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Ashlynn & Friends #2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ashlynn Brooke is a very attractive young lady.

Ashlynn & Friends #2

Digital Sin

Audrey Bitoni showed some polished moves.

Genre: Vignette

Director: Tyler Scott

Jenny Hendrix was great as the turning point of the movie.

Cast: Ashlynn Brooke, Alex Gonz, Tommy Gunn, Audrey Bitoni, Mark Ashley, Jenny Hendrix, Mr. Pete, Lexi Belle, Jordan Ash, Julia Bond, Michael Stefano

Length: 120:09 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/18/2007, 9/6/2007, 10/11/2007, 11/1/2007

Lexi Belle was bound for pleasure.

Extras: The best extra was the bonus scene from Fresh Outta High School 5 that included Ashlynn Brooke doing some third tier moper lasting 24:36 minutes as described below. It was a pretty good scene and her fans should enjoy it a lot. My favorite related extra was the 27:27 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that began with an interview of Ashlynn Brooke (and her puppy pal Lacey) where she claimed this was her first on screen bbg scene. The interviews included all the ladies of the cast except for Julia Bond (what a mistake to exclude her!) and gave them some time to talk about their careers. There were some trailers, a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and some spam.

Condoms: None

Julia Bond was my favorite of the entire show and a great way to end the movie.

Audio/Video Quality: Ashlynn & Friends #2 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as shot by director Tyler Scott for Digital Sin. Unlike other titles where Tyler partnered up with another guy like Greg or Daniel, this one showed him firmly at the helm as he set the lighting reasonably well to eliminate the grain, video noise, and other things that bother picky fans. The camera angles were a bit mixed in terms of making the ladies look their best but the editing covered many of the minor issues and the shaky camera did not get in the way too much. The bitrate of the show seemed to hover around the mid 3 Mbps area and I did see compression artifacts from time to time. The picture generally looked decent overall with some shadows getting in the way in a couple scenes more than others but it seemed competently handled in most ways. Keep in mind that this was another title where a watermark of the company logo is included on the lower right hand corner of the entire movie, showing it fairly light but a nuisance according to most correspondence Iíve had with consumers nonetheless. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate, the vocals tending to be minimal once the sex started as did the music but the lack of separation and limited dynamic range were about what I expected of the aural characteristics of the movie.

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Body of Review: Tyler Scott has long been one of the most prolific directors for Digital Sin and over time, his scenes have improved on their technical aspects much like his peers working at the company. These days, he generally gets the lighting done right and that minimizes the other problems with the picture but it is his casting that still needs some polishing up. Some would relegate the blame for this aspect of a movie to the producer but Iíve never been such a guy, the director always controlling the sets as far as I am concerned. Tylerís work is very close to that of Brother Love, whispers about them being the same guy abounding for years even though scenes credited to each appeared to have unique characteristics; both enjoyable when done right. Tylerís most recent release making it to me is the vignette oriented Ashlynn & Friends #2, the sequel to Ashlynn & Friends #1 where the nod to contract hotty Ashlynn Brooke only meant she was in a single scene, two if you could the previously released bonus scene shot awhile back. I hate it when a porno makes it sound like a performer is the star of the show and in multiple scenes but the back cover showed who worked with whom even if the text gave the impression that Ashlynn was fucking all her female peers. Hereís what it said to give you an idea: ďWe've let Ashlynn on the loose again, and this time, she's brought an all-star cast of freaky friends for a fuckin' freaky time! Check out Ashlynn Brooke with Audrey Bitoni, Jenny Hendrix, Julia Bond, and Lexi Belle in this killer cunt con-cock-tion that will have you gettin' jizzy with it. These silly little bitches are looking to have a fun & wild time gettin' their legs spilt and their pussies hit with the big bad boner that blew the house down. It's Ashlynn & Friends...so it's going to be one hell of a night!Ē Ashlynn and the other ladies were all attractive though so I gave it a fair look for those interested in some in depth coverage. That said, hereís a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used but that irritating watermark was on all the footage:

Scene One: Ashlynn Brooke, the beautiful young lady featured on both sides of the front DVD cover, was up first with Alex Gonz and studly Tommy Gunn. She began with some erotic tease by the window using an ice cube but did not delay offering herself up to the men as they pawed her and orally pleased the young lady. In turn, she blew them actively and showed them that she has learned a trick or two in recent months; displaying a fair amount of energy as well as chemistry at times during her vaginal scene with the men. It might have been a nice change of pace had the sceneís opening eroticism continued but they all went into strict gonzo mode where she dropped to her knees to please them with blowjobs, the men soon plowing her fertile field one after the other in a number of standard porn positions. Alex was a net provider of oral on her and it worked enough that she gave Tommy some extra heated head before Alex claimed his just deserts by nailing her first. Sadly, she was a relatively passive screw here, letting the men do virtually all of the penetrative work as she concentrated on blowing whichever one wasnít inside her biscuit, weakening the sceneís dynamic even though she was a very physically attractive gal. The scene ended with the men busting a nut of population pudding on her face (technically, two nuts of it) with most of the spew falling onto her chest. While far from her best work, it was a warmish opening scene all the same.

