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Dawg The Booty Hunter

Studio: 1st Strike » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/17/07

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Megan was a cute gal!

Dawg the Booty Hunter

New Porn Order/1st Strike

Genre: Gonzo

Eden was a curvy gal with large breasts.

Director: Summer Haze

Cast: Megan, Jason, Eden, Rod Fontana, Celeste, Summer Haze, Crissy, Craig Valentine, Brooke
Non-sex roles by: Rob Spallone, Hershel Savage, Manager
Note: Ron Jeremy was advertised on the front cover but not in the movie, the ending text saying they’d see him next time

Celeste and Summer Haze in the locker room (looking for mites).

Length: 141:26 minutes

Dates of Production: 1/25/2006, 3/30/2006, 3/31/2006, 5/28/2005, 7/2/2007, 7/3/2007, 7/11/2007

Crissy was sunbathing on the roof top.

Extras: The best extra was the 10:46 minute Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of clips with Craig and the rest of the cast goofing off; sometimes including nudity by the ladies but usually adding in some silly humor (as well as a cameo by Jim South). There was also a slideshow and some trailers, the DVD case covered by a slipcase replica of the cover.

Condoms: None

Brooke was too skinny for my tastes.

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Audio/Video Quality: Dawg the Booty Hunter was presented in full frame color with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1 as shot by director Summer Haze for New Porn Order to be distributed by 1St Strike. The lighting was generally decent, limiting the grain and video noise a bit though I did see some edge enhancement and aliasing (and the second scene was desperately in need of a C-light). The show looked a lot like the Bang Brothers titles with better lighting for the most part, the shaky camera a little too aggressive in moving around and the dynamic relying more on raw energy than technical brilliance. The composition of the sex scenes was pretty solid in making the ladies look as good as can be expected given the circumstances, still keeping the amateur look (primarily of the introduction sequences where the cast gets to know each other) but otherwise providing a straightforward experience. The bitrate hovered in the mid 5 Mbps range as I spot checked it, with few compression artifacts observed; the editing in need of polishing up in most of the scenes. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate for the audio. The vocals were seemingly captured by the microphone attached to the camera so there was no separation and the dynamic range was limited but this is common in the genre.

Body of Review: Summer Haze is one of those people in porn that can affectionately be called a go-getter for the way she tries to make things happen. I’ve spoken to her briefly at shows and the playful hustle she displays always reminds me of a stripper trying to get you to buy a lap dance; practically giving you one as she convinces you that you won’t be sorry (and true to form, you never are as a result). Now that she and her former boy-toy partner have been releasing titles on their New Porn Order label, I suspect she’ll be working the convention floor even harder next month, and to be frank, in such a crowded field of endeavor, her personality may well sell more copies than the covers alone do (the company’s covers are kind of lame most of the time) with the latest case in point being Dawg the Booty Hunter. This being a porn parody of a syndicated mainstream show, it helps to have seen the original being copied but I decided to focus my attention on my reviewing stack instead of background matters like that. The idea is that Craig (the aforementioned boy toy partner) is the leading bounty hunter in a group where Summer is his female assistant and they are backed up by sarcastic, caustic-witted Rob Spallone as their working partner. Rob has long been one of the funniest guys in porn to refrain from having sex on camera (something about his wife killing him IIRC) and I have long appreciated his roles in the fuck flicks as a guy who helps keep things real. This time, the vignettes are loosely tied together by the trio as they seek out people they have a contract on, be it errant porn stars like Herschel Savage or ladies that try to offer up sexual services to avoid getting hauled in. I hope future volumes build on that kind of sexual tension a bit more but it seemed to be kind of fun watching what happened (even if the names on the cover bore little relation to the ladies in the ending credits). If you’re still interested, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Megan, a cute brunette with a lean body, was up first sexually after a cute clip of Herschel being hauled in. She worked with a scrawny moper named Jason as the female hair stylist provided him the kind of services that are guaranteed to net a big tip. She had real knobs on her nipples in the form of piercings and while his cock was small, she appeared to be his girlfriend so they had some chemistry together as she bounced on his dick vaginally. I like active gals and while the camera was held too close in most of the time, it was a nice little romp with better lighting than previous efforts by the company (NPO), perhaps Rob’s expertise assisting in the shoot. The couple moved about the salon as her meaty labia pressed the matter further, Jason jerking off to her face a small load of population pudding as she sucked away and let it all fall back on his lap. It was a solid opening as the freaky dude fussed at them.

