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Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Francesca Le was the perfect opener for the movie!

Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Chris Streams Productions

Kitty Caulfield was a "scorching hot mommie!"

Genre: MILF, Gonzo

Director: Chris Streams

Kayla Synz made an awesome choice too!

Cast: Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Kitty Caulfield, Mr. Pete, Kayla Synz, John Strong, James Deen, Rhyse Richards, Rhylee Richards, Rayveness, Erik Everhard, Shannon Kelly, LT, Jean-Claude Batiste, Ginger Lynn

Length: 278:24 minutes

Rhyse Richards and Rhylee Richards appealed as MILFs by the pool.

Date of Production: 11/2/2007

Rayveness needed computer help to masturbate.

Extra's: The double disc set came in a slipcase covered holder with all the extras included on the second disc. There was a photogallery, a pop shot compilation, a helpful cast list, and a link to JJV’s website but the best extra was the 58:01 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included a wealth of information for fans of the cast and director. The extra nudity, sex clips, goofing around, and nods to the production were really welcome here and while I would have liked bonus scenes shot specifically for this release, kudos to Chris for the inclusion of so much footage (Mark’s comments about new cameras, some birthday accolades for the kindly gentleman by the pool, he could have been Jim Enright’s kid brother; etc.) but I missed seeing his former make up gal Nikki so maybe she’ll join him in the future.

Shannon Kelly was a "Red Hottie!"

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition was presented in a decent 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video as presented in the MPEG-2 format so common to standard definition titles. The lighting was pretty good, limiting the grain and other visual flaws in the open settings of the house as well as the limited outside action I prefer. The composition of the shots was largely enhancing to the ladies as they diddled themselves or took on their partners with my biggest concern being that so many portions of the movie looked washed out compared to some of his works of the past; the bumpy transition to new equipment likely the reason for this temporary issue that should clear up in the future. There were no compression artifacts (though the bitrate hovering in the lower 4 Mbps range most of the time) but the fleshtones were not all I expected them to be, making this one visually mixed for me and not the best I've seen from Chris in the past. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio (in 192 Kbps) was a bit more basic with no separation or major dynamic range but I could always hear what was said and the music didn't interfere with my viewing pleasure. Those of you used to the lame Spanish dub track he used to have in his movies will have to find old Godzilla movies to laugh at though since he wasted no resources on that here; a wise choice considering how weak those tend to be.

Ginger Lynn was the ultimate MILF and saved for last!

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Body of Review: Chris Streams has been one of my favorite directors in porn for awhile now but at every company he worked for, he was always held back from doing things just the way he wanted to; a frustrating situation for a creative type of guy that was recently resolved when he got the gold ticket from Jules Jordan Video. JJV acts as a distributor so within a very wide range, some claim the widest range in porn these days, directors can shoot what they like and succeed on the merits of their work rather than worry about many unauthorized cuts will be made, how poorly their projects will be marketed, or what they are able to work on at any given time. This is a double edges sword of course since it means a lot more of their success depends on the choices they make and how the fans react but if Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition is any indicator of his future success, Chris is well on the road to easy street. The movie was over four and a half hours long and focused on the MILF phenomenon; popularized in mainstream movies starting about ten years ago, though the origin of the term goes back substantially further. MILF is generally accepted to mean “mother I’d like fucking” or some variation thereof, with the porn term typically meaning a gal with some miles on her to give her experience, a curvy body, and a particular attitude more than simply referring to having popped out a puppy or two. Fans will be the first to tell you, loudly tell you at that, how often the porn industry fudges the details as a result of ladies flaking, find producers not caring about truth in advertising, and the general approach to be lacking more often than not so when I come across a genre flick that shows exactly what it is supposed to, I sit up and take notice. It’s not just that older women tend to be far better in bed, a universal truth that is as much related to biology as anything, but the fantasies most of us have when younger about wanting to nail someone a bit older that is just out of reach. Streams addresses this with a host of scenarios in the seven scenes and as a result, the movie is a very welcome addition to his porn resume and a classic title to start off his newfound career as an independent producer. If this sounds good to you already, consider the cast he has assembled is top notch and replete with perfect examples of the genre, a few special treats lined up as well so here’s a quick glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used, for those wanting to know what happens:

Scene One: Francesca Le, the gal seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first after masturbating in the shower. I have no idea if she has kids to technically qualify for MILF status but she can always knock on my door if she wants to having them now. She’s not only a talented director, established gonzo performer, and kink loving hotty but she’s one of the nicest ladies in porn from my limited dealings with her and as a result her sex appeal has never been greater. Her scene was with Mark Wood, her real life partner the lucky guy, though it was clear that him portraying her son’s friend was a huge stretch of the imagination; even for a porno. Still, she walked in on him tossing off and the heated tease in the shower became a full fledged scene where the two of them enjoyed how she orally worked him other over before they fucked like crazy in numerous positions. Her shock at his penis was funny and her sexy dress enhanced her look a lot but what made the scene work was a combination of her raw sexuality, the skill with which they went at it, and the chemistry the two shared that was off the chart. Unlike some reviewers, I’m not of the mind that real life couples are boring together, especially couples like this that so actively explore their options via porn to keep things fresh. She savagely attacked his cock orally while she masturbated and they moved about to hit it in all the major positions with her actively participating in all of them. The pair was sweaty and alive throughout the lengthy scene and this was probably the best on screen romp between them I’ve seen in awhile. The action ended when he rubbed out a load of population pudding to her face; Francesca swallowing and appreciating the results of her hard work like few others could have. Whew!

Scene Two: Kitty Caulfield, the curvy redhead seen on the center of the cover, was up next as she complained about her husband trading her out for a younger model, masturbating in the kitchen as she considered her status in life. Mr. Pete can knocking on the door and she thought he was a bad influence on her son so after the two argued, his laid back observation about how badly she needed dick led to them getting it on. She jerked him off and lamented the loss of cock in her life; dropping to her knees to slob his knob as though it were the perfect antidote to her problem with Pete happily obliging since he was such a giver. She slowly blew him as she masturbated, teasing him a little even though both of them knew how much he owned her thanks to the laws of supply and demand; the lighting taking on an almost surreal look in the light washed living room they played in. He boned her like he owned her and she became increasingly wet as he drilled her biscuit to her dirty talking approval. There were times when she looked amazingly like Audrey Hollander but she was always an active ride that liked tasting her own juices off his cock with some PTM; Pete relishing his role as her sexual savior. He spanked her ass red and gave her a vaginal creampie at the end, completely establishing his dominance over her as the camera caught the seed slowly leaking out from her cookie. Yum!

Scene Three: Kayla Synz, the beautiful blond dominating the left hand side of the cover, was up next as she met plumbers John Strong and James Deen outside her front door. John took the lead as the impatient workman, claiming they had waited for hours (yeah, like that would happen) as she explained her need to go to the gym to maintain her lean physique. The camera spent ample time catching her sheer outfit in action, moving into the bedroom where she put on her cover outfit that nearly cost me to bust a nut myself. The scenario continued when her significant other blew her off, the sexually charged hotty needing some dick (working out does this to women), resulting in our two lucky blue collar workers getting a bonus of sorts. She seduced James first, and given his age compared to her, this lent itself best to the whole MILF idea, but it was John that really took her to new heights when he walked in on the couple going at it in the bedroom. He took out a power drill with a curious red dildo attachment (to “drill” her with); the shocked Kayla loving it enough to continue letting him use it on her as she sucked off James. There was some technical DP footage and her superb oral skills added a lot of stroke value but her active riding skills were even better. Kayla was very talented at playing the horny MILF and she took them in all three holes; slowing down only for the anal as John proved was a bit tough on her. She did a lot of taste testing (PTM and ATM) and appeared to enjoy the real DP they gave her but I’d like to see even more of her given the strength of this scene alone, a fact shared by her peers in the movie too but no less true. She swallowed their loads easily and left open the possibility of more sex (when John ordered James to fix her shitter, I bust out laughing and wondered if he was up for another round after all he did to that point); the scene very strong in all the ways I like it. Sweet!

Scene Four: Rhyse Richards and Rhylee Richards, the two busty blond bombshells seen on the right hand side of the front cover, were the last scene of the first disc, with the ladies lounging out by the pool on the sunny, though windy, day. I love oiled up hotties wearing skimpy attire and the gals added a new dimension as they bantered back and forth about the possibility of lesbian sex (Rhylee playing the sexual aggressor). They went inside to put on some lingerie that looked even better (if that was possible) and John Strong, still in his work attire from the last scene, was the lucky recipient of their attention; playing hard to get instead of treating the gals as if he was their puppy dog to be ordered about as most such scenes display. He ate them, they rewarded him orally, and the trio started banging in a heated fashion with a decent amount of chemistry shared once they were in full swing. The ladies shared him and each other nicely too; engaging in as much lesbian as actively pushing back on his cock or sucking it, surprising me at times with their sexual ferocity that he brought out of them. They shared the facial at the end of the scene and I considered that there was true MILF action, really good MILF action, by this point in the movie than almost any similar movie I’ve had the opportunity to review (and we’re talking a LOT of porn here).

