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Stuffin Young Muffins 8

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Stuffin' Young Muffins 8
Directed by Mark Ashley
Starring:  Lexi Belle, Ashlynn Brooke, Ruby Knox, Jenny Hendrix & Ellie Idol.
With:  Mark Ashley, Johnny Sins & Jordan Ash.
Length:  2hrs 13min.
Condoms:  No!

Brief Synopsis:  Release number eight for this particular franchise, featuring stalwart Mark Ashley guiding his camera in and around five young girls, who just happen to be soft and round...just like muffins!  Enough with the hyperbole - on with the show!

Scene One:
  Lexi Belle (w/ Mark Ashley)

Peering outside a window, Lexi ruffles her own feathers with her hands, soon bringing out a miniature pink vibrator to assist her with fulfilling her daydreams.  Pulling down her thin veil of panties, Lexi finds Mark's grip over her ass cheeks, leading to a blow job as she continues to flutter at her crotch with her free hand.  Leading her to the couch, Mark props her legs up to nosh away at Lexi's pussy, teasing her asshole with his tongue.  Missionary and full-on pile driver action follows, with Lexi pausing the action to take a swing of Mark's sopping wet trunk.  She mashes as much as her opened mouth can allow, turning around to offer Mark a spell of doggy.  Lexi twists to show her face as she's fucked, mounting Mark's wand in standard cowgirl afterward.  He spends a bit of time thrusting furiously from below, but soon hands over the beat to Lexi, who bounces out at a steady pulse.  After a little reverse cowgirl and spooning, Mark shoots his load into Lexi's open mouth and chest.  Lexi, who at first seems a little restrained, lets herself go into Mark's grapple, combing her effort out in little pert blasts of interjection and squeal.   Seeing her contort herself for maximum enjoyment (for all of us) was a plus, as was her steadfast effort to get both herself and Mark off in a blaze of glory.  Thanks, Lexi!

Scene Two:  Ashlynn Brooke (with Johnny Sins)

Peering from behind a set of curtains, Ashlynn diddles herself using two fingers, plunging both into her pussy, licking and greasing them up as she goes along.  Johnny arrives soon after, pushing past her purple polka-dotted panties to meet his lips with her southernmost pair, using his outstretched digits to continue what Ashlynn already began.  Rising up, Ashlynn takes to the floor, kneels, and blows Johnny's erect penis, coating every last fleshy bit of his joint with her always-moist tongue.  They begin fucking in doggy, taking a break for Ashlynn to sample their combined melange, and lean into cowgirl, which is high time to display her formidable posterior.  The thigh-crashing reverses the cowgirl, and spooning, and more tasting, follows.  Curling farther and farther into her in missionary, Johnny sits up to break off Ashlynn's prize over the majority of her upper lip, the rest flowing over her upper chest and chin.  I enjoyed Ashlynn's performance here, as her previous work was a little too camera-intensive for me.  She seems to be having a good time here, with a little stiffness toward the end, but certainly is, and always has been, a beauty to witness.

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Scene Three:  Ruby Knox (with Mark Ashley)

Bathed in white light overlooking her features, Ruby stands in an empty bathtub, caressing her soft bits, working down to her crotch, where she warms herself up with both hands.  Pulling down her sheer black panties for easier access, she turns around to find Mark watching her from a nearby seat, who meets her to nibble and lick her lady business.  He perches her atop a towel-covered sink and flexes his mouth skills, angling the front end of his cock inside of her.  Ruby slips down onto his stiffness, gathering a slow but gradual momentum, soon cut off as they continue on that nearby seat in missionary.  Ruby presses on her clit as they build speed together, her moaning a tad forced.  She bends down to blow Mark, mostly without her hands, and Mark soon grips her head for a touch of shallow mouth play.  Back to doggy, floor-bound, Ruby's ass pointed toward the heavens, into a ride in cowgirl (with a copious amount of bouncing) and its reverse (with Mark holding the reins for a jackhammer-from-below approach).  After leaping back in the chair for a final bout of doggy, Mark dismounts and spreads his seed over Ruby's chin, one spurt landing into her mouth.  Ruby seems to be going through the motions for most of the scene, with small pockets of enthusiasm appearing from time to time.  Mark does a majority of the heavy lifting, and makes the best of it; I hope Ruby's future work will be leaps & bounds better than the mostly tepid performance herein.  Alas, she looks great!

