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Dirty Little Stories #2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 2/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dirty Little Stories #2
Directed by Dana Vespoli
Starring:  Gianna, Sunny Lane, Lindsey Meadows, Maya Hills & Audrey Bitoni.
With:  Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete, Tom Byron & John Strong.
Length:  2hrs 20min.
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  The Dirty Stories saga continues with this, Part 2, brought to you by the dirty mind of Dana Vespoli.  Given the talent roster, my hopes are quite high!  Let's see how it all goes down...

Scene One:  Gianna (with Michael Stefano)

We follow Gianna from behind, soon finding out that she's an agent following out the orders of a mission.  Her desires catch up to her upon meeting Michael, her target, and soon enough, she lets herself melt quickly into his hands.  She does call the shots, however, throughout the scene, pulling her black dress between her massive, natural breasts to gently sock at his face.  Gianna coaxes Michael's dick from his pants to stroke her hands over, and shifts down to blow him as he caresses and runs his fingers over her ass and pussy.  She lets out a loud cry as they being fucking in cowgirl, and she stands above him to masturbate before trotting into spoon-style cradling.  The duo groove into a sweaty lock-step, and the camera stays with their every move.  After a bit of missionary, tit and dick play ensue, Michael then working his way back into Gianna's mouth.  Doggy, both on the edge of the soiled black leather couch and balanced off a pillar, follow, with plenty of tasting and face play courtesy of Gianna.  A spoon offset by a final face stuffing brings the scene to its cusp, and Michael splays his goods over Gianna's mouth.  Satisfied and reeled over, the two rest briefly, only to cut away to Michael being asphyxiated via plastic bag.  From his dying character's point of view, we see a naked Gianna rush out, the distance fading to black.  As a secret but deadly agent, Gianna turns out every last ounce of stud pull that Michael has to offer, and as a duo, they smoke like an untamed wildfire!  Director Vespoli chooses to stay with the action, going nearly fifteen minutes without a single cutaway - the sex was really all right there, so intense, and her performers, and the scene, are better for it!

(Gianna knocks Michael around; a new ad campaign for the dairy industry)

Scene Two:  Sunny Lane (with Mr. Pete)

Fluffy bombshell Sunny Lane is the subject of a few onlookers' chatter as she struts into her apartment building, dressed innocently enough for them to whisper even as she disappears off-screen.  At home, she changes into less summery garments, an all-fishnet outfit and matching black heels.  Away to the bedroom she goes, where Mr. Pete is bound and gagged underneath her mattress.  She teases him as he comes up for air, shoving his face in her supple ass, untying him to service her pussy as she spreads her legs outward, parting her panties for his tongue to find its way in.  A touch of missionary and an intense session of spoon-style pumping follows, Sunny's ivory and pink-hued skin flushed red with strain and pleasure.  She even licks her palms before blowing and jerking Pete afterward, and he fingers her slit and slaps her ass in agreement.  He tastes her again, tugs on her hair, and wraps her underwear around his head.  After a few-fingered jab into Sunny's stunning snatch, Pete suckles on her foot as he juts his pelvis in and out in missionary, and a final stretch of cowgirl reveals her ass rubbed and spanked red.  Sunny cranes her head over Pete as he sharpens out his load, landing the jizz on his stomach and barely into her mouth; she licks every last spot up, frenzied and coated with a fine mist of sweat.  Both performers dig into each other quite nicely, slurping and sucking and burying themselves into one another with an addictive pulse, in tune with one another, two fuck machines beating as one.  Maestra, I say RIGHT ON!

-- sponsored by --

(Sunny does her make-up; doing her make-down.)

Scene Three:  Lindsey Meadows (with Michael Stefano)

Lindsey and Michael catch each other's eye during a session for sex addicts, and we slip into Lindsey's mind as she fantasizes about her new, inevitable conquest.  A whitewashed bathroom is their choice of venue, and she begins by blowing him.  Michael smooches her asshole and roughs up her spherical cheeks, doggy fucking over the sink to follow.  He pulls out to bang his fingers and lap up her pussy, standing her up for an extended bang from behind.  Lindsey flips around for face-to-face, and the two stand on the sink to ball in doggy.  Her screams fill the reverberating space, and Michael ups his speed as the cries of bliss grow louder and louder.  More reverse cowgirl-style stances and spooning follow, with Lindsey back on the ground to blow and suck at her leisure.  Michael carries her over to a folding metal chair for missionary, and Lindsey props her foot up on a urinal to continue their fucking.  He kneads her ass and tits like dough along the way, and she drapes her head at the foot of the porcelain for a dirty face fuck.  Michael exhausts himself on the center of her left cheek, burning what was left of the both of them out.  Back in the room, and back to reality, the therapy ends, and Lindsey leads him out into the day.  The slight griminess of the men's bathroom was an appropriate locale for these two performers cum sex addicts, and the manifestation of an insatiable fantasy was rendered with all the hurried excitement one would expect, given the situation.  Watching this is akin to seeing a well-matched battle to the death, except the only deaths here were "little deaths", and everyone felt great afterward.  I feel great!

