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Naturally Yours 2

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/18/07

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Naturally Yours 2

Diabolic Digital

Mannella had some round breasts!

Genre: Gonzo, Natural Breasts

Director: David Perry

Emanuelle has seen better days.

Cast: Stella, David Perry, Mannella, Steve Holmes, Mike Angelo, Emanuelle, Bruno SX, Riley Evans, Talon, Daria, Veronica Sanches, Natasha Nice, Jenner

Length: 152:20 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/25/2007 to 10/18/2007

Riley Evans was pretty hot here.

Extras: The best extra was the 11:41 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Much of it was related to the photogallery being shot but the sexy ladies were held back from doing much more than that here; weakening the overall effort considerably in the process. There was also a photogallery, a popshot recap from the scenes, some website info, and a double sided DVD cover with a nice slipcase protecting the case too.

Condoms: None

David, Daria, and Veronica were up next in scene five.

Audio/Video Quality: Naturally Yours 2 was presented in a fair 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director David Perry for Diabolic Digital. The lighting was almost always decent but so strong in some cases that it washed out the fleshtones and weakened the overall visual impact of the scenes. There was little grain and video noise but weighed against the way this was shot, you might want to be careful (no wonder why the director wasn’t credited on the front cover). In a related observation, some of the scenes looked actually markedly better with proper lighting and perfect flesh tones so look below for more details in this regard. The composition of the shots weren't always completely flattering to the ladies but at least there was rarely any doubt about what was going on and where it was going; given the quality of the cast, this made it more enjoyable too. The fleshtones were generally accurate and the bitrate hovered in the mid 4 Mbps area so it did not look bad all the time but not as good as some of what the other directors have been offering. There were no compression artifacts and the visuals were generally handled pretty well here. The audio was presented in a 1.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate. The music was generic but the vocals; while plain as could be, could be heard in almost all cases; only slightly hollow at times when the ladies were making it clear their limits were being pushed.

Natasha Nice was the best of the batch.

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Body of Review: David Perry has been involved in making porn for many years on both sides of the camera, recently directing for companies like Zero Tolerance and Diabolic Digital. His latest title to make it my way was Naturally Yours 2; a series devoted to natural breasts on ladies having gonzo sex. The standard six scenes, bare bone extras, and spotty technical values that David has provided in the past were all in evidence here too, some of the ladies looking better than others but other ladies performing better than the cute ones. If this interests you, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn but most of the scenes showed little creative spark to make them stand out, even compared to the numerous titles by other directors at Diabolic who have proven to have some talent of late:

Scene One: Stella, an attractive brunette with MILFish breasts, was up first in the bathroom as she felt herself up in front of the mirror. Her cold, almost distant gaze seemed to slowly melt away when she encountered David Perry as he walked up behind her with his rod at full mast. She dropped to her knees to suck him off and provide a titty fuck but they moved to the living room to continue where her oral skills easily took care of his modest member. The vaginal fucking was fair at first but she did seem to become more active as things progressed; nearly killing David as she scratched her itch in the process of draining him dry of population pudding. I’m sure it felt better than it looked on camera though and the titty pop shot closed up a lackluster opening scene (a bad omen).

Scene Two: Mannella, a curvier gal that at least smiled as she rubbed herself during the tease session, was up next and her seductive nature was much like that of professionals working foreign red light districts overseas. I give her credit for her show although the aggressive camera work seemed disjointed to the kind of tease she offered, Steve Holmes and Mike Angelo only caring about getting off with her rather than providing a superior scene for fans. Steve was first as he played with her breasts and nipples, her excessive moaning ruining some of the illusion of her getting off. They kissed and it seemed like she enjoyed his attempts at making her happy but just as they settled into a program, the action would change. She gave a decent blowjob on her knees and the passive titty fuck broke their rhythm but the screwing showed she had a lot of experience riding a penis in her biscuit. Mike joined in when they took the show downstairs and she spent equal time sucking and being fucked by the men; the taste testing common in terms of the PTM and less so out of her ass (ATM). In short, I’d fuck her on a dinner date or to reward her for cleaning my house but I wouldn’t go out of my way considering how most of the scene went. Still, she showed some potential and fans of DPs might enjoy how her healthy ass looked while the men drilled her. The scene ended after the men rubbed out loads to her chest.

