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Drag King

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date:

February 2007

Directed By:

Petrus XI

The Movie:

Psst. The dudes who hang out by the pool wear women’s clothing but no makeup or wigs. Rumor has it they are easy and always looking to get fucked.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 52 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking with a mix of short and long hair; muscular, toned, slender bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes; cut and unclipped dongs.

Scene One:

Butch ‘n muscular Henrique (handsome with short dark hair and hairy chest) is lounging around a refreshing swimming pool playing with his hard uncut cock when Alex Jr. (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) saunters up wearing a frilly zebra striped halter top and skirt set leading the dudes to get down to some body rubbing and soul kissing. Alex Jr. takes that stiff tool down his throat sliding his hungry gob up ‘n down and giving some excellent head with plenty of nice close-ups. Alex Jr. bends over showing off his tight lightly hairy bunghole allowing Henrique full access which he gladly takes advantage of.

He spits on that hole and munches down on the sensitive pucker and slides two fingers up Alex Jr.’s man-pussy. Henrique fucks his cross-dressing buddy fast ‘n smooth from behind making Miss Thang breath heavily and moan. Alex Jr. hikes his skirt up and rides Henrique’s cock swinging his hips in a circular motion fast ‘n hard as if someone were about to take his pretty outfit. There are some nice penetration shots when the dudes go at it in the side/missionary position leading Henrique to shoot jizz on Alex Jr.’s chest. Alex Jr. doesn’t cum.

Scene Two:

Douglas (handsome with black hair, toned/smooth body) is jerking his stiff unclipped tool and showing off his mouth-watering plump nuts when Ariel (cute with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) lies on a lounger wearing a pink mini dress. The guys make out with plenty of wet tongues leading Ariel to suck Douglas’ dick working his mouth up ‘n down the rigid shaft and getting a nice face fucking. Pulling off his Speedo but still pretty in pink, Ariel bends over exposing his tight lightly hairy touchhole and this is were we first see that he’s also wearing some groovy 1970s-esque high heels! Douglas finger fucks that hole with two curious digits using a speedy ‘n lubed technique in nice close-up.

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Switching to full butt sex, Douglas pounds Ariel fast, long, ‘n hard doggy-style making Ariel cry out with pure lust and grab on to his pink mini. On a humorous note, Ariel keeps making a loud ‘n hilarious noise that sounds like he’s yelping “I” over and over. Ariel switches up to riding Douglas fast ‘n hard which is no easy feet wearing those high heels. Douglas wildly humps upward to fuck to fuck that hole as fast as he can. After some loving missionary position drilling, Ariel shoots spunk on his own thigh while Douglas cuts loose with a large wet load all over Ariel’s face and tongue.

Scene Three:

Tiago (very good-looking with long dark hair, toned/smooth body) wags his large uncut cock at the camera with his right fist. Allan (cute with short dark hair, slender/smooth body) is wearing a fancy yellow sundress and black high heels. He chows down on that big dong deep throating all the way down to Tiago’s shaved pubes and receiving a tasty face fuck. Allan is soon lying in a chair in the missionary position exposing his tight shaved butt hole and one of his high heels is crooked. Ha! Tiago smacks those butt cheeks rather hard, spits on that hole, and promptly finger fucks his pal. He forces those same fingers into Allan’s mouth and then right back up his bum. There are plenty of nice close-ups here. Allan rides the heck out of that hard cock still wearing that ugly yellow ensemble while trying to hide his limp uncut dick. Tiago jacks off shooting a small thick load on Allan’s face. Allan doesn’t bust a nut.

Scene Four:

Jean (cute with short dark hair that’s buzzed on sides, feminine plucked eyebrows, toned/smooth body) sasses around in a skimpy leopard print mini dress and matching high heels. Rogerio (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body) is turned on by this sight and the two are soon kissing with slobbering tongues leading Jean to cram Rogerio’s fat uncut cock down his gullet licking the knob, jacking the shaft, and going hog wild. Rogerio squats above Jean and fucks his mouth switching to having his plump balls sucked, and then slaps his tool on Jean’s tongue. Nice and hot action here. Jean bends over wobbling on those leopard print high heels lifting his dress and exposing his tight shaved rosebud.

Rogerio munches down on that hole giving it a tender tonguing followed by tasty finger fucking with two digits gliding in ‘n out with hot close-ups. Rogerio fucks Jean fast ‘n smooth in the missionary position with plenty of nice penetration shots. Those hilarious 1960s-style Frederick’s of Hollywood type high heels are on full display. Jean straddles Rogerio allowing him to quickly hump upward to fill that needy hole fast ‘n hard. Rogerio beats his meat shooting a thick load on his fist. Hot cum-filled foreskin. Jean doesn’t cum.

Scene Five:

Butch Henrique (scene one) is back this time in a cheap motel room in bed with Topaz (cute with dark hair, smooth/rangy body). Topaz is wearing a purple dress, which is hiked up showing off his hard cut cock. Topaz jerks Henrique’s stiff unclipped dick working the foreskin while the guys get down to some heavy kissing. He chows down on that fat dong giving excellent head and sucking Henrique’s plump nuts. Topaz bends over offering up his tight lightly hairy asshole leading to some hot finger fucking. One, two, and then three lubed digits find their way into that tight hole with tasty close-ups.

Henrique fucks Topaz fast, smooth, ‘n hard doggy-style and both dudes look to be very into the action. Topaz rides that stiff pole bouncing up ‘n down working his tight love-chute as his hard clipped cock bounces around and Henrique is frantically humping up for full penetration. Half out of his mind with lust, Topaz begins loudly babbling what sounds like “yeah” over and over while wildly working his hips. There are some very nice penetration shots when the guys switch to the side/missionary position leading Topaz to shoot all over his stomach. Henrique pulls pork shooting a wet load on Topaz’s stomach.



‘Drag King” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong with plenty of close-ups, some extreme close-ups, and full coverage of the action. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak (no subtitles) and make all sorts of wild ‘n lusty sex noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and a slideshow gallery of action photographs from the movie, trailers for: “My Hall of Shit” (Gee. What a charming title. I don’t think this is a scat video since there isn’t any shown the trailer) and “Barely Legal Barebang”, website information, and a phone sex advertisement.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

I’ve got to get this off my chest since it pissed me off. There are seven seconds in scene two in which Douglas pulls out and rubs what looks like shit on Ariel’s butt cheek. Fucking nasty! Why wasn’t dude properly prepared with an enema/shower before the scene and better yet, why was this unfortunate accident left in the final cut? This should have been edited out!

The dudes are all nice-looking with Henrique being my favorite. The guys give energetic performances and look to be into one another and the action. The videography is strong allowing for plenty of close-ups and full coverage of all the sex. Because of a number of missing cum shots and that nasty incident in scene two, I’m going with a Recommended with Caution.

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