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Do Me Raw

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 12/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Michael Paris
1 Hour 49 Minutes
CAST: Bob Maxwell, Andrew Shut, Tommy Sem, Alex Arias, Carey Lexes, John Skape, Jacky, Chicky Hard

The Good Stuff

Eight cum hungry, barebacking, young, eastern European twinks is what you get in Do Me Raw.


Scene 1
Bob Maxwell and Andrew Shut come in out of the cold and don't even make it past the threshold before getting their hands on each other. Bob being a pale, slim bodied guy with dark hair and Andrew a tan twink with frosted hair. They start swapping spit and undressing each other before they even make it off the stairs and Bob almost immediately pops out Andrews turtlenecked meat and gives it a tongue bath. After the cursory cock inspection Bob turns Andrew to face away from him and slides his own large uncut tool right up Andrews tight hole for some standing up doggie fucking on the stairs. After getting his hole invading standing up for a while Andrew takes a turn riding Bobs meat before swithcing back to doggie so Bob can coat his hole in spunk. Bob gives Andrew a few sperm lubed strokes before Andrew shoots his own creamy wad on Bobs chest and then slurps up every last drop. The guys end the scene with a cum flavored kiss.

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Scene 2 Tommy Sem and Alex Arias are making out on a fold out bed. Alex has a tanned, toned physique, big pouty lips and a wide uncut cock, Tommy is a little slimmer with a paler complexion and large uncut hose. After undressing and each guy wrapping their hot lips around the others cock for some tasty oral action and some brief 69ing Alex lets Tommy know his hole is gonna get slammed by rimming and fingering his hole. Alex splits Tommys cheeks for some intense doggie action really slamming that hole with full in and out strokes. They switch to spoon and you get to see Tommy tore up pink hole before it gets a coating of Tommys goo. Alex fucks some of his jizz into Tommys hole to soothe his raw bung. That ass is gonna be sore for a week! Tommy jacks his load right into Alex waiting mouth. He swallows Tommys jizz then sucks his cock clean before they share a cummy lipped kiss.

Scene 3
Carey Lexes a blonde frosted, muscular guy is sleeping in bed. In comes John Skape his slim tanned, twinky boyfriend who fondles him awake so they can make out and get busy. They kiss slowly and passionately for a while before John moves his lips from Careys muscular pecs and nipple right to his large uncut hose. Carey not to be outdone takes his turn with Johns long uncut rod swallowing it with gusto. Surprise surprise Carey the bigger muscular guy ends up being the nelly bottom and gets dicked in spoon position by Johns long meat. Carey loves every inch of that cock gliding in his hole and his own large cock stays hard the entire time. Carey takes control of the action going for a hard cowboy ride while stroking his pole. A few strokes to prime his pump then he removes his hand and the cum just erupts out of his cock sans hands. Carey assumes the spoon position again so his tired hole can get is cum balm shot all over it and then some cum lubed fucking by john.

Scene 4
Jacky a pale lean twink is in the tub jacking his large uncut rod when in comes the sexy Alex Arias. Not at all surprised to find his friend whacking off and in fact a little turned on he whips out his wide cock and Jacky practically flies over to it like a moth to a flame and wraps his hot lips around it for some hot blow job action. Alex disrobes and climbs right into the tub and starts fucking Jacky doggie as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Alex pounds away with his ass marauding cock before Jacky takes a cowboy ride with his own hard cock bouncing keeping time with each thrust. Alex nuts on Jacky's face and jacky sucks the dregs of cum from his cock before Alex does the same for Jacky. Both guys with large loads. They let each other taste their cum with more cummy kisses.

Scene 5
Tommy Sem from scene 2 and Chicky Hard are spending the day making out. Chicky is a slightly tan guy with blonde frosted hair and long, thin uncut rod. They take turns orally pleasuring each other before Chicky gives Tommy the bone in doggie for a long fuck session. He pulls out after a marathon fuck and spooges on the hole and the uses it as lube for some more fucking. This isn't the few cum lubed strokes as in the previous scenes he is going at Tommys pucker full on again and after some more deep dicking shoots a second coating of batter on Tommys stretched hole. Tommy then jacks his own large hog and gives Chicky a mouth full of spunk as payback.



Do Me Raw was shot in anamorphic widescreen which was a little bit grainy in some sections but for the most part was extremely clear and well lit. There were plenty of excellent close ups of penetration and enough varied camera angles to keep things interesting. The dolby 2.0 digital sound was on par with most porn films. Nothing to really blow my skirt up just clear crisp sound.


Sadly another flick lacking in the extras department.

Gallery: 25 stills from the film.

Trailers: Approximately two minute previews for Bareback Academy, Bareback Fuckers, Bareback Wonderland, Check This, Hard Hats, Latin Bareback Pool Orgy, Latin Bareback Pool Orgy 2, Ramitall Inn

Cumshot Review: Pick one of the five scenes and get right to the nutbusting finale.

At the End of the Night

Do Me Raw was one hot barebacking fuck flick. The young twinky guys in the film were all packing some hefty cock and they knew how to use it. The tops new how to fuck and the bottoms were into having their raw asses plowed. Nary a limp dick in sight whether the guy was fucking or being fucked a total raw fuck turn on. The guys in the flick weren't afraid of cum either, not like in most flicks where when the cum starts flying the guy on the receiving end of the eruption often looks horrified or disgusted. These young studs seemed to not only expect it but enjoy getting mouths full of spooge or sucking off a cum drenched cock, you even get a little snow ball action in Scene 2. Alex Arias in scene two and scene 4 is my favorite of the flick. He fucks with abandon and doesn't shy away from getting his own helping of jizz. I have seen him in a flick or two previously and he always gives a good show. No real extras being the only detractor from this fine fuck flick. I give it my rating of “Highly Recommended”.

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