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Fresh Outta High School 6

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 12/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Young

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Francheszca, Jenny, Nikki, Kristina, & Roxy

Length: 2 hrs

Production Date: Digital Sin, 2007


Star Index:
Behind the Scenes: A 15 minute Q&A with some of the gals; most are butt naked during their segments, so this adds a little lure to an otherwise cookie cutter extra.
Bonus Scene: Fresh Outa High School- a 30 minute scene with a stunning blond with fake tits and a taste for cum.
Pick Your Pleasure:
Web Info:

     The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 with very little problem. Scenes were all shot indoors, so the juicy sounds of the actor's can be easily heard. The Video is digital Full Frame Color and looks sharper than most flicks. It's not astounding but it easily holds its weight.

Body of Review:
     Director Greg Lansky delivers naughty school nymphos in Fresh Outa High School 6 ; a five girl love fest that keeps up the school girl image with plaid skirts, white panties, and knee-high socks.

Scene 1: Franchezca
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Finger ATM, Facial
      Hot thing Franchezca (cover girl) struts her stuff in her little, school girl outfit. Red socks, checkered skirt and red sweater, she's straight out of an adult comic. Her thighs melt into her stockings and she pulls her white panties down to her knees baring her shaved pussy and tight little ass. The guy goes straight for the ass, burying his head in her cheeks and spreading her tiny hole. This girl is way too hot for porn, and watching her in her young getup, you expect her father to barge in and catch you with your pecker in your hands. This is no innocent cutie though, she's a nasty girl that holds his cock at the back of her throat and licks his balls with a studded tongue. He flips her over and spoons her, sticking his dick in her snatch and banging her with most all her clothes still on. Her blouse is unbuttoned and her soft cones peek out. Franchezca gets into her scene, blowing his cock and turning the tables by fingering her asshole. And this is no simple pinky in the stinky. She bores her corn with a nicely manicured finger making the act classy. 20 minutes in and she's sweating and her long, black hair is wet and stringy. She even returns the favor of rimming, burring her head in his hairy crack. Too bad nothing more than a few fingers makes it up her ass and despite this the scene is solid and has strong bone footage. When she takes a simple cum glazing to her thin lips at the end, she's hardly recognizable. She yums his cum up, scooping anything that didn't make it in her mouth.

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Scene 2: Nikki
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
      Blondie Nikki looks like Little Bo Peep, though it's actually some kind of girly uniform. A sailor shirt and sky blue skirt do their best to make her cute, and even with the blue bow in her hair, she doesn't look that young. She lifts her skirt and an ass the size of Kansas pops loose. Her booty is total bubble butt and hides the tiny white thong running through her crack. Nikki bares her pussy, a soft gape with a tiny tuft of hair at the top, and gets some decent face from her costar. For the first few minutes the action is slow as balls cuz her vag must taste like vanilla ice cream. When his cock slips in her pussy, she doesn't really seem to care. She makes silly faces and fake moans, and looks around the room as though she searching for a clock. From behind, Nikki is a hot piece of work, though she doesn't give half the energy that Fran did. Her pussy is wet and sloppy, making it easy for the couple to move from doggy to cowgirl and back again. Trying to follow the first act is pretty difficult I suppose, but Nikki doesn't even try. It's not until the end when she gets a little jizz sprinkle that she actually has an authentic reaction. And strangely it's a smile. A cute one, but that puppy dog look won't make up for 30 minutes of slamming doors.


Scene 3: Roxy
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
     Roxy is cheeky. In the face. And when she smiles, her teeth poke out a little. With her cute nose she kinda looks like a rabbit, but way hotter than any Playboy bunny. Dressed in a plaid skirt and white button up, Roxy plays the school girl look well. Her legs are amazing under her tight, white knee highs and everything about her has a dolled up daintiness; as though she was getting her school picture taken today. The nice, consistent feature of a thick ass continues; her bottom is plump as a plum. And although she prefers to take her time, slowly and teasingly sucking his dick, she will accept a few long hard pumps to the back of her throat. Just enough to gag slightly. Roxy is drilled doggy style and screams with some authenticity. Maybe it's because her ass is so thick (and damn does it jiggle like pudding in cowgirl) that we never get a good glimpse of her coochie. M2F oral was skipped and though we get some sight of the clam while he fucks her the Christian way, more time is spent on her heaving chest and sweating face. This scene doesn't drag like the previous, but Roxy works up such a sweat that these two must have been at it for an hour. After an edit, she goes back to work, dried and fresh. But it doesn't take her long to sweat buckets again. She pulls her knees to her ears and he glides his cock deep and hard, pumping until he's ready to cum. Her scene is strong, and she looks as though she enjoys the action, but it's all straightforward and lacks the intensity that Franchezca set into motion. A sexy splat to Roxy's cheeky face wraps a few good minutes of simple boning.


Scene 4: Jenny
Acts Included: Oral, PTM, Vaginal, Facial
      Jenny should be the next African-American selection for Revlon or some shit. Though she may not be AA, her complexion makes her look like she has some black love in her. The straight, blond hair is a throwback and aside from her chipmunk cheeks, Jenny is solid gold. She lifts her naughty uniform skirt and pulls her pink panties out of the way. Her hairless pussy is soft and swelling and when he eats it, she moans like a first timer. Jenny gets a good pork on, though the action here is also by the books. Jenny's ass is the size of Cuba and makes me want to change nationality. She takes control of his cock, but it's mostly soft, smooth riding; when they flip, he rocks her cooch and she happily licks her own pussy from his dick. Intense boning never gets out of hand, so it has a fairly clean slate. At the end Jenny looks up like a lost puppy and gets a spoonful of man cum to her mouth. She spits it out in one large avalanche of goo.


Scene 5: Kristina Rose
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
      This young beauty has a slight Latina flair; though she may be straight up cracker. Who cares? Kristina is a fine little student and she's unbelievable in her naughty, Catholic school skirt and tie. Her long black hair is kinda boring, but pulled back with a hair clip, it brings out her young face. Kristina also has a cheeky face and matching thighs that struggle softly against her white stockings. A quiet performer, Kristina submits to gentle deep throating and utilizing her own saliva for lube. The disc keeps up with the young girl tone as Kristina looks into the camera with doe eyes and a thick, forbidden bone in her mouth. Like the previous scenes, most of the girl's clothes stay on, but her top is open and her skirt hiked to her waist. Kristina waits with open mouth as a million white soldiers raid her lips. A nice closing scene that reiterates the discs consistent agenda to deliver simple fucking.
Concluding Words:
     Though none of these gals could really pass as being 18, much less fresh outa high school, they are all young and incredibly attractive. Sure they may all be 18, but aside from the uniforms and fresh girl getups, they look mid-20s. Despite this, the flick is very good. The talent is strong and delivers consistently throughout. All five women are stunning and look amazing playing their naughty schoolgirl roles, and the uniforms are definitely going to please those with a bend on such things. Since much of the clothing is kept on (though boobs are exposed, skirts hiked and the occasional stocking removed) the student fetish plays through entirely and not just the first few minutes like some scenes. My only disappointment really was that the girls weren't even close to college freshmen; but they played their parts well and their performances and costumes delivered the goods, it was easy to forget. This disc has simple, pure bone time with an occasional slant to some rougher oral or rimming--but nothing terribly over the top. Highly Recommended.



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