in spite of the coverage she's given. I'm still big on Hills, but for the folks looking for a porn centered on her, this won't be it. "Runaway Brat" though is an interesting and pretty good porn with great production qualities, and wonderful extras to keep you sitting pretty for an hour. I'd say it's worth your money if you absolutely must see Hills, or are a fan of the "Barely Legal" series.

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