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Bel Ami XL Files Pt. 2

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/19/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2004

Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Movie:

WARNING: Make sure to sit far back from your television screen because when these 20 horse cocks are hard, they could poke your eyes out!

Run Time:

2 Hours 10 Minutes


Randy is a very cute twenty one year old from Slovakia with short brown hair. Hes recently moved to Prague and is looking for work as a barman. Randy digs biking, swimming, and sun tanning! He removes his shirt revealing a nice toned/smooth chest with tasty hard nipples. Next up, Randy yanks off his faded blue jeans showing off his full dark bush, large uncut cock, and plump nuts. He grabs that dong with his right fist working the foreskin back n forth over the purple knob while rubbing his chest and hairy nuts with his left hand. Using his thumb and fingers to stimulate that award-winning tool, Randy shoots a thick load on his stomach and pubes.


Cute Honza has short brown hair and runs his own carpentry business. He strips down revealing a smooth/slender/tight body with full brown pubes, plump nuts, and an unclipped prick with knob exposed. Honza begins playing with himself making his cock quite large as he slides his right fist up n down the shaft with a nice steady tempo. Switching to his thumb and fingers to pleasure that tube steak, he busts a thick nut on his stomach. Nice cum-filled foreskin.


Mario is very cute with short brown hair with ears that stick out. Hes wearing a tight white wife beater tee shirt and blue jeans, likes going to the gym, and has been living in Prague for about half a year. Yanking off his clothes, Mario shows off his hot tanned/smooth/toned body with dark pubes, big uncut cock with long foreskin, beautiful butt, and hangy nuts. Mario bends over the sofa giving us a tasty look at his tight hairy bunghole and hairy balls in mouth-watering close-ups and then jacks off sliding his foreskin up n over the purple knob. Mario has beautiful hangy nuts and soon works himself into a frenzy squirting jizz on his stomach and arm.


Cutie Lukas has short dark brown hair and enjoys table tennis, running, and swimming. He would like to become a soldier to develop and discipline himself and earn money to study. Stripping down, Lukas shows off his toned/smooth body, dark trimmed pubes, plump balls, and unclipped tool. He has a very large cock with a tasty purple knob and jacks off with his left hand working that foreskin for all its worth while rubbing his large hangy nuts. Lukas reaches the point of no return and cuts loose with a thick load of spooge on his chest and stomach.

(A Different) Lukas:

Lukas is a nice-looking dude with medium-length brown hair and pierced ears. Hes into fitness, music, and traveling. At this time, he doesnt work or even go to school. This charming freeloader gets money from the unemployment office, his mom, and his granny. Frankly, thats pretty pathetic. Yanking off his duds, Lukas reveals his slender/smooth body, full brown bush, plump uncut cock with long foreskin, and plump hangy nuts. Dude has a very nice bum. He bends over and shows off his tight hairy asshole in extreme close-ups and then gets down to business wanking that big dick sliding his right fist up n down giving his foreskin a complete workout and shooting a thick load on his bush and fist. Get a fucking job!


Vladimir is a very cute guy with short dark hair wearing a tight white shirt and faded blue jeans. His hobbies include biking, sports, sex, and money. Luckily, he also studies history at a local university. Removing his clothing, Vladimir reveals his toned/slender/lightly hairy body, dark pubes, unclipped dick, and plump nuts. He bends over giving us a cool look at his tight hairy bunghole and then gives his big dick a complete workout jacking with his right hand to the point of producing some tasty pre-cum on the tip of his purple knob. Hot! Working the foreskin back n forth, Vladimir manually stimulates himself until he lets loose with a thick load of spooge all over his shaft and stomach.


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Cute Johnny has medium-length light brown hair, enjoys playing hockey and is in the military. Johnny seems to have a problem: every time he sleeps with someone, the next day he has no interest in anything. He digs intense sex and soon disrobes showing off his toned/smooth body and white striped boxer shorts. Loosing the boxers, he reveals light brown pubes, an unclipped member, and plump nuts. Johnny pulls his large pork with big purple knob using his right fist and then switches to the left where he uses his thumb and fingers to slide up n down the hard shaft working that foreskin over the knob. Jacking faster n faster, he dumps a small but thick load on his stomach and pubes.


