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Teenage Brotha Lovers 9

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 1/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Young - Interracial

Director: King Midas
Cast: Lexi Love, Jocelyn Jayden, Lana Croft, Krystal Jordan, & Lola Cait

Length: 2hrs 20 min
Production Date: Exquisite, 2007

Chapter Selection: With Act Access
Behind the Scenes: A lousy four minutes of photo shoots.
Bonus Scenes: Three extra scenes, featuring: Adela, Ali Kat, & Alicia. But you have to get a code online to 'unlock' and view these clips. Sheesh
Web Info:

     The Audio of the film is your grandma's typical boob tube special; stereo 2.0. The fair track has some music and very little dialouge, but the juicy content has no problem being heard. The Video is full frame color and clean as any production on its level.

Body of Review:
     Exquisite Films knows what dirty bastards we are. So they are gladly answering our prayers for more young girls drilled by thick black meat. Teenage Brotha Lovers 9 follows the hardcore lovemaking between 5 sex kittens and their long boned African-American big mentors.

Scene 1: Lola Cait
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial

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     Tucked into the bottom left corner of the DVD cover is Lola Cait, the first gal on this disc. Lola is very cute; thick, curly hair, meaty thighs and sexy pink eyeliner. In her denim Daisy Dukes she kinda looks farm girl. She's a little chunky around the ribs, but it gives her a sexy, solid look. Her oral scene isn't very exciting because Lola keeps her lips pulled back and kind of just rubs against his shaft. On her back, with her white stockinged legs in the air, Lola's shaved vagine is worked in missionary. She may be hard to please, as her moans sound forced, but then it could be that she's fucking a guy that looks like a girl. He has a butch hair cut, earrings and girly body. But his dick is a hose, so no matter, he can deliver. Lola is sweet and fun to watch, but her act is stagnant and stiff. I felt like she was just there for the part, and took no enjoyment from it. Lola gets spooged on by a healthy dose of semen, closing the scene as one that suggest you might want to keep a finger on the FF>> button.

Scene 2: Lexi Love
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

     Sexy cheerleader Lexi Love proves her athletic talent in a silly cheer that strips away any preconceived notions of Lexi as hot. After this dumb stunt (which could have been decent if it wasn't so silly, unerotic and shot with some sense of direction--many shots are too close and jumbled by her movements). Lexi looks a thousand times better in the bedroom, wearing only a skimpy black, sequined bra and thong. She spreads her sweet lips around Sean Michael's thick cone, shafting it. Lexi likes to give noisy oral, with plenty of slurps, gasps and a few throat burps. A little spit makes the act even wetter, but Lexi doesn't drive down the deep throat alley. But who cares? Next, she's guiding his thick dick in her cooch with sky-blue painted fingernails. Sean jacks her from below, lifting her round booty up and down, exposing a tight little bung. Lexi is quite the soldier, taking his extended meat in doggy and reverse cowgirl, slipping it only about halfway inside her unmanicured bush. A true squealer and noise maker, Lexi might be fun on New Year's Eve, but in the bed she's annoying. Though I'm sure I'd make goofy faces and sounds like a retarded cat if I had that monster dick in my hole. A wimpy facial only makes matters less interesting. Lexi was exciting to watch, but the action was lousy.

Scene 3: Jocelyn Jayden
Acts Included:

     Tiny teen Jocelyn Jayden struts her thick ass in front of the camera. A perky, blond with a nice figure, JJ's proportions are out of whack--but still damn hot. She has a pair of small boobs, maybe b size, and a rear end that can fill a cooler. JJ is playful and excited about her scene and after 10 minutes of Q&A the couple gets busy. A handsome, fit black guy goes down on JJ's mangled pussy. They say it looks like a flower, but I'm thinking more like pickled asparagus. Whatever it looks like it must taste yummy; JJ gets nearly 10 minutes of cunning cunnilingus. Our decent, jiggly-ass cowgirl builds up a sweat and after a few simple positions, Jocelyn is glistening with the byproducts of love. Jocelyn's scene falls somewhere between the first two; just enough vocals and a decent amount of action. But this doesn't make it very titillating; there is still a stiffness between the actors and a routine to the positions. Cum the size of seagull shit lands on her tongue and Jocelyn doesn't think twice about swallowing it.

Scene 4: Krystal Jordan
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

     Krystal Jordan, the sexy lass on the right of the DVD box, is a beautiful star, but the aqua-blue lingerie she's sporting looks like something from the furniture pages of the Sears catalog. Her super tight, white tights dig into her thick thighs and struggle to stay up. She teases in this outfit on a very small bed, then we jump outside where she's only in a purple thong and white tank top. Then we're back inside and Krystal is getting her ass smacked by a Rastafarian looking dude. Krystal starts with a noisy, but unexciting BJ. Then the couple do every way from Sunday, with doggy style being the only real stimulant because it pumps Krystal's hot ass in the air and buries her head into the mattress. Clutching onto the bed spread, her bare feet and plump rear shake with each of his backyard pumps. She jerks his tool onto her face and offers the camera a sexy, sperm-laden smile. Krystal walks around a little, with cum on her face, joking with her partner and trying to grab his tired cock. Great little fun at the end, but again, the scene only works by delivering the basics.

Scene 5: Lana Croft
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial

     Asian sweetie Lana Croft wraps this disc to a close. A girl with unremarkable beauty, Lana is very commonplace; though her two-color eyeliner and pouting, red lips glam her up a bit. Skinny as spaghetti, Lana's chest is in the A range. She clips up her curly brown hair and steps on the brotha's lap in reverse cowgirl. Her tiny Asian pink is clean and as she slides his shaft, she whips off her shirt and puts some power in her lovemaking. Although Lana's not my style, her sexy thin body is hard to resist, and she sucks his cock as though she were born to, yuming it softly and poking the back of her throat. Again, the thrill here is in watching the girl and less so in the action. A hot pop to her chin gives her a little cum goatee and draws things to a close.

Concluding Words:

     There's very little to say about this disc. The girls are cute and sassy, but nowhere near chub-worthy. Each maintains a young look, but perhaps half are not even under 20. Regardless, they look like teens, kinda, but fuck like uninterested housewives. These sweethearts bare all and give mediocre performances, but not once do they seem to really enjoy the action. The scenes are pretty much repetitive of the ones before and move at a solid pace that has good timing but weakens because of the two previous factors. Add all this up and you get a flick that is worth a look if you find it in your stocking--or I guess Easter basket would be more appropriate this time of year. The "Tons of Extras" don't amount to a hill of poon. The behind the scenes shows, in 4 minutes, how boring porn can be between filming. And the Bonus Footage, which is three extra scenes, requires you to register online to get a security code to unlock the content. Man that blows. Rent It.


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