Scene Three: Emanuelle, a curvy blond with a mechanical tease act but enough of an accent that she’d be draining my wallet in real life at any local strip club she worked at for how well she playfully worked the camera. She was another professional sex worker, probably recruited off the street too, but she knew the power she had over aging lothario Bruno SX as he pawed her and it was a telling dynamic for those of us oold enough to be her fath…, big brother. The post modern look of the set and her complete lack of polish in front of the camera actually worked for her better than the way the other two before her. He ate her out front and back and she responded orally as though following her cue; taking his modest penis inside of her pussy as her titties bounced around. She did PTM and gave a short vaginal ride where she appeared to be active (most of the pounding done in passive style by her as he did the majority of work); the excessive lubricant pooling up in an unflattering manner as he nailed her hairy crotch until the titty pop.

Scene Four: Riley Evans, one of the most attractive gals in the movie to this point, was up next with some tease in the bathroom and then in the living room after she donned a metallic pink bikini. Okay, her titties did not look real to me but her fleshy ass was really hot to look at so I didn’t pay as much attention to her chest as Talon worked her over with his hands and mouth. Her box was neatly trimmed and the two of them displayed more natural chemistry than all the rest put together by this point in time; her blowjob skillfully applied but showing some rough edges too. I’d like to see her in a scene where the technical matters were better handled and with someone really into her (they were better than the others but still far from where they needed to be to make this movie a winner) but the vaginal ride was pretty good at first and ended with a titty pop as expected.

Scene Five: Daria, Veronica Sanches, and David Perry, were up next after the ladies offered some tease and minor league lesbian play in the house. The editing sapped some of the heat as did the rush to include the male part of the scene; their skimpy attire hugging their frames really well as they took turns blowing and fucking with his dick. His cold manner toward them made the scene about as exciting as watching a game show on TV at times (if the guy fucking the women has little interest in doing so, how is the guy at home supposed to fantasize about what she feels like?) but the ladies kept trying to revive the heat from before he entered the picture. David used to be one of the best meat puppets in foreign porn but he treated this one like a job so all the appeal of the gals was lost to me. The oral and vaginal fucking led to titty pop central, the ladies appearing to want him to finish quickly as if they had an appointment they needed to be at (like getting a root canal done at a dentist).

Scene Six: Natasha Nice, the fetching young lady gracing the front cover of the DVD case, was up last and after the movie showed but a single scene with replay or stroke value, I was happy that this one appeared to have a completely different crew and director; perhaps Greg, in charge. Natasha was skilled at teasing the camera with her physical presence and she knew how to get the most out of a moper like Jenner by letting herself go as he sucked her breasts. Her meaty labia looked a bit unkempt (unshaven in awhile) but her ability to draw him in added something to her performance that the others simply lacked so much of. Jenner might not be the prime stud of porn these days but he gave her his full attention too; always looking interested in being there with her and doing her right. He spent some quality time between her legs with his mouth and hand, warming her up nicely with her own oral skills tested a bit (if not enough). The screwing was pretty good as she actively engaged his dick too, the eventual load striking her chest. In all then, this scene saved the rating for me and kept the movie in the ballpark of acceptable rental material; I’d be very surprised if the real director of it was actually David.

Summary: Naturally Yours 2 by director David Perry for Diabolic Digital held few surprises for me and in a world full of generic gonzo porn, that’s a bad thing. There were only two scenes even approaching acceptable stroke material status with the ladies ranging from “deer in the headlight” types to “I’ll do that but it’ll cost you extra” street walking types in the other scenes. The technical matters were spotty, the extras weak, and the overall execution of the scenes drove me to wondering if something took place to diminish the relevance of David’s earlier works where he at least showed he cared some of the time to what is now a casual indifference so I rated it as a Rent It based on whatever uncredited director gave it some appeal on the sly. In short, Naturally Yours 2 did focus on breasts and as far as generi-porn is concerned, you could do worse but Diabolic has offered so much better this year that I’d ask why bother with titles not living up to the company’s usual quality?

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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