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Jesse Jane in Pink HD-DVD (HD DVD)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Note: The following is a review for the HD DVD version of Jesse Jane In Pink, a flagship title for Digital Playground that was released in standard definition DVD years ago to heaps of praise, garnering various award nominations in numerous categories from industry juggernaut AVN.  The content of the movie was the same and the extras barely modified to include HD DVD trailers that show off the higher resolution of the titles that are either out or about to come out in the popular new format.  The quick version of the review is that the show looks and sounds better but it always looked pretty good for the style of erotica it was meant to be so it's value as a double dip will depend on the size of your wallet.  I suggest you check out this Trailer for Jesse Jane In Pink HD to get a better idea of what it looks like in this new form.  Enjoy!

Jesse Jane In Pink

Digital Playground

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Celeste

Cast: Jesse Jane, Tory Lane, Alec Knight, Scott Nails, Jaylynn West, Chris Charming, Jana Cova, Mindy Main, Shay Jordan, Marco Banderas/Duato

Length: 124.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/28/2007

Extra's: The best extra was the 12:50 minute long Behind the Scenes feature shot by Shay Jordan and Joone. The relatively light theme this time was related to Jesse needing a cock really badly (using a pornified version of the Super Friends transitional device from the old cartoon series). There was also a photogallery, biographies for Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, and Shay Jordan, as well as a slide show, and trailers for movie shows like Pirates II, Island Fever 4 HD, Deeper 1 HD, Babysitters HD, Pirates HD, Jack’s Playground 27 HD, Contract Star HD, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD, Jack's Teen America 3 HD, Island Fever 3 HD, Hush HD, Jack's POV HD, and Cockasian HD.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jesse Jane In Pink HD was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color it was shot in by director Celeste for Digital Playground using a full 1080p resolution and the AVC/MPEG-4 codec to provide a substantially improved picture from the SD version that came out long ago. Digital had the foresight to shoot using the latest technology and their back catalog is only now being released in HD-DVD (Blu-Ray starting next year) so expect a lot of improvements as the company becomes more handy with the new formats, though it should be noted that most of these back titles were shot in 720p, not 1080p, so contrary to what you've been told, the improvements are sometimes marginal.  This is one of those times when the HD treatment enhanced the picture enough to merit a double dip by true fans of the ladies though it was far from “6 times the quality” the format offers according to advertising promoted by the format developers.  Still, the slightly rough look of the project added some charm to the feature and while Robby has certainly become more competent in shooting HD flavored porn for Celeste’s erotica flavored titles, the composition of the shots always favored the ladies. The grain of the original and compression artifacts were minimized and the resolution was great enough that what once looked like solid colored walls could now be seen to have some texture to them (and holes).  The BTS looked kind of weak by comparison but in the feature, the fleshtones were accurate and the blacks almost as solid as some of Celeste’s latest works.  The audio was presented with the upgraded 5.1 Dolby Digital + and the improvements were slighter here with little separation between the speakers in most cases, but some added clarity of the vocals all the same. The best news of the day was that the vocal track was not eliminated as with most of Celeste’s works, adding the music in to balance things out but also allowing fans to hear the screams and yells of the ladies too. As time marches on, porn audio tracks have not marched along as much as their mainstream counterparts, an area that I note with increasing frequency, but some of the hiss I got when I turned up the SD version to high levels was not as obvious so the dynamic range was enhanced as well as the thump of the bass; most of which I believe were added in post production.


Body of Review: Celeste has been directing at Digital Playground for some time now and I’m acquainted with a lot of guys that skip her work simply because it tends to be in slow motion, without vocals, and typically artistic in nature. Even using Robby D. on camera, these factors weaken the sex for them most of the time, and I admit that her work can be hit or miss with me too. Well, sometimes she gets it right and getting to use Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, and Shay Jordan in a single fuck flick sure elevates her chances in my book but best of all was her abandonment of the aforementioned scene killers in her latest movie called Jesse Jane In Pink HD. I have long appreciated the first two gals for their body of work; Jesse being the openly aggressive hotty with the heart of gold, and Jana being so beautiful and sexy that she defies description but newcomer Shay also provides a sexually distinctive and exotic look that I find well worth a look too, even if she is just starting to perform like a champion. Well, putting all three gals in the same movie, adding in a vocal track, and skipping the slo-mo did not stop the movie from being slightly different from the multitude of gonzo flicks Robby claims as director; the rest of the cast offering some heated scene too. There was no connecting theme embraced here (outside of the use of pink clothing) and fans of the cast may find this one a step or three above most of Celeste’s works to date. That said, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:


Scene One: Jesse Jane, the hot looking blonde featured on the front DVD cover, was up first in a masturbation scene as she diddled herself with a large toy in her flimsy pink outfit. She claimed that something was missing, wanting more hooters to play with as she rubbed herself; the scene ending far too earlier as the next one started up with Tory.


Scene Two: Tory Lane, the curvy brunette known as an anal queen with nasty tendencies, spoke to the camera to tell how she was never lonely, knew what it took to be a slut, and otherwise provided a glimpse into her skills with some quick clips before she worked with Alec Knight on the bed. Her vocals were one of the reasons why the scene worked so well; the gal providing nasty talk as she intermittently slobbed his knob with gusto to the admittedly weird music. He spanked her and sucked on her crack too as she proved herself to be a “good fucking whore”. The two actively boned vaginally and anally, her pussy craving what he had to offer her. She then did some aggressive anal as he split her in two, the best position being her on top before the ATM action. It ended with him jerking him off a load of population pudding into her mouth in this chemistry filled scene between two performers wanting to do each other.