Scene Two: Eden, a hotty with large breasts, was up next with bald Rod Fontana; the guy probably more than twice her age. She was cute and had a body built for comfort over speed, the two pawing each other in an office as traffic drove by while she dropped to her knees to slob his knob as they played on the staircase where they could be seen from the street (outside of Jim South’s World Modeling Studio). Anyone familiar with the location at 4523 XXX will know the staircase in question, the standard oral and vaginal boning not caught as evenly as the last scene but adding the thrill of nearly being caught before the fugitive retrieval experts tagged him in the warehouse. She took her facial well and even if half the footage was heavily saturated thanks to low lighting, it was worth a few stroke sessions.

Scene Three: Celeste, a gal with some nice curves and limited acting ability, was up next in a locker room as blond Summer Haze showed why she’s the owner of the booty hunting service; catching the gal unawares and thoroughly searching her to make sure she had no weapons other than her green dildo. Celeste played along in the lesbian romp fairly well (being a good sport) though it was clear that she was tossed into this type of vignette with little warning; the pair making it up as they went along. They ate each other out and showed that it was more than just a “gay for pay” pairing with the ladies having fun; some editing needed here (as in a few other scenes) to clean up the parts mistakenly left alone.

Scene Four: Crissy, a blond porn performer causing problems with her libido gone astray, was up next with Craig Valentine; the leading male as seen on the middle of the front DVD cover. His mission was to bring her in and she wanted to do him before giving herself up; the cameraman filming them as the two hashed out their respective needs on the roof of the hotel by the pool where she was sunbathing in the nude. She blew him, he went down on her, and they fucked vaginally in a straightforward manner. She wasn’t the most energetic performer and as nice a guy as Craig may be, his cock was decidedly average in size so he wasn’t pushing her limits a whole lot on the windy rooftop. The background chatter was barely audible over the wind but this was a largely generic scene for me to watch, the thought crossing my mind that ad-libbing isn’t a major feature on her resume. Her body was that of a Miami stripper with a lot of time in the sun though, the kind of gal expected in the show even if one I would have to think about if she offered me a blue light special (two danced for the price of one). It ended when he forced her in the men’s bathroom with more goofing on Ron Jeremy (apparently, he bailed on the production).

Scene Five: Brooke, a skinny redhead at a familiar porn shop, was up last as she became the last target of booty hunter Craig Valentine. Her agent sent Craig to pick her up on the crappy, rainy day, Craig denying her requests as he dragged her out to the van. They went to the motel room to get his stuff and winded up in bed, the usual sexual exploits taking place as the cameraman watched them suck and fuck. They discussed his intellect a bit first, his experience with porn gals resulting in the sex and his ultimate denial of her desire for freedom at the end. She’s way too skinny for my tastes and sexually, the scene lacked anything remotely appearing to be chemistry or skill showed by the pair together but it wasn’t so bad that I averted my gaze either. In that sense, they covered the basics from the blowjob to the vaginal lay well enough. It was a shame to end the movie on such a mediocre note with the final two scenes coming off as largely boring but fans of newcomers might enjoy it more than I did; him rubbing off a modest load to her ass cheek to close things out.

Summary: Dawg The Booty Hunter by director Summer Haze for New Porn Order showed some potential for the series to add appealing humor to the sexual action demanded by consumers but it fell short of the mark this time. An opening salvo in a porn parody designed to be a series (or potential series) is not usually the best volume as the rough edges are honed out over time but the use of new gals and some added laughs made it a pretty good title as far as a Rent It is concerned. There were technical issues with some scenes and the ladies did not all have the same appeal or skill level so your mileage will vary but Dawg The Booty Hunter may well turn into a project that fans of the mainstream syndicated show should seek out if it improves on the basics like I think it will under Summer’s guidance.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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