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Obscene Behavior #3

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/29/08

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Obscene Behavior 3
Directed by John Strong
Starring:  Bailey Brooks, Denice K., Carmen Minor, Aarielle Alexus & Bianca Dagger.
With:  John Strong, Steve French, James Deen, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood & Sascha.
Length:  2hrs 50min
Condoms?:  No!

Brief Synopsis:  As the cover will no doubt inform you, this third volume in the Obscene Behavior series features more of the male-receiving action (their hairy toes and asses, specifically), with similar results.  Fans of Anabolic's similarly themed Oral Consumption series will find much to offer here, though Red Light's take expands the focus to include copious amounts penetrative work on the girls, balancing the action out.  Without further ado....

Scene One:  Bailey Brooks (with John Strong & Steve French)

Making her way through an introductory motif of sped-up footage, Bailey starts off by sucking on John's toes, migrating to his asshole for salad tossing with a side order of face fucking.  Into doggy they go, shifting the action to a lower floor, where Steve awaits his own tongue bath, courtesy of Ms. Brooks.  She takes turns blowing and sucking each guy, vacillating between their anuses, toes, and dicks, riding one while wrapping her lips around the other.  This cycle continues in standard cowgirl and spoon positions, and finally into turns taken in doggy, Bailey occasionally opening her lowered mouth for additional foot-to-lips.  Each fellow lands the majority of their cumulative loads into Bailey's open mouth, and she swallows every bit down.  While she's up for the dirtiness, Bailey doesn't push full-force with the kinkier aspects of the scene, but still pulses through a worthwhile effort.

Scene Two:  Denice K. (with James Deen)

Crawling on all fours after her title card, Denice is quick to accept James' big toe into her mouth, veering toward and hitting his asshole with her tongue in deepened, deep-see thrusts.  Emerging for air, she gives his penis a little face time, and cycles between the three hot spots, feasting and inhaling all points Mr. Deen.  Denice nearly fits all of James' left foot into her mouth, similarly deep-throating his dick as she continues the switch-up.  An assortment of rusty trombone solos ensue, and onward we find the two in missionary.  Once again attending to James' nether regions, he returns her already winning strategies by angling his prick into her ass, in missionary, teasing her already breathless exchanges with quick and hushed whispers.   Following with a session of reverse cowgirl anal, James bangs into Denice's pussy with his fingers as she, now sweaty and humming along nicely, again massages his feet with her tongue.  As they go into anal doggy (with pauses for more ass-to-mouth cock-noshing and a few nice gapes), the toe-sucking continues, until James finally strokes his effort of white goodness into her mouth.  As Denice swallows, she still radiates an insatiable charm, playful, and so so very dirty!  She attends not only to her partner, but to us, in a non-cloying way, popping and sliding against James in every which way she can.  Denice, you're a genius!

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(Denice:  Ooohing & aaahing, finishing off.)

Scene Three:  Carmen Minor(with John Strong)

Perched on a set of stairs, Carmen shows off her oval of assets, going to town on John as he enters the frame.  She begins by licking his anus, kissing him on the lips, and following with his cock.  A little reverse cowgirl begins, and to the bedroom they break.  More dick-oriented mouth sparring continues, with Carmen going into all fours for doggy.  Halfway through his stride, John does a double dip into her ass and back, switching from hole to hole, moving onto a half-spoon position.  Even more double dipping (!) leads the two forward, into reverse cowgirl and standard missionary anal, John lifting her up for a mid-air collision.  Carmen does her best to accept what she can as John expels his wad onto the arm of the already-drenched couch underneath them both, Carmen sucking at the fabric.  While Carmen certainly put forth a good effort, I felt her performance was a little underwhelming, as well with her seeming reluctance to go full-force with her wandering tongue (at least without acting overly cautious during).  Still, all of her chocolate-dipped pussy antics were quite nasty, and how could I ever fault that?

