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I Love Lucy Lee

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 12/23/07

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I Love Lucy Lee

New Sensations

Genre: Asian, Compilation

Director: Varies

Cast:  Lucy Lee, Katie Morgan, Mark Ashley, Mr. Pete, Chris Charming, Brother Love, Rex Holes, Lena Juliett, Claudio Meloni and Axel Braun

Length: Over 4 hours

Date of Production:  4/30/03, 6/18/03, 8/06/04, 4/20/04, 12/21/04, 6/03/03, 3/4/05


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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality:

The 1.33:1 transfer is pretty standard, as we find ourselves venturing through the main clips that Lucy Lee has shot over the years. The Dolby 2.0 stereo track is pretty straightforward, as there is not a lot of sound design to stretch the work. Hell, I'm just glad that there's no ambient noise. The only problem is the wild variations in volume in between scenes. Sometimes, the audio drops so low that you have to crank your television volume three times louder than normal just to hear soft moans. That's not what I expect on a professionally released DVD.


I've always loved Asian fetish porn. I Love Lucy Lee presents a four hour compilation of her best scenes culled from a variety of releases. We get to see Lucy squirt, take it from two guys, take it from a dildo, take it in the ass, take it in the mouth and just get slammed into about any available orifice. Below, I'm going to list my four favorite scenes of this four hour plus compilation.

Scene One:

Lucy Lee needs to squirt. The first major clip I dug was taken from Axel Braun's Squirting 101 where we had several men and a woman working on Lucy Lee's box to get her to squirt. Hell, to make it even more festive they put the folks on a timer. Axel introduces Lucy Lee to the world, as she gets herself ready to have her pussy fisted and fingered in order to get her to squirt hard. Some guys take it and spend up to 20 minutes slowly licking at her pussy and building Lucy up to a squirt. Sometimes, that doesn't work and time lapse editing brings us to the goods.

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Axel Braun gives the other guys tips on using the Shocker and other techniques to get Lucy to squirt, as everyone seems to treat working an asian vagina like servicing a lawnmower. What makes the scene is how it almost becomes a sporting competition to get Ms. Lee's pussy to spray. Hell, Lucy even gives the guys a hand by working her clit to get the juices flowing. Lucy even admits in the middle of the clip that it's hard for her to keep trying to squirt when everyone is making such a big deal. So, they reconfigure the setup and bring out the final hope. They get this Eli Roth looking dude to slowly put the hurting on her box.

Carefully rubbing in and out, we get to see Lucy's pussy contract against the guy's fingers. Axel carefully gives a tutorial of sorts, as we hear them setup the money shot. This is great stuff for those that like to shoot amateur videos or guys that just want to learn how to finger fuck a girl properly. Women of the world should be thanking Axel Braun and Lucy Lee.

Scene Two:


Lucy is playing with herself out in a hallway, when a certain fellow stops by to give her a hand. In this clip from Sex with Young Girls #3, we see Mark Ashley getting the chance to crush Lucy Lee's box. Lucy Lee starts off by working her pussy over and fingering herself. Eventually, Mark Ashley shows up to initiate some oral sex. This leads to the basic porn breakdown of cock gobbling followed by the promise of some deep-dickery.

Quicker than you can say forceful editing, Mark Ashley has got Lucy Lee onto another set and is fingering / eating her out.  Mark flips Lucy on her stomach and it's not long before there's more hardcore penetration. What killed the fantasy for me is when Mark spreads her cheeks and spits on her asshole/pussy. I can handle a little spit, but Mark dropped an everlasting gobstopper up her funhole. Totally killed the scene for me.

But, they managed to salvage the scene with Mark's final moneyshot. I guess the guy has a lot of mucus and other liquids, because he blew the biggest load on her face and chest. The guy looked Spider-Man trying to web someone with how much he dumped on Lucy's tiny Asian frame. Hot as hell and it kept the scene from turning into weaksauce.

Scene Three:

Lucy finds herself in a garage where she comes under the spell of two horny gentlemen. This clip from "Axel Braun's China Syndrome" stars Lucy Lee as she prepares to get rammed by Mr. Pete and Chris Charming. It's not long before the two guys team up and start to give Lucy the business. A lot of people might be turned off by the manhandling, but Lucy Lee plays into it and it helps the fantasy. Even with the Belladonna style cock gargling, when Mr. Pete first throat fucks her.

Then, it gets all Cirque de Soleil as the guys take turns bending themselves into positions to make the MFM threesome work well. Lucy gets her grabbed and her ass tapped, as the guys switch around and pummel her pussy back to the Stone Age. It's kind of violent, but played for hard carnal passion. These kinds of scenes work well for lots of action, but you often have trouble finding a place to focus. Lucy's mouth and pussy are getting so torn up, that it's a sensory overload and you can't keep your head straight.

These are the kinds of scenes that Lucy Lee excels at on this disc. Hell, I could've gone for one disc that was full of nothing but these scenes. If you like to see tiny asian chicks get totally dominated, this is your bread and butter.

Scene Four:

Lucy Lee and Katie Morgan team up for some girl-on-girl action. This clip from "Girl Crazy #5" starts off with Lucy sucking on Katie Morgan's tits. This eventually leads into some harder petting and outright thrusting with a glass dildo. Sure, you get the standard box munching here and there, but the girls don't seem to be that into it. Especially, when you see Katie Morgan whip out her patented porn face that America got to see develop on HBO's documentary series Pornucopia.

It's not long before Katie and Lucy break out of the funk, by lubing up a double dong dildo and working each other down. The site of Katie's pristine pussy rubbing against Lucy's delightful Eastern box is enough to make your eyes go cross. But, even that ends too early as it's followed with a weird edit to a scene where it looks like Lucy is trying to cram the dildo down Katie's throat. I'm not sure who the director on this clip was, but they way the shot Lucy Lee made her look homicidal. Nothing kills a porno fast with a chick who's got crazy eyes.

What follows is some more spitting on pussy and forceful uses of the glass dildo. The repetition totally kills the finale for me, up until Katie decides to take control back. She throws Lucy on her back and tears that pussy apart like it was her hope for salvation. It was truly an excellent finish, but it allowed for Katie Morgan to upstage Lucy Lee on her own compilation disc.

A Final Thought:

It's no secret that porn fans love Lucy Lee. This collection brings together two discs worth of her best and least scenes compiled over the years. The problem with is that the quality of the scenes vary so wildly that you never know what's going to come up next. Flying blind is no way to approach porn, as you never know what's coming around the corner. That's why this is strictly a rental.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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