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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/20/07

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Brooke Banner looking fit to fuck.


Wicked Pictures/Faraway Films, Inc.

Carmen Hart is a major hotty with a great accent.

Genre: Feature

Director: David Stanley

Brooke's ass was a delight to behold.

Cast: Brooke Banner, Randy Spears, Carmen Hart, Jason Arrow, Hollie Stevens, Evan Stone, Lindsay Meadows, Regan Reese, Barrett Blade
Non-sex roles by Barbie Bimbo, Carrie Creepy, Kirsten Dunce, Loudris, Vinnie Barbarino, Venemous A/David Stanley, Chest Manly

Carmen Hart took charge of Randy Spears easily enough.

Length: 104:29 minutes

Date of Production: 5/23/2007

Hollie Stevens was cute and needed a fuller sex scene.

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the 12:33 minute long bonus scene from Girl in 6C between Carmen Hart and Eric Masterson. It wasn’t very long but it adds some value for those of you that don’t already have the movie so I described it below. My personal favorite was the 20:21 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jax (and edited by Jef) as it gave a better look at what they cast & crew were trying to do. There was some nudity and clips of action from the sex scenes but it didn’t provide many bloopers, insights from anyone other than David Stanley, or additional material not found in the movie itself. There were six photogalleries, some star stats, a promo reel, the usual DVD Rom material, and 11 trailers to movies like Coming Home, The Craving, Operation Desert Stormy, Perfect Match, Made in the USA, Becoming Carmen Hart, The Visitors, Supernatural, Black Widow, Melt, and Love Always. There was also a true double sided DVD cover and a cardboard slipcase for the case.

Condoms: Yes

Lindsay Meadows, Brooke Banner, and Regan Reese were my favorite type of nurses.

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Audio/Video Quality: Compulsion was presented in an anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen color as it was shot in by director David Stanley for Wicked Pictures (again assisted by Francois Clousot; credited as director of photography). I always prefer an anamorphically enhanced picture so it was pleasing to see David return to the sanity of providing one, even if this was not his best work to date. The lighting seemed more natural than average for a Wicked Pictures release, resulting in some grain, minor video noise, and shadows. The composition of the shots was good, enhancing the look of the ladies but sometimes showing too much propensity to move when a static shot would've worked better thematically. There were some compression artifacts but they really weren't a big issue for me as infrequent as they were here and the bitrate seemed to frequently hover in the upper 4 Mbps range so it could have looked worse. It was not a bad looking fuck flick, even for a smaller budget release from the company, but it struck me as half finished in many ways. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track or a 2.0 Dolby Digital track in Spanish. My Spanish is rusty and limited to technical fields but it seemed to convey the general mood of a porno even if never looking lip synched up like much of the anime I review seems to be. The main track was showing a 384 Kbps bitrate (twice the normal rate for a porno) did have some separation between the channels but most of it appeared to be related to the musical score, which was very pleasantly handled; adding value and enhancing the mood of the movie more often then not (Grooveaddicts handled the music this time, doing a fine job).

Lindsay Meadows and Regan Reese were darlings to their patients.

Body of Review: David Stanley is certainly one of the most creative directors at Wicked Pictures these days, making a different kind of feature fuck flick that can be at once entertaining and seductive at the same time when he gets it right. In recent weeks, the public has had the chance to read David’s Blog here at Xcritic.com and gather some insight as to the weird kind of dynamic he provides in his movies. There is no doubt in my mind that his lack of linear thought processes helps drive his muse to provide several levels for those patient enough to figure out the movies he tries to make, the latest one being Compulsion. The movie stars lovely Carmen Hart that provides a lot of comedic moments as it explores humanities little quirks in a vignette fashion. The back DVD cover said it like this: “Everyone has a compulsion. That's why there are support groups for every imaginable impulse. But when a support group junkie stumbles through the wrong door, his world is turned upside down. Will he get the help he needs or will his obsession be his undoing? Compulsion; make it yours.” If you’re still interested in the unique manner that David offers up several slices of weird life as seen through his admittedly unfiltered eyes, you will likely find this to be a fascinating look at the subject. Here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that all the scenes used condoms to protect the health of the ladies:

Scene One: Brooke Banner, a heavily inked hotty with some sweet curves, was up first with Randy Spears after they hooked up in the parking lot from discussing his case of HRQ (high relapse quotient). Before you know it, his condom clad cock is buried deep inside her pussy as she leaned against a car with her moaning and pushing back to meet his thrusts as her biscuit absorbed him balls deep. Rather than display a full scene of cookie cutter action, there was no oral or multiple positions; Randy rubbing out a load of population pudding to her feet as Carmen watched from the shadows.