Scene Four:  Aarielle Alexus(with John Strong & Mr. Pete)

Aarielle starts the scene off by addressing the camera eye to eye, pulling back her skimpy neon outfit to twirl and fiddle with her softest parts.  John, seated opposite, sticks his big toe inside of her cooze and up to Aarielle's mouth, an appetizer continued with a crown of anal suck and topped with his prick in between her highest set of cheeks.  Guiding her to another room, Mr. Pete is worked over by Aarielle, and the dual sword swinging ensues.  The two ride and bop along, ramming themselves into either end of Aarielle, in doggy, standard cowgirl and missionary styles, occasionally interrupted to better corner a stray foot or open anus toward her fluttery lips.  Anal attention starts in missionary and into doggy, a double penetration following in both standard and reverse cowgirl.  Each guy takes turns dosing Arielle with their splooge, soon swallowed down, Aarielle pleased as punch.  While the tag team antics will surely please some, Aarielle limited her salad tossing to smooth-combed surveys, rather than mulching, or even gaining much of any traction on the nastier acts, oral-wise.  And though she's keen on peen, and loves to show it, I found the scene tended to drag as it progressed, even with the double penetration.  But maybe Aarielle just wasn't my type, but what bells she did ring certainly didn't chime loud enough for me.

Scene Five:  Bianca Dagger (with Mark Wood & Sascha)

For our final installment, we meet Bianca, who offers and proffers a toe-suck on both her partners, Mark & Sascha, at once.  The doggy fucking soon begins, with Bianca diving into her opposite suitor's butt cheeks.  They switch, and Bianca bestows upon them a dual blow job, leading to cowgirl, with both gents soon exchanging positions between her mouth and pussy.  Bianca does nibble on more toes along the way, propping herself upside-down for bang-bang missionary from each man, her lithe body shaking and vibrating as a result of the process.  Her hands take turns blurring, similarly, as she's being handed over and over, wheedling her clit, bursts of joy everywhere.  She begs for her coming seed through clenched teeth, and accepts her prizes with one gulp.   Like Denice, Bianca knows what she wants, and certainly has the means by which to coax it out of herself and her partners.  While the action did almost move too fast to enjoy, Bianca's vigor throughout was quite enjoyable, as was her ability to get down and dirty when it counted.

Bonus Features

(Is this good enough for the cover?:  Bailey & Aarielle pose it out.)

A Behind the Scenes segment features each girl doing a post-scene wrap up, mostly focused on their previous sexual histories (Aarielle: "I can't say, legally, how old I was at the time."), with a nice, relaxed candor all the way through.  I kind of wish the feature was this warm & fuzzy, but you can't win every time.  A Cumshot Recap, a Photo Gallery, and the usual Web/Company info round out the not-too-shabby section (what, not even a bonus trailer or two?), which serves as a nice come-down to the hummingbird-paced style of the feature.

(Carmen & half of her tattoo; Denice and her silly grin.)

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature was presented in 1.33:1, full screen, with a little bit of transparency visible in the overall quality.  The light sources were usually mixtures of studio and natural light, with a nice tonal balance, sometimes casting into warmer, somewhat yellow tones at certain points.  As a few of the screen caps above will show, the image isn't as full of information as it could have been (still waiting for Red Light to take the hi-def plunge), and suffers, visually, because of it.  Tube owners won't notice much difference, but others certainly will.  The camera work was moderate in between all the huff & puff action, and glided along nicely.  The audio track was a little subdued at times, mellowing most of the dirty talk (sadly), upping the chaotic screams (which arrived suddenly, on occasion) and moans by the girls to the forefront.  In that respect, the audio and visual presentation remain average, overall.

Final Thoughts
While some males could care less about anything but their wang having all the attentions  over the scope of their naked bodies, Obscene Behavior 3 would like to have it all, "it" being girls lapping up their toes and poop chutes.  And though some may reel in horror at the thought, Denice K. and  Bianca Dagger, here, are more than willing to fill that need, through their equally delirious, dizzy performances.   Even if the general scope and goal of the series may not be as expertly handled by Carmen, Aarielle, or Bailey, all the ladies featured here are more than willing to soil their precious parts, even if they approach the male derriere and manicured talons with skittishness.  While not as psychologically destroying as their niched predecessors, this one is worth a rent for the curious, as well as the already initiated (especially for the rip-roaring good time, courtesy of Denice).  Don't be so scared: it's only a movie!

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