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Shane's World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Courtney James and Jack Venice in scene one.

Shane’s World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4: Seattle: Collector’s Edition

Shane’s World

Kacey Jordan and Cassidey in the woods.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Gianna and Jack on the run.

Cast: Courtney James, Jack Venice, Kacey Jordan, Cassidey, Gianna, Delilah Strong, Anthony Rosano
Non-sex roles: Drunky the Bear, Cousin Stevie, Baxter the dog

Length: 144:45 minutes

Gianna pleasing Anthony and the crowd at the same time.

Date of Production: 9/6/2007 through 9/9/2007, 10/31/2007

Delilah Strong and Jack in bed.

Extra's: The best extra for me was the separate section of Extra Sex that lasted 16:57 minutes and contained what appeared to be extended outtakes of the scenes from the movie and impromptu pairings that didn’t make the final cut. I’m told the company shoots dozens of hours worth of footage and trims it down mercilessly for their final product so this strikes me as easy to offer as an extra but no less appreciated. I also liked the 24:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that added in a lot of goofs, the cast fooling around, and more of what made the movie fun to watch. There was then a popshot recap, a photogallery, and trailers to shows like Lost and Confused in Puerto Rico, Casey’s Winter Break, Devon Does Baja, Diary of Julia Bond, College Amateur Tour in Texas, Casey’s Pool Party, College Invasion, Lost and Confused in Puerto Rico, Blazed & Confused 2, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World Swingers, and Shane's World: Nerdz.

Gianna, Delilah, and a biker dude finished things off.

Condoms: Two

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Audio/Video Quality: Shane’s World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4 was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by an uncredited director for Shane’s World using the MPEG-2 codec. This time, the lighting and editing were well done, eliminating the grain, video noise, and other issues related to lighting in most cases during the sex scenes. There were a lot of silly parts that I'm glad weren't edited out as they made it more fun to watch; part of the standard dynamic of the company road trip movies. The composition of the shots weren't always designed to enhance the looks of the ladies and make them appear as hot as possible but these were some of the choicest picks that could have been made; no enhancement really needed. The DVD showed no major compression artifacts or mastering issues (surprisingly, since the bitrate hovered around the 3 Mbps mark) and looked like a great release overall for the company (shame I again can't credit anyone as director for it). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps and like many other releases by the company, the vocals were almost always hard to hear with no real separation noticed or major dynamic range to speak of as with the noisy party titles the company puts out these days.

Body of Review: Shane’s World may have started becoming a distribution powerhouse in 2007 but the mainstay of why I enjoy their flicks is the movies they make themselves, usually blowing off formulaic and glamorous porn to show a bunch of young performers having fun. One of their best series to date is a rarity that we last saw with Scavenger Hunt 3, showing a small group of adventurers competing in two teams to get the most points by doing often nasty things or engaging sexually with civilians. I missed out on getting their re-released box set late last year but the good news is they have picked up where they left off with Shane’s World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4: Seattle: Collector’s Edition; this time heading to the Northwest to follow in the footsteps of those that went before in hopes of scoring a cash jackpot. The back cover said it like this: “We wanted to see if the new breed of porn stars were crazy enough to pull off a scavenger hunt. In between eating fish eyes and licking port-a-potties these girls were pulling fans off the street to have sex with! Later Anthony and Casey Jordan found a secluded spot outside to have sex. Both teams got so competitive it was a race to the end to see who won. So grab a score card because this scavenger hunt is out of control!” I knew this would have all the spontaneity the company is known for, combining the better elements of Fear Factor and modern porn in liberal quantities, but with some challenges that were less about gross than the heat generated. If this sounds as good to you as it did to me, here’s a brief overview of the scenes, noting that 2 condoms were used with the uncredited guys:

Scene One: Courtney James, a cute little brunette new to porn, was up first as Houstonian Jack Venice gave her a going away gift (he was heading out to take part in the scavenger hunt). He knelt before her on the bed and ate her out, displaying a huge new tattoo on his back that probably said something like “please don’t rape me” in Japanese (a nod to his latest off camera antics), rimming her before pulling off her skirt and having vaginal sex with her. Sadly, while he was inserting his cock, she uttered the infamous line: “What are you doing?”; not the biggest ego boost a guy can get during sex. She really didn’t have much time to blow him at the beginning of the scene so I expected some PTM but they stuck with the screwing until he rubbed out a load of population pudding on her lower abdomen; a touch of foot fetish for the fans too.