Scene Two: Carmen Hart, the contract hotty plastered all over the front cover, was up next as she was shown six months earlier having a more generic sex scene with Jason Arrow in bed after he proposed. They kissed romantically and he nuzzled her neck, sucked her tits, and then spent a few short moments eating her cookie. She reciprocated by blowing him fairly well; jerking him off into her mouth more than anything else as she warmed him up with her skills. That led to her getting on top of him during an active vaginal ride where she was the primary driving force, impaling herself on his penis while making those cute moaning noises of hers. A couple of positions later, he was jerking off to her abdomen but it was a tiny load for those keeping track and showed things not exactly working out for her.

Scene Three: Brooke Banner, wearing sheer stockings and a micro-mini skirt, was up next in bed with a riding crop wielding Randy Spears demanding she suck his cock. I loved looking at her ass as she got on all fours to slob his knob, the aggressive blowjob leading to him slavishly eating her out before the couple boned actively. She kept on about half her outfit as she rode him, the guy eventually busting a nut on her chest of moderate proportions to the classical music so fitting for the occasion.

Scene Four: Carmen Hart, wearing a blue polka dotted dress in the parking lot at night, was up next with Randy Spears, as he tried his lame lines on her. She applied a bit of “turnabout is fair play” on him before inhaling his dick while he lay back on the car; her hand working the shaft as her mouth concentrated on the tip of his meat. Skipping any oral to her, he then pounded her passive pussy in a few positions before losing his load to her face, depositing his biggest wad of semen in the entire movie as the pair finished up with her at his knees.

Scene Five: Hollie Stevens, a curvy blond with some appealing extra pounds, was up next at night with the mighty Evan Stone in the woods. They were at a goofy seminar led by a ridiculously made up Barrett, making the most of the moment by feeling each other up until she gave him a titty fuck and blowjob to completion. Evan as a park ranger offered a wealth of opportunities for comedic exploitation but relied on his retelling of a tale in true Evan fashion while the others gawked and a guy made up in the worst animal costume since the bear from Wicked’s over the top Double Feature series long ago.

Scene Six: Lindsay Meadows, Regan Reese, Brooke Banner, and Barrett Blade, were up next in a hospital setting as we learn how nurses are all sex addicts. The fetish nurse outfits aside, the gals were showing him how the “PP” (pussy posse) took control of situations; feeling each other up as well as jerking him off before blowing him. Lindsay took initial control of his family jewels but orally shared them with the other ladies who seemed to spend equal time going down on each other. The sex addict nurses gave the counselor something to remember them by as he spouted off some of the lamest dialogue this side of a horror movie but they thankfully shut him up as they took turns sucking him off. He vaginally fucked all three gals before giving them the just rewards of their skilful actions, the limits of the facial due mostly to his lack of seed.

Scene Seven: Regan Reese and Lindsay Meadows, still dressed as fetish nurses, were up last as they took matters into their own hands to jerk off their patient, Randy Spears, while laughing uncontrollably. This was very short and left him with a small wad on his abdomen, the plotted points of the movie picking up two weeks later for the walker bound guy to find 256 messages on his machine and a stash of Wicked Pictures porn on his table top (bad news abounding in some of the funniest lines of the show) before he got his just deserts from the group.

Bonus Scene: Girl in 6C: Carmen Hart, the beauty on the front cover and other fine contract lady of the movie (technically, the lead at that), was up next as she visited her brother (Tommy) who had to leave on business. After she explored his place, she took a quick liking to effeminate Eric Masterson; their dinner turning into a sexual tryst as he tried his best to make her feel at home. She practically jumped across the table to get to his cock, allowing her dress to reveal her treasures as she aggressively slobbed Eric’s knob. She took to it like it was the best thing she had ever seen; their clothes disappearing before they started banging like crazy. Two positions of vaginal sex, especially vaginal sex where he did all the work as a sweat covered nerd, wasn’t more than a tease for me but she took the facial well and was soon moving on to the next guy after some hilarious dialogue.

Summary: Compulsion by director David Stanley for Wicked Pictures was another title of his that provided some laughs, a little bit of stroke material, and some pointed jabs at human nature. The explanation at the end of the movie rang a bit untrue concerning the motivations of Randy’s character but the glimmer of hope was cute even if the potential for a final scene should have been more fully realized. I wanted more sex from it but if you’re looking for a fluffy bit of entertainment that happens to include some sexual misconduct, Compulsion might suit your needs better than that of a jaded old porn hound like myself so consider this worth a rating of Rent It, proving David’s comments in the BTS that “porno fans are pretty smart” as being the most accurate statement of the DVD; most of us wanting a bit of feature with our smut rather than a bit of smut with our feature.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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