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Cotton Panties 5

Studio: Swank » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/23/08

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Cotton Panties 5
Directed by:  Denys Deframosco
  Trisha, Carmen, Jenny, Lulu & Sugar Baby.
With:  Nickolarz, Thomas Stone, Titus Steel, Choky Ice & Zenya Razzi
Length:  1hr 47min
Condoms?:  No!

Scene One:  Trisha (w/ Nickolarz)

Somewhat frustrated, sitting at her birthday table, Trisha is delighted to find the afternoon's entertainment arrive in the form of a cake-wielding clown.  Candles out, the two paw at each other's below-the-belt assets, leading to a blowjob, which our clown exchanges with a healthy dose of pussy eating and finger banging.  They take to missionary on the table, Trisha's dotted panties parted to the side, and onto doggy.  She tastes his scepter once again, reverse and standard flavored cowgirl to follow, with Trisha's ass rumbling like a pair of bubbles about to burst.  Back into a final stride of missionary, our guy oozes his seed onto Trisha's bald crotch, and she sucks on his member as it throbs out its last bit of juice.  While I can certainly get behind Trisha's good looks, her performance of yelps and the usual ululations were pretty standard, never quite rising above a medium level of enjoyment.

(Trisha, there are dots everywhere...lend me your hand!)

Scene Two:  Carmen (w/ Thomas Stone)

Already wearing a mischievous grin as we first meet her, Carmen teases and plucks away at her partner's psyche with her eyes, leading his hands down and over her browned body.  A bit of foreplay ensues, with Carmen's hands doing a dry stroke across her man's shaft, leading to a blowjob, and even more tease and ball play.  Arched over his lap, Carmen's partner sticks a finger in each of her southern holes at once, parting her panties to jab away inside.  Penetrating in doggy, and onto spoon, the two bump along merrily, with Carmen doing a taste test in between both.  Laying her in a half-spoon position, he squeezes his member into her ass, plugging Carmen as she moans and squeals with glee.  She takes no offense in tasting the grindings from her ass, and continues to do so after a spell of reverse cowgirl, anal.  In doggy, our man jerks himself off onto her pristine ass, which Carmen quickly soaks up with her panties as a sense of urgency propels the two to regroup suddenly.  Still, she's proud of her clean-up job, and allows us to have a nice long gander before fading to black.  Quite the bombshell, Carmen delivers a worthwhile performance, steadying her attention on her partner, sometimes drifting into a few rote patterns, but otherwise keeping the heat at a near-boil.  Not without its flaws, this scene was still pretty stunning.

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(Carmen's ass, before the rain.)

Scene Three:  Jenny (w/ Titus Steel)

Noshing on a little breakfast, pajama-clad Jenny meets an old/new flame in her makeshift bedroom.  After a kiss, he's soon nibbling on her slightly puffy nipples, leading to more licking down below.  She blows him in return, and they continue with a half-clothed fuck, doggy style.  Spooning follows, and Jenny works his warm swiss roll back into her mouth, melding toward a full-on 69.  Reverse and standard cowgirl goes onward, with missionary verging into a blowjob/hand toss, spew shooting into Jenny's mouth, and a bit of suck to finally seal the deal.  Jenny's lanky and somewhat bony appearance will definitely be a draw for most, here, though her action was a little shaky and tame, but still quite hot.  Her enthusiasm isn't quite on fire, but she seems to be having fun, as I had watching her!

Scene Four:  Lulu(w/ Choky Ice)

Lulu and suitor are already disrobing as we meet them, centering their action around a green flora-patterned couch.  Teasing him with her long fingers, Lulu sucks on his piece of wood, stopping to strip off the remainder of her handful of clothes.  Cresting her polka dotted panties into the crevasse of Lulu's ass, her man takes a moment to savor the miniature spectacle, sucking at her hidden parts, shifting the fabric again for some doggy action.  Lulu savors their now dual melange off his cock, and into standard cowgirl they go.  They angle on into spoon-inspired fucking and into reverse cowgirl, Lulu sampling her man's member in between, again!  Veering back into spoon, he coats Lulu's shaved pussy with his glory, and she kneels on the floor to tease and blow his shaft one more time.  Phew!  As with most of the other scenes, Lulu stays beneath the boiling point here, though seeing her in action was a cause for celebration, for this viewer, as her slightly tattooed and youthful glow, coupled with all the mid-fuck tasting, was causing me to swoon! 

Scene Five:  Sugar Baby(w/ Zenya Razzi)

Last up we have Sugar Baby, who's caught smoking by a blue-jeaned fellow inside of her bedroom.  Baby faced and teeth covered in braces, she probably should know better, and her suitor sees to teach her a lesson.  A handjob escalates into a mouth-bound job, clothed, and mostly hands-free (so much for innocence!).  Parting her panties in doggy, her man lovingly eats out her ass and pussy, leading to doggy-style penetration, Sugar's soft tan lines gaining full exposure.  After spooning, she blows him again in preparation for standard cowgirl.  Following that, we're back into spoon, anal this time, and onto reverse cowgirl, plenty of sucking by Sugar branching each position together with her stream of spit.  Pummeling her arched up ass, Sugar's man glides in and out of her little ass with ease, finally shooting his dose onto her bullseye of a brown ring.  As she sits up to give him a final suck, the cum oozes down onto the sheets below.  Though her performance may not be a full-on whammer jammer, Sugar still seems to revel in her assplay, grinning and screaming as she's greased and greases her way through.  For fans of Kat or Leah Luv, Sugar will be a familiar scent of barely legal goodness, and she delivers a worthwhile scene worth checking out!

Bonus Features

I was surprised to find out that all these girls were mostly non-English speakers, and my ears couldn't quite place the languages spoken (nary a subtitle, but you'll get the drift), so let's just classify these girls as "Euro".  In their Behind the Scenes feature, each lady from the main feature is interviewed (except Carmen, drat!), and proceeds to show off their lovely curves and blades and so forth, all narrated/questioned off-camera.  It's a bit of a shame that we aren't able to understand any of the interviews, as these girls are quite fetching in their dressed down appearance, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless.  A few Trailers for other Swank releases are also included, as well as a Photo Gallery, web ads, and a selectable menu by girl and their positions (these vary, accordingly).

Audio/Visual Quality

The feature is presented in enhanced 16x9, with a rich, even picture throughout.  The color balance is never too off, with skin tones in balance, and without any bright spots or gray areas to speak of.  The audio is moderately clean and clear, though the minor amount of small talk and chit chat in each scene is noticeably muted, I suppose to divert attention from the foreign languages being spoken, placing our attention on the action, first.  The editing throughout is a bit jumpy at points, which adds a certain fullness/maximum coverage to the scenes, but sometimes manages to break the action as it's happening.  Overall, a nice presentation, and relatively easy to swallow.

Final Thoughts

Youth is fleeting, right?  Lucky for you, Cotton Panties 5 is here, and will hopefully satiate the young girl niche in your brain - quite quickly for some, but less effectively for others.  These girls all look fresh off the branch, but their performances are somewhat scattered, though still quell in the medium heat range, overall.  As they are all euro-centric, lovers of pillow talk may be a little disappointed, but the surprising amount of anal (Carmen & Sugar Baby) for this type of series is more than welcome, and, frankly, wonderful to see!  As for panty enthusiasts, you could probably do better in terms of single fetishistic delivery (again, Carmen is the greatest exception, having her cake & smearing it, too), as the cotton-bound focus is a little misleading, if only somewhat.  Still, worth a rent for the curious, especially for those teen-bound smell hounds out there.  Go forth!

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