(Lindsey gives up the good foot; getting flushed away)

Scene Four:  Maya Hills (with Tom Byron)

Bored secretary Maya whiles away her time at the office thumbing through porn magazines, opening her shirt and fiddling with her twigs n' berries before irate boss Tom storms in.  He tosses a bag of sweaty gym clothes before disappearing into his office, and once alone, Maya partakes his scent by inhaling and huffing Tom's dirty laundry.  He catches her as she closes the bag up, and orders a one-on-one immediately.  Questions follow, and Maya responds by flashing her bald mound in front of him.  Bad girl she is, Tom orders her onto her lap for a lesson, which he steadfastly administers.  "You know what happens to dirty girls right?" he says, "They get a spanking."  He lifts her dress up and fingers her asshole and her pussy, and Maya slips down to deep throat his trunk, eager to display all manners of ball gnawing, dick licking, and finger teasing she can muster.  Aiming her ass up in a chair, Maya takes Tom from behind, slurping at his knob before riding him, cowgirl style.  She flips over and reverses, thumping fast and hard on her bosses' erect wand, and takes to the seat herself to spread out for missionary.  Tom unloads a jizzed spray onto Maya's face, and the scene concludes.  I have to cheer on the pheromone perversion Maya exhibits here because I've always seen it as a male perversion;  here, it was a delight to see, and raised the dirty level up a few notches.  Both Tom and Maya are great, as they usually are, and the scene just flies by with excitement!  Very, very choice material here, folks!  You may never look at your awful boss at work the same way again.

(Maya:  going places; Tom in a smacking mood)

Scene Five:  Audrey Bitoni (with John Strong)

"Hey, don't I know you?" are the words John utters to an otherwise unfazed Audrey, out on the street.  He recalls the memory of a magenta-filled strip club he once ventured into, and the girl who pulled him out of the crowd and into a private room, who happened to look just like her.  Audrey towers over John, her enhanced chest providing an open opportunity for him to be caught off guard as she undresses him, and he sucks and nibbles at her nipples right before she goes down on his already (and understandably) hard cock.  Audrey is eager for satisfaction, and guides John's face toward her ass and pussy, plopping down into the red velvet chair and lifting her legs up for immediate service.  Missionary humping begins as John slides into her bald beaver, her skin so delectably flawless that I had to sigh a little.  Angular Ms. Bitoni flips over for reverse cowgirl, her long legs propped up by her feet on her partner's thighs, a courtesy she greets with another mid-scene taste.  She straddles his face and rides out into the cowgirl sunset, John interrupting with more crotch eating, and doggy segues into a final thread of missionary.  Audrey wraps her lips one last time before John takes aim toward her mouth and face, and back on the street, a confused Audrey says "No, I don't think so.  Sorry."  John walks away, shaking his head, and Audrey crosses the street, smiling.  Audrey's grip over the scene is dazzling, and the rush between the two is a wonder to see.  Both performers are true to their roles, and I believed them, stroke after stroke after stroke.

(Audrey pulling John into a corner; demanding satisfaction)

Bonus Features 

(Dana takes flight;  doing the robot with Maya)

A Behind the Scenes segment illuminates the making of the film, with director Dana Vespoli (in various stages of pregnancy) often goofing off with her crew, readying her talent, and the girls preparing for their scenes.  Some great fly-on-the-wall type material here, and seeing everyone having a good time is quite fun.  It certainly paid off!

(Lindsey: doing the douche; Gianna: what, me worry?)

A dynamite Bonus Scene starring Jenna Haze and Michael Stefano from Dirty Little Stories #1 is also on tap, and features a masturbating Dana Vispoli, among other anal-centric/tasticness.  Jenna is delightful, and the inclusion of this scene is a real highlight!  Wrapping up the disc are a Cumshot Recap, a Photo Gallery, a Pick Your Pleasure Menu, and an assortment of Trailers and web/company info.  I feel...satisfied!

(Jenna:  the poolside belle;  bein' busy with her thoughts)

Audio/Visual Quality
Shot in full frame 1.33:1, the feature is moderate in its lights and textures.  All scenes are lit differently and true to their location (the office, the men's bathroom, the strip club, etc.), but never suffer blow outs or overwhelming amounts of darkness.  All skin tones remain luminous and intact, and the audio track is never distorted or overwhelming: every little nuance is there, loud and clear.   Overall, an enjoyable presentation.

Final Thoughts
Dana Vespoli has produced a title quite representative of what you'd expect from a solid performer such as herself.  Dirty Little Stories feels like an extension of Dana's fantasies translated onto screen by a skilled group of adult performers, all of whom revel in their roles and transform their characters into a hell of a movie.  The dirtiness of the title lies more in the minds of the fantasy holders within it, less on specific gonzo acts of degradation;  it's a breath of fresh air, frankly.  These characters know exactly what they want, and know how to get it, passionately, and without apology, all while attending to their partners 100%.  I truly wish all porn could be this good.  I really, really do!

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