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Verboten Part 1

Studio: Hot House » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 1/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Steven Scarborough
1 Hr 34 Minutes
CAST: Alex Collack, Rafael Alencar, Alexy Tyler, Dilon Crow, Dake Ramsey, Trey Casteel, Kristian Alvarez, C.J. Knight, Rodrigo De Leon, Dominic Sol, Tyler Saint, Josh West

The Good Stuff

Welcome to the newest S&M themed sex club Verboten. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready for some hot muscular Hot House men to fuck you senseless in Verboten Part 1.



Scene 1
Alex Collack and Rafael Alencar are stroking their hard tools, watching Alexy Tyler who is hanging from restraints over what appears to be a rubber covered bed. Alex has rock hard muscles, slight body hair and a big cut dong, Rafael is tanned, muscular with a few sexy tattoos and even bigger uncut cock and Alexy Tyler to my tastes has the best body of all, leaner and more ripped than his two tops and also with a few tattoos. Don't get me wrong every god damn stud in this movie is top notch eye candy but Alexy just has something extra sexy about him. They release Alexy from his restraints and get him on all fours with his face by Alexs cock and ass to Rafael like an offering to a horse cocked god. Alexy stuffs his face with Alex cock for a bit while Rafael teases his hole with his Latin anaconda. After slipping on a jimmy hat Rafael finally sheaths his cock in Alexys hole in one solid thrust causing Alexy to cry out in pleasure after several more full in and out thrusts Rafael works his hole over good while Alex uses his cock as a gag stuffing it in Alexy throat to muffle his cries. They swap so Alex can fuck some ass and Rafael can feel Alexys hot lips around his cock. Rafael is a total ass man tiring of Alexy mouth he gets behind Alex and seeing his tight muscular ass can't resist and slides him some of the Alencar meat giving his hole a work out. While being pounded by Rafael meat Alex rips off Alexys codpiece and gives his average cut cock some hot oral action. Alexy nuts on Alex face, Alex repays the favor by spooging on Alexy and Rafael jacks his load all over Alexy's torso and face.



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Scene 2
Dilon Crow a pale muscular guy, with slight body hair and a smattering of tattoos is manacled on a platform between Dak Ramsey and Trey Casteel. Both of these studs are big and muscular with Dak winning out in the cock department with his extra big cut hose. They rough up Dillon for a bit spitting on his face and making him gag down Daks' cock. They get out a some cellophane and wrap Dilons head in it for a a few minutes and make him take turns sucking their cocks. I don't see the point in this as it was only there for about five mintues before they got rid of it and i was worried bubble assed Dillon was gonna suffocate but maybe thats the point. Crows spectacular pearl white, globe ass cheeks get attention next. With Trey and Dak spit lubing it and giving it a work out with their digits. Dak needs the taste of cock so he releases Dillon's prince albert pierced cock and deepthroats it expertly and even gives his top friend Trey a bit of the old suckey suckey. Trey is tired of this foreplay and tosses Dilon on a bench and starts tearing up his ass and Dak feeds him his large cock. They swap postions and fuck him from both ends again before Trey shoots a big wad of jizz over Dilon chest followed by Ramseys baby batter and then Dilons own creamy load all over his tattooed stomach which I am pretty sure says persevere.



Scene 3
Kristian Alvarez a tanned muscular daddy with a super long cock finds C.J. Knight an equally muscular guy with nice sized cock tied face down, spread eagled on a bed. Kristian overjoyed with finding his new plaything releases C.J. Who cant wait to see what Kristian is packing behind his studded codpiece. Once the codpiece is removed and Kristian's monster cock is free C.J. Dives in full force and gags that puppy down. I was expecting to see that long cock pop out the back of C.J's head. He deepthroats it and gags on it until he takes it balls deep. Kristian then takes his long throat slimed cock and shoves it right up C.J.'s muscular ass and fucks him in doggie and various other positions before Kristian's sexed up cock can take no more and he shoots his goo all over the bed. C.J. Then jacks his own fat cock adding his thick creamy spooge to the gooey mess on the bed.



Scene 4
Rodrigo De Leon a lean muscular Latin guy with average uncut tool is waiting his pleasure in a cage. Up comes Tyler Saint an uber sexy, muscular big dicked blond and Josh West a scruffy, trimmed body hair, super sized cocked tops to play with him. Nearby is Dominic Sol tied to a wall, he is muscular and pale and has a perfect round ass and average cut cock. Tyler and Josh take turns feeding Rodrigo their monster sized schlongs making him gag. Rodrigo is not deterred in the least by these beasts of meat. He even tries to fit both cocks in his mouth at once, which once you see the size of the cocks you know ain't gonna happen. At this point Dominic is feeling left out and crying out that he wants some cock too, so Tyler is glad to oblige and releases him and stuffs his throat with his meat. Meanwhile Rodrigo is having his face hammered with Josh foot long dong. The bottoms want their asses pounded and the tops want to pound so Josh slides his super cock up Rodrigo's chute and Tyler soon follows giving Dominics tight hole the Saint meat. There are some awesome shots of Rodrigo's ass lips being stretched out by Josh giant dick when he glides out. After doggie Tyler gets his cock ridden in cowboy and Josh down fucks Rodrigo whose knees are by his ears. Tyler and Josh switch partners and fuck Rodrigo and Dominic in spoon. The feeling of the new cocks is too much for out bottom guys and they jack their cocks and shoot their loads. Tyler and Josh then coat their bottoms in their own spooge and the scene ends with out tired fucks collapsing onto their partners and kissing.






The full frame transfer for this DVD was clear with good lighting for each and every scene. The lighting, the angles, the transitions from position to position and scene to scene are all flawless as can always be expected from Steven Scarborough and Hot House. The Dolby 2.0 sound is clear and crisp, every command from the tops and moan from the bottoms is easily heard. The background music for each scene was perfect for each scene and wasn't obnoxiously loud as some flicks have.


Run of the mill extras. The previews actually show right before the film starts like in mainstream DVD's. Just press menu to bypass.

Previews: Trailers for Jock Strap, White Heat Trunks 4, Tough Stuff

Fuck Compilation: 15.38 of dicks going in holes.

Cumshot Compilation: 14.40 of custard chucking cocks.

Gallery: A combination of publicity shots and shots taken from the film about 51 in total.


At the End of the Night

Verboten Part 1 is the first in series of S&M style films put out by Hot House and super director Steven Scarborough. Verboten Part 1 was just one big giant turn on in my book. Twelve super hot M E N getting rough and freaky is my way to pass an afternoon. Every single guy in the flick was super hot and muscular and their were some truly monstrous cocks too. The action was intense and sizzlingly hot. Give me a muscular man in a leather harness and jockstrap and I am one happy guy. The only bad thing I have to say is that Hot House rarely if ever provides any real extras like a behind the scenes or something and that would just be icing on the cum flavored daddy cake that Verboten Part 1 was. All I can say is Verboten Part 1 gets a “Highly Recommended” rating in my book....I can't wait to see Part 2.

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