Scene Two: Audrey Bitoni, brunette with large implants and seductive eyes, was up next as she followed the formulaic approach during her opening masturbation montage where the droning music was in need of being turned way down (if not altogether off) before engaging full throttle with Mark Ashley. A seasoned professional, Audrey has never really appealed to me all that much but Iíve seen some performances by the lady that nearly made me a fan; almost always sexually aggressive and willing to use her assets as needed for the show. This time, he went down on her for a moment and then started banging her, the fake moans almost convincing me they had some chemistry together as he drilled away at her pussy and she actively slobbed his knob coated with juices. When she was on top of his lap doing cowgirl variations, she was very much in motion (adding a lot of heat) and as inconsistent as the scene was for me, she did manage to give it some serious replay value because of it. The entire living room was their oyster and if she had only jerked him off to completion, Iíd have been able to say she truly shined but it did show the scenes were getting friskier and more fun all the same before the ending facial.

Scene Three: Jenny Hendrix, a fetching blond that has been really ramping up her game in recent months, was up next as she showered in her blue lingerie to the same kind of droning music. For whatever reason, the music wasnít as obnoxious this time and her use of the portable shower head added some heat to the scene as she watched the omnipresent camera capturing the moment. I especially loved the shape of her ass and her cute face, the gal projecting a look much like retired Tiffany Rayne when caught at the right angle before Mr. Pete took over this time. He warmed her up in the shower stall and she rewarded him with a very enthusiastic blowjob until it was time to fuck. Initially, he spanked her and pounded away at her cookie from all sorts of angles but she cranked up the heat when she was on top of him, showing a driven attitude with a need for seed that impressed me as being genuine. Her rippling ass cheeks aside, she stole the show for me at this point and elevated the rating an entire level all by herself, my hope that the following two ladies could do likewise (even though it becomes geometrically more difficult to go up a level); the scene finishing up by the bed when he gave her the weakest pop shot of the day, the facial savored by the gal until the picture faded out.

Scene Four: Lexi Belle, a cute little blond with a lean body and innocent appearance, was up next as she struggled against the ropes tying her to the couch. A strategically placed vibrator in her panties was buzzing away to get her warmed up, Jordan Ash joining her to continue warming her up with some loving attention before freeing the blindfolded lady. All of her physiological responses indicated that she was getting off here, Jordan showing far more ability to do so then usual as he took his time with her on the couch; the pocket rocket humming away as he made her taste it clean and continued to rub her clitoris with it. She was still bound when he gave her his cock to suck but she liked it enough to continue working it over even when freed. He hammered at her pussy and she was even more active riding the dick than Jenny, at least in terms of consistency throughout the scene, and that made it another top notch scene to enjoy. The expected facial came after she did some PTM; the semen flowing into her mouth well enough with Lexi playing with his load until the camera faded out. Whew!

Scene Five: Julia Bond, a personal favorite and all around babe, was up last as she walked up the staircase seductively in her sheer black negligee and matching accessories. To say that her tease was the best of the day would be an understatement and her newly blond hair was a cute touch; more so than her growing body art for me at least. Her round rump, pretty face, and playful look on her face showed that she knew exactly what effect she would be having on her fans at home, rubbing herself as she ended up on the highly polished kitchen table in front of oralist Michael Stefano. Michael has long been a guy willing to go to town on the clam; in this case eating her before porking the other, other white meat she offered. Her ass looked incredible in the doggy all bent over like that and she gave a mostly enthusiastic ride showing her ability to make things happen. She gave some sweet head towards the end of the scene, slapping her titties against his rod and otherwise building up his load for launching; Michael taking over at the last second to spew all over the place to her immediate delight. Yum!

Bonus Scene: Fresh Outta High School 5: Ashlynn Brooke, the beauty on the front DVD cover, was up first as she played a high school senior in the expansive living room with Greg introducing her to predator Kurt Lockwood. Kurt and Ashlynn stayed when he left and they reacquainted themselves with her going along with his suggestion of some heated action. If you like a guy twice the age of the gal getting some from her, you will really like this scene since she was looking exceptionally attractive here, using her coy innocence better than most as she coaxed his cock into her throat. The aggressive hummer led to Kurt going down on her, followed by a moderately active ride where the gal impaled her pussy soundly on his average penis. Her throaty groans of pleasure aside, she was thankfully in one of her more active modes this time as the men bumped uglies. For his part, Kurt kept quiet and the scene went well as he wasn't too large to prevent her from working his rod too much so I was appreciative of that fact. The vaginal ride included some taste testing and a load of population pudding to her mouth, the camera fading away before she could swallow or otherwise dispose of it.

Summary: Ashlynn & Friends #2 by director Tyler Scott for Digital Sin started off a bit slowly and I wish that Ashlynn Brooke had been given more than one new scene here but the other ladies picked up the ball nicely so I rated the DVD as Recommended. The technical matters were competently handled and aside from the music that opened each scene, the audio was about average with some fair extras adding knowledge of most the ladies thanks to the interviews four of them had. In short, Ashlynn & Friends #2, like Ashlynn & Friends #1 before it, was not the best work by the ladies or the company itself yet there was a decent amount of fuck for the buck thanks to the replay and stroke value presented so give it a look to see why I liked it so much.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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