Scene Four:  Jenny Hendrix (w/ Jordan Ash)

Our all-seeing-eye cameraman discovers Jenny gliding her fingers and hands over her soaked clothes as she stands beneath a running shower.  Peeling each white article off, she lets the stream cover her rear lumps as she masturbates, ass pointed outward.  Jordan soon opens the door, and in no time is assisting Jenny with his own mouth music.  Continuing his recital atop a bed, still-wet Jenny spreads her legs for him, shifting up to take Jordan's beat-stick inside her own mouth, nearly to the quick.  After even more pussy eating and ass teasing, Jordan enters Jenny in missionary, gradually working his dick in a deep slide into her opened envelope.  Jumping on top, Jenny glides over Jordan in cowgirl, cries of "oh my god" permeating the corners of the room.  Jordan holds her head steady, locking his eyes with hers as they go at it, her moans and screams pointed directly at his attention, focused and burning the two of them up.  After a taste test, Jenny shifts her ass up for doggy, leading Jordan to pull and fuck her on the edge of the bed, toying with her perpetual motioned ass cheeks as each of his thrusts pull in and out of her.  It's hypnotic!  After a little reverse cowgirl and spoon action, a final bat of doggy is enough for Jordan to shoot nearly every drop into Jenny's mouth, which she slowly pours and pushes out and over her chin with her tongue.  An incredibly strong scene here, with Jenny impressing and evolving her performance like a fine wine.   She gains a nice lock-step with Jordan, and the intensity is pretty amazing.  The scene does wind down a bit after a while, but other than that, this one is quite the keeper!

Scene Five:  Ellie Idol (with Mark Ashley)

Slipping and sliding her body underneath a warm jet of water, Ellie manages to never soil her ravened mop a drop, and emerges from the shower to toy and rub her soft, covered areas at the foot of the bathroom.  Seeking another set of hands, she jettisons down a flight of stairs to find Mark, who bites and inhales her nipples before aiming his chin toward Ellie's crotch.  She revels in this, humping his open mouth as he slithers his tongue inside and out of her pussy.  Ellie cradles her legs up, knees pushed to her cheeks, allowing Mark to fully savor her every flavor.  She emits a loving assortment of coos, giggles, snarls and puffs as this is all happening, truly enjoying the moment, unaware of the camera.  Beginning to blow Mark, Ellie garbles as much as she can into her tiny mouth, flipping over into 69, Mark still marveling at her assortment and depth of goodies.  In doggy, Ellie's face blurs in a mess of hair and scrunched-faced reactions as Mark deploys his missile from above.  Her delightful ululations continue in natural cowgirl, during which each partner takes turns at the wheel (Mark hammers, Ellie twists and swivels her crotch in a flurry of hip grinding).   After a smooth taste, Ellie curves into spoon position, which Mark happily engages in, and standard missionary seals the deal, a shot of love onto and around Ellie's mouth (with a sample worming into her mouth, which she swallows).  Ellie's performance is eager and surprising, at times, with the level of joy she displays with Mark.  However, she has a habit of glancing toward the camera at times during the scene, but her improvisatory vocals and guile remain unaffected by this tiny hang-up.  A combination of nervousness and glee?  Any way you slice it, Ellie, I'll still love whatever you do to bits, as long as it rivals this performance!

Bonus Features

(Jenny:  I am convinced!)

A Behind The Scenes feature is included, shot before each respective girl's scene, a precursor to the action which soon unfolds.  Most of the questions are about their sexual history, plans for the adult business, and other assorted goofiness (Ellie takes the cake, as can be seen below).  A full-length Bonus Scene (from Naughty College School Girls 44 , starring Kara Bare & Michael Stefano) is included, and is quite smokin'.  A Photo Gallery, a few Trailers, a Pick Your Pleasure Menu (your choice of position), a Cum Shot Recap and the usual Web/Company Info page fill out the rest of the nicely put together section.  As a warm-up to the main feature, these bonuses do quite well, still leaving you hungry for more.

(Ellie:  Going all chipmunk cheeked.)

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature (along with the BTS & Bonus Scene) were presented in 1.78:1 aspect ratio, with a clean, natural-toned image, with a little shimmering from time to time.  Most of the scenes are sourced with outdoor light, balanced and matched in an extremely pleasing fashion, softened at times, but steady and assured.  The one scene which suffers a bit is Ashlynn's, which seems to have been shot on another location unlike the other segments, and is primarily studio-lit, flattening the colors somewhat.  I barely saw a boom or two enter the frame (could have been a porn ghost, who knows), but the audio is mostly caught at a safe distance from the performers (and is relative to each of them as the camera floats around), with some natural room acoustics sharing the wealth, the louder and higher end of the spectrum remaining easy on the ears.  Background music pervades only the introductory first minutes of each scene, fading out as each gentleman enters (thank goodness).  A sweet package.

Final Thoughts
For fans of the series, Stuffin' Young Muffins 8 will be another surefire hit, parlaying the very idea of teenage lust (Lexi Belle's schoolgirl outfit), caught-in-the-act showers (Jenny's nonchalant peel-fest), couch-bound pastimes (Ashlynn's polka-dotted finger frenzy), bedroom fantasies (Ruby's ass, always in the air), and joyful noises (Ellie chirping and chortling her efforts out in pixie-ish fits) into one compact package.  Even the lower-tier sections help to elevate the high scorers, the disc itself is worth checking out for the girls (the girls!) alone, with their likenesses lensed quite beautifully.  The sex never veers into harsh territory, thankfully, and maintains a mostly cheerful mood until the very end.  Keep on keepin' on, Mark Ashley!

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