Scene Three: Jesse Jane, promising that the “hot sex starts here” (at least according to the sign held up by Scott Nails that pointed to his cock), was up next in bed wearing pink neon stockings and a leopard print camisole, discovered that he had a sock stuffed in his pants but paid him anyway (yeah, she paid him…sure). He went to work eating her out with his tongue hovering on her clitoris as she squirmed in delightful bliss; Jesse reciprocating with a messy blowjob as the streamers flew about. The lack of slow motion once again elevated the levels of heat, her lean form looking appealing for the camera with her shadow duplicating every stroke. She was loud about how much he was hitting her spot while they screwed heatedly in numerous positions, her cookie getting a great workout before he rubbed out a load to her ass cheeks.


Scene Four: Jaylynn West, a lean brunette with an idea of perversion that included getting spanked by German Chris Charming for being late to her slut lessons, was up next as he paddled away lackadaisically on her bottom. Her neon pink booty shorts rode her ass crack nicely, the gal enjoying his administrations as she rubbed herself and kept her eye glasses on. He then licked her to warm her up further, the gal tending to his Cody Bangs sized cock as he actively fucked her throat. They also screwed in several positions with the down side being how over the top she was as he tapped her all natural body; Jaylynn catching her breath at one point while he took over the work. She reclaimed her active stance as she pounded herself down on his rod, her ass cheeks rippling with the effort, the PTM punctuating the vaginal ride before he popped on her lower abdomen. This was not my favorite scene of the movie but on a technical note, aside from some minor nuances regarding weird lighting (that seemed common in the show), it was pretty good stroke material.


Scene Five: Jana Cova, the beautiful Czech contract gal, took charge of tied up hotty Jesse Jane in the living room; using her riding crop to teach Jesse a lesson about being a good slut while both wore the requisite pink. Jesse had bigger looking breasts but Jana’s aggressive and open sexuality was a treat for me on a whole different level; getting to see both of them do each other a great experience. Jana continued giving the orders as Jesse ate her lovely cookie out, the fingering and face sitting becoming the icing on the proverbial cake. Jana reciprocated with some fingering on Jesse too, the still-bound hotty appearing to have a great time as well.


Scene Six: Mindy Main, a busty brunette with an alt-porn look to her face, was up next in bed with Marco Banderas/Duato as she explained how orgasms came easy to her. He massaged her chest as he sucked her nipples, the rippled stud going down on her as she requested, her moans of pleasure serving to show that an over the top yell fest was not needed to convince the audience that she was enjoying herself this time. She treated his cock to a hummer with lots of licks and strokes, the camera wandering a bit as she went deeper and deeper on his penis. The way she continued to work it over, it was clear that she appreciated a good cock in her mouth many times in the past, savoring the experience as much as he did while she kept going back for more. Her milky white body contrasted nicely against his tan and muscular physique, the gal impaling her cookie on his dick while on top of him but also pushing back as they screwed in other positions. He popped his load onto her ass cheeks as well, the couple passionately kissing to finish things up as his cross necklace dangled along her shoulder.


Scene Seven: Shay Jordan, the sexy young brunette contract gal, and still sweet Jesse Jane, were up last in bed wearing pink and black outfits that enhanced their already appealing looks. They weren’t there long when Ben English walked in with an erection, Jesse taking to it like she was in need of seed while her partners remarked how she must’ve really needed it badly by the way she attacked him. Shay also carried forth the aggressive dynamic and as the gals took turns on him, played with each other too; Shay burying her face in Jesse’s ass serving to make both ladies look even more enticing to me. Shay took first honors with the screwing, spreading her legs while Ben boned her rapidly and Jesse rubbed her, licked her, and otherwise increased the sensations her friend felt (including grabbing her by the throat). Jesse could barely stand still to get his cock in when it was her turn, showing how her experience with a dick was better suited to the scene. Still, both gals contributed stroke and replay value to the scene and the action was less about the finesse of most Celeste movies than the animalistic act of reproduction for pleasure that they conveyed here. The action ended when he busted his nut on their faces, the gals sharing it as the credits started to roll. Whew!


Summary: Jesse Jane In Pink HD by director Celeste to be released by Digital Playground next month, was a title I could easily rate as Recommended without a lot of qualifiers as I sometimes add with her more erotica oriented releases. The fact that Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, and Shay Jordan were all in the movie didn’t hurt it one bit and aside from some unpolished aspects making it look a bit too much like a standard Robby flick (giving up too much of Celeste’s usual style per my current significant other), Jesse Jane In Pink HD was a nice surprise in some ways. Jesse has long been one of my favorite performers in porn, attaining “star” status that evades so many of her peers and Jana is always welcome as a positive influence in a porno. The levels of replay and stroke value were pretty high this time and the cover was the type of work that would make a great poster by the way it completely infuses Jesse’s appeal from a distance. In all then, you really can’t go wrong with this one unless you’re into abuse porn but the rougher edges may even help folks like that get off a time or two here.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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