Scene Five: Rayveness, the hot brunette seen on the cover (second one over from the left, standing in her patterned undies), starred in the first scene on the second disc after having computer problems. She was masturbating in her panties and bra when she encountered difficulties unrelated to squirting while she surfed the net for porn (possibly reading Xcritic given the focused nature of her act). She called the “nerd squad” and was eventually greeted by studly Erik Everhard; the guy playing the porn equivalent of Jimmy Fallon’s tech helper from SNL. He was taken aback by all the porn found on the computer, calling out funny porn website names including Rayveness’ own website though skipping his own surprisingly enough, fixing her computer before she seduced him out of his taped up glasses. He was clearing out the 256 viruses he found when she started massaging his chest, inspiring him to play with her as though he had never seen a titty in real life himself. His acting chops aside, he serviced her orally just as solidly as he always does, Rayveness reciprocating with a splendid hummer in return. The teasing tigress she portrayed took her time working him over as the aggressor, the blowjob followed by a lengthy titty fuck and a lot of vaginal screwing in various positions. Her pussy was rubbed raw by all the action and the scene ended when she titty fucked his balls dry, reminding me of the first time I met her (sans ball draining action of course) in Vegas thanks to a director (Robert Herrera) graciously introducing us. For a gal to invoke specific memories like that after all these years of porn reviewing, you have to appreciate how much chemistry and energy the two shared; making it a fine addition to the movie. Yes!

Scene Six: Shannon Kelly, the red head sprawled out on the floor in the lower left hand corner, was up next as she smoked a cigarette and teased the camera before sunbathing by the pool. The lighting in the bathroom was terrible compared to the other scenes but her nicely toned body still looked most fuckable as the tattooed performer slipped into something skimpy for display purposes only. While showing off her assets and oiling up, she moved into plain view of pool cleaners LT and Jean-Claude Batiste; the black men liking what they saw as much as she did. Her need for black seed resulted in her blowing them in the bright sun, her skin contrasting with their more than the camera could handle with all the light pouring off the concrete but her oral skills were so packed with enthusiasm that I couldn’t complain too loudly. They moved the show inside where she would take one in her mouth while the other fucked her hard; Shannon actively pushing riding the cock to the delight of the men who were stoked at having found such a perfect sex freak. I almost thought they broke the couch given the way they went at it and while I wasn’t keen on her implants, she gave up enough of an over the top performance that I believed her when she claimed to orgasm. She slowed down in the anal portions of the scene, especially the parts with DP footage included, but her nod to enjoyment was never lost on me. She did some taste testing too and ended up getting plastered with facial goodness at the end; not swallowing but never shying away from the men either as she gave some post coital play.

Scene Seven: Ginger Lynn, the legend of porn featured on the right hand side of the front cover in her white lingerie, was up last and the phrase “saving the best for last” immediately popped into my mind as a result. Ginger was the original “contract girl”, single-handedly making Vivid back in the 1980’s when the video invasion pushed aside most of the film types (as kind of covered by the mainstream flick Boogie Nights), and the object of many fantasies not just by a handful of fans but an entire generation of us; leading to some modest success as a true cross over star, not the kind you get today that act like giddy schoolgirls over playing a hooker in an independent flick once in awhile (or a bar tender, or some other bit role; some even considering those late night erotica titles to merit such distinction). That said, she was putting on her make up in her lingerie when she went to kicking out her “son” for being such a slacker. Spotting the morning wood of James Deen, he was spared such a fate as she took him into her arms for some carnal activity that proved Ginger was probably better sexually now than she ever was in any of her former comeback performances; my tastes still liking her feature roles at VCA better but not denying the strength of this scene’s raw energy for a second. They aggressively paired off and James did his best to keep up with her, never quite succeeding but always showing he was willing to try satisfying her wanton needs; Ginger off the hook in terms of her active nature on the bed. He slapped her around, choked her until she changed color, drilled her pussy and ass like he’d never see them again, and otherwise complied with her demands. They were her demands too since she always made it clear that she’d kick his ass if he didn’t do as she wanted; a few tender moments interlaced into the mix as well. The scene ended with her taking the facial after yet another bout of taste testing, ending the double disc movie on a very high note, nearly enough to compensate for some of the technical issues that arose.

Summary: Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition by director Chris Streams for distribution by Jules Jordan Video was a superb opening volley by the director in his quest for glory. The ladies all suited their roles, the Behind the Scenes was well done, and the sheer amount of footage in the movie was more than twice what I would expect from a company further down the food chain, and the technical values conveyed the heat of the action very well. It was not a perfect movie but it was head and shoulders above most MILF titles coming out on DVD, easily earning a rating of Highly Recommended from me. Chris has upped his game and I expect even more from him in the future but this was one of the strongest upgrades I’ve seen for a director joining one of the bigger distributors so you can bet that he’ll continue to upgrade with time. In short, Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers: Special Edition included a treasure trove of fucking, mothers, and dirty sexual antics, nothing rotten about it other than why it took so long for Chris to make the leap into the big leagues. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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