Jirka is cute with a brown buzz cut who enjoys scuba diving, sky diving, and was a parachutist in the military for three years. After an accident, he is currently a frogman for the military. Yanking off his white shirt, blue jeans, and white briefs, Jirka reveals slender/lightly hairy body, full brown bush, large uncut cock, plump balls. Bending over, he shows off his tight hairy butt hole with tasty close-up and then wraps his right fist around that big dick and gets down to some serious pork pulling. Working the foreskin up n over his purple knob, Jirka produces a bit of pre-cum. He strokes faster and shoots a thick load of love juice on his stomach.


Twenty-six year old Lubo is a cute married dude with brown hair that likes folk dancing. Theses days, his hobbies include watching TV and sleeping. Lubo freely admits that hes addicted to sex and needs it at least once every day. Dude has two kids. Removing his blue and white sweater and faded blue jeans, Lubo shows off his smooth/slender body, full brown pubes, unclipped dick, and plump nuts. He plays with his quickly growing pole until its a nice big size and then begins sliding his right hand up n down the rigid shaft working that foreskin. He bends over giving us a groovy look at his tight hairy pucker and then goes to town on his member shooting a tick load on his stomach.


Very cute dude Honza has short dark hair with ears that stick out and is wearing a red tee shirt and black jeans. He digs sports, swimming, cars, and computers. He admits to once having sex in an elevator. Stripping down, Honza freely shows off his slender/toned/smooth body, full dark bush, long uncut tool with foreskin that covers the knob, and hangy balls. He jacks that fat cock with is right hand working the foreskin and then switches to pleasuring himself using his thumb and fingers to stimulate that mouth-watering organ thats crying out to have a hypnotic tune played on it. Flogging that meat log, Honza shoots thick jizz on his fist and pubes.


Spunky n cute nineteen-year-old Vojta has short brown hair and digs hanging out with his friends while throwing back brews. The first time he had sex was on the job at a bakery and the last time was spicy up at the Bratislava castle in the tower. Sounds like a certain someone likes public sex. Vojta shows off his slender/tight/smooth body, full dark pubes, hangy nuts, hot bum, and unclipped dong. With legs spread wide, he pulls his pork using his right hand sliding the foreskin back n forth over that knob using long full strokes. The jacking becomes faster and Vojta shoots a load of jizz on his stomach and pubes.


Libor is a good-looking twenty-five year old dude with medium-length brown hair who likes computers, tennis, and music. He soon slips outta his tight blue tee shirt and faded blue jeans revealing his slender/smooth/tanned body, dark trimmed pubes, uncut dick, and plump hangy balls. He spreads those legs nice n wide and is soon stroking that big dick with his right and then left fists concentrating on the purple knob. Dude has some very mouth-watering hangy nuts and works himself to the point of no return dumping a thick load of love juice on his chest and stomach.


Nineteen-year-old Marko is very cute with a dark buzz cut who enjoys drawing, swimming, football, and tennis. This young hottie claims that foreplay is useless. What a goofy statement like that hes really showing his inexperience. Yanking off his tan tee shirt and baggy blue jeans Marko shows off his tall/slender/tight/smooth body, closely trimmed pubes, unclipped tool, and nice nuts. He has a short foreskin so when hes working that purple knob with his left hand; there isnt much to slide. Dude digs that knob action and completely concentrated on that one area for self-pleasure producing some tasty pre-cum and then squirting a large load hitting his chest, stomach, and balls. Hot dude!


Another Lukas! This guy is a very cute eighteen year old with blond hair who digs skiing, roller disco (okay, just regular roller skating), partying, and enjoys techno music. He also likes sex on the kitchen counter where he can pound like a jackhammer. Removing his red tee shirt and kaki pants, Lukas shows us his smooth/slender body, dark bush, unclipped pork, and hot plump n hangy nuts. Lukas jacks that large cock using his right fist working that foreskin up m over the knob making his balls bounce. Picking up speed to stroke nice n fast, he squirts a large load of this goo on his fist. Hot!