Scene Two: Kacey Jordan, a cute blond with a perky body, former contract gal Cassidey, and Anthony Rosano, were up first after a streaking challenge in public scored some points for the other team on a major street. The gals went into the woods to start eating each other, Anthony finding them to get a blowjob from both before Kacey proven the most aggressive about him fucking her. Cassidey was surprisingly passive in this sense, not partaking of the cock until Kacey took the semen on her mouth.

Scene Three: Gianna, the busty babe so many fans have adored of late, was up next outdoors with Jack Venice on a deck by some stairs along a nature walk. This followed the Anthony parading around in ladies undies down Broadway (a major street) and several of the others washing their hands in public toilets, with the quickie including a blowjob and some vaginal screwing after a stranger saw them; scaring them into hurriedly finishing up with a mouth pop.

Scene Four: Delilah Strong, a staple in the company’s titles for some time now due to her rambunctious nature, hotty Gianna, and Anthony Rosano, were then at a party later that night after befriending some bikers. Gianna was the main draw here as she blew him in front of the entire gang, Delilah providing moral support and a bit of oral assistance between Gianna’s titty fucking. The main couple screwed while the gang gave them a lot of loud support, the facial closing it up before Gianna went to clean up in the bathroom.

Scene Five: Kacey Jordan, Cassidey, were up next with Jack Venice after he ran into something as part of the contest; extolling the ills of drinking and driving (almost as if doing a public service commercial). They drank beer out of a shoe and licked a porta-potty, Cassidey blowing him in public and taking his cock inside of her pussy while some of the onlookers shouted their support. Kacey got a few pumps too and they all streaked away to the limo from the scene but there was no pop shot for those who care.

Scene Six: Delilah Strong, Gianna, and Jack Venice, were then up in a motel room; skipping the preliminaries for him to screw Delilah who “hadn’t fucked in days”. She was digging the vaginal sex with a beer in her hand, claiming herself to be “such a whore”, when Gianna gave his dick a few licks too. It ended with a facial and was far too short but it was fun all the same.

Scene Seven: Kacey Jordan, still looking cute, was up next blowing Jack Venice and then riding his cock at night in the van. It was a pretty straightforward scene but didn’t last long; the following day showing Cassidey, joining Kacey to work over a guy credited only as “College Guy”, in the back of a limo. The ladies kissed and jerked the dude off; Cassidey doing her best to convince him to fuck the gals instead of just getting some head, her newfound love of cock a nice change of pace. It really didn’t take a lot to get change his mind, especially after they drew a dinosaur picture on his ass with a marker and tossed his salad (see the BTS for that); a condom used for the vaginal screwing that showed Cassidey falling in lust with the guy. Both gals were tight enough to drain his dragon with minimal effort, Kacey on the receiving end of the pop shot on her lean little ass.

Scene Eight: Delilah Strong, showing an affinity for the bikers and illicit substances, was up last with Gianna, and a guy credited as “Party Stud”. The nod to mood enhancing drugs aside, Delilah was the focal point of the action most of the time, doing some lesbian work with Gianna in between some oral and vaginal action with a moper bike dude who was really into her (he went down on her, licked her ass, and otherwise showed how turned on he was getting blown and fucking her as Anthony and some of the others provided a running commentary track in Spanish (informal Spanish that sounded more like Cal-Mex rather than formal Spanish). The trio left the main room for some light bondage antics in the bedroom after that, the gals showing a lot more intensity than in the previous scenes (that were good but light and fluffy by comparison). Gianna really liked getting fucked hard and Delilah was tripping but they both rode him hardcore before he launched his load onto Delilah’s face. Whew!

Summary: Shane’s World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4 by the crew at Shane’s World was another very entertaining romp as the cast tackled Seattle with a “take no prisoner’s” approach. The non-sex footage was nearly as much fun as the carnal activities, the technical values always a notch below what one would expect from staged porn but well within the expected parameters for this type of show. The cameo by Cousin Stevie at the end to hand out the award (though where was Kacey?) was a cute nod to his own series and I suggest this as a high end Recommended or better depending on what you find appealing. The stroke value, replayability, and sheer levels of fuck for the buck enhanced this one a significant amount so pick up a copy of Shane’s World 40: Scavenger Hunt 4: Seattle: Collector’s Edition, (and get Shane’s World 39 while you’re at it).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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