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Studio: Julie Simone Productions » Review by Frankenlola » Review Date: 1/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

: Fetish, S&M

Director: Julie Simone

Cast: Gia Paloma, Lystra, Krissy, Julie Simone, Master Liam

Length: 1h13m

Condoms: None

Behind the Scenes: Just what the title indicates.  Most of the action is around setting up the scenes with Julie doing her director work.  The footage contains candid shots of the girls, mostly Gia, getting ready for their scenes. [7m20s]
Interviews: Interviews of Julie Simone, Gia & Liam, Krissy and Lystra talking about making bondage movies, personal experiences, and fantasies. There is very little nudity, only Gia's rack and not sex. [34m20s combined]
Image Gallery: Free running images from the movie. [1m51s]
Trailers:  8 selectable trailers for bondage/fetish movies, including Audition.

The audio was presented in Dolby Digital surround.  This was a nice addition; however the rear channels were seldom used and not really noticed.  Levels were a bit off on occasion, with footsteps sounding much louder than the dialog.  There was also a continuous ticking that was in most of the movie.  I think it was an included theme dealing with time, but was mostly annoying.  The video was standard 4:3 full screen format, and noteworthy.  In the beginning odd camera angles were used, but did not continue through the movie.  There was a bit of grain noticeable, but not distracting.  The most annoying part of the audio/video happened during the final scene.  There was a video camera as part of the scene, and every time they switch to it they added a huge distortion effect to both the sound and picture and it was very distracting and not worth the addition (See Below).  There are numerous was that a video camera can me simulated, and this was not ideal.

An example of intentional video noise!

Body of Review:

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Gia has an audition for a role, and she has been practicing her lines in anticipation of the big day.  When the day arrives, she heads to the rundown side of town for her try-out.  Entering an abandoned looking building she finally gets to where she needs to be.  However before she even gets to deliver any of her lines she is knocked out.  She awakens stripped, bound and blindfolded.  All she can do is lay there and hear the noises around her.  First it is Lystra, then the abuse of Krissy, until it is Gia's turn.  She is taken to another room and chained up and beaten in preparation for her big break.  First Julie takes her turn, and then Master Liam gives it a go while Julie provides motivation to deliver her lines.

Scene 1: Julie Simone, Lystra, Master Liam
Time: 11m53s

The action starts with Lystra naked and trapped in a small cage, with only enough room to stand and turn around.  Several minutes of her moving around seductively follow, with plenty of close-ups of her feet rubbing against the bars.  Soon Julie comes in wearing a large strap-on.  She forces Lystra to suck the plastic phallus through the bars in order to prove her worthiness of sucking Liam's cock.  Julie forcefully fucks her mouth, choking Lystra while Liam pulls her hair and forces her to swallow more of the dildo.  Lystra does a good job sucking while the two masters direct and berate her.
[BJ, Hair Pulling]

    His: 1.5
    Hers: 0.5


Scene 2: Julie Simone, Krissy, Master Liam
Time: 11m19s

Liam pulls the tattooed Krissy out of her kennel type cage and makes her kneel with her ass in the air.  He then proceeds to flog her round ass, feet and back quite hard.  She whimpers after nearly every hit, especially the ones that hit her ass and pussy.  After turning her ass bright red, Julie comes in with a new strap-on and bends Krissy over.  Julie then stabs the fake dick into her pussy and roughly fucks, while Liam continues to smack Krissy and force her to fuck back against Julie.  Krissy is then laid on her back, so Julie can continue to fuck her while Liam resumes whipping her large breasts, making Krissy whimper and cry.  The action continues this way until the two tire of her, and then they lock her back up and leave.
[BJ, Doggy, Missionary, Flogging, Hair Pulling]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 2.0


Scene 3: Gia Paloma, Julie Simone, Master Liam
Time: 37m50s

The final scene opens with Gia unbound but still blindfolded with her arms chained above her head.  After several minutes of struggling against her bonds, the sadistic duo comes in and the beating begins.  The take turns smacking her stomach, back and ass with the whips while Gia screams and struggles to get away.  Next Julie takes out a camera to record Liam while he paddles her meaty thighs and ass.  After Gia has had enough, they release her arms and begin their sexual assault on her body.  Again Julie fucks the crying girl's mouth with her fake dick while Liam documents the action.  Julie then pulls Gia's panties down and fucks her while Liam chokes the girl and paddles and kneads her big round tits and forcing her to lick her own nipples.  It is now time for Gia to get some real cock, and Liam forces Gia to suck his meat and make him hard while Julie canes her ass and the bottoms of her feet.  Gia is then forced to mount Liamís dick and ride him while reciting the lines for her audition.  Any mistakes result in a smack from Julie's paddle.  Liam flips her over and mounts her doggy while Julie video tapes the Gia struggling through her lines.  Liam finishes by blowing his wad across Gia's face and forcing her to clean his dick.  There is very little footage of the penetration, with a lot of the views being full body shots of Gia bouncing on his meat.
[BJ, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Flogging, Paddling, Caning]

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 2.5

Liam, Gia and Julie

Concluding Words:
This movie is incredibly hot, and is a fantastic example of a fetish movie.  We really wanted to love this film, but it fell short when it came to the sex.  First and foremost, this is a fetish film and it surely achieved that.  The beatings and belittlement were spectacular, and the red marks left are a sure indication of the abuse.  There were floggings, whips, paddles, spanking, choking, hair pulling and they ranged from face to feet and everyplace in between.  The women, especially Gia, were extremely hot, voluptuous women with real curves.  The girls were into it, sometimes moaning, other times crying from the torture.  When it came time to the fuck, things fell flat.  There camera kept its distance, and when close-ups did occur, many were much too dark to see anything.  The individual scene ratings were mostly based on the sex.
    This movie will really be hit or miss for couples.  The action is hardcore and if your partner is into this type of action, then this movie will fit the bill.  If your wife will be offended by the debasement of women, then avoid this at all costs.  I don't think this would be an ideal introduction to adult films, unless this type of material has been discussed before.  I will rate this highly for couples for the fetish aspect of the movie, but note that the sex comes second.

Couples Rating:    Solo |---*-| Couples

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