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Smoking Interviews 2

Studio: Julie Simone Productions » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 12/24/07

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Genre: Straight Feature/Interviews/Fetish
Director: Julie Simone
Cast: Sinammon Love, Luccia, Victoria Sinn, Dick Nasty, Jeremy Steele, Rod Fontana
Length: 100 min
Production Date: 2007
In a Nutshell Ė Amateurish and Very Early '90s
Dark and rather limited in its production values, we get some of the most amateurish visuals imaginable for a 2007 adult DVD. The 1.33:1 full screen image is flat, lifeless, and very bland. The colors are muted, and the lack of details is troubling. Clearly created on the cheap for a specific market, this is Internet broadcast quality video. Luckily, the musical score is sensational. It's much better than the dialogue, which is almost indecipherable thanks to the internal microphone dynamic used to record it.
In a Nutshell Ė Nothing But the Industry Standard, Unfortunately
It is up to Ms. Simone herself to save the lackluster bonus features provided. Her solo masturbation sequence in the shower, cigarette featured prominently, is the best thing about the entire disc and that includes the 90 minutes of sex in the film itself. The rest of the content - interview, outtakes, galleries, trailers - is nothing new or informative.

First Impressions:

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It's interesting to trace the rise in fetishes. From the original and ordinary (feet, armpits) to the odd and outrageous (food, vomit), what gets people off remains an undeniable enigma. Julia Simone wants to push the very boundaries of our understanding regarding obsessions, and she's made movies that both exploit and explain them. Dealing specifically with bondage, discipline, humiliation, and pain, her titles have been very provocative - and for mainstream porn lovers, a tad problematic. You see, Ms. Simone is unapologetic in her approach. If she thinks there's a subcategory into a certain scene, she'll try and make a movie of it. This illustrates the reasoning behind her Smoking Interviewsseries. This director has a fascination with the cigarette, the cigar, and all the facets of putting fire to the briar. Now in its second release, this tantalizing title promises real girls getting personal about their nic fit flirtatiousness and their overall love of the smolder. Sadly, itís the only element that's fiery about this lackadaisical smut. 
The Sex Scenes:
Perhaps it's fair to say that, as smokers, these gals are great porn stars. It's clear that, in at least two cases, these ladies have never legitimately lifted a cigarette to their lips as part of a personal addiction. These 'social' smokers are pure puffers - inhale quickly and release. When asked if they know any tricks, they sheepishly try some of the easiest, most high school level theatrics. So if you don't mind women who barely live up to the fetish's foundation, then you'll probably enjoy the fuck and suck here. However, there's also a caveat when it comes to the carnality. None of these ladies give A-list adult actresses a run for their money. They lack even the most basic chemistry with their co-stars, and aren't very adept at delving into the experimental elements of the erotica. Granted, this could be part of Ms. Simone's plan. These are films about smoking, after all. But some minor variations on a XXX theme would have been nice.
Scene 1:Sinammon Love, Dick Nasty
Acts Performed:Blowjob with Smoking, Doggy, Mish, Sitting Reverse Cowgirl, Implied V to M, $hot in Mouth
Score:1.5out of 5
Aside from Scene 3, the same write up can be used for the initial two sex sequences here. Ms. Simone interviews the subject, using a set of canned questions to illicit equally uninformed responses. Then we get to the porn. Each scene is set up (here, it's a businessman with his never heard of harassment assistant) followed by some stereotyped slap and tickle. Dick is an old man, looking far more traveled than his bio suggests, and Sinammon is a decent looking African American partner with an interesting rack. Too bad the coffin nail constantly gets in the way of the performance. Way too short and less than sweet, this lazy balling is endemic of everything that's wrong with Smoking Interviews 2.
Scene 2:Luccia, Jeremy Steele
Acts Performed:Blowjob with Smoking, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Mish, $hot in Mouth
Score:1.5out of 5
For Luccia, smoking and sex are clearly second languages. She's uncomfortable with both. Her bathtub scene with Jeremy is all bubbles and very little fizz. The positions are limited (perhaps by the location) and the use of a butt - not the human kind - is rather pointless. As the maneuver from one staid coupling to the next, we feel the same sense of boredom that washed over us before. Even though they last a mere 22 to 25 minutes, it seems like hours pass before these performers get to really grinding. It makes for some pretty pathetic hardcore action.

Scene 3:
Victoria Sinn, Rod Fontana
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Nut Job with Smoking, Cowgirl, Scissors, Cunnilingus, Doggy, Pile Driver, Gaping, Smoke into Gape, Anal Mish, $hot to Chest
Score:1.5out of 5
The inclusion of anal - and cigarette smoke in same - may be novel, but itís not enough to lift Smoking Interviews 2 out of the doldrums. Rod Fontana is all goofy faces and endless mugging, and his Eastern European honey is hot, but can't quite start his fire. Together, they appear to be trying far too hard, making up moves in hopes of generating some XXX-citement. It doesn't work, and leaves viewers wondering why anyone would waste their time on a title like this. Obviously, the lure of tobacco can make even the most middling adult entertainment seem interestingÖmaybe.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating:
1.5 out of 5 (Rent It)
Cohabitation Certification:Granted
Since he definitely doesn't get the entire smoking fetish scene, the Dirge is going to hold off dismissing this title outright. After all, Ms. Simone clearly believes there is an audience out there for this kind of cock and cunt, and maybe what she does here speaks volumes to those in the know. Whatever the case, a score of Skip It will be avoided. Instead, a rating of Rent It will be offered, therefore ensuring no one empties their wallet on something that may not have any value to them. Couples may complain about the attention to low tar detail, but there is really nothing here to destroy their desire for good, clean copulation. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is easily given. There has always been an intrigue and allure to a femme fatale with a slowly burning cigarette clenched between her teeth. Itís the basis for more than one fine film noir. But translating said appeal to porn is almost impossible, except for those into the specific situation. Smoking Interviews 2 is not the best balling out there. Sadly, itís probably not the best cigarette inspired title either.

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