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Extreme Asses Vol. 2

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Lailanie shaking her booty outside.

Extreme Asses vol.2

Reality Kings.com

Mahlia and Mona hugging in the pool.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jose Tavarez

Tosha and Beauty Dior outside.

Cast: Lailanie, Reno, Mahlia, Jay, Reese, Mona, Tosha, Beauty Dior, Mila Mocha, Cherokee D’ass, Tira Misu, Renato (males not credited, some females not credited so I went with what they said)

Length: 104 minutes

Mila Mocha and Cherokee D'Ass in the shop for a lube job.

Date of Production: 1/30/2007

Extras: The best extra will be the completely unrelated bonus scene with Leila and Sheron lasting 20:36 minutes on a rainy day. They got in the large hot tub with Sonny; the gals gyrating their thongs and getting soap all over the place, eventually sucking him off and taking his cock vaginally. It wasn’t a great scene outside of the tease but it was a nice addition to the DVD all the same. There was also a photogallery for those who care.

Tira looked best with suds on her ass.

Condoms: Some

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Audio/Video Quality: Extreme Asses vol.2 was presented in the common 1.33:1 ratio full frame offering by Reality Kings.com using an uncredited director (sometimes called “Mike” but not always the same guy) to shot the scenes. The lighting was decent, the sets were basic, and the resulting visual aspects of the movie were generic but much like what you’d find on numerous websites these days when surfing the free internet. The composition of the shots was not always optimal but the ladies were allowed ample opportunity to show off their impressive asses. The grain wasn’t a factor, nor was the video noise though and the bitrate was typically in the mid 4 Mbps range or better so I didn’t see any compression artifacts. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate but there did not appear to be any separation between the channels. The music was not a factor once the credits finished up and the voices, while slightly on the low side and hollow, were not as bad as expected.

Leila and Sheron were best at teasing.

Body of Review: Reality Kings is one of those companies that built up a large presence on the internet and then started compiling scenes to be released on DVD as a second tier marketing effort to making additional money from what is often decent footage. The flip side of the equation is that not all their titles are all that special, the latest one falling into the “passable on a bet” category being Extreme Asses vol.2. The idea behind the series is to showcase the large asses of a varied of barely credited women who tease and then have sex with generic mopers, the settings so minimal as to make them lacking in any depth or texture. Still, given the ratings most of us reviewers have bestowed on a number of titles from the movie, I felt obligated to look deeper and see if this was one of the better releases as it showed so much ass; my findings reported below. Here’s a quick look at the scenes though, noting that some condoms were used even if the credits were weak to MIA:

Scene One: Lailanie, a gal with lightened hair and a lean body, was up first as she sunbathed on the rooftop; masturbating and teasing the camera before moving into the small bedroom where she met muscular Reno. He was impressed by her ass and she continued to tease until he oiled her ass up; leading to her slobbing his knob. She wasn’t the most skilled fellatrix in the world so he started boning her pussy while she moaned in a mechanical manner. I liked her a lot better in the cowgirl positions since she was an active rider then but otherwise passive; Reno only caring about drilling her and collecting his check at the end of the scene. The scene ended when he took forever to rub out a load of population pudding to her spread ass cheeks, a healthy sized wad of semen for those that care.

Scene Two: Mahlia, Jay, Reese (or another Jay?), and Mona, where up next in a living room with a small kiddy pool in it. The ladies were shaking their asses and peeling off their clothing as the “oil boys” spread baby oil on their ass cheeks to enhance the look of the cheeks. The only person credited here was Mahlia though I’m pretty certain about the other names as they bantered back & forth the entire time so your mileage may vary if it matters to you a whole lot. The gals paired off with the men after some lesbian action and the wealth of tease; the repeated application of oil working for me as the ladies with lots of junk in their trunk went to work. The dynamic at play was a wrestling match at first but reverted to a standard suck & fuck pairing; the gals at times looking like they were uncomfortable with the scenario; doing anal and using condoms with the baby oil (condoms are not generally best paired with baby oil as it breaks them down). The ladies compared how much spew hit their asses at the end of the scene to close things out too.

Scene Three: Tosha and Beauty Dior, were up next as they sunbathed outside on lounge chairs for Mike. He verbally coaxed them into thinking they were special, the ladies responding nicely as they showed off their wares for the camera. This continued for a long time until they went inside the house to shake their booties some more; finding the gayest looking dweeb on Earth to partner up with. He was happy at the prospect of doing some interracial with them and I give him credit for enthusiasm even if his rod was about as small as I’ve seen of late and hardly what they wanted to play with orally and vaginally. He gave them each some pushing for their cushion but not very much as he couldn’t hold off busting a tiny nut on their asses; a destined outcome after he nearly popped during the limited blowjob.

Scene Four: Mila Mocha and Cherokee D’ass, a couple of large gals with serious curves in an automotive repair location, were up next as they started stripping to show what they had to offer before Reno joined them. They oiled up and shake their booties a bunch before Reno jumped in to see what was going on, the ladies double teaming his dick to get him extra hard for the vaginal screwing that came next. The pyramid approach didn’t work too well since Cherokee was buried deeper in flesh than she looked able to handle but the couch worked well otherwise as the staging area for the trio to screw in the location. The fake grunts and groans did little to get me excited, Reno popping especially fast though as the ladies continued to comment as their asses where coated.

Scene Five: Tira Misu, a foreign blond with a unique look, was up last and she looked completely different than the rest of the cast; the cameraman and anonymous meat puppet (looking like a junior version of Nacho Vidal but called “Renato”) demanding payment via sexual services as she was fixing to leave the country. She was taking a bubble bath and the suds were covering everything in sight, the gal speaking almost no English but knowledgeable enough about teasing with her well worn body all the same. Her titties were small but her ass was pretty nice, though not extreme as the title suggested. She gave him a weak hummer before he vaginally screwed her passive body, the ass magnifying suds lost by the time they did each other and her cheeks looking a lot smaller. This was a really weak scene in a sea of boring action so unless you can live off the tease alone, don’t expect a whole lot here; no wonder why the director(s) wanted to remain anonymous). The last pop shot was jerked off to her face by her own hand.

Summary: Extreme Asses vol.2 by Reality Kings seemed like it might be a perfect title for ass enthusiasts like me but it ended up showing a limited amount of generic action sandwiched between some decent tease material. I think the company has often shown a lot of potential in the past but this was the kind of generic title that I felt should have been far better than it was, the tease even lacking in quality much of the time so I rated it as a Skip It, though you might rent it on an off day to see why it went so wrong, so often. In short, even the best companies have weaker releases and if you were hoping for a series of great asses in play, Extreme Asses vol.2 is not going to make the grade for the most part; though my expectations might have been so high going into the movie (someone calling it “digital Viagra”) that this alone hurt it’s chances of approval.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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