Twenty-one year old Patrick is very cute with s brown buzz cut and has been kickboxing professionally for four years and also enjoys swimming, skiing, and going to the gym. Stripping off his tight black tee shirt and black jeans, Patrick reveals a toned/smooth body, closely trimmed pubes, unclipped prick, and hangy balls. After flexing for the camera, he gets down to business yanking that enormous cock with his right fist sliding his foreskin back n forth over the knob producing some tasty pre-cum. Getting into the groove of a nice wank rhythm, Patrick squirts a large wet load on his chest and stomach.


Martin is a good-looking twenty-two year old with a brown buzz cut wearing a blue tee shirt and blue shorts. He disrobes showing off his tall/slender/smooth/toned body, trimmed pubes, uncut pole, and plump balls. Hes into sports, computers, and reading. Martin gets down taking care of his big dick and big purple knob. He slides his right fist up n down the veiny shaft and slapping that thang fast n hard. Before we know it, Martin dumps a thick load of love on the floor with a big grin on his face.


This eighteen-year-old guy is good-looking with short dark hair, is from Michalovce, plays football, and enjoys hockey in the winter months. Hes currently in his senior year of school and hopes to be a cabinetmaker in the near future. Stripping out of his gray tee shirt blue jeans, Peter reveals his toned/smooth body, hot bum, trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and uncut cock with long foreskin. Using his right fist to spank his monkey, he spreads those legs and quickly works that foreskin back n forth over the knob while his tasty fat balls bounce. Peter is very into rubbing the ridge of his knob and its very hot to watch. In the end, he shoots a thick load of spooge on his stomach.


Cute twenty-one year old Tomas has a cool brown flattop and wants to model and be in porno movies. Hes a go-go dancer in real life and digs sixty-nine. He shows off some of this fancy dance moves and then strips out of his black shirt and pants to show off his hot muscular/toned/lightly hairy body, trimmed pubes, uncut member, nice balls, and sexy bum. Pleasuring himself with is right fist Tomas has a big dick with a deep purple moist knob and works it concentrating on the spot right under the cock head. Switching to his thumb and fingers to continue his self-love fest, he works that foreskin fast n smooth and shoots a thick load that flies through the air. Hot curved cock!


Woo hoo! Petr is exactly my type with brown buzz cut, glasses, and a tall/slender/lightly hairy body. This horny twenty-two year old works as an interpreter for a video chat line but his main hobby is music and being a DJ. His favorite types of music are electronic, jungle, down-tempo, and drum n base. Petr quickly strips out of his yellow tee shirt and brown pants revealing his full brown pubes, plump hangy nuts, and large uncut cock with foreskin completely covering the knob. Jacking with his right hand, his fist glides up n down that long dong while rubbing his balls. In the end, Petr squirts a large thick load on his chest, stomach, and pubes. Awesome dude!


Last but certainly not least, Ondra is a cute twenty-three year old with brown hair that plays net soccer professionally. Stripping down, he shows off his toned/smooth body, dark pubes, unclipped dick, and hangy nuts. Stroking with his thumb and fingers, Obdra works that foreskin up n over the knob concentrating on that one sensitive area to reach self-gratification. Dude gets down squirting a wet load on his pubes and stomach.



The solo auditions in Bel Ami XL Files Part 2 are shot with high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography is excellent providing plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes who are interviewed (not all of them are) with English subtitles provided. The music is cool with some groovy jazz, hard rock, and techno instrumentals.


The disc includes an interactive menu, model selection, chapter stops, a commercial from Bel Ami products, Bel Ami Online, and contact information. There are no bonus features.

Poindexters Roundup:

Yeah! Twenty more cute Central European guys who love to show off their big uncut cocks for the camera! Everything about this movie is cool. The direction is tight, the videography is excellent providing extreme close-ups, and the music is a nice plus. I honestly thought each n every dude was very appealing so I dont have any personal favorites here. If you are into good-looking guys pulling their big unclipped pork, this is definitely the movie for you. I Highly Recommend

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